Author :Mo Ruo Meng Xi

The way of life Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 16:53:58 Latest chapter:Transmission ON Those who conform to the destiny are sad; Those who defy heaven's will will die! What can I do? Pray for heaven and earth's protection? However, they do not know that 'heaven and earth are inhumane, and all things are cud dogs!' His life is rough, let's see how he faces life! I have experienced great changes. Let's see how he gradually changes! Fate has come. Let's see how he fights against it! Hold the halberd and bend the bow. Let's see how he can break the sky! Destroy the heaven, destroy the earth, kill the gods, kill the demons, kill the immortals, devour the souls, kill the demons, kill the corpses, and kill the Buddha! Go against the fate, step on the road of heaven, everything is in the road of life!
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