Author :San Xiao

Altman was picked up by middleman Hui Serial

Last update:2023-03-14 23:57:00 Latest chapter:Chicken to be slaughtered 'Do you like Altman?'
GAO Yechun picks his teeth with a card: 'I don't like Altman, who likes Altman?'
'then tell me what the card is in your hand?'
GAO Yechun glanced at it
'well, there is no powerful utoraman sikali.'
'then you say you don't like Altman!'
'please, this is utoraman, or the weak and helpless hicali.'
we mainly focus on the world of demonic transformation and Degas. There are multiple universes. Don't correct the time line problem in detail. We mainly focus on books
the protagonist pursues strength, and does not become Altman at the beginning. If you don't like it, don't enter
the old books of auven, Auman's starting from the broken corner monster, and aught's monster is crazy
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