Ba Gui Shao Nian
The wind blows and he'an
Jingming crosses the alien world and is surrounded by a group of people as soon as he opens his eyes. 'City master, it's not good. The 18 city alliance wants to destroy Ancheng and me, and threatens to leave no chickens or dogs!'
Jingming was dying for several times, and then shouted to them crazily, 'all people cultivate Taoism! Give all Dalits, slaves, foreigners and citizens of Acheng, and include them in the welfare security system of Acheng! & r.dquo;
' throw money at me, gather all resources, and set up an office to save the nation! '
'set up a support group, and you old strongmen should help me in one area and one place!'
'three days of assault and five days of special training, all of which I started!'
Minister: 'come here! The city master is crazy!' [unfold] [stow]
Wu Zhi
I eat monsters in the town demon department
This is a world full of demons and dangers. Qin Shaoyou, who has passed through here, is also a member of the Zhenyao department with the highest reincarnation rate
looking at a strange painted skin, a cunning fox demon, a terrible snake spirit, and a evil demon who pretends to be a god Buddha... Qin Shaoyou's mouth watering
close the door and boil the water. Let's eat today! Reader group: 16830720, welcome to join the group~
Lai Yi Bei Ka Fei
Imperial sword asks immortal
Born in the most authentic sect of immortal cultivation, it was destroyed due to a
'spirit root pill'. It was ostracized by the orthodox sect, surrounded by evil spirits and outlaws, and was forced to survive in the crack. It was trained to be a sword spirit due to the Tianji skill, but unfortunately became a slave of the sword spirit & mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;. My life is mine, not heaven, nor man. It's just a sword
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Yun Ji Qi Lu
Wife is a week old BOS
Once everything was annihilated, the sea of stars was rebooted, and the heaven and human principles were all destroyed in the thought of the evil
'finally BOS is my wife?'
when Xu Chang'an came home, he looked at his wife who was cooking and shook his head: 'the system is pumping again.'
in front of the apricot tree at the door
Xu Chang'an grabbed his wife's waist and said, 'I'll go back with a few little demons.'
'be careful on the road.' After the woman saw him off, she looked up at the apricot branch
what should I do if my husband has a tendency to cheat
or... The world will reopen
PS: [daily], [emotional line], [immortal Xia], [slow heat].
Yun Shan Qing
The daily retirement of the leader
The greedy innkeeper is actually the retired demon leader, while the waiter who does errands has Buddhist magic. As an invincible man of the world, Wang Ye needs to hide his identity and strength to live in the troubled Jianghu
he doesn't care about the status, martial arts and reputation that ordinary people pursue. He just wants to be an idle man who eats and dies
hard Gang is the biggest gang in the world. He instructs drunken and decadent scholars to stop the Wulin catastrophe... How can he be more busy after retirement?
Shi Xin Ben Zun
Liaozhai fox son-in-law
This is a strange world and a big pot for cooking stories. Scholars, ghosts, foxes, immortals and demons are entangled in fate, stewing out the world's various forms and cooking out the world's various tastes
Liu Yan, who has been here for a long time, has not brushed off the dust yet, so he plunges into the pot and smells like a ghost
Shan Nan Lu Bei
This warrior is fierce
The sun is shining, and the world is suffering
Cao Wufu was born
you can stand on your fist and walk on your arm
he just wants to be a quiet, low-key and honest person with connotation
however, the strength is not allowed
Cao Wufu smiled slightly at all the masters
'I just want to kill you or be killed by you.
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Jian Jia Du Jiang
Start from Xiaoao Jianghu to push martial arts
My name is Tian Hao, and my character is reckless. Tian is the Tian of two old Wangs next door. Hao is the Hao who is disrespectful to heaven
now he has joined the Huashan sect. However, since master Yue buqun studied the sunflower scriptures, he always feels strange in his eyes every day, which makes people feel a little nervous
in this complex world of martial arts, Tian Hao wants to create a template for a large BOS, train the strongest muscles, cultivate the strongest martial arts, stack the thickest armor, use the largest sword to break everything, and create a Xintiandi
I'm more than ten thousand days old. I have updated awesome's novels with more than four million words. Please feel free to read them
Q group 826037891, those interested can enter the pit for communication.
Chan Jiu
Feisheng begins with family cultivation
Over the past hundred thousand years of the Yu Dynasty, various levels of the Xiuzhen family have controlled the cultivation resources. When the world thought that it would be difficult for a poor family to produce a noble son, Meng Haoran was secretly observing
you fight, I farm... You fight, I hoard... You compete, I copy the bottom... Until everyone comes back to their senses, they find that the Meng clan, which was originally in the middle of poverty, has gone upstream and reached the peak immortal family!
Lu Guo Ba
Samsara simulation: I can change my life against heaven
In this extraordinary and holy world of Yan Fu, there is the emperor of heaven who lives in the sky and looks at the world; There are immortals traveling in the eight wastelands, traveling in the North Sea in the morning and in the evening, and sharing the same king with the world
there are sages of Confucianism and Taoism to enlighten the world, draw a picture to open the sky, and establish a mind for the world; There are also great virtuous monks who smile at the flowers, follow the heaven and earth, and evolve boundless Buddha land, which is comparable to the bliss of the West
Jiqiu is just a mole like an ant under the boundless world
I thought it was just the beginning of a mortal. In the midst of difficulties and dangers, I won the chance to become a Taoist
[samsara simulation takes you to experience the various forms of different lives.]
a plausible simulator took him into a completely different world
a rare Zen and Taoist genius in Buddhism, he entered the Taoism with martial arts and entered the Imperial City alone. He was dressed as white as blood, just to win a sentence of 'not to be unworthy of the Tathagata and not to be unworthy of the Qing Dynasty'
at the time of the end of the Dharma, the rising Taiping Taoist master has been giving alms to the world since the end of the world. He has broken down mountains and temples all the way, and has become the only true cultivation in the world before the spirit tide rises
the world is turbulent, and the flames of war are everywhere. The iron hooves of the Northern Yuan Dynasty go south. A Taoist sect leader was born in the sky, saving the common people and helping the Dragon Court to create a lifetime myth
the leader of the magic gate, the sage of Confucianism, the relegated immortal of Taoism, and the emperor of the ages
the boundless years, endless time and space, and the steady steps of Ji Qiu all the way up against the current have left indelible traces in this rolling history.
Li Bai Xi Yi Fen
Fairy, please calm down
If your fiancee is Hedong lion, hide. If you want to end him in the future, please coax her. The wise girl, the beautiful teacher, the noble empress, and the queen of the demon Kingdom... Don't worry about walking on thin ice for fear of doing something wrong
but in the end, he was sent away by the younger martial sister.
Qing Shan Xiang Yu
Le Yao Xiu Xian Ji
You can enjoy yourself in the world, and you can be free.
Chen Xiao Dao
Xuanyu Road
There are few pedestrians on the Changsheng Road, but an ordinary person, a fairy and a Taoist, finds himself suddenly in a mysterious world of cultivating immortals. Fortunately, there is a magic jade pendant in his Dantian
let's see how Lu Le goes against the current and finally rises to the upper bound.
Zhong Tian Niu
I'm not really cultivating immortals
Su Yun went online. After three days of brushing, the indigenous NPC almost hung himself up. It's hard to open the correct task mode and solve the mystery of cheap dad's life
the father of Shengshi Bailian said: 'I don't listen, I don't listen, I don't listen!'! How can she do this? My father won't listen. She can't do this task
she always thought she was just playing games casually, but one day, she suddenly found something wrong with the world
E Shi Lao Wu
Abandon the universe
The vitality of the earth is revived, but this is really not a story of the recovery of the earth's spirit, but a story of the wandering universe.
Da Ming Zhong Shi
Legend of Shu mountain hanging sword
Bashu has been the place of locking dragons since ancient times. It is because the life in Bashu is too comfortable and it is easy to kill the will. Therefore, it is said that 'you can't go to Sichuan without going to Sichuan'
an ordinary young man in Qingcheng is unwilling to sit back and watch the sky, but he has ambitions, but he is regarded as an alternative by his peers and suffers from exclusion
this young man bravely walked out of the mountain and gained opportunities repeatedly. He gained friendship and love, but also encountered separation and betrayal; I have seen the magnificence and grandeur of the prosperous era of Kaiyuan, and I have also tasted the warmth and warmth of people who have left their homes
the darkness of power struggle, the treachery of human nature, the cruelty of war, and the rebellion of an Shi made the Tang Dynasty take a turn for the worse and changed the trajectory of countless people's lives
the most prosperous and sad is the fate of this era
in this magnificent age of heroes, tigers and wolves, where should teenagers go
Xiang Si Hong Yan
Lonely Hong at the end of the world
A grudge 20 years ago has never been resolved. Liu Ruyan, in order to find a way to survive in the terrible killing 20 years ago, only her younger sister was saved by an expert, and her parents hid her in a secret tunnel
and all the relatives and servants were killed overnight. Liu Ruyan was saved by a secret friend of her father, and was brought up to teach martial arts in order to find out the year The truth of the tragedy is to avenge the tragic death of their parents. In addition, another important thing is to find their sister who has been separated for 20 years
to comfort the spirits of parents. After Liu Ruyan finished his art, he said goodbye to his mentor and went down the mountain. On the way, he encountered many adventures and tribulations. He made friends with the peasant girls who met by chance and developed love. He staged a Jianghu story with unclear feelings and grievances
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Zhai Zhu
Fly up at another day
As a snake catcher, Xu Ying has always been honest and diligent. Until that day, he caught a different snake... On the first day of March, the land of China was filled with incense, and the gods guarding the villages, towns, cities and counties woke up one after another, enjoying the sacrifices of the people
however, from this day on, the world has become chaotic. This book is also known as 'nine six immortals', 'zero seven immortals', 'inner volume', 'scroll to death', 'no one can fly', 'good pit', 'deep pit', 'help me up', 'when I was 35 years old, my blessing came' and 'the appearance of Xu Da demon king'!
Wo Shi Xia Hun De
Hey, demon
Heaven and earth have a spirit machine, and everything grows by eating it. All kinds of people can become demons, prolong their lives, and get magical powers, except the human race
the human body lacks the ability to accommodate psychic devices, but the human soul is light and nimble, and is born in a short way. Therefore, those with great wisdom find a new way to cultivate immortals through demons and pick the fruits of immortality.
Lian Ou Pai Gu Tang Ya
The demons have learned the way, from mandrills to chaotic apes
He was reborn as a mandrill, carrying the treasure of chaos [Yan Fu treasure tree]
it's difficult for a demon to get to heaven if he can cultivate his way
at the beginning, Ye Jin just wanted to live in this dangerous world of cultivating immortals...
unexpectedly, she unexpectedly became the first demon ape in the world
this book is also known as the history of the immortal with three eyes and five signs, I'm sorry that I was born as a demon, and the showdown, your father and I are the saints of heaven
this is the story of a little mandrill finally becoming a chaotic devil ape...
(do not abuse the Lord, do not abuse the virgin, and kill decisively)
Shi Wen
Worldly views
The bright moon is hanging high in the sky. In the world, sometimes it is bustling and sometimes it is messy. When you leave, you can gather and cherish. In the years when people come and go, when the time is over, who is laughing at the drama of life... (this book is slowly hot)
Tai Yi Shen She
Have you crossed the wasteland? What? Mo zuluo blew himself up and killed me! Crossing again? What? To the Xihuang world? It also brings its own Jade Butterfly, Pangu divine banner, heaven and earth xuanhuang Linglong pagoda, Taiji diagram, four swords for killing immortals, and killer gun! what? These treasures are all fake, just images? Zhang Qian said that it was not a big problem. With these illusory treasure images, he could build a kind of great magic power! With the power of the supreme supernatural power, he killed hundreds of millions of people and destroyed countless thousands. The immortal road of the supreme detachment could not stop him!
Da Heng
Those years when I killed demons and demons at the market
Li Changsheng woke up and became an executioner at the mouth of the vegetable market of the Ming Dynasty! It happened that in the eight hundred year old Ming Dynasty, when demons were rampant and the world was changing, he found that he could get various rewards by beheading the condemned prisoners
looking at Qi, nourishing qi, divination, dying for death, paper figure, breathing, face changing, puppet, medicine, mechanism... For tens of thousands of years, countless demons and monsters have been killed with one knife, and I swear to protect our land forever!
Mysterious Tang Dynasty
After many quick wear tasks, Li Lijun returned to the Tang Dynasty where she was born. She thought she would live a peaceful and comfortable life, but unexpectedly re recognized the Tang Dynasty. The original world was never what she thought
Shen Lan Shi Jie
Sign in at the beginning, Tiangang and Disha
After crossing the magical land world, he was trapped in the prison and beheaded in the vegetable market three days later
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven, and you can get the golden finger in despair
sign in the prison with deep resentment, get ten years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [Tongyou], [driving God]
sign in the sword tomb, get the Jiazi Taoist practice, and learn the magic power [swordsmanship]

sign in the forbidden area of life, get ten thousand years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [five elements escape], [scattering beans into soldiers], [nail head seven arrows]...
there are immortal giants, righteous Confucian scholars, reincarnated Buddha, and non immortal demons, Charming temptress...
let's see that the south of the Yangtze River, with a green lamp, steps across the mountains and rivers, learns all over the sky and the earth, and finally becomes a road!
Mu Ling Bin
The nuns refused the cannon fodder script
(if you want to read the traditional text of cultivating immortality, please take a detour. Don't make bad comments in the comment area. Thank you)
the female leader Xu Tao accidentally enters a novel of cultivating immortality and becomes the only daughter of supreme elder qinglanzong
in addition to her own father who was driven to death, her master was also the youngest nun of qinglanzong
with such a background, how can it be a woman's configuration
unfortunately not
Xu Tao knows that on the day when she succeeds in building the foundation, Shifu will bring back a young martial sister as pure as a white lotus
the younger martial sister will take away all her opportunities, and cause her to betray her family. Finally, she will die in the hands of many male partners who are infatuated with the younger martial sister
recalling her tragic fate in the book, Xu Tao resolutely tore off the cannon fodder script in her hand
Xu Tao smiled coldly and wanted her to be cannon fodder. Have you asked her father! Have you asked her about men
who is her father? Xiuxianjie combat power ceiling understand
as for who her man is, Xu Tao smiled proudly. It was the white moonlight that the little martial sister in the book could not get~
Gao Lou Ting Yu
Three feet green front
In troubled times, all countries are divided. There is Daqin in the north and Xichu in the south. The vast sea occupies the northwest, and the northern Liao sees the Central Plains
temples, rivers and lakes are intertwined. Once upon a time, there was an old man holding a sword. He cut off the spring breeze and never returned. Now, the scholar is carrying the sword spirit, and the whale has swallowed the sea before drinking. The sword spirit is already in the autumn.
Ke Lian De Lan Chong
Xiyou, I have nine golden crows in my body
Under the Jiuyang spring, Jinwu remains. The young man accidentally came to the world of westward travel, and took the corpses of nine Jinwu as a way to deduce a different westward travel
this book is also known as 'people in the West Tour' and roasted nine Jinwu at the beginning. This book is also known as 'the days when I collected corpses in the West Tour'. Which company is better to collect corpses? Go to the West tour and find Jiang Chen, who has been specialized in collecting corpses for three hundred years. He will be braised in brown without sugar.
Wo Wan Dao Chao Che Zui Wen
The world is full of actors
I am trying to cultivate immortality and find that the world is full of actors
Fang Xiu woke up in the world of cultivation, bound the system, and became the leading role in the world
he doesn't know that the real world entertainment is paramount, and his planet is actually a well-designed reality show stage
millions of professional actors, billions of genetically modified Warcraft, gorgeous and extreme special effects, can be called an epic professional dog blood script
all these things are just for him to act as he is. I believe that he can really become an immortal
there are actors all over the world, and only he is a true immortal
then, on the day when the golden pill was completed, Fang Xiu, who was locked by countless thoughts, broke the sky with his sword and broke 36 artificial satellites
audience: is the clown myself
three years later, the strange world invaded, and all human beings competed to be the knight of the dead
strange master: the navigation must have led the wrong way. It's terrible here. I want to go back to my hometown
this book is also known as 'program team: the plot is not like this', 'audience: the plot is my business, I am serious about cultivating immortals', 'group performance: you are great and noble, can you take care of our feelings', 'villains would rather kill themselves than kill me'.
Shi Zi You
Immortal prisoner
There are 500000 heroic souls of the great Chu. Who will avenge them? If the way of heaven is wrong, those who have talents will take its place! Although the young people here have suffered many misfortunes, they also gritted their teeth to find justice in this world
with the sword in hand, who dares to fight me?