Da Yan
Everything in the world can be repaired!
Bai Ju Yi Shi
Human garrison envoy
Shen Changqing became a member of the magic Department of Daqin town. At this time, demons and monsters were rampant -
kill the secluded monsters, and the thirteen Taibao's horizontal practice was promoted to perfection
kill grudge level monsters and improve pure Yang skill to perfection
kill powerful demons and break the limit of martial arts
beheading -
several years later, Shen Changqing became the guardian envoy of the human race, and all kinds of demons and monsters bowed down
'one day, the human race will not perish!'
Jin Bian Ye Cao
Gift of natural power at the beginning
Chixian Shenzhou, the big weekend year, the rites collapsed and the music was ruined, and the spirits were revived
there are the world's martial heroes, who can attack mountains and rivers with one hand. They can hold the stars and the moon with one hand. There are strange and strange things, and outsiders, causing a bloody storm
'the king of Qin sweeps the six harmonies, which can be taken instead!'
obtain the overlord's destiny, which is a natural gift of divine power
'thundering gossip! What king do you want to be?'
obtain fish fruit, green dragon form talent
'my son Wang Teng has the talent of the great emperor.'
get the martial arts Tianyan talent
'ChongTong is an invincible road. Why borrow other people's bones!'
gain the talent heavy pupil
'the king should not be humiliated! Even if you are carrying the abyss, you need to hold the original Imperial City in one hand. I am as invincible in the world as Anlan! The red spear and immortal shield will kill the Immortal King and destroy the nine days!'
gain the blood talent red spear
the talent beads at the end of the forest are activated. Chixian Kyushu, the end of the world disputes, and ten thousand ethnic groups attack, writing their own legends in the sea.
San Bu Shao Nian
God is on top
He is one of the four heavenly emperors in the world. He came to the world just for a plot with the Jade Emperor. Here, he saw the world of mortals and the sufferings of all living beings. Some people do good but end up with no good. Some people do evil but live in luxury
good and evil are chaotic, and human nature is indifferent. In this broken world, in the age of no God, he is in charge of good and evil, and he is determined to be merciful
as far as heaven is concerned, I have a wish in my heart. I wish all living beings are truly equal, and I wish to fight for a chance for all souls in the process of killing and robbing
he said again, Good and evil are not invisible. They shine like sparks in the dark. There is a God three feet above the head. It is watching everything
the God is always there, and I am the God! [unfold] [stow]
Yi Ge Liang Ge San Si Ge
From the support of the snow, we began to plunder the sky
There are such a group of people in the ancient universe
relying on their unique luck, they are the world's favorite children. They often enter the secret realm of terror in a weak posture, and then take the most precious treasures from the red eyes of a group of mentally retarded villains
'Gan, is the son of Qi Great?'
'Lao Tzu is the son of Qi!'
'as long as your luck is robbed by me, I will be the next lucky child!'
this book is also called 'starting from Douluo to collect the wool of the protagonist team'
Kong Hen Gui Che
I will be crowned king
The mage calling for the old God and the knight inheriting the blood are looking forward to the glory of yesterday; The noise of the steam engine and the roar of the cannon indicate the direction of the future; Ansen, who is in exile in this world, has embarked on an unimaginable road; In the ashes of the old world... He will be crowned king
book friends: wimpal College (6542005938)
Bai Sui Qian Qiu
Wanjie sword respect
I have a sword, which can cover all the heavens, and is called Zun Wanjie!
Sui Feng Piao Liu De Zheng
Voice of darkness
The black spirit, which has been sealed for thousands of years, wants to make trouble again. He still needs to ask me! The train of thought, legendary life experience, United partners and hard practice have created an iron team
the chaotic world, the temptation of money, the willfulness of power, and touching love make this spiritual world surging again!
Wu Qing Feng
Rebirth of Shang Zhou, the beginning of anger against the sage Nuwa
Unexpectedly, he crossed into the last generation of emperor, unwilling to become a puppet of the saints, and made hundreds of millions of people become puppets of the gods in the heaven... The reborn emperor Xinta resolutely embarked on a completely different path of deification
hate Nuwa, chide the Supreme Master, collect the dragon people, and settle the flood... Change the fate of the human race against the heaven, and start to establish the strongest business, so that the human race is above the gods and the humanity is above the heaven
solemnly explain: there are two completed books under my name, the Ninth Heaven and the ancestor of Kowloon Road. You can view them by searching the book name or clicking the author's name.
Dao Li De Yu Zhe
Time Traveler
The young man who came from a high level came to a world called magic land on the low level
when the people here reach the age of 12, they will awaken to the divine weapon cultivation through the fusion of magic weapon embryos. This kind of people is called the warrior
Jian Pan Shang De Lan Mao
Harry Potter's Alchemist
Albert never had any great ambitions. He always thought he was a salted fish. In his last life, he accidentally choked to death while eating an apple. After waking up again, I found that I was born again in Britain at the end of the 20th century, and I also opened the golden finger of the panel. It is proper to become a winner in life. Just when Albert was planning to be a salted fish with a goal, the owl sent an invitation letter from Hogwarts. He found that he had passed through the world of Harry Potter novels. Now, Albert is considering how to be a salted fish with dreams in the magic world.
Tian Xing Xiu
Lord of the whole people: a mythical dragon with a random start
In this era of high development of the meta universe, one day, billions of people will come to the continent of all ethnic groups, become city masters, and participate in the hegemony of all ethnic groups
at the beginning of arrival, each city master will randomly obtain the initial arms
recruit arms, plunder resources, and fight for hegemony
island country: 'ha, my arm is Altman, who specializes in fighting monsters. The ants of China, shake! '
the United States:' eternal family Look at the infinite gloves I made. One ring finger will destroy your China. '
a San:' the entire ten thousand nation continent was created by our Protoss '
looking at such arrogant countries, Lin Tian looked at the nine clawed Golden Dragon at his feet and couldn't help but ponder. How can these countries think?
Qing Fu Ni Yi Xiao
I have a demon refining pot
Heaven and earth are furnaces, yin and yang are carbon! A broken night pot, who would have thought, was the legendary ancient artifact
'demon refining pot'! Just after crossing the alien world, Han Feng, an otaku man, had no choice but to use his hand to make a demon pot and lie drunk on the knee of a beautiful woman to start his lonely new life
Mo Ge Zhuo Gen
The emperor's angel of death
This is the 41st millennium of the Galactic Human Empire. This is the story of that era; Mankind has forgotten the power of science and technology, and has forgotten so much that it can never regain them
mankind has also forgotten the promise of progress and understanding, because the cruel and dark future is only war
there is no peace among the stars, only endless slaughter and slaughter, and the wild laughter of the hungry gods
soshyan? Alexei, a combat friar of the star Knight battle group and the only survivor of the world engine battle, shouldered the responsibility of rebuilding the battle group. With a secret enough to shake the galaxy, he stepped into the unknown... Book friend group: 9754681
Xian Yu Lao Bai
My wife is a Mahayana
Xiao Yifeng, the demon king of the generation, was forced to be reborn and go back to the past.
his wife was already a big man in the Mahayana period
How can he convince his wife that he is her husband
this fairy, I'm really your husband. You believe me
What, you want proof
I know you have a blue lotus on your chest and a red birthmark on your thigh
What do you want to do? If you have something to say, don't do it!
Juan Tu
Initial evolution
A lonely boy, stubbornly challenged the cruel fate!
Yi Wan Tang Yuan
Dawn Meteorological Bureau
What is unknown? Strange talk hidden in the deepest part of the city? A commission from thousands of years ago? Or a distress letter from the future
or... The ancient demon from the book of mountains and seas
'Hello, this is the weather bureau. May I help you?'
'Ho & he.lip;... Save... Save me, I'm... In... Ho... North... New road... Please... Save me!' We shuttle between the past and the future. We wear black robes and wear black umbrellas. We uncover the secrets that have disappeared in the long river of history, and we also seek the light of the future. We work hard in the dark, but we are still waiting for the dawn
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Wo Deng Tian Hei
Pawn dance
Some people swagger and cheat, others are mediocre. There are people like cock crowing and dog stealing, and people like ordinary people. Rangers, gamblers, peddlers, lackeys... These unknown people want to turn this chaotic world upside down again
'I can't measure myself. I can't pull a strong bow.'
Du Zi Hen Tong
This spiritual world is not normal
The imaginary world of Cultivation: moving mountains and filling the sea, covering the sky with fingers, and the world is inhumane and takes everything as a cud dog
in fact, the world of practice: Crazy construction, climbing technology trees, leading ordinary people to change the lives of practitioners
Lu Chuan is a man chosen by heaven. He has a copper coin that can judge the truth
science department: brother Chuan, we have a new scientific conjecture. Can you help verify it
Ministry of Justice: brother Chuan, a murder occurred in Heping Street. Can you help find out the killer
a lady: help me find out if this guy likes other women
man: Da baa, Chuan Ge Da baa
this spiritual world is not normal, but it is very interesting
you don't want to retire. You can go to see it if you like it.
Gui Gu Xian Shi
In my mind, I came to a waste purchase station
Item: eagle spreading its wings! Introduction: This is an abandoned item of the Tang Dynasty. It was made by Tang Yin in his spare time... Integrity: 20% wealth value consumed for repair: 50W
- Chen Muyu, an ordinary rag collector, thought that his life was destined to be ordinary, but unexpectedly, a Wanjie waste collection station came to his mind inexplicably. Since then, the world has become different
Yi Zhi Tu Zi A
I'm an undercover except me
My name is Chen Ning. I have crossed to the top sect in Kyushu
the old leader passed on his position to me before he died
also told me a series of explosive news
'the elder cangyue is the informant sent by the emperor to monitor the sect.'
'the second elder is the saint of Tianchi holy land. He has been lurking in the sect since he was young. As an insider, he is ready to cooperate with Tianchi holy land at any time.'
'the leader of the law enforcement hall is a demon spy. Tens of thousands of secrets about the sect have been passed on.'
'the first master of the sect is a beast's ear mother. She is a nail that the beast has stuck in the sect. She looks covetously at the leader and is ready to take her place at any time to revitalize the clan.'
'even my personal guard is also the granddaughter of the God of theft. He obeys the order of the God of theft and covets the treasure of the sect. He has a great ambition!'
in short... All the sects except me are undercover
what can I do
I'm very nervous when I wait online.
Hu Ni San Sheng
Dark knight errant
Zhou an died suddenly while playing Diablo 2. He went through the world of demons and ghosts. With Diablo content and seven professional skills, he became the strongest in the universe step by step.
Dai Zhi De Ji Dan
Lord of the road
Is there a God in the world? Is there an invisible power in charge of destiny? Is a person's life doomed at the moment of birth
is there a Tao in heaven and is the Tao a God? The truth of heaven!
Gun Kai
My attribute: practice life
This is a story of modern people returning to ancient times, returning to a real world without any transcendence, and slowly rising by virtue of their ability to attribute all data.
Wu Yi
Heaven sent a genius
I don't know how to hide from the outside world, and I don't know Feng Shui gossip, but people in the Jianghu call me a peerless ghost. Why? Because I have a pit in my head! Full of modern knowledge from the new century! Wen Neng writes to control girls, and Wu Neng plays with mature girls. He can sacrifice his life to become an elder sister when he enters, and he can welcome his wife when he leaves. Be reasonable. In fact, I am a very halal and gentle person. Believe it or not, I believe it anyway. (Book Group 296781)
Long Cheng Lao Xian
Emperor Qingtian Wu
See how the young people in the mountain village can step up to the peak after they have obtained the mysterious light group.
Yi Pan Hong Shao Rou
A blue flame
An ordinary monk came across a cave during a hunting. There was a blue fireworks in the cave
Wang Zai Lao Man Tou
Taigu dragon elephant rhyme
A drop of blood crushed the ages, and a leaf of grass chopped the sky. The most powerful ancient taboo divinity, the ancient dragon and elephant rhyme, has been lost for hundreds of millions of years. After endless years, the despondent young Lin Feng came across the first forbidden magic skill of the ancient times, the ancient dragon elephant formula. When Lin Feng from the world's most
Dan Chun Zhai Nan
Tiandao related households
The dark abyss is a riot of strange demons, and the strange demon king is born. Tianlan city is in danger
'Ding. After system detection, Tianlan city master has released an employment task to kill the demons. Do you accept it?'
'accept.' Su GE's eyes glowed as he looked at the strange devil who blocked the sky
'Ding. Based on the principle of customer first and task first, the host cultivation will be temporarily promoted to the imperial realm to complete the task.'
'after the task is completed, one tenth of the temporary accomplishments will be converted into permanent accomplishments, which can be superimposed with the original accomplishments of the host.'
therefore, people were shocked to see -
outside Tianlan City, a sword light rises from the cold ground, and a million strange demons become ashes.
Mai La Tiao De Xiao Gu Liang
Xuanhuan: the cultivation of the womb is bound to the wife of heaven at the beginning!
Jiang Lingtian was in her mother's womb. When she heard that she was disturbed by people and that she would be a passer-by without appearance and qualification, she activated the infinite modification system
the system has only one function. Modify! Is the constitution useless? Modify! Ding! Get the eternal Taoist body! Gas transportation super garbage
Modify! Ding! Get eternal protection from the heavens! Skill level is too low, modify! Ding! Get the supreme chaos Taoist Scripture
not good appearance? Modify! So, there is a handsome man who is hard to meet and the first in the world