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The control group who wore the adult pronoun and reborn the female owner Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:00:00 Latest chapter:Lu Yujing's Original Fanwai 10 Yan Yun was abandoned by Zha man and died of illness. Before she died, she saw her husband, whom she despised, in a high position, holding Miao Xiaofeng, whom she despised at the beginning, and appearing on TV with boundless scenery
at the beginning, I was tired of abandoning my own son and called the woman's mother whom she despised. Thinking that I was instigated by Miao Xiaofeng to elope with others, I spat out blood and completely swallowed my breath
God has eyes. She was reborn. She was reborn before she made a big mistake. In this life, she vowed to be a good wife and mother, love her son and protect her husband, and reach the peak of her life
unfortunately, Yu Ran is not the hostess in this inspirational age article, but the unfortunate girl who wears the cannon fodder child bride in the male and female control group of the repentance article in the age of rebirth, who wears three green hats for her husband
the female leader has a successful career, and the male leader has been promoted all the way. Even the female leader's children are the children of others
but Yu Ran is disliked by men, disliked by her husband's family, and disliked by her son's cat and dog
The hostess is happy and beautiful
and Yu Ran gradually became a yellow faced woman. She was so ugly that she shocked people
in the end, the daughter of the master had both children, and she lived like the envy of the people of the whole country. Yu Ran died two times, and was reviled after death
now, Yu Ran has become the unfortunate cannon fodder of the control group
she hides her capacity and bides her time. She works hand in hand with the father of scientific research, who is more brilliant than the male leader. She leads a beautiful child like a child prodigy. She is so beautiful that it is suffocating. She has won the highest prize in world medicine
Yan Yun: '...
isn't it said that she is a cannon fodder child bride? Why do you live more like a chosen daughter than her reborn
she suspected that her rebirth was wrong, but there was no evidence.
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