Author :Jiu San Fei Fei

Tomb robbing: one sword opens the gate of heaven and furiously cleaves the bronze gate Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:26:00 Latest chapter:Forbidden Area Worm Valley Dust Beads! Through the world of tomb robbing, he became the son of the Wu family's old demon in the Jianghu
is my mother still a mountain mover
Wu Erbao and Wu Laogou have been hiding for 20 years at the beginning. Originally, they wanted to eat together and wait for death. Later, they inherited the pleasure of 11 storehouses. However, Wu Yu, who has been systematically clocking in for 20 years, could not help but stand out after watching his mother curse her weakening body
'since I'm not welcome to enter the bronze gate, I'll use my three foot sword peak to cut all obstacles in the way!'
'the sword opens the heaven gate!'
(integration of multiple worlds starts with tomb robbing.)
(the introduction is short and weak. Please move to the text.)
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