Author :Bai Wan Huan Shen

Shenlu: I have mutated many golden fingers! Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 11:30:00 Latest chapter:daily Shenlu, a mysterious game that came to blue star 20 years ago
only one million places are open every month
once you become a player, you can gain extraordinary power and become a master< br/>
Lingyi awakening super mutation system
from consumables to artifacts, they are all his variants
once the mutation potential reaches perfection, it can also mutate multiple abilities comparable to gold fingers
mutate the talent of lucky + 1 to obtain golden finger - probability reversal
the original 10% probability is turned over to 90%
the shipment rate of 0.1% is 9.9% for him
mutate the real eye to obtain the golden finger - the real eye
you can not only see invisible units, but also see the hidden information of items
in addition to these, there are 'malicious manifestations' that can turn others' malice into narrations, and 'mental health auras' that can continuously reduce the intelligence of the enemy
one year later
Ling Yi, who has the honorary titles of 'the fastest upgrade speed holder in history', 'the first full player', 'the strongest man in the world', and so on, said helplessly in the face of several interviews: 'in fact, I am really an ordinary person.'
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