Author :Po Guo Mei You Gai

After rebirth, she married the unmarried and sterile double standard prince Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 23:13:03 Latest chapter:Not to mention, the acting is quite similar King Ning's mansion, which had stood for a hundred years in the Yan Dynasty, was destroyed in smoke. Ning Zhuo, a precious girl with thousands of beauties, fell into the dust and ended up with her legs broken and her eyes gouged out
it was only when I was dying that I saw that I was not marrying a good man, but a wolf in sheep's clothing! I'm reborn. Rather burn my hands and tear the white lotus feet and kick the slag man, but I accidentally caught a curse and came back
before marriage - ning Zhuo raised his eyebrows and said: 'I heard you... Can't you?'? A certain master: just because he doesn't marry doesn't mean he can't
after marriage - the princess in the eyes of the public: force explodes the table, and a word does not fit the head of a dog. The princess in the eyes of Prince Xue Changyao: she is delicate and weak and easy to push over
the prince in the eyes of the people: he is not close to women, and he is a wise gentleman who can write and fight. The prince in the eyes of Princess Ning Zhuo: bah
the color makes the dog dizzy! Ning Zhuo: stand up and she will never kill him if anyone tells you! Xue Changyao: daughter in law, I heard you were going to murder your husband?
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