Author :Yue Liang Miao

The full grade was used as the control group Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 10:50:00 Latest chapter:Bad news (second watch) Su Yueling, a man level craftsman, dressed up as the control group of ancient breeding and farming texts. The original owner abused his sister-in-law, framed his brother-in-law, and put a green cap on his husband, which made everyone angry. In contrast to her cousin Su Yuewei, who is kind-hearted and hard-working, she finally betrayed her family and ended up in a miserable situation
after wearing it, the system says: 'you must be more virtuous and kind than Su Yuewei. Only by comparing her can you change the fate of your vicious female partner.'
Su Yueling shields the system. It is impossible to make it as a masterpiece. She doesn't wear silk and satin, she doesn't eat delicacies, and she has to be carried when she walks
the whole village was waiting for Su Yueling to be dismissed. As a result, Su Yueling's sister-in-law opened a chain cloth shop for her because her sister-in-law's skin was delicate and could not stand the rough cloth
uncle Su Yueling became a young general who broke new ground because his sister-in-law disliked the ugly shape of the national map and hurt her eyes
and Su Yueling's sick husband finally ruled the world for her, and his wife was so delicate and charming that she could not stand kowtowing and kneeling
he works hard and carelessly makes himself a winner in life
Su Yueling turned to her husband yuan Suijun and asked, 'dear, am I the most virtuous wife and mother?'
yuan Suijun, who is more than ten thousand people, will sue his wife to press down the fold that Princess Zhen threw into the pool in the winter, and categorically say: 'yes.'
Su Yueling: Look! Mission accomplished
System: This is OK!?
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