Chun Jin Zi Dan Tou
The strongest shuttle system
When he wakes up, Lin Fan crosses the world of Luding Ji and gets the ten thousand boundary shuttle system, starting his journey to becoming a God
Zuo Jia Sha Mo Luo Tuo
I'm an elder in a difficult situation
Su Huanzhen handed Qin Feixian a brocade bag
Su Zhen: BOS is too strong to fight. It seems that it's time to invite the elder
Qin Feixian: the elder! Is it...
Su Huanzhen: Yes, it's the elder who is a legend in the sword world...
Qin Feixian: wait, shouldn't it be the peak of the sword world
Su Zhenzhen: are we talking about the same senior
Qin Feixian: what do you say
Xu Wei Ju Quan
Doomsday paradise
'I think... My boyfriend seems to want to kill me.' Lin San murmured. Thinking of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help shivering. The doomsday hell opened by the people around her is roaring toward her The second world has a strong flavor plot. If you don't like it, please take a detour.
Hei Yan Xiao Yao De Xiao Yao
Dead operation
After the head teacher left a strange assignment, the next day came the news of her death. On this day, we recalled the fear of being dominated by the assignment. Two shifts a day, we rewarded the jade pendant and one shift.
Xiao Bai Cong Xin
Opening: Heihua Jiang Yuyan
Jiang Yuyan, who is not blackened, is still my favorite Jiang Yuyan
Mo Xiao Mao
Douluo: dressed as Tang San's sister and Xiao Yan He
The Xianyu female college student of the modern guwu aristocratic family brings the useless skills of cultivating immortals
unexpectedly, it was Tang Ning, Tang San's sister, who entered the world of the popular novel Douluo mainland
from the beginning, the identity of the male leader and the female sister determined her group pet route
however, Tang Ning never dreamed that she would meet Xiao Yan, the emperor of Yan, who is the male master of the universe
the most important thing is that she is just holding another golden thigh
How can you be taken away as your daughter-in-law? Sure enough, someone is cutting black. Hello
Shrek and the others were speechless: when people go to school, you scatter dog food, or both brother and sister scatter dog food! Human affairs
in the whole continent, Tang Ning is the most invincible person. She is the sister of Tang San, the sea god, and is extremely noble
I'm also super strong. I'm the standard match for a stable girl of good luck. What if Tang San and I can't beat each other
look at her killer skill: husband summoning! Come out! Yan Emperor Xiao Yan
Tang Ning: Thank you for your invitation. I'm Tang Ning. I bring my immortal cultivation skill plug-in. My omnipotent full-level husband Yandi, the sea god Shura, is there any last words for those who dare to provoke me
note: Tang Sanmei is in charge of the pet sister. The main CP Tang Ning and the Yan Emperor Xiao Yan, the three dances and other officials are not removed, and the Shrek seven monsters are not black. The female leader is the pet of the whole group and the winner of the force value explosion life.
depending on the situation, there will be their own original plot. We will forgive you for any changes.
Fei Gua
Wanjie insane asylum
I don't know when there was such a psychiatric hospital in the world. It has appeared on the most prosperous street of Gotham City and hidden in the darkest corner of raccoon city. It may have been described in a short paragraph in Sherlock Holmes, or it may have been a one second picture in Hannibal Lecter Some people say that the girl in the nurse's uniform is a bit like Halle Quinn. Others say that the old man in the ward on the second floor calls himself Professor Moriarty. Some people find an old electric saw in the corner of the corridor, and some people turn out a card with a clown under the bed. The attending doctor always looks lazy, and inexplicable blood always seeps from the floor. If one day, you happen to see a strange hospital on the way to work, then whether you are sick or not, welcome to visit. - Book friends: 912404715
Hui Se Mo Shi Lu
Black magic envoy
There is a definite number between luck and misfortune. Lucky or unlucky, since I have come to this world, how can I look good? What a world it is!
Zhen Yue Yu Xin
Network new Liaozhai
Zhu Yan is an ordinary office worker and also an online writer. Her life is plain and full. However, her grandmother's deathbed words revealed a secret that had been buried for 24 years - a shocking blood case killed Zhu Yan's parents. Zhu Yan, who was still in her infancy at that time, was the only living witness at the scene of the murder, and the murderer has not been caught. Since then, Zhu Yan has embarked on the road of chasing evil... A different story, a different experience, and a rescue. What he wants is a heartbeat, and what he plays is excitement. This is the feeling that network writers need, and it also makes the life of Zhu Yan, who has a little special ability - especially sensitive to death, more wonderful.
Dao Xiao Mian An Yao Chi
Hogwarts melon eater
'I, Anna ribola Lawrence, a lucky person who has been reborn and a peep at the crack of fate, are determined to live in this new world! I will try to become an ordinary melon eater. Following the footsteps of most people, I hide in a dark corner and watch the vicissitudes of the world indifferently...'
'Dear Anna, I'm sorry to disturb you to write your diary, but it's time to eat!'
'OK mom, I'll be right there!'
at this time, an owl hurried by and threw a letter
'pa', the letter hit on the glass window and attracted Anna's attention...

Harry Potter has the same humanities. This article is long and slow
newcomers write! I hope you will raise some points
The hostess and Weasley are the same age as the twins, and CP Fred Weasley does not split the official match
and, the story of this article begins half a year before the female principal enters school. I have a lot of nonsense and like to describe it. Please pay attention to lightning protection.
Hong Fei Qing Shu Ke
Wudang tunnel sweeper awakens full level understanding at the beginning
Lu Heng passed through the world of martial arts and was sent to Wudang school by his family to become a servant Taoist boy. He thought he was busy all his life, but he woke up to the full level understanding system
as long as you study hard, observe, listen to the preaching, practice martial arts, and compete with each other, you can get gains
[carefully listen to the master's preaching, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete beginner's mental skill]
[carefully listen to the boxing taught by Mo Shenggu, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang fist skill]
[carefully read the Taoist secret book, stimulate the full level understanding, and understand the complete the Nine Yin Manual]
[carefully observe and emulate the martial arts sword skill, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang sword skill]
[carefully watch Wudang's martial arts performance, trigger the full level's understanding, and understand the perfection of pure Yang and boundlessness]
[carefully learn martial arts with fellow disciples, trigger the full level's understanding and understanding.]
several years later, Zhang Cuishan returned to Wudang from abroad to start the Dragon killing drama. Lu Heng has entered the martial arts field and emerged as a talent
the fist shakes the Jianghu, the sword kills Yuan Meng, the chivalry upholds justice, and is free and happy until the martial arts break the void. Relying on heaven is just the beginning. There are other worlds.
Zui Luo Tuo
Falling clear kite
At that time, the youth had already stood at the end of their growth. Looking back on the past, all the ruggedness had already blossomed.
Qing Ben Yue
HP people always
She wore the book, and she saw the man she had always wanted to see - Snape. always?
but life can have many eternity. Group portraits, master Snape and original heroine.
Ming Yao Qian Kun
Hardship: Jingxuan in Buddha's prison
Q: 'what should I do when I cross the huozhai Buddha prison where the hell started?' Answer: 'if you can run, you can run. Stretch your head with a knife, and shrink your head with another knife. It is inevitable to destroy the four trees...' Jing Xuan thought for a while, and finally made up his mind. He hurried to the plight, but never thought that he would come face to face with a six winged God of destruction, spreading his hands...
'the world is filthy again!'
'farewell!' When Jing Xuan saw it, he turned around and ran away without stopping at all.
Shi Tou Chou You Ying
Lu Ding Ji: the emperor started from Shenlong Island
He was disappointed in half his life and was ready to find a geomantic omen treasure in the mountains and end his life. Who would have guessed that the day before yesterday, on his deathbed, he had miraculously crossed the world of Lu Ding Ji and succeeded in replacing trinket
after he was reborn, he killed the leader of the sect, practiced magic skills, seduced beautiful women, built water masters, captured treasure, broke the dragon vein, and engaged in economy, ultimately achieving a generation of imperial undertakings
here, you can see how the protagonists kill the four sides and sit with beautiful women. Here, let's witness the protagonist's hegemony journey and enjoy it to the limit.
Duan Feng Yun
Across the sky, from the clouds
The gold scale is not a thing in the pool. It will turn into a dragon when it meets the storm. Ordinary young people cross the stormy world, stir the Jianghu, and create a generation of Wulin myths
Mao Ling
Qi Mu Lao Ka and PI Ming
... what can a new life change
☆ female frequency, rebirth card + parallel threading, Naruto, Naruto and others. The previous work is the if line derived from Naruto of the Yuji series. The previous part is a little drama, which focuses on family love and Sunday
☆ contains ※:
- the family relationship of Ming and Ka and other families (similar non blood brothers including waterstop and weasel, not like Kai and Li but like the family members)
- the friendship with other people (good friends)
- the teacher-student relationship of each class (the normal care of the team leaders and their subordinates)
- the family relationship (the love of the yuzhibo family and the family relationship of the later days of the original book)
☆ the old card I wrote in 18-19 years was too bad. Give him a good result
... Go and change the future
Cassie is determined to build a better real world for people close to her
Naruto has not been treated differently as before. He has been adopted since childhood. After the showdown, he has become more lively than Cassie's impression
Cathy thinks that's very good, but... Why does this child become sensible to others but still be so skinny to himself? Why do you always call yourself old brother
- although I was born again, I am really not old...
but he can only put such words on his own table< br/>
—'; You have never really been my family & # 39
Naruto once told him so
- 'a family needs to help each other. Don't mention it!'
Naruto always says this. He rolled up his sleeves and took away his work, which made him feel that he had started his retirement earlier
... Wait, why do I say again?
Mao Ling
Limited monthly reading of two or three events
I want to save the world I live in
World: No, thanks. I'll do it myself
☆ female frequency, female owner. The content tends to be & # 39 of 'contact me - my previous work'&# 39;&# 39; Personal ideal & # 39&# 39;&# 39; & # 39 in; Limited monthly reading & # 39;, Non TV Limited monthly reading direction
a small part of the drama is to promote the development of the plot, and most of it is daily. ☆
- you're welcome! Let me do it! (clapping shoulder)
World:... I think I can still work hard...
'this will become a beautiful world as I think.'
- planting flowers, playing mobile phones and computers, eating home cooked food. How nice these days are
our salted fish protagonist said lazily in the sun
- isn't limited monthly reading an ideal world like unlimited monthly reading
all the painful things have passed in the first place. In the future, just like this, it's good to go down with salted fish.
Jian Xie Xing Zha Shi
Global collapse
'Once I was abandoned at the gate of the starting orphanage, and then the orphanage went bankrupt.' 'once I went to a kindergarten, and then the kindergarten closed down.' 'once I was adopted by a couple, and they died in a car accident the second week after the adoption procedures were completed.' 'in the past 20 years, I have experienced train derailment, 28 cars chasing after each other, natural gas leakage, gas explosion... But I am still alive.' 'Life tries its best to kill me, but I still stubbornly survive.' however, I never thought that life would do this again in order to kill me. '[welcome to the global evolution game, which is initiated by the earth and played by all mankind]
Mo Tun Ye Lang Dian
When people are in distress, they lose touch with each other
Emperor Moxi: you killed me and sat down with your beloved generals. You took your life.
'immovable Ming King array'
fortune teller: 'someone offered ten thousand taels of gold to buy your head. You took your life'
'four eyed boy, climb for me'
'dark day wave eyes'
legalist: 'Dad borrowed the sword'
'borrow NIMA! Shura evil light chop!'
based on the void, the Yi Li Sheng, who is leaping with thunder and lightning, closes his eyes and looks down at the eight small insects below
'when the God shines the blood strip, the God will kill you'

'the eyes are open'
'the magic formula of fluctuation: ten thousand sky!'
Meng Jia Lao Si
The judgement angel of the seminary
Dream back to the Tiangong era 30000 years ago, from a nobody to the first master of angels. When the three major God making projects become the four major God making projects, what will happen to all this
(don't spray LJ when writing a book for the first time. Q group: 23875320) some settings in the article may be different from those in the original book. Try to make the settings the same
Fan Shen De Xian Yu
Entertainment all powerful Dad
Xue Song
Trace of serious case
The detective expert led his serious case investigation team to solve a serious case. The novel is close to reality, and the story is tense, tortuous and vivid, similar to the TV series 'six groups of serious cases'
Qin Se He Ming De Se
Stepping on the real starry sky
Stepping on the star with people, parallel universe, Guangyuan Shisheng, five gates and nine saints, sealing heaven and changing earth
Qian Jing Ba Huang
The novice of online games is crazy
After Ji Xiaoyan somehow mixed an N.P.C identity certificate, the game life was no longer the same. 'Xiaoyan, let's have some excellent equipment, artifacts and animals!' 'Xiaoyan, go to N.P.C. where to contact the hidden task. Your relationship is so good!' 'Xiaoyan, is it still a crime? Let's form a team to brush the players!' Ji Xiaoyan stared: do you have any gold coins? Nightmare foil Liuli glanced at her face and said, 'Xiaoyan is mine.' 'It's not certain who will win!' Hearing this, he said with a smile. Ji xiaoyanmo, in fact, she really wants to shout: you, you, you, you are all mine It's just, can reality and games really mix Qianjian has set up a group: 210591787, which is convenient for you to find Qianjian for communication. If you are interested, you can add it.
Mang Chen
HP Dark Lord saves the world
The truth leaning tower is a group built by student organizations, facing all the students in Hogwarts, and is expected to become a large camp influencing the world
its painting style is like this:
are you still worried about not finding a job after graduation? Are you still sad about being discriminated against by others? Are you still confused about having no goal in life
good news! hot wire! The tower of truth is new
we have the most advanced thinking, the most inclusive environment and the most lofty ideals
don't be afraid of being ostracized by people. Whether it's pursuing murders and seeking revenge, or just group fighting, join us and professional teams will escort your life
- the new poster signed by leader itana
'it's a ghost that this kind of propaganda can recruit talents!'
Ting Chao Lao Zi
When I was working in the West Factory
Through the world of comprehensive martial arts, Zhao Yu became a member of the West factory to inspect hundreds of households, specializing in home raiding! What the fuck is that he relies on his skills to make a living and has no basic martial arts skills
in the temple, there are East and West factories, royal guards, HuLong mountain villa, and mysterious Baolong family
in the Jianghu, there are Xie Xiaofeng, the sword God, Zhang Sanfeng, the immortal of Wudang, and Li xunhuan, the flying knife of Xiao Li
What's more, Wushen Jue palace Jue Wushen... But it's strange that these Jianghu heroes will feel inexplicable pain when they see the Western factory dog who claims to be only half skilled
Wu Xing Jie Quan Zhi Que Ai
Multi ray: phase I
Some original stories are included in the works of the world view of the biochemical crisis game. I hope you like them.
Huang Cheng A Fei
You should not die in the Jianghu
Ye Chu, who has just robbed ABI as a servant girl and is ready to be a young master, suddenly finds that the yard he robbed has been surrounded by people in the Jianghu
'Lu Xiaofeng, if you shave Sikong Jiexing into a bald man, I'll help your family cure your eyes!'
'Joe, you want to save ah Ju? Can you hammer a trick for me, Zhengchun?'
'suppress the enchanted Nie Feng? Just beat him.'
'villa leader Yin, I want to save your daughter. How about I fix a marriage for your daughter?'
'Dongfang sect leader, the situation is urgent. Let's go and kill Linghu and shark!'
'Qiu Fengwu saves your little star, or you go... Don't twist your ears, daughter-in-law, I'll go to save someone!'
cultivate a good atmosphere in the Jianghu and establish a new understanding of the Jianghu, starting from ye Chu!
Jiao Tang Bu Lang Ni
Twilight bookmark
An ordinary high school student suffering from albinism inspires his powers at the 'designated time' of
, and starts a different life with his friends. At the same time, the protagonist also finds that his friend's identity seems to be unusual, and his ability arising from
'books' gradually brings him and his friends heavy obstacles and even fatal dangers. In the face of the reality, can the protagonist and his friends find the hidden truth?