Author :Shan Qing Jia De Xi Ma

Elder martial brother is the warden of the demon sect Serial

Last update:2022-09-22 23:58:00 Latest chapter:Trace your blood! Born Dragon God, Star Dragon! [dihualiu easy daily article]
Su Chang has passed through and become the tough and fierce elder martial brother of the magic gate in the game center
he is also a villain warden who jails the protagonists and has done extremely evil to them
I wanted to tear up the script and have a good relationship with them, but these guys seem to be seriously ill
Princess Jianzong: you scum, if you go on like this, people will be spoiled...
Wu Zong Tianjiao: you bastard, do you think this means can make me degenerate
holy lady of lingzong: you are so bad. I really want to cut you open and take out your heart to see what color it is ~
'then go away! Do you think I want to catch you?'
'no, we were all captured voluntarily!'
' how are we going to carry out the torture that makes us happy today? '
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