Author :Shui Ren Shan

Young general Serial

Last update:2022-09-21 23:16:00 Latest chapter:The emperor bestows a seat This is the Huang Tai Zhi of my dynasty and the turbulent times at the end of the dynasty. After a hundred years, it is a cycle of prosperity and decline. He was born in the family of princes and marquis. He saw the prosperity of the prosperous times and listened to the music of the night. Once upon a time, he was drunk on the bed of a beautiful woman. The fragrance filled his sleeves. The beauty was like jade and the smile was like flowers. He woke up in a dream. It turned out that he was drunk, but he could not get drunk. The Dagan court is about to fall. There are strong enemies outside, but there are worries inside. Chaos is growing. It wants to be alone. However, it can't let go of these profound feelings. So it has to grow up and become a general, lead an army, cross the world, deal with tigers and wolves, and try to turn the tide. At the moment of crisis, it encounters strange sects in the river and lake. Are you the winner or the loser? What a tangle. Heaven's destiny is to defeat me, so take Huangtai as your ambition and ask heaven how you treat me! Chaos is not terrible. What we fear is the mean and inaction. Use this world to make a chessboard, whether it is a chess piece or a chess player, and wait for a comb to understand.
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