Nan Yan Yu
Reborn female companion: the supreme medical immortal
Suddenly dressed as a vicious female companion in the male master's NP text, she expressed deep sorrow. Originally, she wanted to take the road to the sky, but she was forced to run to the cheerful counter attack road. The ancestral inheritance, the space of Wuxian mansion, and the thigh of the cannon fodder man, let's laugh together
Hui Fei Di Xiao Yu Er
Spirit devouring age
There are two kinds of special people in the world. One is a person who is destined by heaven and is favored by heaven. The other is a person who is rejected by heaven and is rejected by heaven. A man of heaven's destiny is blessed by the way of heaven. Things can't be too late. You can borrow his life from heaven and break it
Zhen Shi De Zui E
Cloud water sword
Eight years ago, the swordsman Ye Tian was killed, and the peerless magic weapon Yunshui sword mysteriously disappeared. Eight years later, Ye's orphan rose up in the Jianghu to avenge his blood, and the Yunshui sword reappeared and swept the heroes. How can we know that the situation is so treacherous that the whole martial arts is involved behind the extermination
Bao Shi Mao
mountain deity
With a bunch of scenic spots, Fang Ling crossed into a world of immortal Xia! A world different from the earth he lives in! When he was complaining that he had brought a bunch of useless tourist maps, he suddenly found that the Kunlun in the previous life had become
Zhong Yuan Wu Bai
Taoist priest wandering in the world of martial arts
He once enjoyed the moon in the Forbidden City and was drunk in Dongting. No one knows who wanders in the Jianghu. You can fly swords to get your head. V group: 134232868 full-time readers can join the group only after receiving the light of the great God, and their public wechat 'Zhongyuan 500' or 'feixiangjid
Han Xiang Ji Mo
Heaven and earth are the universe and the endless void. Cut the Star River with the sword, danwu sky! In the previous life, the Dan Dao was mysterious, but it was killed by a strong martial artist. In this life, both Dan and martial arts are emphasized. I swear to change my life and go against the heaven
Wei Ran San Yue
The story of wood haunting Immortals
The new book princess, seeking favor has been published on Tencent. Book friends group: 43878651) * Mu Ying, who was thought by the family to be a high-quality spiritual root, tested out the poor five spiritual roots. Since then, the people have laughed at him and his relatives have treated him coldly. But
San Chi Ling Li
The cultivation maniac is less on campus
Inexplicably, there is a beautiful president's fiancee who is extremely cold and the Queen's style. He is under great pressure. The coming of the gorgeous school girl, the unruly young lady, and the cute little Lori make him even more stressed. Let's see how the generation of Xiuzhen returns to the city
Huang Luo Bi Quan
Top master
In the previous life, he failed to cross the robbery and died. In this life, he turned into a small man and reached the peak again. Let's see how the little man Chen Feng calls the wind and calls the rain in this cruel world.  —.
Zi Yi Zhan Yan
She was naturally coveted by all circles, which was not her wish. It is difficult to find peace when the reincarnation brings the divine jade back to life. When relatives and friends are tired, they swear to be cruel. Anyone who dares to rob jade will be killed, regardless of whether he is a demon, a devil or an immortal
Wu Ye Mu Yang Nü
Villain Mengfu
Tang Xin, as a senior author of the dead house, what she most regrets is that she listened to the words of the so-called 'elder generation' and turned the Holy Father and the Lord who saved the world in her new book into a 'deep well ice' with 'snake spirit disease' at any time and at any time
Tian Yu Zun Zhe
Primitive sword God
It's not uncommon to cross chaos and worship Pangu. How about chopping Luo, fighting Hongjun and breaking the heaven? The beheaded evil corpse turns into a demon ancestor, and the spirit of the demon sect has greatly increased. The four religions have been granted gods, and the Taoist, Buddhist and demon wars have played a different role in the Westward Journey of the ancient gods!  .
Feng Yu Jiu Qiu
Taixuan war record
A brave soldier, a strange crossing, a chaotic age of three realms, a hot and lonely road of cultivation. There is a 'join bookshelf' on the right side of Lian Geng days. Everyone can click it. That is the so-called 'join bookshelf'