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The body picker in Conan Lane Serial

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Jiang Xia took a sip of fake cigarette and spit out the smoke ring sadly:
'I just want to rub some cases and collect corpses, but I didn't expect to rub myself into a 'criminal planner' in the eyes of the villains.'
'what? Why didn't the protagonist catch me?'
'... Maybe it's because in their eyes, I am a contemporary high school student Sherlock Holmes.'
interview with the protagonist:
Q1: what is your secret to becoming the 'ace shark' of the black suit organization
Jiang Xia: 'take Conan to the target's home for a walk.'< br/>
Q2: Why are there always dead people around you
Jiang Xia raised his trumpet: 'reclaim scrapped talents at a high price, five insurances and one gold, including food and shelter.'
interview with detectives in the world of Kexue:
Q1: how to view Jiang Xia
Detectives: 'I don't have any shortcomings except that I'm too quick to solve cases.'< br/>
Q2: as a detective of high school students, why don't you join Jiang Xia to fight against the black clothes organization
detectives (waving hands hurriedly): 'no, I can't tell him that the darkness of the world is too heavy for him.'
[starting point Chinese website, famous detective Conan is the same person] there is a case in Jintian
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