Chang Ting Kong Sheng
Immortal mansion Changsheng
The story of an ordinary sect monk who was helped by the immortal mansion and gradually grew up in the cruel immortal world. His mind and body changed together
mortal flow, dark wind and passers-by.
Shen Shen Mei Er
Jade lazy Fairy
The lazy girl of Yugong's family has a fairy fate. It is said that she will be accepted as a disciple by the immortal; But who knows that yulansi's only wish in this life is to eat and die. Cultivating immortality doesn't exist. It's impossible to cultivate immortality in this life. Whoever loves to cultivate immortality will do it. Yu diligence: 'either marry Li gouyu from the next village, or go with the immortal to cultivate the immortal. You choose.' Yulan Si: 'I choose to marry Li gouyu.' Yu industrious:... Some immortal:... But later: Yulan thought: really fragrant (~ ▽ ~) - the new book is to be fattened, and I ask for recommendation and collection of all kinds of requests, Moda.
Lin Xuan Yi Yun
Yang Shixian Road
Four hundred years ahead of time, he passed through the world of Xianlu, a novel of the previous life, and became the protagonist. Grandpa, if you want to eat your grandchildren< br/>
。 Grandson, if you can live to 400 years, let me be too. I'll lay a foundation for you first
the rise of a power can not rely on one person alone, nor can it rely on one generation after another. It is the immortal road of the Yang family that calls the ancestors
(PS: family farming. Development culture, slow heat type, new people seek support!) [unfold] [stow]
Hua Dan Cha Nong
Rushui Kendo
An unnecessary sword, like a water sword, stirred waves in Luoyang and stirred the world! A young man who lost his father when he was young was born from the valley of Mang Mountain, shaking all living beings in the three realms
the long sword is like water, empty and solid, like the wind and thunder on the ground, leading to the bloody wind in the Jianghu! The youth's resources cover the ancient and modern times. If heaven and earth are doomed, the gods and demons will kill and fight for thousands of years
is there such a sword in the world? The shape is as soft as water. Wield a sword to cut off love and hatred! There should be this sword in the world! Drink your blood and return. Come, rebuke the prince with your sword
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Mo Guan Lan
The daily life of Dali Temple Secretary
You are a carefree guest in the Jianghu. I will obey the law to control the world
Yang Qingyuan is willing to be the Secretary of Dali temple, so as to ensure that heaven has a way and all things obey the law
an ordinary homicide case, but a shocking conspiracy was involved
Yang Qingyuan took this opportunity to set off a storm to sweep away evil and get rid of evil in the Zhou Dynasty
to sweep away the evil forces in the Jianghu and the court,
to ban unregistered illegal organizations
heaven has its way, and all things obey the law
the best colleague: Li xunhuan
the best detective: Di Zhiyuan
the best forensic: Song HuiFu
Shi Er San Si
Become immortal upward
All the way up, all the way forward
kill demons and demons, and fight the strong and help the weak
the road to becoming a God is to work hard, and revenge is unstoppable
I want to become stronger and protect the weak
I want to be strong and kill all demons
I want to be strong and live forever
I want to be strong and worth my life!
Liang Liang Bu Jia Ban
Wine sword square
Reader skirt 82498525
how many years have ordinary people lived
it's time to enter the Jianghu
children who are dying can stand alone in all directions
the wine coagulating sword is an empty pill, and the sword moves like the moon, turning over the heavy pass
the aristocratic clan has nine kingdoms and two watches. The son Lang lifts his foot lightly and travels in the Jianghu
I've never been alone in the four Xuans and five realms.
Xiao Shu
Eternal life starts from the King Kong Temple
In a previous life, he was in the shopping mall and died of an incurable disease. However, he was brought to the King Kong Temple in the prosperous world of martial arts by a Buddhist statue of a pharmacist. He was reborn as a medicine monk
in this life, he only wants to live forever and practice the Buddha Dharma without seeking liberation
however, he unexpectedly found that the Buddha mantra can turn legends into reality and greatly increase his power under the blessing of the herbalist Buddha,
the great light mantra can transcend the soul and reach the Western Heaven for bliss,
the heart clearing mantra can clear the mind and calm the mind like water,
the rejuvenation mantra can restore the healing effect of injuries like God
even with the assistance of the herbalist Buddha, he was judged to be a waste of martial arts.And, It's amazing that you can practice the martial arts of Buddhism to the realm of legend.
I wanted to plant medicinal materials, practice martial arts, practice Buddhism, and live quietly in the Vajra Temple of the top zongmen snow mountain
but I don't want to. At this time, after thousands of years of prosperity, the Daqian Dynasty has come to the time when it turns from prosperity to decline, and the curtain of the world's division and convergence has been opened
Tai Jian
My Dharma comes from the mythical world
Five turbids came into the world, and demons were rampant
holding a volume of strange tales, Song Lin came across and came to the Taoist children in the remote side door Taoist temple
he saw that the spirit of this world had not dissipated for six days, and the witches and ghosts were rampant
demons and ghosts are called officials, and people and ghosts are confused
the heretical sect is good at practicing power and fortune, abandoning the true and following the false, and the evil is flourishing
the world is suffering, and people are suffering. Song Lin finds that he can enter the mythical tales of strange tales in the atlas of strange tales to obtain the Tao
the mountains and seas have different aspirations, and myths and monsters; In the pre-Qin period, Qi was practiced, the land of Chu was Taiyi, the immortals in Penglai, the witches and insects in Lingnan, and the immortal mountain in Kunlun...
kill evil spirits in the sky and learn thousands of Taoist methods
I will seek for the immortal way.
Duo Ming Xiao Ji Tui
Jianxiao immortal sect
The Yinxiao sword school, which has been standing for thousands of years, collapsed. Shaozong youtuiyun came to the South Tianmen gate and was humiliated
Xuanfu is still afraid of the younger generation. How can a husband be young? It's insane to hold swords in the world of mortals. There is wine in the sky
you play with the sun and the moon, and lie drunk in the clouds laughing at the world.
Bu Ding San Fen Tian
Immortality begins with the removal of demons
The sky is dark and the earth is dark. With three talents, Gu Xu went through the world of cultivation where demons were rampant and became an ordinary official of the exorcism Department of the Qi Dynasty
he only wanted to meditate and seek eternal life. However, carelessness has turned the world upside down.
Yan Meng Zhong Cheng
Chiqing sword ancestor
Looking up at the bright moon, the stars are shining. I looked down at the moon with tears, but I was sad. She said that there are mountains outside the mountain, there are days outside the sky, and the fairies, Buddhas and demons are all in the galaxy
I said that I have a sword to cut off all the big and small things in the road.
Xiao Lou Ting Feng Yun
Humanitarian Yongchang
The curtain has opened, and all the heroes are competing for the deer
human race, demon race, short-lived race and long-lived race
humanitarianism, immortality and Buddhism, who holds the bull's ear and who can be the highest
Chen Sheng, the son of merchants in the great Zhou Dynasty, originally intended to live his life in troubled times and not seek to be known to the princes, but was pushed to the peak by the tide of the times
some people work hard to become masters
some people work hard for people... No one
PS: there is an old book 'from the big man to the Wulin alliance leader' with a high order of more than two million words. The rhythm is solid and the style of writing is concise. Those who feel that this book is too young can take a look.
Cang Hua Zhu Ren
Xuansi, Dajing town
The Grand View emperor established the town xuansi, the town demons and ghosts, to investigate and manage all strange and unsolved cases, and to protect the lives of the people. All those who enter the xuansi of the town are called Lingguan, and all have strange skills
the Tao follows nature, the Buddha sympathizes with all living beings, and the Confucianism enters the world to help the world. In this strange world, let's see how a passing little Lingguan can turn things around
(Note: Well, the introduction is a little serious, but the story is not serious!)
Zhu Zi Mi
A curtain of wind and moon hangs nine times
Some people are dead, but they seem to be alive; Some people are alive, but they seem to have died countless times
true or false, trance
in this life, as a royal family, she would rather die than live, but she is not willing. How can people know what their fate is like unless they live to the last moment
What if she turns over to be the master
life is a lonely practice, and you should immerse yourself in it. Perhaps walking along, you will find another vast expanse of sea and sky ahead. The breeze is blowing, and a faint murmur comes from the palace palace somewhere:
'one mountain, two mountains...'
the chrysanthemums are blooming, the chrysanthemums are residual, and the wild geese have been flying for thousands of years. So far, people have not returned, but there is only a curtain of wind and moon
(overhead, modern, ancient, and immortal cultivation are as complete as ever. With CP, it is not pleasant, not sweet, and not feminine. This article is divided into several parts. The male master only appears in the last part, and there is no sense of existence in the previous text. Be careful!
in addition, all the contents of this article are fictitious, please do not study and imitate too much. Thank you ~)
Chu Zou Ba Wan Li
I became a saint with idle books
The beginning is a coffin
Chen Luo's journey starts from the mourning hall
this is a world where you can obtain extraordinary power through reading
reading Confucian classics can nourish the noble and healthy spirit
reading Taoist classics can generate innate energy
you can understand the true meaning of samsara by reading Buddhist scriptures
Chen Luo's golden finger is a bunch of idle books that are not allowed to appear in this world
what is it? Is Liaozhai regarded as a Book of heaven by the demon kingdom
what? Tianlong Babu opens up the world of martial arts
what? Jin Ping Mei...
don't panic, don't panic, it's all small scenes
have you ever heard of the romance of the Three Kingdoms by the Confucian scholar, who is like a cloud of tiger generals and a rain of advisers
has the Taoist priest seen the romance of gods? You Taoists are old cows in there
hey, eminent monk, please stay. I have a Book Journey to the West. Are you interested
the collection of classics and histories is the way of heaven, the story telling and the human appearance
you practice Yang God and he practices Buddhism. I smile to heaven in the world of mortals.
Shi Zi You
Immortal prisoner
There are 500000 heroic souls of the great Chu. Who will avenge them? If the way of heaven is wrong, those who have talents will take its place! Although the young people here have suffered many misfortunes, they also gritted their teeth to find justice in this world
with the sword in hand, who dares to fight me?
Shi San
God's favor is hanging up for me again
This is a very serious Xianxia book, but why do I always want to describe the introduction as: my second son is a giant, and the future must be like that
in a word, you can see that this is not the y of male species. What I said is true.
Yue Qian Chou
There is a Taoist temple in the mountains, and the incense has long withered
I'm not talented. I'm 19 years old. I was a Taoist when I was young. There are ten senior brothers in the upper class, but the youngest one in the lower class. I'm commonly known as the gate disciple. The school is too poor, and the elder martial brothers can't bear hardship. Fortunately, the leader is open-minded and allows the elder martial brothers to leave
there were three elder martial brothers who were quite old, all in their forties and fifties
your esteemed master was very fond of you. It was said that the leader was on the path before his death. However, he could not convince the public regardless of his age or seniority. The three senior brothers were not satisfied. Unfortunately for our school, the path is not a soft persimmon. We will never give in and fight against it
in the village at the foot of the mountain, there are new recruits, who are small by the path. Before the death of the master, he also gave an explanation and escorted them to Beijing for the examination. It's my duty, and I'll let you walk around the world once, and then fight with the senior brothers again
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Duan Qiao Can Xue
The way of cultivating gods is ethereal and mysterious; The purgatory is detached from the world and monitors the country; Martial arts prevails in the world and strives to dominate the world; The demon sect is hidden in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to make trouble
the great calamity is coming, the world is becoming chaotic, and the heroes are rising together
Qin Ziling was reborn in a poor young man in a remote county of the state of Qi, and began to repeat a nightmare
the ugly old man, the dragon head and the strange bird, chase and kill for thousands of miles...
How can a fallen and reborn person protect himself in troubled times
until one day, he saw in his dream that a broken finger with a ring fell on a Taoist temple
view the name of Chixiao!
Fang You
Mortals cheat to cultivate Immortals
Li Xiu, who has no spirit root qualification, relies on the world of Warcraft map space brought by him when he travels through, and tells the story of how to become an immortal (half a dozen people write books, and then spray them lightly!
). The seven ghosts devour the soul, the spirit root of the weapon, the treasure of the Xuantian, the strange spirit treasure flame, the big five elements magnetic force, and the spirit body magic skill are all in the common people's cheating to cultivate immortals
jump out of the plug-in of most kinds of fields and alchemy, different mortal flows, and the same wonderful fairy tale!
Yin Xiao Jun
My mother made me guard the altar
In the Qujiang River, there is a legend in Sanhua village under the flat top cliff of Wangshu peak. Every new moon day, the villagers will see someone holding a lantern climbing on the top of the flat top cliff. For decades or even hundreds of years, the flickering light replaces the hidden moonlight in the new moon, which is weak but never extinguished
some old people said that they had courage People climbed up the cliff at night. Although they were not close to them, they could still recognize that it was a girl dressed in moon white
What's more, they make this legend into a story and walk around the streets, alleys, and teahouses for guests to amuse themselves and earn some pocket money, Therefore, it was also said that 'the young girl suffered evil because she fought against the heaven, so she was surrounded by a white fronted monster with seven feet in length, two eyes, more than three inches of tusks, bear claws and Eagle hooks, roaring louder than thunder. If she could help the wind and rain, she would shake the mountain and sink the ground in anger. She was imprisoned for the rest of her life. She was only allowed to haunt the night without the moon in the new moon.' it was also intended to frighten children not to go out of the village to play and mingle with each other without permission, It has been tried repeatedly
of course, there are also daughters in the boudoir, who look at the cliff top at night, lean against the window and sigh, and admire the mysterious girl whose face has not changed in the ancient legend
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Xiao Wang
The rise of the human race in the struggle for hegemony
Because of an unexpected conspiracy, the protagonist returns to the ancient times and becomes a butterfly that affects the world's trends. Without the heavenly way, he can re-establish the human heavenly way. Whether it is an accident or a necessity, it is difficult for the protagonist.
Yu Ting Feng Shuo
This idea has become immortal
Su Zhao's adoptive father is seriously ill and receives a reward to kill the demons in the mountain
but on that day, the demon's head he beheaded was stolen, and his reward was lost, so he went to find the thief with a kitchen knife
as soon as I went there, I stepped into the beautiful mountains and rivers and woke up the sleeping practitioners. They looked at a greedy and calculating boy and recklessly broke the silence of the hidden world
a noble and rich woman signed a contract with him. What is the secret servant girl's plot? The lovely and beautiful clan. The daughter is his client
a ghost who wants to be a City God; A cowardly dog headed corpse demon who always likes to eat corpses; A slovenly monster who does not want to be a demon
unveiling the veil of seclusion, the powerful and invincible monsters, the great demons that devour the stars, or the legendary immortals have also set their eyes here...
the long road is long, and they vow to become immortals! [unfold] [stow]
Tian Di Da Ren
Push the sky horizontally, and start with the wind and cloud
Su Li got the pearls of the world and crossed the world. The world is full of clouds and clouds, and the immortal sword of the Tang Dynasty. Liaozhai Xuanyuan, Shu mountain is in the wilderness
... Cross the sky and push the sky!
Cao Sheng
Supreme elixir
The disaster is coming, the three realms are in turmoil, and strong enemies are around. Do you want to be a chess player or a chess player?
Xiu Lian Can Shi
Tianhu fate
The blind child who fell off the cliff unexpectedly got light. The new body is the blood of the demon. In this fairy world, I'm happy to be grateful.
Mu Ling Bin
The nuns refused the cannon fodder script
(if you want to read the traditional text of cultivating immortality, please take a detour. Don't make bad comments in the comment area. Thank you)
the female leader Xu Tao accidentally enters a novel of cultivating immortality and becomes the only daughter of supreme elder qinglanzong
in addition to her own father who was driven to death, her master was also the youngest nun of qinglanzong
with such a background, how can it be a woman's configuration
unfortunately not
Xu Tao knows that on the day when she succeeds in building the foundation, Shifu will bring back a young martial sister as pure as a white lotus
the younger martial sister will take away all her opportunities, and cause her to betray her family. Finally, she will die in the hands of many male partners who are infatuated with the younger martial sister
recalling her tragic fate in the book, Xu Tao resolutely tore off the cannon fodder script in her hand
Xu Tao smiled coldly and wanted her to be cannon fodder. Have you asked her father! Have you asked her about men
who is her father? Xiuxianjie combat power ceiling understand
as for who her man is, Xu Tao smiled proudly. It was the white moonlight that the little martial sister in the book could not get~
Wu Zhi
I eat monsters in the town demon department
This is a world full of demons and dangers. Qin Shaoyou, who has passed through here, is also a member of the Zhenyao department with the highest reincarnation rate
looking at a strange painted skin, a cunning fox demon, a terrible snake spirit, and a evil demon who pretends to be a god Buddha... Qin Shaoyou's mouth watering
close the door and boil the water. Let's eat today! Reader group: 16830720, welcome to join the group~
Zhe Liu Wen Gui Ren
Walk alone in the Jianghu
In the Jianghu, martial arts is the most important. There are many heroes and heroines in the Wulin. Among them, there are four strange people. They have unparalleled martial arts and are called the 'four Legends' by the world
after an epoch-making war, Luo Linyuan, one of the legends, retired from the Jianghu with a heavy physical and mental trauma. When he decided to step into the chaotic world again, a legendary chapter would start again
the world says, 'when you smile at the abyss, the ghosts startle the gods!'
'partial body scale injury failed to sharpen my lingyunzhi, and the dim road ahead failed to block my legendary road!'
when a hero rides a horse in the Jianghu, he is heroic and makes a home in all parts of the world. I am a hero with integrity
I would like to share with you a paper folding fan, a pot of good wine, a good story and a laugh in the Jianghu
(Note: this book is purely fictional. Please don't imitate the fighting plot. If you imitate it easily, it may be true! Cough, please don't imitate it. You can't imitate it anyway.) [unfold] [stow]