Author :Mu Ling Bin

The nuns refused the cannon fodder script Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 14:00:00 Latest chapter:The sound of fighting in the middle of the night (if you want to read the traditional text of cultivating immortality, please take a detour. Don't make bad comments in the comment area. Thank you)
the female leader Xu Tao accidentally enters a novel of cultivating immortality and becomes the only daughter of supreme elder qinglanzong
in addition to her own father who was driven to death, her master was also the youngest nun of qinglanzong
with such a background, how can it be a woman's configuration
unfortunately not
Xu Tao knows that on the day when she succeeds in building the foundation, Shifu will bring back a young martial sister as pure as a white lotus
the younger martial sister will take away all her opportunities, and cause her to betray her family. Finally, she will die in the hands of many male partners who are infatuated with the younger martial sister
recalling her tragic fate in the book, Xu Tao resolutely tore off the cannon fodder script in her hand
Xu Tao smiled coldly and wanted her to be cannon fodder. Have you asked her father! Have you asked her about men
who is her father? Xiuxianjie combat power ceiling understand
as for who her man is, Xu Tao smiled proudly. It was the white moonlight that the little martial sister in the book could not get~
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