Author :Liu Xiang Qian Gu

The peak call of the Three Kingdoms Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:00:00 Latest chapter:Solicit Zhuge Liang Qin Hao carried the peak summoning system through the end of the Han Dynasty, and the 5000 year old heroes of Chinese culture and military were at my disposal. There are Yue Fei, Han Xin and Chen Qingzhi in the unified army, Qin Qiong, ran min, Li cunxiao in the single battle, Li Si, Wang Meng, Zhang Juzheng to consolidate the rear for me, Zhang Liang, Sun Wu and Zhuge Liang to give me advice. The world is still not free for me! Eh? What is this 'balance system'? I knew it was not so simple to rule the world, but I can't be so stupid! And the 'harem mission', good welfare, I like it! Looking at Zhen Huan, MI Yue, Wu Meiniang and other women who stare at each other in the harem, Qin Hao laughs and approaches them. 'Aifei, we have something to say. Can't we keep our hands?'
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