Ba Yun Lü
The executioner of Dayu begins by torturing the bride of the Witch
This is a world of practitioners. There are Taoists, Buddhas, Confucians, Wufu, demons, and insects...
in the second year of Yongzhao, the stormy Dayu Dynasty, under the situation of the Empress Dowager changing two emperors, surged in and out of the court
Zhao CuO opened his eyes and became the eldest son of the Duke of Zheng. His fiancee is also the first beauty in the capital. The family is the number one hawk dog of the stepmother. As long as he holds this thigh tightly, he is sure to have no worries. Compared with the more and more low-key passers-by predecessors, he is really a failure
'what! Is your fiancee a spy of the demon family or a princess of the Mobei demon court?'
'colluding with the demon clan is a great crime against the three clans!'
'will the Empress Dowager kill me?'
that night, Zhao mistakenly put the poison that could bring down the great sage of the demon family in the wine. As the heir of the Zhao family who has guarded the lock demon city for generations and held the execution department, he has a complete set of torture tools
however, this night, he was planted with the most vicious 'dragon worm' by a beautiful and hateful witch
in order to suppress the insects, Zhao Cuo, a fellow disciple of the Taoist method, tortured the demons in the world in charge of the criminal department. After many years, he will look back and testify to the gods
Hong Shao Da Hei Yu
Red Knight
'Brother Wei, how can you cook such a good dish here when you are working and studying alone? Is it not... There is jiao'e hidden in the thatched cottage?'
'ah? Didn't brother Chen send someone to send it every day?'
'what's the matter?'
'isn't it?'
'maybe I forgot about it after I ordered my servant.'
after three rounds of wine, he went out to see off the guests. The next day, Wei Hao pretended to go to the field with farm tools. Halfway through the journey, he returned home and saw a woman emerge from the water tank. Shi ran went to the kitchen to make a fire and cook...
'how can I remember that there was only a snail in the water tank?'
I'm Wei Hao, with the word 'elephant' and the name 'Red Knight'. I'm a traveller and a scholar. I wanted to gain fame and go to the top of my life, but I found that there are demons in the world.
Wu Qiong
Do you think I look like an immortal
'Demon, I want you to help me cultivate!'
Yan Zk
Zhenyao Museum
The abnormality of the world is demon
the nature and spirit of things are essence
the spirit of things is not scattered is weird
the abnormality of things is strange
Si Li Xiaowei, formerly known as crouching tiger, was set up by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to deal with witches and insects and catch slippery people
with the global spiritual and mysterious recovery, human beings are groping for the path of cultivation. As soon as the legendary spirits and ghosts emerge, there are still countless demons shaking in the shadow. A museum that no one cares about, and a tiger waist token carved in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, make Wei Yuancheng the last officer of the Sili school in the contemporary era, and take him to many strange things from ancient to modern times
it's a strange thing in ancient and modern times. I don't talk about strange forces and supernatural beings. I'll just say it and listen to it
let's cut it
this is an eight sided Han sword, which can cut off all evil spirits and monsters
life and death should be determined, and heaven's way is intentional
when Wei Yuan was finally able to lie on a wooden chair and squint in the sun in the peaceful years, countless monsters and ghosts had been sealed in the museum behind him.
Zhu Rou 200 Jin
My master never breaks through until the deadline
'Master, it's my student's incompetence that prevented you from breaking through before the deadline.'
'don't worry, your master, I can't die.' Xu Fan looked at the grief stricken disciple and said with a smile
'it's my student's incompetence to get more foundation pills for master, or else,' cried zongmen Tianjiao, who was kneeling on the ground. For a moment, he could not cry
Xu Fan helplessly looks at his eldest disciple and takes out a foundation pill and puts it in his mouth. In an instant, the five colors of heaven and earth appeared.
Xiu Xian Ne Mei Kong
Who hasn't got a sword yet
Shen Guanyu, a passer-by climbing the mountain, suddenly saw someone flying in the air and fighting with magic. He was not surprised that there was a immortal. He saw the thunder rolling in the sky and split her into the immortal world
the two fighters turned out to be her father and mother, a mortal, a Taoist Dan master, and a magic sword. They have become a family. Really, Tianlei roll
Ri Ri Sheng
I preached in the Six Dynasties
This is a wonderful time and space; The six countries in the four masterpieces stand side by side. The wise men's clever plans fall out, and the heroic heroes swallow the whole world; Zhuge Liang called the wind and rain, and Guan Yunchang cut off the river with a knife; In that year, Diao Chan, the survivor of Lv Bu's death, remained charming; Lin Mei hasn't arrived at the Grand View Garden yet. She is a little girl carved in pink and jade; Jin Lian's clothes support pole hasn't hit the head of Ximen's senior officials. That year, the main character was still performing in the downtown, breaking a big stone in his chest
Wu Xiu You Wu Zhi
One strengthening point a day
Ordinary people cultivate immortals. How can we do without hanging them! Regenerate the immortal world and strengthen it one point a day.
Bo Luo Jue Bu Shi Feng Li
I'm really a courtier
Ning Chen, who came through, found at the beginning that he had only three months to live
the golden finger's wonderful settlement method allows us to go on a road of no return for the sake of life
you are opposed to the long princess being the crown prince
I would rather raise my hands in favor
you said I was corrupt and perverted the law
I'm greedy to be fair and aboveboard
How can 200000 troops win against 500000 troops
I would rather win than give support
Buddhism is merciful and saves the people, water and fire
tear down all these temples for me. They are evil cults and heretics that bewitch the people
as time goes by, people all over the world call me the first wise person, the first sage, and the first...
Ning Chen curses at the people all over the world: you rascals want my life!
Gui Yi De Xiao Yao Zi
Xia disciple's fantasy
The reason why a chivalrous man is a chivalrous man is that he can not work hard, nor can he be indifferent and contented. He can not but break the law in order to eat.
the meeting of fate in Lu simian's history of the two Jin Dynasties and the northern and Southern Dynasties? Or is it man-made
what is the ambition of the youth? Or just for beauty
if the end of the road is doomed, what should we do
illusory ideals are like snowflakes, but 'destiny' really controls life. If this is the choice of the story, then how to choose
'when I decided to pick up the sword, I made a decision...'
this is a semi empty world, which tells a series of adventures and experiences of a group of people in a distant time.
Tan Zi
How sick are my fairies
Gu Chengshu, who has come out of siguoya, sees that everyone wants to kill her and take her treasure. Can others tolerate this
come on, do it! (。? ˇ?ˇ?。) This article is also known as 'subduing demons', killing people to seize treasure, and throwing foreign enemies into demons. It strongly turns a living soul into a blood eater... And it is even more demons!
Ban Bu Wu Lin
Live in film and television
There is no superior, only endless hardships. Living in a familiar world, we should always make ourselves happy, free and unrestrained
there will always be posterity to comment on right and wrong. Everything begins with a joke of fate, which makes each leaf have different veins.
Ai Zuo Meng De Lan Chong
Three thousand Taoist scriptures at the beginning, I became a saint
Refining Essence and transforming Qi,
refining Qi and transforming spirit,
refining spirit and returning to emptiness,
returning to emptiness and harmony,
the ancient and mysterious sixteen truths tell all the secrets of cultivation
what kind of sparks will the different Chinese fairyland, which is also the strength of immortals and martial arts, burst out with the fairyland after coming to the foreign world
this is the story of a young man who became a Taoist ancestor with the help of the Earth Star memory
there are 2.7 million words of excellent old book 'the way of the stars in the wilderness', with guaranteed quality!
Jin Xiao Ming Xi
Long live the fairy
This book is also known as 'how can I be so beautiful when I cross the world of martial arts' and 'the leader, you have gone too far!'
Chu Li, a senior game designer, went through the game Xiake Jianghu, which was developed by himself. He became the leader of the evil cult that had not yet grown up in the game, and the red clad female devil that caused chaos in the world several years later
Xiake Jianghu is boundless. There is a Confucian scholar who lives in one country and only says that he can control the world; A monk can become a Buddha in three steps when he travels through the mortal world; A Taoist man takes a breath, and a sword can make the sun and the moon shine; A warrior's Halberd pierced the world and shocked the world for 500 years
born again, Chu Li said that he should practice the most powerful skills, recruit the most powerful (lovely) disciples, drink the best wine and sleep the best bed
in a word, this is the growth history of the female devil head (FOG)!
Shen Can Zhi Jian Xiao Yan Ge
Lin family Xiuxian Road
In the land of Kyushu, demons and monsters are rampant, and all races fight! In this world of cultivating immortals, there are dangers everywhere. There is no crossing, no treasure against the heaven, only fighting against the heaven and the earth. Lin Tianming led the Lin family, a small clan in Qingzhou, to survive in the land of Kyushu and stand at the peak step by step.
Liu Dao Ma Zha
Evil spirits are in power
The young people who are parasitized by spirit insects, in order to live, seek immortals and enter the Tao, hold the mysterious incense, kill immortals and demons, break the cage, Zhenwan ethnic group, cut off the Star River, burn the avenue, and mold the true self
My name is Gu Xiaoxing. It is my destiny to look at the sky alone. This is my destiny, and it is also vain. I will cut off this vanity and turn into a ghost
Suan Dou Jiao
I practice blindly
There is no one in the town who can exorcise evil spirits. They are all good at divination. In this modern city where Taoism is not obvious, many people think that Chen Haitian is a wizard and has no talent in cultivating Taoism. The only one who knows this is that his skills are all his own blind practice
Bei Shu De Yi Xue Sheng
I'm forced to become an immortal. I just want to get married
How can she marry herself off? Shui Miao, who has a good fortune, thinks this is a difficult problem.
Ping Sheng Wei Zhi Han
There are demons in the world, and I have a knife.
Shen Chu Gu Yi
Above the sky
There are nine skies in the sky, and Shenxiao is the highest. What is the place above Shenxiao? It is said that the strongmen of countless ages were buried here, and hundreds of millions of people were all buried here
(the third story of ancient strange tales is the mysterious fantasy of the immortal Xia, the group of friends: 9089454, wechat official account: gods come out of ancient strange tales.
Du Bai Yue Guang
Look at the changes in the mirror
[the blood melting Scripture awakens low-level intelligence.]
['blood melting scripture' unlocks personality: I will drink.]
['the Dragon elephant Prajna Sutra' and 'the secret of cause and effect changing careers' share the same interests, unlocking the fetters: purification.]
['hundred and eight troubles worship' unlocks personality: seeking defeat.]
['no gap printing method' unlocks advanced form: small black room.]
['Linglong mind' was locked in a small black room, reflecting on his personality: Yi Dao.]
I have a mirror
left book 'channeling'
the right book is 'Jieyu'
in the middle is the road to heaven
Q group of this book: 53013513. Welcome to join us.
Wen Shu Huan Meng
Zhenshi shenzun
Even though the world is eternal, there is no immortal in the world
in the vast world, thousands of people are practicing, and the immortal road will open. Who can become an immortal
open your eyes, demon God in the depths of the magic cave
in the mysterious realm of ten thousand demons, there was a roar of demons! The holy land of the North Sea has set off waves
in the dilapidated temple, a Buddha statue looks up to the sky< br/>
&n. bsp; In the depths of the immortal imperial dynasty, a golden light soared into the sky
the ancestral gate of thousands of years has opened the mountain protection array
the ancestors of all ethnic groups and all walks of life, who have been closed for countless years, have come out one after another to prepare for this brilliant world
at the same time, in a remote place in the spiritual circle, what fate will a young man who cannot break through the realm have? [unfold] [stow]
Zhu Zi Mi
A curtain of wind and moon hangs nine times
Some people are dead, but they seem to be alive; Some people are alive, but they seem to have died countless times
true or false, trance
in this life, as a royal family, she would rather die than live, but she is not willing. How can people know what their fate is like unless they live to the last moment
What if she turns over to be the master
life is a lonely practice, and you should immerse yourself in it. Perhaps walking along, you will find another vast expanse of sea and sky ahead. The breeze is blowing, and a faint murmur comes from the palace palace somewhere:
'one mountain, two mountains...'
the chrysanthemums are blooming, the chrysanthemums are residual, and the wild geese have been flying for thousands of years. So far, people have not returned, but there is only a curtain of wind and moon
(overhead, modern, ancient, and immortal cultivation are as complete as ever. With CP, it is not pleasant, not sweet, and not feminine. This article is divided into several parts. The male master only appears in the last part, and there is no sense of existence in the previous text. Be careful!
in addition, all the contents of this article are fictitious, please do not study and imitate too much. Thank you ~)
Qi Huan Xie Shou
Honghuang: all my servants are sanctified
Group: 854532901
Lin Ming crossed the wasteland and signed into chaos manor to become the master of chaos
the queen mother of the west, the Taoist priest of heaven, Xihe, zhenyuanzi, Hongyun, etc. all became his servants and maidens, and understood the great road beside him
Lin Ming, who only wants to live in the wilderness, never expected that he would eventually be exposed by a servant
Tongtian sword shocked the world: 'my sword way is not as good as chaos in case...'
the earth behind me: 'the way of heaven is just a mole in front of the teacher!'
Hongjun said, 'Why are there tens of thousands of variables in the world?! is this heavenly way still the one I am familiar with?'
Ban Du Xiao Mu Tong
What should I do in my life when I'm on stage
'If there is anything simpler than going to work, it must be invincible.' In a world of grade 60, the young man of grade 185728 sighed.
Bao Zha Xiao Na Tie
I just want to be a quiet person
'Ding Dong!'
'welcome to the full intelligent repair system!'
'you have chosen to cultivate the bone forging skill. The system starts to cultivate for you. The system detects that there is a lack of the cultivation pill bone quenching pill. Please wait...
' Ding Dong! '
'the system successfully steals ten bone quenching pills for you, and the cultivation continues...
' important note: during the system cultivation, you will lose control of your body...
after getting the intelligent cultivation system, Pei Ling quietly grows rapidly and is ready to remain immortal until one day...
'Ding Dong!'
'you chose to practice the unknown skill. After being identified by the system, this is a double cultivation skill. The system starts to practice for you. The system detects that there are no Taoists, and the system is looking for Taoists for you...'
so Pei Ling watched helplessly as she ran to the cultivation room of the fairy next door
Chen Mo De Xiang Chang
I have a special talent for cultivating immortals
Other people's talent for cultivating immortality: tianlinggen, special physique, heavy pupil and immortal bone
Chen Jingzhai's talent for cultivating Immortals: card bug
Chen Jingzhai, who is not qualified, suddenly finds that he has the talent for cultivating immortals
you can see the advantages, disadvantages and loopholes of an unfamiliar skill in your hands
during the battle, you can find the weakness of the opponent and directly crush the bug
Special bugs are used in alchemy, which is characterized by large refining volume and high quality
not only in practice, but also in some special situations, he found that he could catch bugs
with the help of this special talent of cultivating immortals, he made rapid progress and left a legend.
Shi Er San Si
Become immortal upward
All the way up, all the way forward
kill demons and demons, and fight the strong and help the weak
the road to becoming a God is to work hard, and revenge is unstoppable
I want to become stronger and protect the weak
I want to be strong and kill all demons
I want to be strong and live forever
I want to be strong and worth my life!
Lu Zi Ye
Light the world
All creatures are born with spirits! Since he was born under the sky, how can he be trapped in a humble room... That day, the man decided to jump out of the cage and break the sky with his hands
old friends and acquaintances go to heaven, leaving me alone in the world. Finally, the young man realized
Luo Qing Zi
I'm in mortal science
Luo Hong is standing in front of the Mountain Gate of Huangfeng valley. At this moment, he has to admit that he has passed through mortal
after pushing the glasses that no longer exist, Luo Hong categorically said: 'like Han Laomo, I am a four grade pseudo spirit root, but I don't have a small bottle. It seems that there is only one way to cultivate immortality through science!'
why is there a bottleneck in every four layers during gas refining
how to maximize the probability of foundation construction
how many factors affect the cultivation speed
how fast does Han Laomo run
when it is an objective fact to cultivate immortals in the world, science is to cultivate immortals, and cultivating immortals is science
buckle group: 6072762, come and play. Shitu boss has moved in.