Ya Luo
Mortals cultivate Immortals
A senior rubber guy accidentally came to the world where mortals cultivate immortals. He looked around and saw the killing machines everywhere
if you take a wrong step, you will die and lose your soul. It's really hard to survive in this world
'why don't you find the protagonist first?' Someone thought so. However...
'if I remember correctly, the protagonist seems to be surnamed Han and looks a little like song Xiaobao. Then... What else
Tai Yi Shen She
Have you crossed the wasteland? What? Mo zuluo blew himself up and killed me! Crossing again? What? To the Xihuang world? It also brings its own Jade Butterfly, Pangu divine banner, heaven and earth xuanhuang Linglong pagoda, Taiji diagram, four swords for killing immortals, and killer gun! what? These treasures are all fake, just images? Zhang Qian said that it was not a big problem. With these illusory treasure images, he could build a kind of great magic power! With the power of the supreme supernatural power, he killed hundreds of millions of people and destroyed countless thousands. The immortal road of the supreme detachment could not stop him!
Shu Han
Changsheng tianque
When the red dust is rolling, the rivers and mountains are snowing, the Shouyuan is dry, and the oil is dry, I see a ray of dawn from the wind and snow. My name is Wang Changsheng, and I just want to live forever
Yi Nian Zhi
Book friends: 91492527 endless chaos, ups and downs of the world. In the purple Yin world, demons are rampant, and ordinary people are painted
there are also fairies and clans standing in the forest, protecting the propagation of the human race. Chen Nianzhi was reincarnated with a volume of Taoist Scriptures and became a disciple of Chen Xianzu. From then on, he embarked on the road of hard cultivation and evergreen
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Luo Po De Xiao Chun Jie
Wuxia: reward full level magical skill at the beginning
Su Mo crosses the world of martial arts and takes over an escort agency that is on the verge of collapse
the Jianghu is ferocious and treacherous. He didn't want to mingle in the Jianghu, but he accidentally got a [escort system]
as long as the escort is successful, you can get rewards
[successfully escorting the dart and obtaining a reward: the Dragon elephant Prajna skill is great and complete!]
[if you succeed in escorting, you will get a reward: Thirteen deadly swords!]
[Successful Escort, get reward: Buddha's palm!]
the world-renowned art industry has set off a storm
from the moment Su Mo stepped into the Jianghu, the Jianghu was no longer calm
Yan Qing
Taoist chanter
In the dark of the day, the spirits of the world are rising, everything grows abnormally, and all kinds of demons and ghosts wake up with the great changes in the world
a big demon suppressed by the immortal temple is ready to break through the earth
as the leader of the temple, Zhang Wenfeng is still working hard to fill his stomach with three meals a day
the black donkey in the field stabbed and cursed: 'donkey day, it's impossible to live this day!'
the paper figure presses the donkey to talk, and the red embroidered shoes haunt the wall
Silver cows stand in the way, and foxes have nine life rabbit nests
the coffin shop is a water walking dragon, a string of rosary beads and lotus wine
in my dream, I lost my soul in a puppet dance and struck the peach wood sword to kill evil
Zhang Wenfeng found that when he recited the Taoist Scriptures he remembered in his previous life, he was able to evolve a kind of Taoist magic
this is a story about a Taoist donkey who grew up and grew up savagely after listening to anecdotes in the Jianghu
this is an endless road to kill demons, demons, evil spirits and immortals. You can't retreat, fear, or turn back. Please take care of yourself when you go forward with a sword
(the author has the recommendation of the 200000 word old book 'I want to be a knife bearer this time', which is so hot and cool that it is explosive.)
Yi Shao Lao Xi Gua
Arrogant as an immortal
Endless continent, extraterritorial civilization, supreme holy body, mysterious blood, and strange red hair curse
on the battlefield thousands of years ago, high-level practitioners fell down one after another. Who is the opponent
in this era of withering power, can low-level immortal practitioners ride on the immortal road
in the era of chaos and strife, I would like to be proud and break the sky with one sword
boundary division:
the next four boundaries: Yuan Xiu, Yuan Ling, Yuan Wang, and Yuan Huang
the upper four realms: Yuan Zong, Yuan Zun, Yuan Sheng and Yuan di. [unfold] [stow]
Neng You Si Te
I am the fairy in the candle
Wang Fu came through. The golden finger is a candle that can see the life of all creatures. Everyone has a candle, and the transportation path is used as wax oil to burn the life fire
the mortal candle is red and turns black in bad luck. However, there is only one kind of candle that is white, ghost
of course, when I opened my eyes, I saw the Taoist master who took him in. The candle was white.
Fen Nen De Meng Xin Zuo Zhe
Taihao gold seal
Half of the earth evil sword Scripture was polished in ten years. An ordinary mortal was reincarnated and was passed down from heaven
however, looking around, there are many strong enemies
those leaders of the right way, giants of the evil way, spirits of thousands of years, old ghosts of thousands of years, who are not Tianzong wizards, have extraordinary opportunities
can he reach the end of his long life
Taihao Jinzhang ordinary book friends: 3728792
Taihao Jinzhang VIP book friends: 136095978.
Huo Xing Duo Duo
I've been beaten a hundred times in the beginning. I'm a natural bully
I have become the grandson of the richest man in the world
Why do you come here? I don't have any system
if you don't have a system, it's not bad to be a rich young man who wanders around the romantic places every day
but since I woke up, I have been beaten 10 times
this gives me a headache, so I have to invite the first sect in the world Leader of, teach me some self-defense skills
What, the leader said that I was a natural overlord and a gifted martial arts genius
then give me a chance to make me no longer ordinary! [unfold] [stow]
Ding Ding Xiao Shi Tou
I have an altar of luck
Chen Yuan, a yamen of Ping'an County, came through and hid an altar of Qi in his mind
as long as you sacrifice your Qi, you can get the guidance of heaven's secrets, magic, skills, magic, and natural materials
there are immortals, Buddhas and demons in this world, as well as temples and lakes
there are three thousand sword immortals flying in the sky, the Buddha and the arhat holding the sky, and the Jianghu...
this is the worst time and the best time
My name is Chen Yuan, from the abyss
the resolute style of killing and attacking has two million words. Welcome to read the old book martial arts from mountain bandits
Xie Yi
Night ember world
It is said that a big star fell into the sea, named feiyuan. Is the mystery of falling into the sky a natural disaster? Is it a man-made disaster? By chance
is it inevitable? After being a famous general, he is also a disciple of Kunlun immortal cultivation. With the turbulent conspiracy in the deep sea, the old grudges resurface
Lai Yi Bei Ka Fei
Imperial sword asks immortal
Born in the most authentic sect of immortal cultivation, it was destroyed due to a
'spirit root pill'. It was ostracized by the orthodox sect, surrounded by evil spirits and outlaws, and was forced to survive in the crack. It was trained to be a sword spirit due to the Tianji skill, but unfortunately became a slave of the sword spirit & mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;. My life is mine, not heaven, nor man. It's just a sword
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Shi Xin Yi
Three thousand Lane machine
opportunity. It's about taking risks and striving for every minute and every second. A dead Taoist friend will not die! opportunity. Never belong to a single person, the world is full of people, and the strong person who claims to be king and respected is like the crucian carp crossing the river
those who have become great Taoists can change the chance into the inevitable, see the past, peep into the future, and live together with the heaven
there are few strong Taoists who created the world in the chaos and will never die! On the way of interstellar plunder, Li Xiu fell into the alien world. For a long time, he was a king with strong mouth
is this cheating? No, ah, this is the Analects!
Pa La De Hong Jiao
In the beginning, the female devil defeated me
Jiang Hao passed through ordinary people's homes and was forced to sell into the magic gate to become a disciple of the magic gate. Originally, I wanted to cultivate with peace of mind and become stronger, so that I could survive in the cultivation world, but I was humiliated by a female demon head
. There is a great disparity in strength. He can only live in disgrace and hope not to meet each other again
without a backer, he got the favor of the magic sect leader and was able to practice with peace of mind. When he became the chief disciple, he was stunned when he met the leader
looking at each other's beautiful face, he can't smile. Isn't this the female devil?
Qi Zhe Yue Guang Yu
Xiuxian: start from blind thinking
It is a biography of mortal cultivation of immortals that relies on 'blind' thinking and self created skills to advance
he suddenly returned to the 'emptiness' state that had once flashed in the forest. His body was empty, and only pure aura flowed quietly and unhindered
his ears heard the strange voice of the woman again. He still did not understand what the other party was saying, but in the silence, he seemed to 'see' the woman
a layer of fog covered her. She could only vaguely see a black dress, a slender body, an astonishingly white palm, and unimaginable hair...
in the dark, it seemed that there was an inexplicable great force rolling from his ears into his body, which immediately filled his whole body
this level of mana completely exceeded his imagination and made him feel that his body was about to burst
and in the next moment, this force also fills the cold moon, making its Sabre Qi surge, and the tough and heavy sabre body tremble, as if to show its hostility and edge hidden for thousands of years
Shi Dian Yan Wang
To punish heaven
There is a lotus in the blue sky
turn your revered spirit into an immortal, and paint your favorite person as a heaven under the sun
Huafang is only a handful of beautiful women in the world. The momentum is towering, but it is just a struggle of prosperity for a lifetime. If you want to sink a wheel in the sea and fight against immortals in the world of mortals,
who guards the immortality at the end of reincarnation and glares at the ghosts< br/>
./> Who overlooks the heaven and earth from above the nine heavens and looks coldly at the common people
who is the one who makes unyielding roars and fights hard in the world
who is the one who has encouraged all three generations to find the last ray of life
when the king of man breaks into the sky with his sword, he glares at the emperor of heaven,
when Du Kang incarnates the Tao, conceals the heaven and the sea, and remoulds the living beings,
when the devil uses the power to prove the law, fights the heaven and the earth, and all the laws are peaceful,
when the demon emperor sprinkles blood into the sky and suppresses the last sad song of the will of heaven and earth,
when the ghost master kills the God outside the sky, he sacrifices the fruits of the Tao with blood,
when the evil spirit of the emperor of heaven laughs at the end, his eyes are full of absolute decisions,
emperor Donghua, Buddha and God of war, who will blow the last war song if the living beings that resounded through the nine heaven and ten earth no longer exist in this world
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An Xi Xian Wei
A knife is full of emotion
During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, a mysterious swordsman entered the Imperial Palace at night and stole the secret edict left by the Zhengde emperor of the previous dynasty, which led to a period of Jianghu secrets during the Zhengde period.
Feng Kuang Zha Dan
I use science to prove immortality
You have flying sword, I have lightsaber; You have a flying boat, I have a spaceship; You have a magic pill. I have genetic modification
I want to take a science and technology Avenue on the avenue of cultivating immortals. I want to change the traditional cultivation of immortals with science. I can't guarantee that this will be better than the previous fairyland, but I can guarantee that I won't build a death star to destroy it.
Jing Ke Shou
After reading Su Zi's book, I stood in front of the window and looked at it thoughtfully. At dusk, the ancient county town was not as simple as Su Zi's book. From a distance, I could see that the city wall was not high, just two feet, and the scale was not large. But there were a lot of pedestrians. It could be said that it was densely populated. There were many shops in the streets and lanes, and the peddlers and peddlers kept on selling. The snow was all trampled on. The snow in the shops was swept away. Some shops even piled up into snow lions and snow elephants to attract customers.
Cai Yuan Li De Tun Tun
I am a disciple of Lingshou mountain
Starting from a Xiuxian family in Xu state, we can see how Jiang Yun, who is carrying five spiritual roots, can catch up with those favored children. Compared with the proud ethnic group, Jiang Yun is cautious and respectful to his elders
take care of the spiritual field, cultivate spiritual animals and insects, and study the method of alchemy array. I dare not slacken at this moment
just looking at more and more spirit animals and insects, Jiang Yun thought
(you must work harder to earn spirit stones, or you will soon be unable to support them!)
let's see who will be immortal in 500 years
all human novels are mainly human animation, and the level setting is borrowed, with few two settings added
it's not easy for new people to create. Please give more support.
Bi Xia Tong Tian
My Taoist priest has practiced the technique of substitution
Zhou Xing: [is this strange beauty around me really my Taoist priest again?] Ding! The above introduction should be pondered, and the following introduction should be reflected: Zhou Xing is a demon sect disciple who is in the head of water rebellion. He was surrounded by two evil masters, surrounded by the orthodox sect, and hung in the middle of the road. Until he became a Taoist priest with a glimmer of light [Ling Xue] in the dark mud, the water rebellion retreated, and he had a delicious soft meal... In every crisis, Ling Xue would come forward to save him from water and fire
Tao Fu
The beginning is a level at the end of the Ming Dynasty
What would you do if you had a time and space gate that could go back and forth between the late Ming Dynasty and modern times? Is it rich or stable
is it to enjoy life or expel the Tartars. Only children will make choices, and Li Chaosheng will make choices
however, when Li Chaosheng deeply understood the world, he found that it was not a simple historical plane. What was the flying Sword Fairy?
Wang Li Dong
I'll change the rules for Tianting
A thousand years ago, there was a war between the interception of religion and the elucidation of religion, and the interception of religion was defeated. However, the leader of Tongtian sect, the leader of the interception of religion, predicted that his followers would return to Tianting and change the rules of Tianting
and created a mysterious sect, the secret sect, whose main responsibility is to find the person who can defy the heaven
thousands of years later, the leader of the jiejiao sect picked up a baby in the virgin forest. The baby was neither human nor demon nor immortal. When the leader saw that the baby was strange, he took him as a disciple and changed his name to Wang xuanming
since then, Wang xuanming and his master have devoted themselves to cultivating Taoism. They have saved the world, stepped on the hell, and fought in the heaven. They have staged a perfect play of laughing, shouting, and boiling blood
finally, after Wang xuanming learned his true identity, he killed jiuchongtian again and fought against Yuanshi Tianzun.
Cai Hong Yu
Baoma is on the rich side of the cultivation world
The female owners who are ready for house fighting, business fighting and farming get the crossing script: Xiuxian! A little baby is attached: Mom, this is OK
old (?) Ugly again (?) It is asserted by everyone that she can't cultivate immortals. The mistress only wants to make money. As long as there are enough spirit stones, she can build a path to heaven.
Lao Po Da Da
I, Tiansha lone star, like making friends
Oh, why do you think I'm a lonely star in the sky. Didn't you just attend a dragon's gate meeting and die a few candidates
when I became the only candidate, I was said to be a broom. What else? Those who have enemies with me have died. How can it be related to me
I don't know how they died. I am a little constable. Congratulations to the master of the host for his tragic death. Cultivation achievement + 10!
Nan Feng Ru Xian
Li Tiange
Life is like a ballad. There are times when it is budding, when it is joyful, when it is lonely, and when it comes to an end. The universe is the general name of the world, which contains thousands of small worlds
in this fantastic world, everything is possible. The big tree that can dance, the fish that can rap, the cat with wings, cover your mouth and squint at your dog
only you can think of it. If you don't think of it, there is no [unfold] or [Close] that the world doesn't have
Gan Fan
Martial arts, I'll marry Wang Yuyan at the beginning
He was reborn in the world of comprehensive martial arts, and became Murong Fu, who was despised by the world. He was not willing to be incompetent all his life
it is better to start first
I married Wang Yuyan at the beginning. I don't want to accidentally activate the selection system on the wedding night
from now on, there is no shortage of divine skill, internal power and women
ten thousand years of internal power, Wuxiang magic skill and dog beating stick
hold Huang Rong in your left hand and Zhi Ruo in your hand
please warm my bed. Fei Xuan loves me as much as her life
I love all living beings in this life
I will destroy all sects in this life
in this life, I have become a martial artist
I am an Immortal Emperor in this life, and I will never die
it's because I am Mu Rong Fu!
Bei Hai Mu Jing
Killing fruit
'The immortal tree falls down in the nine days, and immortal bones are dug up in the grave;
the Taoist priest drinks plasma, and the old Buddha eats preserved meat;
the six animals and five animals beat the drum, and the relatives and friends boil in the pot around them;
the evil spirits in the Changsheng wine are bloody, and the fruit in the killing banquet is bitter!'
in this world, Taoism and Dharma are becoming more and more holy. The mind of countless monks, scholars, princes, generals and dignitaries is, of course, immortality
the tomb of the owl God, the secret of heaven, the art of collecting pearls, the holy infant pill, the tomb of the dead, the shrine of the Yin, the humanized demon, the immortal medicine, the red thread insect, the blood fairy insect, the mermaid meat, the golden thread jade clothing, the five poison gods, and the Seven Star extended life
they kill people just to steal the [fruit of killing life] from the 'immortal tree'
until A sinister 'Fisherman' has come to the world
Wang Yuan, who was born with a small book of life and death, originally had only a simple and simple dream:
the pipes are busy, the smoke scene is long, the moonlight is melting, and the house is peaceful. I lean against the fence to listen to the wind and invite the stars
take your 'bride in wedding dress' to watch the sunrise in Taishan in the morning, admire Qionghua in Luoyang at noon, and go to Beihai to drink with the aurora in the evening
'but you are so fragrant!
No, don't run. I'm going to raise money to cultivate immortals today! Please turn around, baby!'
the bride's blood red veil fell suddenly.
An Yu Ling Zhu
Elder martial sister, I don't want to work hard
Qin Muling, who was born again, happened to enter the beautiful Yunmeng heavenly palace and become the most important disciple of the leader. He thought that he would be able to step on the peak of his life from now on. However, he was suppressed by the senior sisters who were both beautiful and powerful
he fought hard for dignity, but he was still brutally suppressed by elder martial sisters. He had no hope of turning over. Finally, he had no choice but to lie flat: 'elder martial sister, I don't want to try!' The elder martial sisters smiled and threw a proposition: 'good, choose one from us!' Qin Muling: '