Xuan Zhao
Fairyland retrograde
Reborn daughter: Since God has given me a chance to be reborn, I will definitely not repeat the tragedies of my previous life! Let's see how I tear up men and women
bookgirl: Since God sent me to this world, it is enough to show that I am the protagonist of this world! Let's see how I can reverse my life and find a way
junluo: melon and melon, no sweet, no money! Wait! Why do things that belong to them always affect her in the end!? She really just wants to be a quiet fairy
ps.1. Minors are not allowed to reward. 2. Declined writing guidance. 3. There is no need to inform the abandoned document
I hope you can put forward your opinions in a peaceful way, and then don't quarrel in the comment area
the world is beautiful. When you are angry, please Meditate: I am a little fairy, and the fairy will not be angry.
there is a finished article, the marginal figure is reborn. Please feel free to eat.
Luan Xue De Mo
Kyushu road master
A disaster brought Yang Ze to another world. The land of Kyushu was not peaceful, and there was chaos everywhere
with the revival of martial arts, the people of the tianwu Dynasty are scattered, and the Wulin aristocratic families stand in a forest, and the Heroes rise together. When foreign matters come into the world, the emperor will collapse and be in danger
in these turbulent times, all the major forces closely grasp and cultivate one another. It is difficult to find a precious martial arts skill in the Jianghu. But Yang Ze is not afraid. Black stone is in his hand. Give me a perfect replica of the world's martial arts. I want to sweep the eight wastelands and settle in Kyushu!
Zhen Yu Lao Ren
Changsheng's ambition is different. He was beheaded at the beginning of the market
I live in heaven for nine years
China is in chaos and the people are in dire straits
the royal rule collapsed, and the Western barbarians came with the gods
new types of warlords have sprung up all over the country, and the Taiping Rebellion party has been rampant, causing people to suffer
natural disasters such as floods and droughts, earth dragons turning over, sandstorms and tornadoes, acid rain and the red moon, meteorites falling and so on
there are also numerous demons, strange clusters, gods and ghosts living together, unknown strange things, or mysterious phenomena that cannot be understood
in this dark and chaotic world, Tao Qian opened his eyes and found that he had become a prisoner who was about to be beheaded at the mouth of the vegetable market
PS: the master of the secret wizard, a novel with a modern and mysterious background, has been completed. You can try it if you are interested.
Tian Gui Lai
Unforgettable swordsman's worry free Pub
Forget the worry pub, which opens at midnight every night, only waits for one guest and one story.
Ren Kui Shui
All the heaven and all the world
In the world of elite martial heroes, master DanJin is a master who practices Chinese martial arts hard. In Mr. Zombie's world, fight zombies and practice Taoism with Uncle Jiu
in the ghost blowing lamp world, refine the dust avoiding beads to get the weather and finally become a gold elixir master. In the world of Liaozhai, he talked about Yan Chixia, and in the world of white snake, he fought the sea of law
next is the journey to the west, and the worship
Dan Xi
The vicious villain has been transported to the account again
Enron, the incarnation of Tiandao, is the son of many lucky people in love robbery because he has no love
finally, the sons of Qi Yun who are about to fly are angry
then Enron was kicked out of the main world by the avatar of the false heavenly way
fortunately, the heavenly father never left her
heaven says: female goose, let's go to the small world to collect Qi and fortune and kill the main world
Enron: that's a good idea. How to collect gas
heaven's way: let the small world The sons of luck will love you
Enron: love, what is that
the lesson of blood tells her that the children of Qi will never hate her
I have no choice but to be a vicious villain and kill each other
it's just that the sons of luck love and kill Enron unilaterally
Enron: it's good. There's also gas to the account today. [unfold] [stow]
Gu Du Piao Liu
Master of mind
We create civilization and we inherit civilization, which is born again and again!
Rui Xue Feng Nian
I have a book on good and evil
People's fakes are demons, things' spirits are spirits, and people's souls are ghosts. The heaven and the earth are good, and suddenly there are very strange spirits. The gods are not right and evil, the people are crazy and evil, and the heretics are devils...
they are reborn in a real world where demons and ghosts exist. They hold a Book of good and evil, and they are rewarded for doing good and punishing evil. They are the correction results of disaster relief
kingfisher with vermilion fruit in its mouth, the black cat settles down in the house, the divine soldiers fall from the sky, the Dragon woman warms the bed, and the immortals protect the whole...
do good for a hundred days, and all evils will not invade.
do good for a thousand days, and the immortals will bless me.
do good for ten thousand days, and my body is a pure land.
puqun: ruishou mountain 67832963
Shi Zi You
Immortal prisoner
There are 500000 heroic souls of the great Chu. Who will avenge them? If the way of heaven is wrong, those who have talents will take its place! Although the young people here have suffered many misfortunes, they also gritted their teeth to find justice in this world
with the sword in hand, who dares to fight me?
Xu Peng Piao Ling
My master is a witch
My husband, don't you allow me to be so presumptuous that the gods will listen to my orders and kill me!
Wo Shi Xia Hun De
Hey, demon
Heaven and earth have a spirit machine, and everything grows by eating it. All kinds of people can become demons, prolong their lives, and get magical powers, except the human race
the human body lacks the ability to accommodate psychic devices, but the human soul is light and nimble, and is born in a short way. Therefore, those with great wisdom find a new way to cultivate immortals through demons and pick the fruits of immortality.
Jiu Se Chang Chong
I worked as a corpse sewing man in the East factory
Yang Jiuyi woke up and became the seaman of Dawei East factory. The deceased is large, and the whole body is buried before he can be reincarnated
you can get various rewards by sewing the corpse. Wei Zhongxian: Yang Jiu, after the old slave was promoted to the immortal, he wanted to make his body safe in the earth. Please sew it better.
Bei Liao
Long night travel
In the snow Hall of Kunlun, there was an immortal saying that the dead were displaced and the living were not released. When my soul goes, I will fall with the grass
the corpse is reborn and free from the human world. It should not be tolerated by the immortal family. The corpse and the devil will be killed. On that day, the young man woke up from the coffin, his blood was dry and his bones were cold, and his eyes had been open for a hundred years
a fairy's tears, long-term friendship, can solve a dream of the past. Don't practice immortality and death. Don't look for hatred for the common sorrow of all ages. I only hope that this life will be gentle, and the white clouds will not envy the fairyland
(long night running script group: 917572815)
Lu Guo Ba
Samsara simulation: I can change my life against heaven
In this extraordinary and holy world of Yan Fu, there is the emperor of heaven who lives in the sky and looks at the world; There are immortals traveling in the eight wastelands, traveling in the North Sea in the morning and in the evening, and sharing the same king with the world
there are sages of Confucianism and Taoism to enlighten the world, draw a picture to open the sky, and establish a mind for the world; There are also great virtuous monks who smile at the flowers, follow the heaven and earth, and evolve boundless Buddha land, which is comparable to the bliss of the West
Jiqiu is just a mole like an ant under the boundless world
I thought it was just the beginning of a mortal. In the midst of difficulties and dangers, I won the chance to become a Taoist
[samsara simulation takes you to experience the various forms of different lives.]
a plausible simulator took him into a completely different world
a rare Zen and Taoist genius in Buddhism, he entered the Taoism with martial arts and entered the Imperial City alone. He was dressed as white as blood, just to win a sentence of 'not to be unworthy of the Tathagata and not to be unworthy of the Qing Dynasty'
at the time of the end of the Dharma, the rising Taiping Taoist master has been giving alms to the world since the end of the world. He has broken down mountains and temples all the way, and has become the only true cultivation in the world before the spirit tide rises
the world is turbulent, and the flames of war are everywhere. The iron hooves of the Northern Yuan Dynasty go south. A Taoist sect leader was born in the sky, saving the common people and helping the Dragon Court to create a lifetime myth
the leader of the magic gate, the sage of Confucianism, the relegated immortal of Taoism, and the emperor of the ages
the boundless years, endless time and space, and the steady steps of Ji Qiu all the way up against the current have left indelible traces in this rolling history.
Hen Shui Bei Liu
Sword maker in the wilderness
Xu Qingmu looks at the beauty of the world and the vitality of the fireworks. He cuts the light curtain with a sword and drinks his
'Ginger pot'. It is said that the world is not worth it, so the wine is OK. Xu Qingmu only has one sword and one wine< br/>
&.nbsp; This world is worth it! [unfold] [stow]
Qin Ri Lan
Taoist priest, it's a little salty
Shen Qinghu, a daughter of the Shen family of the poor Xiuzhen aristocratic family, almost ate her cousin's fianc é, who had fallen into the water, into a skeleton because she secretly raised fierce fish cubs that ate people. She was punished to be the Lord of the East wasteland and fight for the lives of heaven, earth and fierce animals!
Qin Luo Ge
Seek our own way
The chaos begins to open, and the Hongmeng Qi dissipates, transforming nine days and ten places. At the beginning of the world, everything is alive. However, there are spirits in the world, or human beings, or ghosts, or elves... Those who seize the great achievements of Qi and fortune are at the end of the world
the nine days are the nine heavenly kings, which are divided into the eastern sky, the Northeast changing sky, the northern dark sky, the northwest quiet sky, the Western bright sky, the southwest Zhutian, the southern hot sky, and the southeast Yang Heaven and central Juntian
there are ten emperors in the ten places, which are joyful land, dirt free land, luminous land, Yan Hui land, present land, distant land, immovable land, benevolent land, Fayun land and extremely difficult resort
the nine heaven regards the ten earth as the lower boundary of the mole people. They exercise the power of the heaven and punish any small people who try to be disrespectful. Ten earth despises nine heaven as a frame to bind the earth, and wants to break the heaven and stand
it is the eternal destiny that the emperor of heaven comes to the earth and the emperor of man steps on the sky. [unfold] [stow]
Cang Long Xian Yue Xuan
Comprehensive martial arts: from Xiao Li's nephew
The Tang, song and Ming Dynasties divided China into three parts, and the five realms of Jin, Gu, Huang, Liang and Wen were in chaos. This is a world of martial arts. The story of Li Qichen begins with the nephew of Xiao Li's flying knife, the inheritor of Xiaoyao sect, the distant relatives of the Tang royal family, and the holder of the Jianghu order system.
Cang Yue Xuan
I am invincible in Tianshi mansion
Zhou Xuanzhong has become a demon inspector in the demon Department of the Chaotian master's mansion of the Daxia immortal. He has obtained six treasures at the beginning. He can continuously obtain various rewards by clearing up the cause and effect of the evil after death
the technique of washing the marrow
'Purple spirit comes from the East', Taiyi Jing, yuan tu'a-bi, Nirvana Daoguo, and Millennium peach... It happened that the three realms were in turmoil, and Demons and ghosts caused chaos in the world. Zhou Xuan took advantage of his position to walk around the world, and at the same time, he used the six treasures to develop crazily
one day, he turned around and suddenly found:
'within the six ways, I am invincible.' Book friends: 1015289857
Ba Gui Shao Nian
The wind blows and he'an
Jingming crosses the alien world and is surrounded by a group of people as soon as he opens his eyes. 'City master, it's not good. The 18 city alliance wants to destroy Ancheng and me, and threatens to leave no chickens or dogs!'
Jingming was dying for several times, and then shouted to them crazily, 'all people cultivate Taoism! Give all Dalits, slaves, foreigners and citizens of Acheng, and include them in the welfare security system of Acheng! & r.dquo;
' throw money at me, gather all resources, and set up an office to save the nation! '
'set up a support group, and you old strongmen should help me in one area and one place!'
'three days of assault and five days of special training, all of which I started!'
Minister: 'come here! The city master is crazy!' [unfold] [stow]
Shen Lan Shi Jie
Sign in at the beginning, Tiangang and Disha
After crossing the magical land world, he was trapped in the prison and beheaded in the vegetable market three days later
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven, and you can get the golden finger in despair
sign in the prison with deep resentment, get ten years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [Tongyou], [driving God]
sign in the sword tomb, get the Jiazi Taoist practice, and learn the magic power [swordsmanship]

sign in the forbidden area of life, get ten thousand years of Taoist practice, and learn the magic powers [five elements escape], [scattering beans into soldiers], [nail head seven arrows]...
there are immortal giants, righteous Confucian scholars, reincarnated Buddha, and non immortal demons, Charming temptress...
let's see that the south of the Yangtze River, with a green lamp, steps across the mountains and rivers, learns all over the sky and the earth, and finally becomes a road!
Shi Shu Di Zhong Zhi Di
Crafty cultivation immortal: I can save the price
Demons run rampant, and the friars regard weird as the way of heaven
if you want to practice, you must dig your eyes, cut off your limbs, and break your roots...
Ren Qing, who came through here, found that he could avoid the cost of practice by virtue of his magic power
[no eyes method]: by swallowing the eyes, you can become a great person with 106 immortal eyes
[poisonous bone skill]: immerse your bones in poisonous water for 36 days, and then re implant them into your body. After that, you can make a hundred miles without any grass
[dead man's manual]: seal the Laogong, Yongquan, Shenmen and Yintang acupoints with rivets and bury them in the ground for three years. After completion, they will not be old, live, die or die
PS: one million people have finished the novel 'fifteen years of the beginning of Liaozhai', welcome to follow up.
Qiu Mu Chu Xue
The wind blows across the sea
Pei Fengxian: the divine race was destroyed. The only descendants fled to Qingzhou City in the western regions and joined the Wuwei Taoist sect
after three years, he left quietly and set foot on the road of revenge. He founded a sect in the wild forest and fought alone on the sacred mountain in the western regions. After becoming famous in the first battle, he disappeared
since then, there has been a demon in the world. Ye Canghai line: a thousand years ago, when the flowers of Xihai Dao produced Taoist fruits, immortals and demons were attracted to worship, but the Tianmo sect suddenly attacked and slaughtered monks
during the war, both Xiaoyao immortal and AZU immortal fell. After a thousand years, there was a lust demon in the world. Qinyue line: the flower bearing period of Xihai road is approaching again. In order to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy of a thousand years ago, several major sects joined hands to enter the Tianmo sect and seize the treasure of Tianmo sect
after World War I, the leader of the demon sect and the eldest son disappeared. Since then, there has been a war demon on earth. Why did the ancient period of the rule of divine animals and heavenly demons fall
Why did the ancient times of cultivation decline? Today's world seems calm, but there is a hidden disaster? The three historical backgrounds echo each other, and several story lines are intertwined
a map contains thousands of people. There is the cultivation of truth and enlightenment, and the immortals and Demons dance. There are also children's feelings, chivalrous and courageous.
Yi Nian Zhi
Book friends: 91492527 endless chaos, ups and downs of the world. In the purple Yin world, demons are rampant, and ordinary people are painted
there are also fairies and clans standing in the forest, protecting the propagation of the human race. Chen Nianzhi was reincarnated with a volume of Taoist Scriptures and became a disciple of Chen Xianzu. From then on, he embarked on the road of hard cultivation and evergreen
PS: millions of old books are ordered at a high price, and the quality is guaranteed. You can chase books with confidence.
Xian Deng Du Ya Fei Que
She is Jianxiu
'Look at the three thousand worlds, where is my destination, and where is not my destination?' Regardless of love and delusion, and not seeking transcendence and longevity, Zhao Chun, from the moment she wielded her sword, wanted to follow this road that no one had ever come before, her own road.
Cang Hua Zhu Ren
Xuansi, Dajing town
The Grand View emperor established the town xuansi, the town demons and ghosts, to investigate and manage all strange and unsolved cases, and to protect the lives of the people. All those who enter the xuansi of the town are called Lingguan, and all have strange skills
the Tao follows nature, the Buddha sympathizes with all living beings, and the Confucianism enters the world to help the world. In this strange world, let's see how a passing little Lingguan can turn things around
(Note: Well, the introduction is a little serious, but the story is not serious!)
He Lan Gui Zhen
Holy master's magic life
The disaster will be new, and the book of heaven will grant grace. The holy master will order the devil. Yin and yang are wrong, ghosts and gods are confused, and the city stretches through the mountains and rivers
the murderous Qi closes the air, and the Yin takes over the day. The ten thousand surnames have suffered many calamities.
E Shi Lao Wu
Abandon the universe
The vitality of the earth is revived, but this is really not a story of the recovery of the earth's spirit, but a story of the wandering universe.
Wo Qi Hua San Qing
At the beginning of the journey to the west, he refused to make a scene in heaven
Sun Xiaosheng traveled to the West and became the monkey king
don't be a tool for getting scriptures. I swear never to make trouble in heaven
Bull Demon King: good brother, we'll fight in heaven and divide the world equally
SUN Xiaosheng: How dare you disrespect the heavenly court! I will break with you
System: refuse to make a big fuss in heaven for the first time and reward chaos's inborn treasure [soul devouring gun]
Jade Emperor: why didn't the monkey come to the heavenly palace? The West has urged him three times
gods: Your Majesty, the monkey king has become a saint! Don't let him come!
Da Ming Zhong Shi
Legend of Shu mountain hanging sword
Bashu has been the place of locking dragons since ancient times. It is because the life in Bashu is too comfortable and it is easy to kill the will. Therefore, it is said that 'you can't go to Sichuan without going to Sichuan'
an ordinary young man in Qingcheng is unwilling to sit back and watch the sky, but he has ambitions, but he is regarded as an alternative by his peers and suffers from exclusion
this young man bravely walked out of the mountain and gained opportunities repeatedly. He gained friendship and love, but also encountered separation and betrayal; I have seen the magnificence and grandeur of the prosperous era of Kaiyuan, and I have also tasted the warmth and warmth of people who have left their homes
the darkness of power struggle, the treachery of human nature, the cruelty of war, and the rebellion of an Shi made the Tang Dynasty take a turn for the worse and changed the trajectory of countless people's lives
the most prosperous and sad is the fate of this era
in this magnificent age of heroes, tigers and wolves, where should teenagers go