Zheng Yue Chu Si
Infinite immortal cultivation player
Jiuyuanzi didn't think that he was an innocent fairy. He just sat on the steps and ate a melon. He was beaten down on the earth. He became a [weak, poor and helpless] little demon fairy with only 100 million beautiful points
forced by life, the kind and simple little demon fairy jiuyuanzi can only timidly say: you can buy your life with a hundred million dollars
what bad intentions can a beautiful little demon fairy have?
Nan Feng Ru Xian
Li Tiange
Life is like a ballad. There are times when it is budding, when it is joyful, when it is lonely, and when it comes to an end. The universe is the general name of the world, which contains thousands of small worlds
in this fantastic world, everything is possible. The big tree that can dance, the fish that can rap, the cat with wings, cover your mouth and squint at your dog
only you can think of it. If you don't think of it, there is no [unfold] or [Close] that the world doesn't have
Xiao Wang
The rise of the human race in the struggle for hegemony
Because of an unexpected conspiracy, the protagonist returns to the ancient times and becomes a butterfly that affects the world's trends. Without the heavenly way, he can re-establish the human heavenly way. Whether it is an accident or a necessity, it is difficult for the protagonist.
Shu Nan Ze
The new White Snake asks the immortal
Looking back on the moment, the floating clouds suddenly. Death is an end and a new beginning. Flowers bloom and fall in a cycle, and the cycle of reincarnation is endless. All the living beings can do is to let go of their obsession and let nature take its course. When he died of a fatal illness, he was reincarnated into a white snake with his memory. With the passage of time, the part of memory belonging to human beings was gradually suppressed by the beast. A snake is a snake and will never be a real human.
Ling Shan Wang
I'm the main soul in the zunhun banner
He passed through the immortal cultivation world and was refined into a soul worshiping banner by demons
I just want to find a reliable Flag Master and wait for him to lead me to become an immortal
therefore, I will constantly strive for self-improvement, learn martial arts and practice magic skills, and do my duty as a master. I hope that the banner master can live and become an immortal
but the cultivation world really can't live
by the way, what about the banner owner who started yesterday
won't you be killed again in fighting
well, now we need a new flag leader who can lead me to immortality
what? I just want to lie flat
are you afraid you want to be my flag slave
key words: evil spirits, guardian spirits, cultivating flag masters, and hundreds of millions of soul flags.
Zhai Zhu
Fly up at another day
As a snake catcher, Xu Ying has always been honest and diligent. Until that day, he caught a different snake... On the first day of March, the land of China was filled with incense, and the gods guarding the villages, towns, cities and counties woke up one after another, enjoying the sacrifices of the people
however, from this day on, the world has become chaotic. This book is also known as 'nine six immortals', 'zero seven immortals', 'inner volume', 'scroll to death', 'no one can fly', 'good pit', 'deep pit', 'help me up', 'when I was 35 years old, my blessing came' and 'the appearance of Xu Da demon king'!
A Bai Chi
Changsheng Road
There are few pedestrians on the Changsheng Road, just fairies and Taoists. The story of a little monk in the period of gas refining who stepped out of his family and embarked on the boundless fairyland
57165280 is a group of penguins, whose name is Changsheng Road running book friends!
Tai Jian
My Dharma comes from the mythical world
Five turbids came into the world, and demons were rampant
holding a volume of strange tales, Song Lin came across and came to the Taoist children in the remote side door Taoist temple
he saw that the spirit of this world had not dissipated for six days, and the witches and ghosts were rampant
demons and ghosts are called officials, and people and ghosts are confused
the heretical sect is good at practicing power and fortune, abandoning the true and following the false, and the evil is flourishing
the world is suffering, and people are suffering. Song Lin finds that he can enter the mythical tales of strange tales in the atlas of strange tales to obtain the Tao
the mountains and seas have different aspirations, and myths and monsters; In the pre-Qin period, Qi was practiced, the land of Chu was Taiyi, the immortals in Penglai, the witches and insects in Lingnan, and the immortal mountain in Kunlun...
kill evil spirits in the sky and learn thousands of Taoist methods
I will seek for the immortal way.
Ye Nan Ting Feng
I can travel hundreds of millions of miles
After crossing the Xuanguo mansion, he replaced a concubine who had no status, but he woke up to the Shenyou system. He could enter the nether world and contact the ghosts
you can get soul points to strengthen yourself by eliminating the obsession of the enemy soul
'in the future, I will be the master of the nether world and establish the six paths of reincarnation!'
Jun Lin Lin123
Those years when I was a cannon fodder girl
When Chu Yu crossed the world, he thought that he was holding the script of female frequency house fight. However, when she finally walked out of the backyard like a cold palace, she found that she was carrying the script of the fairy cannon fodder
her eldest sister is a beautiful and kind-hearted mistress. She is not very pleasant to her eyes. The second sister seems to have a special identity
poor and useless Chu Yu, oh. PS: the male leader probably rarely appears. The three sisters who embark on the road of truth cultivation are harmonious and friendly, and do not tear.
Wei Cheng Wai De Zhong
I'm the villain in the book
Wei Tian went through it. He went through a Book of immortal Xia shuangwen. Then he found that he was a villain who was beaten by the protagonist from beginning to end< br/>
? Empty has a strong family background but can only eat, drink and play; He has a handsome skin but only commits crimes; There are abundant cultivation resources, but they will only eat and die... They can't even lie flat, because the protagonist is going to kill his wife
once I wanted to be a good person, but now I really have no choice!
Yi Xiu Qian Kun
Zhou is a bad man
In the great Zhou Empire, the five cultivation systems of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts and magic coexisted
martial arts soldiers, scholars, Taoists, Buddha nirvana, demons and Demons covet the south
in the 27th year of Xianlong, the undercurrents in the Jianghu of chaotang are surging and the wind and rain are coming
Zhao Xun came through and crawled out of a coffin and became the eldest son of Zhao Yuan, Duke Cheng of the great Zhou Dynasty
I thought I could live a happy life and live a rich and prosperous life for a dandy. Unexpectedly, a decree completely changed his life
to become a bad person, to pick out the silk and pick the gold
cultivate oneself with literature, cultivate the environment with martial arts, and neutralize and regulate the Qi with the skill of cultivating Qi in the Taoist family. Through integration and integration, bu Shenglian has become a peerless three strong cultivator
it's hard to walk, it's hard to walk! There are many different roads. I am safe today. I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea!
Fan Jie Mao Yao
Hide from heaven
The boy who was feared by heaven was born in the chaotic times of the coexistence of various powers
he only wanted to live, but fate made a big joke on him
What if I've lied to heaven? I'm still a lonely boat in the troubled world
What if I become an immortal? I can't change the soul of my beloved friend
the five regions and ten continents are in chaos, and the Taoist demons, Buddhas and Demons compete for glory
all the immortals and gods came into the world together, and the ancient immortals passed through the heroes
the blood of God is stained Heaven Road, bone sea corpse mountain cast ladder
when you look back on the top of the mountain alone, the prosperity is empty. [unfold] [stow]
Mo Qi Shao Nian Bai
People travel westward, simulating the cultivation of immortals
When you wake up, you will be in a dangerous and dilapidated Taoist temple. Fortunately, you don't have to risk yourself by opening the simulator
[start of simulation: three days of life]
[day 1: curious you go to the side room to explore and are killed by the array]
[day 1: start the simulation again and prepare to walk out of the Taoist temple and be bitten to death by a poisonous snake in the courtyard]
[day 1: half a day passes, and you go to the kitchen to explore and be killed by a half meter high mouse]
[day 1]. Day 1] [first day]
Lin Dong: 'I don't believe it. I don't go anywhere. I just lie still and see if I can last three days!'< br/>
[simulation task: living for three days]
[first day: you plan to sleep to reduce physical consumption]
[second day: you can resist hunger and thirst and continue to lie down and sleep]
[Third Day: you fainted]
[simulation end, simulation score: good]
[reward: starvation (gray)]
Lin Dong: 'finally, the world is too dangerous.'
this book is also known as 'reborn journey to the west, starting from walking out of the dangerous Taoist temple', 'Taoist gate promotion Simulator', 'people's journey to the west, starting from Chechi country'
PS: I really can't write a brief introduction
PS: kneel down and beg the big guys to point in to see. If the author is not good-looking, he will eat the rice field!
Xiao Lou Ting Feng Yun
Humanitarian Yongchang
The curtain has opened, and all the heroes are competing for the deer
human race, demon race, short-lived race and long-lived race
humanitarianism, immortality and Buddhism, who holds the bull's ear and who can be the highest
Chen Sheng, the son of merchants in the great Zhou Dynasty, originally intended to live his life in troubled times and not seek to be known to the princes, but was pushed to the peak by the tide of the times
some people work hard to become masters
some people work hard for people... No one
PS: there is an old book 'from the big man to the Wulin alliance leader' with a high order of more than two million words. The rhythm is solid and the style of writing is concise. Those who feel that this book is too young can take a look.
Lin Xuan Yi Yun
Yang Shixian Road
Four hundred years ahead of time, he passed through the world of Xianlu, a novel of the previous life, and became the protagonist. Grandpa, if you want to eat your grandchildren< br/>
。 Grandson, if you can live to 400 years, let me be too. I'll lay a foundation for you first
the rise of a power can not rely on one person alone, nor can it rely on one generation after another. It is the immortal road of the Yang family that calls the ancestors
(PS: family farming. Development culture, slow heat type, new people seek support!) [unfold] [stow]
Jian Yi Si Jian
I will bury the gods
On the stormy night, the saint of daomen came after her. At the end of the fateful battle, the gods came in the unknown, and the dusty Dynasty was opened to them - immortal bones were buried deep in the decadent land, ferocious evil spirits were hidden in the dark ocean, and the human cultivators opened a sect to fight against all the ancient things in the world with iron Swords
the youth woke up here
Chang Ting Kong Sheng
Immortal mansion Changsheng
The story of an ordinary sect monk who was helped by the immortal mansion and gradually grew up in the cruel immortal world. His mind and body changed together
mortal flow, dark wind and passers-by.
Meng Hui Xi Zhao
Honghuang: I'm an iron eater. I'm overheard by the backyard
He crossed the wasteland and became the first iron eating beast in the world. He was bound to the divine salt fish system and was taken as the favorite of the ancestors
rolling means that all cultivation and understanding are floating clouds. This treasure can become stronger when lying down
however, I don't know why. Since that day, the earth has changed
My name is Houtu and I am one of the ancestors
I have a big stupid bear, but I don't know why. From that day on, I can actually hear its voice
[I, an iron eater, love to eat animal milk!]
[I can't even think of this. What are you doing as a zuwu?]
[preach, preach, are you so eager to change your name? Well, the battle of the Lich is imminent. I will move to the netherworld in advance, so that when I wake up, the fight may be over.]
back soil: '
Feng Yu Jiu Qiu
When the country is about to perish, there will be evil spirits in troubled times. When the country is about to perish, there will be real people to help the world
Yin Xiao Jun
My mother made me guard the altar
In the Qujiang River, there is a legend in Sanhua village under the flat top cliff of Wangshu peak. Every new moon day, the villagers will see someone holding a lantern climbing on the top of the flat top cliff. For decades or even hundreds of years, the flickering light replaces the hidden moonlight in the new moon, which is weak but never extinguished
some old people said that they had courage People climbed up the cliff at night. Although they were not close to them, they could still recognize that it was a girl dressed in moon white
What's more, they make this legend into a story and walk around the streets, alleys, and teahouses for guests to amuse themselves and earn some pocket money, Therefore, it was also said that 'the young girl suffered evil because she fought against the heaven, so she was surrounded by a white fronted monster with seven feet in length, two eyes, more than three inches of tusks, bear claws and Eagle hooks, roaring louder than thunder. If she could help the wind and rain, she would shake the mountain and sink the ground in anger. She was imprisoned for the rest of her life. She was only allowed to haunt the night without the moon in the new moon.' it was also intended to frighten children not to go out of the village to play and mingle with each other without permission, It has been tried repeatedly
of course, there are also daughters in the boudoir, who look at the cliff top at night, lean against the window and sigh, and admire the mysterious girl whose face has not changed in the ancient legend
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Huang Bi He
I should be robbed
The upper four, thunder, fire and plague, and the lower four, rain and clouds. At the time when the sect was intercepting Jingsong Huangting and the sect was closing its doors for fear of being killed and robbed by the immortals, there was a strange man who rushed into the killing and robbing, and he could not stop him
he said: I can't afford to be a mortal in this district. My ancestors have never been an official for 18 generations. How dare I hope to become an immortal? If I can be a God, I will not only honor my ancestors, but also take charge of the longitude and latitude of heaven and earth, and master the ups and downs of all living beings, will it not be better than the fairyland
in the process of killing and robbing, countless immortals and demons were afraid of being listed on the list of gods. However, he did the opposite and regarded the list of gods as a rare chance for eight generations of ancestors to smoke black smoke.
Shan Nan Lu Bei
This warrior is fierce
The sun is shining, and the world is suffering
Cao Wufu was born
you can stand on your fist and walk on your arm
he just wants to be a quiet, low-key and honest person with connotation
however, the strength is not allowed
Cao Wufu smiled slightly at all the masters
'I just want to kill you or be killed by you.
book friend group number: 5202185
Xin Ru Piao Miao
From visualizing the sun, invincible
Demons and demons are strange in troubled times
Li Heng, who came to this world, unexpectedly found that he has the power of visualizing and visualizing things
if you meditate on the sun, you can get the power of the great sun, break away the evil spirits, and make yourself like the great sun, shining all over the sky
by visualizing heaven and earth, you can get the potential of heaven and earth, and be true to the Tao. You can evolve heaven and earth and recreate the universe
demons? Weird? Demon God
with one fist, the infinite martial arts and Taoism will come true, and the evolution of heaven and earth will break everything
foolhardy version: blow your worldview with one punch
brain hole version: How did my martial arts vision come true? Can you resist the power of solar nuclear fusion with one punch
Yun Ji Qi Lu
Wife is a week old BOS
Once everything was annihilated, the sea of stars was rebooted, and the heaven and human principles were all destroyed in the thought of the evil
'finally BOS is my wife?'
when Xu Chang'an came home, he looked at his wife who was cooking and shook his head: 'the system is pumping again.'
in front of the apricot tree at the door
Xu Chang'an grabbed his wife's waist and said, 'I'll go back with a few little demons.'
'be careful on the road.' After the woman saw him off, she looked up at the apricot branch
what should I do if my husband has a tendency to cheat
or... The world will reopen
PS: [daily], [emotional line], [immortal Xia], [slow heat].
Ri Yao Ming Hui
The way of cultivation is a hundred practices and skills. Some people are good at fighting, some are good at alchemy, some like to draw amulets, some like to make weapons... There is also a kind of monk who is good at deducing skills
such performers are also called
'martial arts elders' in the clan and family. Fu Henghua, after crossing the river, performed Falungong for the Fu family and lived a bookworm life
however, because my grandfather was going to die, I had to go out of the island to make a journey with him.
Zhong Tian Niu
I'm not really cultivating immortals
Su Yun went online. After three days of brushing, the indigenous NPC almost hung himself up. It's hard to open the correct task mode and solve the mystery of cheap dad's life
the father of Shengshi Bailian said: 'I don't listen, I don't listen, I don't listen!'! How can she do this? My father won't listen. She can't do this task
she always thought she was just playing games casually, but one day, she suddenly found something wrong with the world
Mo Guan Lan
The daily life of Dali Temple Secretary
You are a carefree guest in the Jianghu. I will obey the law to control the world
Yang Qingyuan is willing to be the Secretary of Dali temple, so as to ensure that heaven has a way and all things obey the law
an ordinary homicide case, but a shocking conspiracy was involved
Yang Qingyuan took this opportunity to set off a storm to sweep away evil and get rid of evil in the Zhou Dynasty
to sweep away the evil forces in the Jianghu and the court,
to ban unregistered illegal organizations
heaven has its way, and all things obey the law
the best colleague: Li xunhuan
the best detective: Di Zhiyuan
the best forensic: Song HuiFu
Da Yan Shen Jun
Hanshixian Road
There is a small island in the East China Sea, which is long in shape, wide in the East and narrow in the West. The island has luxuriant vegetation, connected courtyards, rockery ponds, Qionglou cornices, and a team of white cranes hovering in the sky. From afar, the whole island looks like a huge gourd, called Hulu Island. There is a Xiuxian family with the surname Han on the island. The story begins here
(family cultivation, please support)
Mo Ruo Meng Xi
The way of life
Those who conform to the destiny are sad; Those who defy heaven's will will die! What can I do? Pray for heaven and earth's protection? However, they do not know that 'heaven and earth are inhumane, and all things are cud dogs!' His life is rough, let's see how he faces life! I have experienced great changes. Let's see how he gradually changes! Fate has come. Let's see how he fights against it! Hold the halberd and bend the bow. Let's see how he can break the sky! Destroy the heaven, destroy the earth, kill the gods, kill the demons, kill the immortals, devour the souls, kill the demons, kill the corpses, and kill the Buddha! Go against the fate, step on the road of heaven, everything is in the road of life!