Author :Chen Hao

Global doomsday: unlimited upgrade of shelter Serial

Last update:2023-03-05 23:30:00 Latest chapter:Update later The world is changing, the natural disaster is coming, and the whole people are going through the doomsday game
there are horrible animals, wild swamps, strange relics, and crises everywhere
human beings can only rely on shelters to survive and accept the baptism of natural disasters again and again
fortunately, Lu Yan has awakened the doomsday survival system. He can decompose and create survival necessities and upgrade the shelter infinitely
[steel] + [wood] synthetic [steel axe]
[quartz sand] + [soda ash] + [resin] synthetic [bulletproof glass]
[alloy] + [micro energy] + [mutant animal brain] synthesis [animal Guard]
when all people are still struggling for survival, Lu Yan has walked across the wilderness with a super age God costume
'the shelter of the road God is the safest place in the waste land!'
'the wall there is as thick as 100 meters, and the resources there are inexhaustible! It is the only paradise in the doomsday wilderness!'
'in my lifetime, I want to enter the shelter of the God of the road, even if I just have a look!'
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