Author :Zhong Xia Ma Du

Lei Wu Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:39:00 Latest chapter:Kill with a knife In this world, anyone can betray you, even if they were brothers. Just for a five hundred year old snow ginseng, he was killed by his brother's broken Dantian, and then he was kicked down the mountain. Unexpectedly, the mysterious thunder seed entered his heart and came back from the dead. It was easy to wash the marrow and obtain the Tianlei quenching body. Great luck helped him to quench his body. Swallowing snow ginseng can rebuild the elixir field, and the thunder seed in the heart can absorb and purify the aura. Since then, he has made rapid progress in cultivation. Those who once betrayed him will be revenged by him. They will enter the inner door and be accompanied by beautiful women to improve their strength. Quench the body with the power of thunder and lightning, and establish the world with a tenacious heart. A generation of strong people have made achievements since then! (this is a work with no more than one thousandth of the wrong characters. There is a guarantee for the completion of the book and a guarantee for the character. I hope you can collect it with confidence.)
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