Author :Liu Nian An Jing Ru Xi

After I was pregnant with Koi twins, I became rich from farming Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 13:26:12 Latest chapter:Don't hide from anything [farming, pregnancy and vomiting, koi, twins, dregs abuse, becoming rich]
modern waistcoat tycoons dressed as poor peasant women were caught on the spot, including pregnancy and vomiting. It was the beginning of hell
scum man quits his marriage at the door, and the evil woman accuses her of stealing a man
hum, the scum man is ugly and wants to be a demon. When kapok goes up, he will be beaten by a chicken and eggs. If he is separated, the next one will be better
the family was poor, and three small milk groups were hungry, shouting after her
don't panic. She is a koi with an excellent physique and specializes in treating all kinds of poverty
the second brother who has never caught prey in the mountain can't hold it in his back basket
the unlucky eldest brother can easily pick up Ganoderma lucidum when he picks up mushrooms...
the three little boys only fish in the river, and the many fish jump into the net...
with the days getting better, kapok's belly is getting bigger day by day
she can't hide it. She's worried that she doesn't eat meat
one day, a ferocious big man pinched her waist with red eyes and blocked her in the corner. His voice was hoarse. 'Please look at me, father, I can.'
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