Lin Xuan Yi Yun
Yang Shixian Road
Four hundred years ahead of time, he passed through the world of Xianlu, a novel of the previous life, and became the protagonist. Grandpa, if you want to eat your grandchildren< br/>
。 Grandson, if you can live to 400 years, let me be too. I'll lay a foundation for you first
the rise of a power can not rely on one person alone, nor can it rely on one generation after another. It is the immortal road of the Yang family that calls the ancestors
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Zhu Zi Mi
A curtain of wind and moon hangs nine times
Some people are dead, but they seem to be alive; Some people are alive, but they seem to have died countless times
true or false, trance
in this life, as a royal family, she would rather die than live, but she is not willing. How can people know what their fate is like unless they live to the last moment
What if she turns over to be the master
life is a lonely practice, and you should immerse yourself in it. Perhaps walking along, you will find another vast expanse of sea and sky ahead. The breeze is blowing, and a faint murmur comes from the palace palace somewhere:
'one mountain, two mountains...'
the chrysanthemums are blooming, the chrysanthemums are residual, and the wild geese have been flying for thousands of years. So far, people have not returned, but there is only a curtain of wind and moon
(overhead, modern, ancient, and immortal cultivation are as complete as ever. With CP, it is not pleasant, not sweet, and not feminine. This article is divided into several parts. The male master only appears in the last part, and there is no sense of existence in the previous text. Be careful!
in addition, all the contents of this article are fictitious, please do not study and imitate too much. Thank you ~)
Tian Gui Lai
Unforgettable swordsman's worry free Pub
Forget the worry pub, which opens at midnight every night, only waits for one guest and one story.
Qiu Mu Chu Xue
The wind blows across the sea
Pei Fengxian: the divine race was destroyed. The only descendants fled to Qingzhou City in the western regions and joined the Wuwei Taoist sect
after three years, he left quietly and set foot on the road of revenge. He founded a sect in the wild forest and fought alone on the sacred mountain in the western regions. After becoming famous in the first battle, he disappeared
since then, there has been a demon in the world. Ye Canghai line: a thousand years ago, when the flowers of Xihai Dao produced Taoist fruits, immortals and demons were attracted to worship, but the Tianmo sect suddenly attacked and slaughtered monks
during the war, both Xiaoyao immortal and AZU immortal fell. After a thousand years, there was a lust demon in the world. Qinyue line: the flower bearing period of Xihai road is approaching again. In order to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy of a thousand years ago, several major sects joined hands to enter the Tianmo sect and seize the treasure of Tianmo sect
after World War I, the leader of the demon sect and the eldest son disappeared. Since then, there has been a war demon on earth. Why did the ancient period of the rule of divine animals and heavenly demons fall
Why did the ancient times of cultivation decline? Today's world seems calm, but there is a hidden disaster? The three historical backgrounds echo each other, and several story lines are intertwined
a map contains thousands of people. There is the cultivation of truth and enlightenment, and the immortals and Demons dance. There are also children's feelings, chivalrous and courageous.
Yi Nian Zhi
Book friends: 91492527 endless chaos, ups and downs of the world. In the purple Yin world, demons are rampant, and ordinary people are painted
there are also fairies and clans standing in the forest, protecting the propagation of the human race. Chen Nianzhi was reincarnated with a volume of Taoist Scriptures and became a disciple of Chen Xianzu. From then on, he embarked on the road of hard cultivation and evergreen
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Shi Zi You
Immortal prisoner
There are 500000 heroic souls of the great Chu. Who will avenge them? If the way of heaven is wrong, those who have talents will take its place! Although the young people here have suffered many misfortunes, they also gritted their teeth to find justice in this world
with the sword in hand, who dares to fight me?
Pa La De Hong Jiao
In the beginning, the female devil defeated me
Jiang Hao passed through ordinary people's homes and was forced to sell into the magic gate to become a disciple of the magic gate. Originally, I wanted to cultivate with peace of mind and become stronger, so that I could survive in the cultivation world, but I was humiliated by a female demon head
. There is a great disparity in strength. He can only live in disgrace and hope not to meet each other again
without a backer, he got the favor of the magic sect leader and was able to practice with peace of mind. When he became the chief disciple, he was stunned when he met the leader
looking at each other's beautiful face, he can't smile. Isn't this the female devil?
Feng Kuang Zha Dan
I use science to prove immortality
You have flying sword, I have lightsaber; You have a flying boat, I have a spaceship; You have a magic pill. I have genetic modification
I want to take a science and technology Avenue on the avenue of cultivating immortals. I want to change the traditional cultivation of immortals with science. I can't guarantee that this will be better than the previous fairyland, but I can guarantee that I won't build a death star to destroy it.
Fan Jie Mao Yao
Hide from heaven
The boy who was feared by heaven was born in the chaotic times of the coexistence of various powers
he only wanted to live, but fate made a big joke on him
What if I've lied to heaven? I'm still a lonely boat in the troubled world
What if I become an immortal? I can't change the soul of my beloved friend
the five regions and ten continents are in chaos, and the Taoist demons, Buddhas and Demons compete for glory
all the immortals and gods came into the world together, and the ancient immortals passed through the heroes
the blood of God is stained Heaven Road, bone sea corpse mountain cast ladder
when you look back on the top of the mountain alone, the prosperity is empty. [unfold] [stow]
Ye Zhi Feng
The world is dangerous
Treacherous, treacherous! Strange, strange! In this world, there are strange and changeable things, such as catching the stars and taking the moon; Those with martial arts shoulder the mountains and rivers, and the fist town is Jiuyou; There are people who practice Qi who eat wind and drink dew and shake the sky with their swords; Some scholars spit out thunder and call the wind and rain; There is an emperor who steps on the world and swallows thousands of miles like a tiger
holding a long knife, Ye Qing broke into this magnificent dangerous world!
Zha Miao Ai He Cha
Xianyuan sword Road
When the young man left home to seek immortality, he asked,
kill demons and demons with a single sword.
when he entered the world of mortals, he had a clear mind.
he saw all kinds of life.
he looked at everything in the world.
the world is vast.
I have been free with my sword. Br / > I have been wandering for thousands of years.
I am still a young man [unfold] [Close]
Cang Hua Zhu Ren
Xuansi, Dajing town
The Grand View emperor established the town xuansi, the town demons and ghosts, to investigate and manage all strange and unsolved cases, and to protect the lives of the people. All those who enter the xuansi of the town are called Lingguan, and all have strange skills
the Tao follows nature, the Buddha sympathizes with all living beings, and the Confucianism enters the world to help the world. In this strange world, let's see how a passing little Lingguan can turn things around
(Note: Well, the introduction is a little serious, but the story is not serious!)
Qi Yue Li De Xiao Qi
Yunlingxian Road
A small family is forging ahead in the celestial spirit world, a group of family monks are fighting in the eastern desert, and a reborn person with little ambition is slowly growing up in the cruel immortal world
[family flow] [mortal flow]
Shen Lan Shi Jie
Sign in at the beginning, Tiangang and Disha
After crossing the magical land world, he was trapped in the prison and beheaded in the vegetable market three days later
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven, and you can get the golden finger in despair
sign in the prison with deep resentment, get ten years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [Tongyou], [driving God]
sign in the sword tomb, get the Jiazi Taoist practice, and learn the magic power [swordsmanship]

sign in the forbidden area of life, get ten thousand years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [five elements escape], [scattering beans into soldiers], [nail head seven arrows]...
there are immortal giants, righteous Confucian scholars, reincarnated Buddha, and non immortal demons, Charming temptress...
let's see that the south of the Yangtze River, with a green lamp, steps across the mountains and rivers, learns all over the sky and the earth, and finally becomes a road!
Xun Shan Xiao Wei
All laws are blameless
Big dream a farewell, have you come back? Roll the clouds and water, and don't return What did you say about the jade tripod? I'm not to blame, but I want to fly to the sky!
Fei Yu Zhu Hun
Murong Fu in the world of martial arts
€&# 128; When the protagonist wakes up, he finds that he has passed through the childhood of Murong Fu, and that he is in the world of great martial arts combined with 14 Golden Books. Where should he go and revive Dayan
to dominate the world? Or how about hooking up with some beautiful women to enjoy their lives?
Qing He Yi Shen
Go to heaven with one's heart
The mountains and rivers are thousands of miles away, and the universe is a hundred years old
heaven and earth are as merciless as the public.
I have a heart to patrol the sky
welcome to the immortal Xia world
Chixin camp (book friends): 87927532
Xiao Shu
Eternal life starts from the King Kong Temple
In a previous life, he was in the shopping mall and died of an incurable disease. However, he was brought to the King Kong Temple in the prosperous world of martial arts by a Buddhist statue of a pharmacist. He was reborn as a medicine monk
in this life, he only wants to live forever and practice the Buddha Dharma without seeking liberation
however, he unexpectedly found that the Buddha mantra can turn legends into reality and greatly increase his power under the blessing of the herbalist Buddha,
the great light mantra can transcend the soul and reach the Western Heaven for bliss,
the heart clearing mantra can clear the mind and calm the mind like water,
the rejuvenation mantra can restore the healing effect of injuries like God
even with the assistance of the herbalist Buddha, he was judged to be a waste of martial arts.And, It's amazing that you can practice the martial arts of Buddhism to the realm of legend.
I wanted to plant medicinal materials, practice martial arts, practice Buddhism, and live quietly in the Vajra Temple of the top zongmen snow mountain
but I don't want to. At this time, after thousands of years of prosperity, the Daqian Dynasty has come to the time when it turns from prosperity to decline, and the curtain of the world's division and convergence has been opened
Li Ren Heng Chuan
Young Tang Zhao wanders the Jianghu with a pair of glasses, a relic of his teacher. He still remembers the blessing left by the teacher's failed old passer-by: wear my glasses and go. Maybe I can hang it for you
in the dry well of deserted mountains and ruined temples, this blessing has been realized...
put on your glasses and look at this strange world -
welcome to the world of swordsmen
you think this is a cat, but in fact it is a sword
you think this is a jar, but it is actually a sword
you think the sun is on your head, but it is actually a sword
the so-called sword heaven, sword earth and sword sentient beings
Tang Zhao: I'll take the sun first
glasses: in fact, you can have more
you have completed the old book 'the heavenly platform' and 'the way to mend the sky' with one million words. Your character is guaranteed, and children and old people are not deceived.
book friends 715-643-348 welcome to communicate
Li Li Bai Cao
Crossing the immortals all the way
I come to you through time and space, across thousands of rivers and mountains, to help you overcome difficulties and become an immortal
Fang You
Mortals cheat to cultivate Immortals
Li Xiu, who has no spirit root qualification, relies on the world of Warcraft map space brought by him when he travels through, and tells the story of how to become an immortal (half a dozen people write books, and then spray them lightly!
). The seven ghosts devour the soul, the spirit root of the weapon, the treasure of the Xuantian, the strange spirit treasure flame, the big five elements magnetic force, and the spirit body magic skill are all in the common people's cheating to cultivate immortals
jump out of the plug-in of most kinds of fields and alchemy, different mortal flows, and the same wonderful fairy tale!
Jian Ru Jiao
A man's door
[crossing], [no system], [conspiracy], [Taoism] in the wasteland, the demon clan runs rampant. In order to survive, the human race takes martial arts as its way, and takes martial arts as its honor. It seeks vitality in the killing of the demon clan
Zhang Yan, as the last descendant of the dragon and Tiger Mountain Taoist sect, crossed the world with the town's immortal weapon
'Vientiane beads'. The golden light mantra, the Big Dipper mantra, the great law of the gods... Infinite Taoist law, suppress the demon clan, and preach here
... I have a collection of 30000 volumes, which can burn the river and boil the sea, pick the stars and take the moon. I have all kinds of magical powers and infinite luck. I can live long and live with heaven and earth
would you like to come to our door?
Zheng Yue Chu Si
Infinite immortal cultivation player
Jiuyuanzi didn't think that he was an innocent fairy. He just sat on the steps and ate a melon. He was beaten down on the earth. He became a [weak, poor and helpless] little demon fairy with only 100 million beautiful points
forced by life, the kind and simple little demon fairy jiuyuanzi can only timidly say: you can buy your life with a hundred million dollars
what bad intentions can a beautiful little demon fairy have?
Dan Bi Po Mo
I am a Taoist
At the beginning of heaven and earth, it nurtures the nine pagodas of creation, calms the chaos of heaven and earth, derives the spirit of heaven and earth, builds the order of the world and evolves the life of the world
time flies and flows for hundreds of millions of years. The nine pagodas are covered with dust. The city has developed rapidly and entered a new era of science and technology. There are many high-rise buildings in the city and the lights are bright. A young man named Ji Shian raised his bow and arrow in the dense forest< br/>
Yu San Wei
Startling legend
The plum blossom is boiling wine, and the ink is blue. Every word shows the sky, the sun and the moon. The world in my heart and the Jianghu in my dream, although I have read all the things of thousands of people, do I love and hate each other
with the pen and paper in my hand, I lament the warmth and coldness of human relations and say that things are changeable. Ladies and gentlemen, please come with me.
Xi Gua Chi Pu Tao
I have a double seal
With a jade seal, you can freely travel through different worlds. Originally, he thought it was an ordinary ancient world. Lu Zheng, who had no ambition, was ready to be a free young man, enjoy the life of a rich man, find some tea to add incense, and eat and eat to finish this simple and boring life
until... She gave a meal to the beggars at the door, and Yuyin got a few wisps of luck... The fox girl arrived on the day, and the ghost came at night
the Zen master is blocking the way. Originally, this world is not simple
Fu Xian
Return to deficiency
The return of nine days is the beginning of killing and conspiracy
Tao Fu
The beginning is a level at the end of the Ming Dynasty
What would you do if you had a time and space gate that could go back and forth between the late Ming Dynasty and modern times? Is it rich or stable
is it to enjoy life or expel the Tartars. Only children will make choices, and Li Chaosheng will make choices
however, when Li Chaosheng deeply understood the world, he found that it was not a simple historical plane. What was the flying Sword Fairy?
Zou Ma Xing Chang An
Chou Ya Xiuzhen Ji
The villagers in the mountains also have the ambition of Lingyun. Our nuns should be self-improvement! This is the story of local immortals. This is the struggle history of small people
there is no rebirth, wearing books and golden fingers. Yes, just the indomitable faith and determination!
Feng Liu Jiang Shao
The king of covering the sky
Jiang Chen was accidentally brought to the world of the sky by an existence called the battle paradise. He witnessed the Jiulong coffin pulling away from Mount Tai
sorry, in order that ye fan will not return to the earth because he cannot pay the parking fee in the future, this Benz E20 is mine
this is a story of an immoral King covering the sky, and another story of an immoral king in the world of covering the sky