Author :Mo Tun Ye Lang Dian

When people are in distress, they lose touch with each other Serial

Last update:2023-01-21 18:30:00 Latest chapter:Gear that starts running Emperor Moxi: you killed me and sat down with your beloved generals. You took your life.
'immovable Ming King array'
fortune teller: 'someone offered ten thousand taels of gold to buy your head. You took your life'
'four eyed boy, climb for me'
'dark day wave eyes'
legalist: 'Dad borrowed the sword'
'borrow NIMA! Shura evil light chop!'
based on the void, the Yi Li Sheng, who is leaping with thunder and lightning, closes his eyes and looks down at the eight small insects below
'when the God shines the blood strip, the God will kill you'

'the eyes are open'
'the magic formula of fluctuation: ten thousand sky!'
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