Ban Fu Zhan Shi
Daozu is kesulu
'The Tao is a very Tao, and the name is a very name.
nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth, is famous, and is the mother of all things.
well, maybe there is a 'name' called the black goat of the forest, which breeds thousands of children and thousands of grandchildren...
' I have learned the Tao! I have learned the Tao!
ho ha GA GA GA GA -! '
looking at the Taoist friends who split their heads, tore their ribs, turned into meat wings and flew into the sky,
Li Fan was so frightened that he stopped today's sermon
'Alas, the Tao Te Ching can't be nonsense. It's crazy again...'
Niu You Guo
I have a volume of ghosts and gods
Jiang Zhou was taken to Daji by a volume of ghosts and gods. He used the half episode of journey to the West in his mobile phone to trick a ferocious witch into limping. As a descendant of Lingtai Fangcun mountain and xieyue Sanxing cave, he began to walk on a road to heaven...
in the troubled world of demons, there are immortals in the world
this is a volume of ancient books
to reward and punish ghosts, and to seal spirits and invite gods
the painting of white bone dressing up, the painting of golden man greeting the bride, the painting of white bone old Buddha's blissful night feast, the painting of mountain ghosts missing each other, the painting of Zhong Kui drinking and chewing ghosts, the painting of the great demon subduing emperor beheading demons...
a hundred days of dragon grass, Taiyi five cigarettes, and diamond palm...
I can't beat it
please close the second master
as urgent as a law, Qi Tian Da Sheng shows his true body! (the seedlings are young and in urgent need of irrigation. The shortage of books can be moved to the two million word old book universal crossing of the heavens)
Feng Liu Jiang Shao
The king of covering the sky
Jiang Chen was accidentally brought to the world of the sky by an existence called the battle paradise. He witnessed the Jiulong coffin pulling away from Mount Tai
sorry, in order that ye fan will not return to the earth because he cannot pay the parking fee in the future, this Benz E20 is mine
this is a story of an immoral King covering the sky, and another story of an immoral king in the world of covering the sky
Liu Shui Qian Zai
Reincarnation starts with modifying the life grid
An extraordinary and decadent world
individual strength determines order
aristocratic families master knowledge, monopolize resources, and increase the details from generation to generation
all the elements leading to the road have been cut off
people can't breathe
for thousands of years, the order is eternal, and only the real immortal overlooks the world
until a modern man who constantly reincarnates and enhances his talent arrives and discovers the mystery of this world, the world will turn upside down
let's see him walking in history, exhausting time and accumulation, breaking this eternal order and shining stars
fighting against the fate of immortals is the way ahead!
Cang You
Cultivation begins with fisherman
A young fisherman was lucky enough to get a water attribute skill called 'ripple skill'. He was lucky enough to embark on the road of cultivation and become a free and unrestrained practitioner. Let's see how he stirred up the changes in the cultivation world
another book friend group has been established. Group number: 73104729. Welcome to join
Jian Ru Jiao
A man's door
[crossing], [no system], [conspiracy], [Taoism] in the wasteland, the demon clan runs rampant. In order to survive, the human race takes martial arts as its way, and takes martial arts as its honor. It seeks vitality in the killing of the demon clan
Zhang Yan, as the last descendant of the dragon and Tiger Mountain Taoist sect, crossed the world with the town's immortal weapon
'Vientiane beads'. The golden light mantra, the Big Dipper mantra, the great law of the gods... Infinite Taoist law, suppress the demon clan, and preach here
... I have a collection of 30000 volumes, which can burn the river and boil the sea, pick the stars and take the moon. I have all kinds of magical powers and infinite luck. I can live long and live with heaven and earth
would you like to come to our door?
Sha Ye Bu Hui A
King evil world
A young man who wanders around and has no intention of the world, a Jianghu full of happy love and hatred and passionate disputes, a court full of power and intrigue. Let's see how the young man can take charge of the world and complete the care in his heart
Bing Rong Xiang Jian
Frost blade cutting the sky
The Qi and Zhou dynasties were in opposition, and the South was flooded and the North was dry. At the time of sudden changes, the young he Qizhou decided to join the army in order to correct the name of his late adoptive father
overcome all difficulties and climb to the top of the martial arts examination, but also bump into the world's disputes! Open this fog with wisdom and complete this promotion with perseverance
you have tenderness in your heart, and you have a long journey. Why do you fear the world as an enemy? Let's see that I cut the sky with the frost blade and walk against the sky!
Kan De Liang San Yan
Five immortals gate
Remote green mountains, remote villages, ordinary young people, just for survival, but the life of ordinary people has turned into the road of cultivating immortals. Who is real and who is false
who can stay with the last bright moon! Xianxia world, from now on.
Yan Qing
Taoist chanter
In the dark of the day, the spirits of the world are rising, everything grows abnormally, and all kinds of demons and ghosts wake up with the great changes in the world
a big demon suppressed by the immortal temple is ready to break through the earth
as the leader of the temple, Zhang Wenfeng is still working hard to fill his stomach with three meals a day
the black donkey in the field stabbed and cursed: 'donkey day, it's impossible to live this day!'
the paper figure presses the donkey to talk, and the red embroidered shoes haunt the wall
Silver cows stand in the way, and foxes have nine life rabbit nests
the coffin shop is a water walking dragon, a string of rosary beads and lotus wine
in my dream, I lost my soul in a puppet dance and struck the peach wood sword to kill evil
Zhang Wenfeng found that when he recited the Taoist Scriptures he remembered in his previous life, he was able to evolve a kind of Taoist magic
this is a story about a Taoist donkey who grew up and grew up savagely after listening to anecdotes in the Jianghu
this is an endless road to kill demons, demons, evil spirits and immortals. You can't retreat, fear, or turn back. Please take care of yourself when you go forward with a sword
(the author has the recommendation of the 200000 word old book 'I want to be a knife bearer this time', which is so hot and cool that it is explosive.)
Ling Yang Zi
Great wisdom
I originally named this book 'practice'! But my name has been used by others. I can only use the name 'wisdom of the road'
as the name implies, this book is mainly about cultivation! Combine the reality and write a novel of practice! Let's read him as a novel
if you really have friends who practice, reading this book will help you understand the secret of Dandao practice
Cai Hong Yu
Baoma is on the rich side of the cultivation world
The female owners who are ready for house fighting, business fighting and farming get the crossing script: Xiuxian! A little baby is attached: Mom, this is OK
old (?) Ugly again (?) It is asserted by everyone that she can't cultivate immortals. The mistress only wants to make money. As long as there are enough spirit stones, she can build a path to heaven.
Su Jin Bu Yi
Buddha lamp and sword
My family suffered a terrible disaster, but I became attached to the ancient Buddha. As a Buddhist, it is difficult to break the world of mortals. So I entered the Jianghu with a sword. Can I resist the treacherous conspiracy?
San Tian Liang Jue
Unparalleled double harmonic
Wandering on the Jianghu Road, I turn over the memories of wandering in my youth. Now that I have passed through this world, I am nostalgic for the past
Yu Tai Xiao Long Xia
Thank you for inviting me. I refuse the demon emperor
Through the wilderness, he became the eldest brother of emperor Jun and Emperor Tai
deeply aware of the path of the Lich in the future, he immediately decided to take two young brothers to shut down the sun star and kill them
since then, the great mystery has changed. The Lich family has no owner, and the Lich family is dominant
a saint has two heads
Hongjun: when you leave the pass, you can choose the holy throne and Lingbao
Great demon: please leave the pass. The Lich clan is too fierce
System: the host asks you to go out of the pass. Sanqing and the twelve ancestors have a dog's brain on their heads
Daochen: it doesn't exist. I'll talk about it after I close another ten or eight yuan meeting.
Bu Xiu Bian Fu
Counter fortune teller
There are people in the world who are destined to be cut off for 50 years
Jing Ye 7
Family Xiuxian: I can see the hint
When he was reborn to the Lin family of Xiuxian family, the system suggested that all kinds of opportunities were coming one after another, and all kinds of disasters and dangers were not touched. He took the family step by step to the immortal gate
[mortal flow] [family flow]
An Yu Ling Zhu
Elder martial sister, I don't want to work hard
Qin Muling, who was born again, happened to enter the beautiful Yunmeng heavenly palace and become the most important disciple of the leader. He thought that he would be able to step on the peak of his life from now on. However, he was suppressed by the senior sisters who were both beautiful and powerful
he fought hard for dignity, but he was still brutally suppressed by elder martial sisters. He had no hope of turning over. Finally, he had no choice but to lie flat: 'elder martial sister, I don't want to try!' The elder martial sisters smiled and threw a proposition: 'good, choose one from us!' Qin Muling: '
Xie Huang Ji Dan
Yin Mountain book
Daliang is an ordinary five years, which is a rare good year for the vagabonds in the world. One wrist release sharp knife makes five coins, and one bowl of rotten meat noodles makes three coins. Go to the ancient tomb and sleep under the big tree. You can not only meet the night wandering Fox and enjoy the night, but also earn ten coins for nothing
this year, the Huaihe River surged, flooding three prefectures and sixteen counties. In that year, there was a dragon meteorite in Yunmeng. Its blood fell like rain and condensed into jade
rotten wood produces essence, old things become strange, old women are pregnant with ghosts, and ghosts travel at night... This year, Su Che took a wooden box to Guobei county and went to Shanyin county to serve as a lieutenant
Xiao Ge Ge
Painting demon master
... the pen is thin and the paper is light. At the place where the peony and green fall, the demons and ghosts are all in the shape.
Hei Deng Xia Huo
Ask sword
In the third year of the reign of emperor Qian of the state of Yu, it rained in the city of Yuzhou. Li Ang woke up and dreamed that there was a sword hidden in his head.
Wen Cha Mi Jiu
Infinite splendor
Shinto magic is a family of hundred realms, and it has the power of fighting and singing. Monsters, monsters and mechanical monsters are coming from the infinite
this is a new era of the LORD God space. The world gathers and scatters like the stars. Who can be as brilliant as the sun and the moon? PS: there may be a lot of magic changes and original works in the copy world of non Yuanzu infinite companions.
Yi Qi Hua San Qing
Miluo green scroll
In Vernacular: on the land of Han Xia, there is a Taoist priest named Maitreya. When building the foundation, he awakens to the past, holds the green scroll, holds the sky mirror, and pursues the vast fairyland
literary and Art Edition: Maitreya has a wonderful boat body. Enter the Tao and seek truth. Holding the green scroll of xuanlu, the universe and the earth can take care of your heart. The purple smoke covers the sky
it's a statue in the Da Luo Tian. The high God of Jianggong is the Jade Emperor of Xianfu.
Ruo Liu Meng
Hundred turn flying Fairy
Tao can be said, but it is not true. What is an immortal? The immortal road is vast, and it is hard to find the true one. What is the Tao? The sea is boundless and the sky is endless
heaven and earth are inhumane, and all things are ruminant dogs. How many of these creatures can stand on the top of heaven and earth, grasp the fate of life and death, and overlook all living beings?
Wu Ding Xian Ren
I have a Dementor flag
No clothes, no gold fingers, evil way and ghost repair, dark Gothic style. In fact, there are no ghosts in this world. There are only people who are more vicious than the devil and people who are more unpredictable than hell< br/>
=&# 61;&# 61;&# 61;&# 61;&# 61; This is a legend of how a small person struggled to become an immortal step by step, and how a soul taking banner changed the sky and destroyed the earth.
Bu Chi Xiang Cai
Distortion, madness, dementia, decay, bloated and weird are the unchanging background of the world of cultivating immortals
Yu Lu became a fake monk who could not even read the Scriptures. He entered a strange temple that appeared in the evening and had to leave after sunset
he thought he would spend his whole life in fear. Until one day, he saw the conditions for upgrading the skill:
[demon turning wheel]
[level: extremely evil skill]
[entry condition]: the original skill; To subdue hundreds of thousands of evil spirits in hell; A portrait of the king of earth Tibet Bodhisattva with verve
[minor condition]: enslave a free demon; Eighteen relics; There are 100000 clay Bodhisattvas; A fragment of hell; Eighteen hell venomous snakes
effect 1 [back Wei]: hundreds of thousands of evil spirits form a back Wei body. Each strike carries the power of hundreds of thousands of evil spirits. The damage received each time is shared equally with hundreds of thousands of evil spirits. (acquired at the beginner level)
Effect 2 [Sutra wheel]: enslave evil spirits to turn the Sutra wheel to help you understand the great Dharma. Each rotation is equivalent to reciting the scripture once. After 100000 evil spirits accumulate, your understanding will be unmatched. (obtained at the beginner level)
effect 3 [stepping on white]: you will not be able to sneak and be knocked down. The damage you receive will be doubled and the damage caused by the frontal attack will be doubled. (obtained at the beginner level)
effect 4 [hell body] turns into hell and suppresses all ghosts! (obtained at the beginning)
effect 5 [heaven demonizes Buddha]...
effect 6 [extremely demonic Lord]
Lao Po Da Da
I, Tiansha lone star, like making friends
Oh, why do you think I'm a lonely star in the sky. Didn't you just attend a dragon's gate meeting and die a few candidates
when I became the only candidate, I was said to be a broom. What else? Those who have enemies with me have died. How can it be related to me
I don't know how they died. I am a little constable. Congratulations to the master of the host for his tragic death. Cultivation achievement + 10!
Miao Quan Jing Gao
I started to be a fox fairy in Liaozhai
It's hard to be a man, but it's even harder to be a fox. Gong Mengbi had no choice but to hold on to Taishan Niang's thigh and pass the examination to the immortal official
as for foxes, it is necessary to make friends with others to cultivate immortality. It was only later that people found out how the world was so big that the shadow of the fox was everywhere.
Lian Ou Pai Gu Tang Ya
The demons have learned the way, from mandrills to chaotic apes
He was reborn as a mandrill, carrying the treasure of chaos [Yan Fu treasure tree]
it's difficult for a demon to get to heaven if he can cultivate his way
at the beginning, Ye Jin just wanted to live in this dangerous world of cultivating immortals...
unexpectedly, she unexpectedly became the first demon ape in the world
this book is also known as the history of the immortal with three eyes and five signs, I'm sorry that I was born as a demon, and the showdown, your father and I are the saints of heaven
this is the story of a little mandrill finally becoming a chaotic devil ape...
(do not abuse the Lord, do not abuse the virgin, and kill decisively)
Shen Shen Mei Er
Jade lazy Fairy
The lazy girl of Yugong's family has a fairy fate. It is said that she will be accepted as a disciple by the immortal; But who knows that yulansi's only wish in this life is to eat and die. Cultivating immortality doesn't exist. It's impossible to cultivate immortality in this life. Whoever loves to cultivate immortality will do it. Yu diligence: 'either marry Li gouyu from the next village, or go with the immortal to cultivate the immortal. You choose.' Yulan Si: 'I choose to marry Li gouyu.' Yu industrious:... Some immortal:... But later: Yulan thought: really fragrant (~ ▽ ~) - the new book is to be fattened, and I ask for recommendation and collection of all kinds of requests, Moda.