Author :Qian Jing Ba Huang

The novice of online games is crazy Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 21:00:00 Latest chapter:The first sect is also shameless After Ji Xiaoyan somehow mixed an N.P.C identity certificate, the game life was no longer the same. 'Xiaoyan, let's have some excellent equipment, artifacts and animals!' 'Xiaoyan, go to N.P.C. where to contact the hidden task. Your relationship is so good!' 'Xiaoyan, is it still a crime? Let's form a team to brush the players!' Ji Xiaoyan stared: do you have any gold coins? Nightmare foil Liuli glanced at her face and said, 'Xiaoyan is mine.' 'It's not certain who will win!' Hearing this, he said with a smile. Ji xiaoyanmo, in fact, she really wants to shout: you, you, you, you are all mine It's just, can reality and games really mix Qianjian has set up a group: 210591787, which is convenient for you to find Qianjian for communication. If you are interested, you can add it.
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