Ha Li Bo Te Hong
Big BOS behind Hogwarts
As soon as gidrow Lockhart became the Minister of magic, several unexpected guests came to his office
Dumbledore: 'minister, I have to tell you with deep sorrow that Moriarty Slytherin is the most hidden person in the European magic world!' Lovegood, editor in chief of dissent, said: 'minister, you can see that the major riots in Hogwarts, the great avalanche in Himalaya, the great robbery in gulingge, the great opening of the world cup, the great explosion in newmengard, the great defection of Azkaban, and the great riots in demstrom all point to one person, Moriarty Slytherin!' Platinum noble Lucius: 'on behalf of the pure blood family, I strongly request the minister to launch an arrest for Moriarty Slytherin! Oh, my minister, don't look at me with greedy eyes. The pure blood money has been taken away by Moriarty.' Jidro Lockhart smiled with a signboard smile: 'please allow me to introduce you to my young master, the greatest wizard in history, the commander of dawn and darkness, the controller of snow and thunder, the legendary god of law, Moriarty Slytherin!' This is the story of a little wizard who has only magic in his heart and becomes a big BOS behind the scenes in the Harry Potter World.
Zuo Zuo Xian Sheng
Super anti routine system
Wake up the Sao king system, soak up the most beautiful girls, play the largest sword, and walk the most coquettish pace... If you can beat it, you can't beat it. This is my home!
Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing
Control the dragon of time
The endless, cold Arctic ice field. Winter wolves sneak, frost tigers roar, giants roar... Many creatures struggle to survive against the flying snow
at the same time, a white young dragon that controls the power of time broke out of its shell and opened its bright platinum dragon eyes
after many years, there is a dragon in the endless world who roams in the past, now and in the future, haunting all time lines and creating endless legends.
Xiao Bai Bai De
This Lord is very scientific
Lin Ke crossed the world and, with the help of the system, made use of modern knowledge to cultivate and develop and become the king
this is the world of professionals, the world of sword and magic, the world of blood inheritance, and the world of countless ethnic struggles
one day, Lin Ke rode a bicycle with auxiliary wheels in front of the army, and in front of him was an endless enemy
[shield warrior], [arsonist], [herding tree Banshee], [blowing dancer], [thunder sword lady], [frozen Knight], [voodoo magician]...
look at the tall, thin, old, weak and sick people behind him. Lin Ke laughs and shouts: 'workers! Takeout [Knights], [scientists], [doctors... Raise the flag of Azan and follow me!'
as a result, the history of the boundless plane ushered in a change under the howl of the followers.
Qing Shi Jin Cheng Hui
I'm really a villain
Xu Zimo found that he was reborn, with all the accomplishments and memories of his previous life. But the script is wrong. Isn't rebirth all about the protagonists? But I'm a villain! This is the story of a villain who became the king of evil by one step. - The Second Edition: in the world of great struggle, Taoism and Dharma sing together! The old man of Zhenwu Shengzong sits on the fishing platform beside the Liu'an river. Suddenly, he hears the Dragon chanting array. Three thousand carp knock at the gate of life and turn into a ten thousand foot Golden Dragon. It soars in the sky like a startling Hong! There are powerful people who measure the world on foot. There are monks who sit in the temple for 3000 years. Once they have an epiphany, auspicious clouds fall from the sky, and ten thousand dharmas cheer. The blood moon is the night, and the rainbow breaks the sun. A swordsman carrying a wooden sword turned and raised his hand. All the mountains and rivers were broken. The ragged beggar in the south of the city, holding a broken willow branch, dared to kill a Taoist Holy court of the three emperors.
Xiu Yue Hai Ge
Ice cold martial god: I can absorb the skill of all gods
Yang Feng died and was reborn in parallel time and space. He was involved in five whirlpools. He could absorb the treasures of all gods. He did not need to be selected by the gods. He was the first martial god in the five reincarnations of heaven and earth!
Sha La Gu Si
My name is Xu Zhiqiong. It's the dome of the sky
in this world, there are hegemonic, killing, living and dead ways. I am in the fifth way
there are Confucianists, Mohists, strategists and yin-yang schools in the world. I am the only one
I decide whether to live or die in the sun. I kill the wicked and send them to the underworld
the wicked are tortured in the underworld. I earn merit with the wicked. I am the nightmare of the wicked in the world
I carry a lantern and walk slowly in the middle of the night
there was a gust of bloody wind in front of me and a burst of crying
don't cry, don't be afraid. I'll help you deal with him. I'll do you justice
right and wrong, good and evil will be known. I will judge and judge
Xu Zhiqiong smiled
lantern man, hand lamp!
Zhong Xia Ma Du
Lei Wu
In this world, anyone can betray you, even if they were brothers. Just for a five hundred year old snow ginseng, he was killed by his brother's broken Dantian, and then he was kicked down the mountain. Unexpectedly, the mysterious thunder seed entered his heart and came back from the dead. It was easy to wash the marrow and obtain the Tianlei quenching body. Great luck helped him to quench his body. Swallowing snow ginseng can rebuild the elixir field, and the thunder seed in the heart can absorb and purify the aura. Since then, he has made rapid progress in cultivation. Those who once betrayed him will be revenged by him. They will enter the inner door and be accompanied by beautiful women to improve their strength. Quench the body with the power of thunder and lightning, and establish the world with a tenacious heart. A generation of strong people have made achievements since then! (this is a work with no more than one thousandth of the wrong characters. There is a guarantee for the completion of the book and a guarantee for the character. I hope you can collect it with confidence.)
Bu Ai He Shui De Xia
Xianwu shenzun
When my parents disappeared, my family wouldn't allow me, so I cut a red road with my sword. The world won't allow me, so I will cut the world with my sword.
Guo Pa Fei
After I was born again, I became a lever for my father
Yan Qixun died in a laboratory accident at the age of 38 and was reborn as a small peasant girl in an ancient farming and reading home. After a fire broke out in her home at the age of eight, she inexplicably recovered her memory of being a scientist in her previous life. Then she discovered that it was a coincidence that her family had recovered their memories of previous lives
then she found that her dear family members were all big men. The father is ZuLong, the mother is a leader, the eldest brother is the first emperor's Prince, the elder sister is a peerless doctor, the younger sister is lianglang immortal, and the second brother is a direct immortal
Yan Qixun felt that he often did not fit in with his dear family because he was not strong enough. However, it doesn't matter. It's up to you to face up and upgrade. It's up to me to do the farming infrastructure
learning from God says that it's a good day to win.
Wan Wan Xiang Bu Dao
Taoist genius
The Taoist genius who has been inherited for thousands of years, with both civil and military spirit, walks in the world to protect the common people, Fengshui Yin and Yang, Qimen five elements, subdue the demon king, collect the ghost, fight the zombie, fight the demon king, and finally become a contemporary master.
Jin Shi Yi
The cook catches ghosts
Baoding's soul passed through Qianyue's mainland and inherited the way of paoding. Paoding is not an ordinary person. He is regarded by Chuang Tzu as a fellow believer and a pioneer in the contention of a hundred schools of thought
Baoding originally wanted to open chain restaurants, but was forced to embark on the road of cross-border ghost hunting.
Yi Pan Hong Shao Rou
A blue flame
An ordinary monk came across a cave during a hunting. There was a blue fireworks in the cave
Ruo Shui San Qiu Jiang
Genesis blood pupil
Kill the dragon with the pupil of blood and the power of creation? But between my fingers!
Chen Feng Zhi Ge
Mr. Zhenzu has become a vampire hunter
Jiang Xiaotan, who has traveled across the world, has become a top vampire hunter
with his strength and charm, he won a group of excellent companions and became the leader of the hunter guild
he even raises vampires in captivity to extract the surplus value and blood of vampires
however, he did not notice one thing< br/>
. He's a vampire himself
it is also the strongest true ancestor in the world
this book is also known as the ancestor of ghost extermination, about others all know that I am strong, but I don't know about it, why did the true ancestor conspire, my favorite ancestor hurt me the most, and this true ancestor is very strong but too cautious
Xi Le
Divine enemy
If you like it, press
'collect' ↑ if God openly goes against people, it is difficult for anyone to deal with.
Peng Yu Yan
New time and space Sword Fairy
It is said that there are nine tripods in the world. If you get them, you can get the world
various sects in Wulin fight endlessly for it. People who cultivate immortals also spy on the artifacts in the nine tripods
if you can get nine of them, you can not only fly to the fairyland, but also become the supreme true God in the world
this is not the case
everything is arranged by fate in advance
you and I are just a program. [expand] [Close]
Mo Wen Wu Xin
Youming ancient god
In the ancient continent, a young man with all his innate talents lost all his strength because of an accident. He lost all his glory. The trap of his clan made him know the master. Under the guidance of a separate person, the young man cut through the thorns and thorns, passed five passes and cut six generals, and became a real strong man For the sake of family fate, the youth embarked on the journey of self-cultivation; For the sake of his family, he was forced to choose the one he did not love; He endured countless years of self reproach for his love
from a small soldier, he gradually grew into the supreme ancient god of the Tianyuan continent. In the end, he gave everything for the whole Tianyuan continent
Cheng You Dao
Opening burst proficiency panel
The oldest myth between heaven and earth reappeared in the world again. Countless spaces began to weave slowly, and the dark side of the world emerged quietly. A monk who advocates flesh and blood suffering and eternal spirit. I am an invincible Taoist martial artist who shows my strong body
looking at the changes in the world, Lu Ren breathed in confusion
'Ding, because you have been breathing continuously for 26 years, you suddenly have an understanding and successfully understand the breathing and breathing technique.'
hearing the prompt sound in his mind, Lu Ren hesitantly waved his sword
'Ding, you suddenly understand the basic sword skills because you are holding the sword and stabbing blindly.'
after a long time, he saw the army invading the alien world and took the long sword to split it
in an instant, the endless waves roll back, the mountains and rivers collapse and the rivers fall down
then annihilate the army and bombard the alien world. The entire alien world is completely broken under the explosion of infinite fire and slowly disappears into the air.
San Ma Zhu Yi
Against heaven
Bai Qiandao, a civilian, was selected by the fate host and began to practice against the heaven. Kill demons and demons, burn immortals and kill gods
the secret of life is that the void is born naturally. The Tao has no trace and cannot be controlled by heaven. There are ten main roads and nine Tianyan roads. One road generates a sign, which is boundless and boundless.
Mo Ge Zhuo Gen
The emperor's angel of death
This is the 41st millennium of the Galactic Human Empire. This is the story of that era; Mankind has forgotten the power of science and technology, and has forgotten so much that it can never regain them
mankind has also forgotten the promise of progress and understanding, because the cruel and dark future is only war
there is no peace among the stars, only endless slaughter and slaughter, and the wild laughter of the hungry gods
soshyan? Alexei, a combat friar of the star Knight battle group and the only survivor of the world engine battle, shouldered the responsibility of rebuilding the battle group. With a secret enough to shake the galaxy, he stepped into the unknown... Book friend group: 9754681
Ming Yu
Bring the farm into the alien world
He is arbitrary, and I grow my own land. If you want to provoke me, you can't live next year. The homestead man Zhao Hai took the farm Q across the alien world and attached himself to a small aristocrat. His fief was a black land that could not grow anything. The most important thing was that he also had an extremely strong fiancee. His fiancee was the heir of a principality and the future grand duke! The most important thing is that he is still a waste material of magic and martial arts. He can't learn magic and martial arts. He is completely wasted. I can't learn magic, but I have a farm. How dare you attack me? I'll let the insects eat up your army food, eat up your crops, put insecticides and herbicides on your water sources, and plant weeds on your land. I think you dare to attack me. what? You want a killer to assassinate me? Hey, I hide in the hut of my own farm to see how you beat me. When you leave, I'll let your country's food go out of production. At that time, everyone will rise up against you and see if you dare to kill me. Let's see how a somewhat black man can use his Q farm to become an existence in the world of sword and magic that makes everyone in the world have nightmares when they hear it.
Xiu Dong Fu De He Xie
The Mahayana cave of Earl's Stone City
'Others were chased by shells, but I was chased by nuclear bombs!'
after the annihilation of the nuclear bomb, the protagonist is forced to find a way to cultivate Taoism and seek immortality
however, as a Xiuxian Xiaobai, she suffered from the white eye when she was accepted by the Xiuxian sect
'Xiaobai! You have no realm!' The guardian monk looked over coldly
'I am not qualified to get started.'
but I have golden fingers
'I would like to emphasize that when you hit me, you need to control your strength. You are not allowed to use more than 10% of your strength!'
'you are always disobedient!'
the protagonist raises his head and faces the sky at 45 degrees,
'I said that you should not use more than 10% of your strength to protect you!'
Jiu Shi Yi Ge Pang Zi
Fire of war
When I return home, the mountains and rivers are all right. Take my family members home and bring me back to my hometown. If I am a man, I will kill. I will not teach a man to wrap a woman's heart
men never take care of themselves, even if they die, they laugh at each other
Zai Shi Shen Gun
Wanyao Lu: Nanzhan Buzhou
A group of passengers who were killed in the plane crash, such as Dongsheng Shenzhou, Nanzhan Buzhou, Xiniu Hezhou and beijulu, entered the land of divine punishment by mistake and came to a world of light and strange glass. In this world, demons are rampant and gods and Buddhas are everywhere. All kinds of strange races are torturing everyone's conscience. How many people want to be king and how many people want to be gods, but who does not forget their original intention and walk out of the valley of desire.
Wo Bu Shi Xiao Hao
Full level of understanding: 60 years of sword watching in the sword Pavilion
Han Muye, who is full of understanding, was reborn in the world of cultivation and entered the Kendo sect. He became a sword watcher who guarded the sword Pavilion
there are 100000 swords hidden in the sword Pavilion. The sword watcher needs to wipe the long sword once a month
wipe the 'green grass' of the long sword to obtain a ray of sword spirit
wipe the 'purple flame' of the long sword, understand the original sword master's sword skill and get the meaning of fire sword
wipe the 'mountain' of spirit sword, understand the sword skills of immortal Jushi, and get the sword power of the mountain
it has been 60 years since Han Mu Ye raised the sword
in the past 60 years,
some disciples have come to ask for swords, and they have been instructed by Han Muye
there was a demon sect saint who came to steal the sword, and finally left in dismay
some swordsmen come to challenge, and lead the broken sword back
sixty years later, the fairy world invaded
the disciple who asked for the sword in those years has become a peerless sword immortal. He will take the sword to the sky to guard the side
the saint of the demon sect who stole the sword was already the master of the demon sect. She only sent a letter to the sword Pavilion and led the demon sect to fight in heaven
as soon as the swordsman who challenged him in those years stepped into the path, his sword spirit soared to the sky
above the sky, the immortal masters suppressed it
in the sword Pavilion, Han Muye slowly gets up. Behind him, thousands of long swords accompany him. The wind of the sword hovers over 30000 Li. The sword means to break through 3000 boundaries
'today, I, Han Muye, hold a sword and look at the celestial gods. Who can enter this mortal world?'
Yu Zhong Yu Yu Ge
I have a broken game panel
I have a broken game panel. However, how to live depends on yourself.
Gu Xin Mo
Humane beheading
Break the shackles, break the sky with a sword, break through the self, and become immortal.
Yi Jian Wo Zhen
Through the stars, wife and husband
In order to avoid intrigue and infighting, Luo Bi hides her awakening power when she travels to the future star, where martial arts are respected
who knows that some people don't have eyes and have to look for trouble? First, my cousin robbed her fiance, and then she wanted to rob her things
in a rage, Luo Bi ran to the test and the result was startling·
Bai Sui Qian Qiu
Wanjie sword respect
I have a sword, which can cover all the heavens, and is called Zun Wanjie!