Author :Shi Feng Qing

The runaway imperial concubine is a cruel character Serial

Last update:2023-04-03 00:03:00 Latest chapter:Fanwai San: Free nanny He was the crown prince of the east palace. In the battle of seizing the throne, he was framed to suffer from the evil of witches and witches. He was killed. He fell to the cliff and died. He was rescued by the white wolf king and got the power of the white wolf king. Only when the East Palace came back from the blood bath, he took charge of the world again; She is the leader of the organization of the modern ghost moon, and also the second highest killer of the moon. She was designed by her boyfriend to die and passed through the history of overhead. She became the daughter of the Shu family. She was rejected by her father and thrown into Qixing mountain because she hit the evil spirit. Later, she was brought back to the mountains by Mo Guiyan to learn art After eight years of study, he came back to save the East Palace, tore up the white lotus, violently beat his aunt, and resented his father. When the Shu family abandoned her as if she were my shoes, he was the only one who had the insight and insight to strongly pester her, and vowed to spoil her. When the imperial court was in turmoil, he helped the east palace to seize the world. Let's see how they turned the world around on the thorny road of revenge
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