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Mr. Bo suddenly became addicted to her Serial

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JIANG Yaoyao is green by her boyfriend, and junior three is still her nemesis for many years
after slapping the dog man and the dog woman, Miss Jiang said in public: 'if she dares to Gao me, I will Gao her brother!'
half an hour later, under the dim light of the bar corridor, the handsome and indifferent man half squinted his narrow eyes, spit out thin smoke, and his voice was low and provocative: 'I heard you want to Gao me?'
JIANG Yaoyao was so nervous that she stammered: 'I... I'm kidding!'
Bo Jinlan: '...
# it's been a long time since you broke up. I didn't expect you to advise me so #
[male main part]
Bo Jinlan is the eldest son of the Bo family, the first plutocrat in the imperial capital. Outsiders only say that he is cool and noble, modest and modest, and doesn't eat human fireworks. He has never had a female companion around him. He is the last elegant gentleman in the upper class society
until one day, a gossip microblog revealed that a little girl in red dress was kissed on the door of the car by Bo Jinlan in a suit and shoes at the roadside late at night
the whole upper class society has exploded. Everyone didn't expect Bo Jinlan, who has always been gentle and elegant, to be so wild in private
JIANG Yaoyao: Mr. Bo is not only wild in private, but also very Sao
JIANG Yaoyao has been secretly in love with Bo Jinlan for many years. She was careful and hid until she woke up in the hotel one day and saw him sleeping beside her...
later, she changed herself into Bo Jinlan's fiancee
no one in the Jiang family dared to bully her again. The big men in the Beijing circle respected her very much. Everywhere they went, a group of young people called her sister-in-law, and Mr. Bo suddenly became addicted to her!
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