Author :Yuan Bao Miao

I and the villains painted a picture, pregnant and sick with the man without melon Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 17:06:48 Latest chapter:Dig the black material of Lizhi for me at all costs! [anti routine reading books + mind reading skills + wearing worn vests + women's group + variety show + constellation metaphysics + sand sculpture Su Shuang]
Li Zhi, a fast wearing tycoon, retires with honor, only to find that she is the unlucky woman who has been robbed of her good fortune by the lady wearing books
Li Zhi used her life savings to restart with one click, and returned to the era of the women's League. She found that she had become a blackmail on the whole network
the big guy Li Zhi smiled slightly. Her life was long. She abused her face and stewed slowly. It was a pity that the first live broadcast of the group was broadcast, and she was pregnant and vomiting
the child's father found it along the Internet cable. Is it Jin jingsen, a vicious villain distorted by his disability psychology
in the face of the dog's bloody life of wearing books, Li Zhi doesn't put on any clothes. The salted fish lies flat and is directly rotten. However, the woman in the book and the man in the wrong race insist on helping her up
it is difficult for Li Zhi to turn over in the face of the battered ball. Li Zhi is no longer equipped. However, his teammates' abilities are against the sky, and the whole group explodes out of the circle
facing the ruthless fact that she has become the top class, Li Zhi simply doesn't work hard. Thousands of fans turn into their fathers and boyfriends, forcing them to punch in the business every day
Li Zhi: my villain husband is a scroll king. He listens to my heart with mind reading skills. He always pulls my vest. I want to break it. He has to scroll! I'm tired. Let's get a divorce
Leng Bing's villains cry and hold Li Zhi in the corner: Zhi, my husband is wrong! It's rotten. I won't roll it any more. Will you love my husband?
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