Author :Si Jin

Bianjing little doctor Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 01:25:00 Latest chapter:A detailed account [male main version]:
the king of Guangling is the only son of the eldest princess, the favored son of heaven, and the dream of a girl in Beijing. Unexpectedly, the only favorite of his special room was an 'ugly doctor mother' with children
in fact, Fu Jiuqu has words of suffering. Before my brother died, I entrusted my sister-in-law to his care
it was only later that I took care of myself carelessly
as for ugliness? Fu Jiuqu squinted and thought of her white and soft waist when she lowered her head to make medicine...

[female version]: Xinyi was carrying on the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, and came through VR time and space. It was a beginning besieged by all sides - her mother-in-law didn't like it, her sister-in-law bullied her, and her husband was so ugly that his clothes didn't cover him
there is also a strange case, saying that she is a murderer
Xinyi gritted her teeth, investigated and solved the case, rolled up her sleeves and started her career, making her life more prosperous...

[CP version]:
a water ghost case, she inexplicably changed from a newly widowed woman to the exclusive medical officer of the Guangling Palace - the doctor during the day, and the medical ethics at night were
two priceless treasures. She had no choice but to change from a vicious stepmother to a real and anonymous Prince's outer room - the investigation during the day, Check your bedtime in the evening
[relaxed daily and weird cases. Hot blood suspense, sweet love, perfect color, fragrance - make the best medicine, marry the strongest person, and be the most powerful CP]
[note]: the author is not a professional doctor. Please treat the prescriptions and medical knowledge in the book as literary creation, and do not sit down with the symptoms
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