Author :Ye Jiu Bai

The divination master only wants to set up a stall Serial

Last update:2023-01-25 22:20:00 Latest chapter:reunite Big guy's heart, waste material body
JIANG Chu, who has been a divinatory genius all his life, did not expect to become a waste material with chaotic spirit one day
destroy it, she's tired
until one day, she could see the small characters on the top of her head -
[Name: Zhang San, recent luck: three days later, she was killed by the widow's son after having an affair with the widow in the next village]
so she became famous all over the world and remained in history
no matter how strong you are, you will still be abandoned because there is no backstage
it's better to be a superior than to see the face of the superior
open school! I'm supposed to respect you
once the Jiangshan sect was founded, the divination seeker almost broke the threshold -
disciple: find our sect leader? Oh, she's not here. She's gone to set up a stall again!
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