Author :San Shui Han 001

Did you make a mistake when you hit the hydrogen bomb for the first time Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:01:00 Latest chapter:Few people have diseases (4.7k) The full name of this book is 'is there something wrong with the hydrogen bomb that hit bikini island on the first crossing?', also known as 'the hamster who sacrificed his life for crossing is immortal', 'the protagonist is no longer a person' and 'manual on squeezing the surplus value of zombies'
the protagonist Lu Yi has crossed again. However, this time, he can not choose his own destination. He can only rely on the Universiade (the author decides) to see what the world is behind him, and whether it is an opportunity or a crisis, or both
it's just that the first time I passed through it, I bumped into the hydrogen bomb experiment conducted by the US Army on the bikini island. Isn't it a bit unlucky
Lu Yi, who has set up a clothing grave for his hamster for more than half a year, thought of this. Reader group number: 109814604, welcome everyone, ah, please abide by the laws and regulations, do not drive, do not go overboard, and friendly discussion
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