Author :Feng Ting

Qin Shu Chu Linshen Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 02:14:28 Latest chapter:Untitled Qin Shu was kind enough to save people. Unexpectedly, he saved a wolf and wiped her dry. Her hands rise and needles fall, so that you can no longer harm women! Her adoptive parents designed her to marry into a wealthy family instead of her good friend. She found out unexpectedly that her newly married husband did not give up... Qin Shu seemed to understand something and left the divorce agreement. The rich family husband chased him angrily and said: 'Qin Shu, tell me clearly about that needle!' I thought life would be worse than death when I went back, but I was spoiled? The reporter asked, 'Chu Shao, didn't you say it was a fake?' Chu Linshen held Qin Shu in his arms. 'Fart! I want Qin Shu from beginning to end!' 'And, the baby in her belly!'
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