Sui Bian Zhen Nan
The king of Dayue
Liu Heng: Although I smoke and drink, I'm a good prince.
Mo Wen Wu Xin
Youming ancient god
In the ancient continent, a young man with all his innate talents lost all his strength because of an accident. He lost all his glory. The trap of his clan made him know the master. Under the guidance of a separate person, the young man cut through the thorns and thorns, passed five passes and cut six generals, and became a real strong man For the sake of family fate, the youth embarked on the journey of self-cultivation; For the sake of his family, he was forced to choose the one he did not love; He endured countless years of self reproach for his love
from a small soldier, he gradually grew into the supreme ancient god of the Tianyuan continent. In the end, he gave everything for the whole Tianyuan continent
The strongest gas refining period in history (also known as: 5000 years of gas refining)
Fang Yu, who has been cultivating for nearly 5000 years, still hasn't broken through the gas refining period...
'I really only have the gas refining period, but don't provoke me!'- Also known as 'five thousand years of gas refining'
Liang Jia San Shao
Invincible Wu Zun
A skill that is regarded as garbage, and a cultivation madman who is regarded as a waste by the same sect, everything will be completely changed after getting a yin-yang jade pendant. Ten times the cultivation speed, making Gu Fei break the limit of martial arts again and again. The iron law that has been recognized for thousands of years was broken by Gu Fei! Miracles... Gu Fei doesn't believe in miracles. He only believes in blood and sweat. In the cultivation circle of Tenglong mainland, where the martial arts have declined and the true meaning of the martial arts has been lost, let's see how Gu Fei can fight against the sky with martial arts, step on the magic power of Taoism, fight demons and ghosts, embrace the beauty, and achieve the immortal martial arts! Liang San's book group: group 1: 13
Bai Yang Da
There are demons in my eyes
This is not a treasure hunting world of lone Rangers that can be upgraded without taking drugs
this is a mysterious world of group images in which the team is the king and the group fights against each other...
to tease you is to give you a face. Who makes you beautiful
to scold you is to admire you. Who makes you talented...
you are kind to me, and I will protect you forever
you hate me, and I'm hurting you...
am I just evil
My name is high purity, high purity
don't provoke me, I have a demon in my eyes!
Ta Xue Zhen Ren
This Wu Shengchao has quality
'My name is Gao Qian, a human male martial saint who takes the maintenance of love and justice as his duty!'
Shi Zi Dong
Young Chen Feng has an unparalleled artifact and practices unparalleled magic skills. The world of warfighters, the world of killing demons, the world of picking fairies, and the world of attacking gods. To fight all over the world, to blaze a trail of blood, to achieve the supreme. (statement: new books are released, dear old and new books
Tan Chi De Kao La
Ark: primitive survival with goddess colleagues
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Hai Wu Yan
Royal beast: I can even cultivate gods and demons!
After the change of heaven and earth, the world became a monster's world
mountains, rivers, plants and trees can transform demons into spirits, and antique swords can also breed spirits
monsters, demons, giants, elves, Zerg... Oppress the living space of human beings to the extreme
human beings will not be reborn until the Beast Master who can sign the beast control contract with the monster appears
Chen Fan raised his head slightly and said to his royal beast...
after thousands of years, if I become a legend, there must be you in my legend
after thousands of years, if you become a legend, I hope... Your legend also has me
there are a group of animal companions around us who are singing dragons and roaring tigers. There is a vast universe in our hearts
the state of Tang has me, and I am fearless in all battles
the blue star has me, and the demons retreat
when Chen Fan appeared with a group of Royal beasts, people felt their blood boiling...
[Key words: Royal beasts, pet animals, pets, summoning, cultivation, evolution, training, fighting.]
Xiang Jian Fei You Mei Nü Peng You
That year, those people
What do you believe, what do you see, the air and time passing between your palms, in the corner you don't know, it seems to hide something unknown. Look at the wind, the water, who is who
demons and ghosts, strange men and hermits, five elements and eight diagrams, follow this student's steps and see this different world.
Tian Xia Jiu Zhou
Confucianism and Taoism: I write books and become a saint
The world is full of literary spirit. The literati measured the world with their pen and determined the world with their art
the four arts of gentlemen, Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, are the unique cultivation methods in the world
a piece of music can accumulate literary spirit; Writing a book can also accumulate literary spirit lip;…
when the mainland's novels are still on the road of 'Liaozhai' and 'biography of contemporary people', Su Ping'an, who came through, is undoubtedly holding a bunch of 'Wang bombs'
'no one can beat...
' only I can beat me! '
[the book of killing immortals has been completed in 450W words, and the book is scarce. The penguin number of book friends is 203818049] [unfold] [Close]
Sang Xin Bing Kuang
The rainbow that covers the sky shines
Rebirth covered the world, became the prince of heaven with the highest qualification and blood in the world, but had already received boxed lunch. He has the same talent and the same fate
since fate has made them one, we should change our destiny against heaven and preach to the top! Phoenix family, invincible from ancient times
for countless times, blood has been scattered in the sky, and great achievements have been made in the world. How can it end with extinction? When the invincible constitution has an invincible faith, no one can be invincible in the world
thousands of years later, the world still praises: life is like a rainbow, and the sky is gorgeous!
Qing Quan Liu Xiang
Unscientific beast control
This is an alien world dominated by Royal beasts. At that time, Yu came here with a skill map and cultivated a bunch of wonderful pet animals. After that, all the three views of the animal masters were broken... Key words: pet, pet, summon.
Wu Qing Feng
Rebirth of Shang Zhou, the beginning of anger against the sage Nuwa
Unexpectedly, he crossed into the last generation of emperor, unwilling to become a puppet of the saints, and made hundreds of millions of people become puppets of the gods in the heaven... The reborn emperor Xinta resolutely embarked on a completely different path of deification
hate Nuwa, chide the Supreme Master, collect the dragon people, and settle the flood... Change the fate of the human race against the heaven, and start to establish the strongest business, so that the human race is above the gods and the humanity is above the heaven
solemnly explain: there are two completed books under my name, the Ninth Heaven and the ancestor of Kowloon Road. You can view them by searching the book name or clicking the author's name.
Xu Zhen
Hundred refining records
Qin Fengming was originally an ordinary young man in a mountain village. He ate unknown red fruits by mistake. He entered the path of cultivating truth and made a fortune by refining weapons. Relying on his talent of making amulets, he wandered through the thorny world of cultivating immortals. Everything was going very smoothly, but there was an unexpected event
Dao Bu Yi
Nine regions and all immortals
The fairy road is strange and humble. All living beings are slaughtered, and the immortal heart is like frost. The young Fang Chen accidentally got the fairy fate, but he only had one wish in his heart: to open the world peace with the fairy sword in his hand!
Tian Xuan Zhi Zhu
Fengshen: Please command Daji
[Ding! Get Daji's loyalty and love degree + 9...]
'Daji will always love the king!'
'the king's order is always right!'
'Your Majesty, please give orders to Daji!' This is not an apotheosis, this is the end of emperor Xin! The road of tyranny of Shang Zhou is rising!
Xin Yi Tian Yi
Yuanling law
€&# 128; A world full of magical colors, where everything is unknown, but everything is recorded
what is heaven? It is a code, a horrible code. But what is the code? Oh
the code is for reference. No matter what, the code is the code. Do your job well< br/>
€&# 128; It should be ordinary, but the weather is wrong. On this day, the weather is reversed and the people are changed. Is he still him The stars change, the turbulent times start, the unexpected meteors, the unexpected birth, the blood, the frustration, and the family break up, which make him extraordinary. Who is he
who is it&# 128;&# 128; All kinds of elemental particles in the air are using their own power to use them, such as aggregation, metamorphosis, fusion, etc. all kinds of changes. This is the world where elements and souls exist. The soul transports the elements, and the elements depend on the soul.
Kai Fei Ji De Juan Mao
Ten thousand calamities
[flow of mortals] [no system] immortals only exist in the eyes of mortals! When I stepped on the wooden bridge, there was no way back
you are the only one who can go forward bravely, whether you succeed or not. Living is the only truth
(grow up in the ordinary, sing the praises of life and death, and have no regrets)
Jing Li
Women dress up as men and go into men's dormitories to be the pet of the villains
[no fixed CP + wearing books + brain hole shuangwen + women disguised as men + group favorite] Gu LAN became the cannon fodder of the original book of women disguised as men, attacked the protagonist of the original book, and lived in a dormitory full of sick beautiful men
until one day, she found that her roommates were villains in other horror novels. After the secret was discovered, Gu Lan thought she would be killed, but her roommates looked at her strangely... In contrast, Meng Zhengtai, a sick and beautiful man, a school grass with split personality, a cold and fierce school bully, and a dissolute young man were performing in the Shura field
GU LAN retreated to the corner,
'you are normal! In fact, I am a woman!'
Pu Tu
Emperor Shenwu
In the land of Wulin, the weak eat the strong, and the warrior is respected. The talented Qin Feng has seven levels of Wulin. He has a bright future, but he was captured by his childhood sweetheart and his meridians were destroyed
there is no way out of heaven. Fortunately, he got a mysterious adventure and recovered his foundation. From then on, he stepped on nine days and went up to the clouds. The God of war was Ming and Ling Wangu!
Xian Yuan Zai Xu
It's a hundred years since the beginning
Xu Yue accidentally acquired a system. The greater the age gap between Xu Yue and the enemy, the higher his self-cultivation
then, a wonderful flower was born
'20 years old? Don't fight! 200 years old? Fight!'
'secret land? Is there one that can only enter after 1000 years old?'
'let me pick an opponent? The five-year-old, come here.'
'let's go with the old and small ones! Except the big ones!'
'call your father. I always respect the old and love the young. I will never do anything!'
it was not until a hundred years ago that a group of young talents collectively 'asked for advice' from them. This wonderful work suddenly disappeared
now, 100 years later...
this book is also known as: [getting stronger when you meet young and old], [I'm really not afraid of all kinds of ancestors], [I'm good at challenges over age], [all my peers are dads]
Tian Xing Xiu
Lord of the whole people: a mythical dragon with a random start
In this era of high development of the meta universe, one day, billions of people will come to the continent of all ethnic groups, become city masters, and participate in the hegemony of all ethnic groups
at the beginning of arrival, each city master will randomly obtain the initial arms
recruit arms, plunder resources, and fight for hegemony
island country: 'ha, my arm is Altman, who specializes in fighting monsters. The ants of China, shake! '
the United States:' eternal family Look at the infinite gloves I made. One ring finger will destroy your China. '
a San:' the entire ten thousand nation continent was created by our Protoss '
looking at such arrogant countries, Lin Tian looked at the nine clawed Golden Dragon at his feet and couldn't help but ponder. How can these countries think?
Yi Ren Wang Lai
The four truths and five Yun are the essence of the essence, and the palace and Shang angles are the symbol of feathers. The five tones and six rhythms enter the sword< br/>
the liberal arts students passed through with a stack of Buddhist scriptures,
'monster, you are destined for me, and don't follow me back to the cave to practice!'
'master, can I marry a wife after practicing with you?'
'. Why don't you go out and turn left? There's a sect practicing sword over there.'
Yu Bian Fu
People traveling to the West are rich and willful in Tianting
How can you become a horse and be ridden by Tang monk when you are reborn as Ao lie? On the first day of rebirth, Sun Wukong was captured alive and shocked the heaven
in the first week of rebirth, I hit the West and shocked the world. In the first month of rebirth, the golden cicada was killed in front of the Buddha, and the play of the westward journey ended
with me, the journey to the west is full of accidents every day!
Steal a little golden crow
Demon pet, demon soldier and demon guard
in this strange world where all things can become partners, Du Yu could not help but fall into deep meditation when he looked at the paper crane with its wings moving in his palm
did she just say that she is a Jinwu family< br/>
easy and funny. Welcome to the pit
I have finished this work 'Nine Star poisonous milk' and 'Nine Star Lord'. Welcome to read it< br/>
Zhong Nan Shan Luo Luo
Zangmen grotesque pattern
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Sha Yu Xiao Dou Fu
Immortal god
I have a green book to record all things
I have a black stone to represent all things
the two are invincible
all immortals and gods: can you repair immortals by breaking the Dantian
Baishan River: no problem
your stuff is very good. It belongs to me
once the green book is published, life and death are hard to predict, and it is difficult to distinguish the true and false of the black stone spirit.
sentient beings: do you have any bottleneck
baishanhe: Yes, that's you, Kill you, there will be no bottleneck
since then, he has been regarded as a strange person. He can stand alone against all armies and become an immortal
carefree jiuxiao, the first place in ancient times. [unfold] [stow]
Da Huan Xiang Jia
Xuanhuan: the strongest system of the heavens
[Ding! War task trigger: wipe out hostile forces within three days]
'where did such a powerful madman emerge?'
'escape! The enemy can't fight!' My name is Qin Buyi. I got the system by accident and became the supreme of the heavens
Zhou Zi Ran
King of porcelain
Yan Kai just wanted to become a celebrity in Tianxing mainland, but he didn't expect to get out of control and become the king of porcelain.