Author :Wo Yao Zuo Huang Di

I want to be TAISUN Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 23:47:00 Latest chapter:There is no internal friction, and the second uncle is also used My grandfather is Zhu Yuanzhang, my father is the crown prince Zhu Biao, I am the legitimate son of the crown prince, and I am the heir in order of the Ming Dynasty
I want to avenge my father! If I'm here, the concubine won't be able to sit on the throne. Those who do harm to the princes and uncles have heard that there are four islands in Japan. Go to educate them... In this life, I will never be a coward, be imprisoned, or die suddenly
ZHU Yunxi uttered the strongest voice: I want to be too sun! I want to be emperor!
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