Ha Da Di
The days of drawing cards at Hogwarts
'Another ten rounds! This time we must draw Professor McGonagall's Animagus!'
draw card
the gold is out
who is it
'I am the great astrologer Trelawney!'
[divination + 1]
excited tears welled up from the corner of Tom's eyes
facing the magnificent magic world, Tom deeply felt that the power of Muggles was limited, so he decided to shout out the sentence:
I will not be a Muggle!
Wei Wen Mo Qing
Descendants of the seven swords in the Qin Dynasty
Gu Xun, who inexplicably passed through the animal world, had already given up the road to the peak of his life and spent the rest of his life with animals
unexpectedly, he crossed again by chance. This time, the ancient saying that goes through the bright moon world in the Qin Dynasty must be playful. Even if you can't wake up and take charge of the world, you should also be drunk on the knee of the beauty.
Mu Mu
The goddess was captured from the Doura
Xu ran crosses the continent of Douluo and awakens the invincible sword spirit, the blood of Unicorn and auspicious beast. Wandering between human beings and spirits, he controls the two races and becomes the most powerful and invincible person of Douluo star
hammering Tang San, hammering Tang Hao, hammering Tang Chen, hammering Xiaogang, hammering mubai...
starting from Zhu Zhuqing's fiance, we will sweep the world invincible
Xu ran: I'm invincible. You can do whatever you like
the three grandsons of the Tang Dynasty hid in the corner, hugged together and trembled
land, sea, Terran, ORC, divine world... Xu ran said: invincible, is it so difficult? Group number: 9162934
I have completed the old book 'the beginning of Douluo mainland' with 1.4 million words
Yan Yun Yin Tuo Luo
Start from the pirate and push across the world
Also known as 'Pirates: Lao Tzu is im', also known as 'the world government of the myriad worlds', it traverses the world of pirates, reborn Lord IM, controls the world government, sits on the throne of the void, holds the cosmic star map, and overlooks the sea of stars
gather all combat power, military power, financial resources, open the star gate, collect thousands of borders, and break the limit of hegemony! Join or destroy, how to choose
(the scope of Wanjie: Riman, and Meiman will be considered later)
Yi Zhi Ke Ai De Tu Zi
My family tolerated the cat to think I was weak and stole the thunder fruit
Hefeng crosses the fire shadow world and becomes a member of yuzhibo
countless attempts to open the kaleidoscope writing chakra failed, less than one year from the night of genocide
in order to survive, he deduced several schemes
defected Muye and joined Xiao organization
abandon the dark and turn to the bright, and get close to the ape Flying Sun
make a good relationship with yuzhibo weasel and establish a bond
however, no matter which scheme, the final result is a dead end
in desperation, he Fengfeng complains that there is no way to live in this world
unexpectedly, his cat stole a thunder fruit from him
the gentle wind directly blinded me
but the more outrageous is still ahead...
the cat hates your body skills and steals the Navy six style secret script overnight
forbearance cat thinks your mental strength is too weak and steals the golden worm arrow overnight
forbearance cat thinks your swordsmanship is too weak and steals it overnight...
Hefeng: lie flat or push horizontally, this is a question worth thinking about
this book is also called 'why can't our Tang Yu Zhibo be a fire shadow?'
Chang Bai Shan Shang Zhang Bai Ke
Don't even want to run out of the novice village
The world has become the playground of the heaven world, and all living creatures are digitized, waiting for the players of the heaven world to come to kill and torture countless times
Yi Zheng, who incarnated as the first abandoned strange rabbit in the novice village, chose to take a group of rabbits to start running, sit ups, push ups, rowing and swimming on the green grassland... One year later, when the player came, he saw not a group of small monsters, but a horrible devil muscle rabbit
the rabbit king sitting at a high place waved carrots and spoke harshly: 'starting today, no one wants to go out of the novice village!'
Yi Chan Zhi Xia
My wife, something's wrong
I woke up
LUO Qingzhou became a concubine of the Luo family in the Chengguo Prefecture of the Dayan empire
in order to help the second son of the Luo family repent of his marriage, Luo Qingzhou was forced to marry a foolish bride who was said to be unable to speak and laugh
it wasn't until he had finished worshipping heaven and earth and the night of wedding flowers and candles that he suddenly realized:
'my wife is not right!'
not only is there something wrong with your mother, but also the two little maidens and other people in the Qin family
the big maid is sweet, charming and provocative, and her voice is like a lark
the little maid is as cold as ice and snow, and her throat is sealed when she draws the sword
my sister-in-law is talented and is as delicate as Lin Daiyu
my little cousin is arrogant and arrogant, and the whip is fatal
my father-in-law's face is solemn and dirty
my mother-in-law is as beautiful as a flower, and she likes to roll her eyes
the second brother is dedicated to practicing martial arts and says he wants to honor his family
as for Luo Qingzhou, he just wants to be a little son-in-law, and then stealthily touch him. He is invincible in the world
Qi Feng De Mi Dian
I can't be NPC
Li Wen, who has crossed the alien world, has spent a long and peaceful decade. Until this day, the player came
when the first player comes to the door, Li Wen knows that his plug-in has finally arrived
[what is this? Energy bomb (click to view the spell model)? How long has it been that humans are still using such inferior spells. There is no 'must hit' (click to view the rune structure), no 'seek enemy' (click to view the rune structure), and how to hit nm?]
[fireball technique? What is the meaning of fireball technique without adding ingredients? For example, 'extremely cold' (click to view the generation conditions)
[ascetics? Climb! Come from the noble Dragon (click to view ethnic characteristics).]
eh? I can hear the background information
standing on the shoulders of giants, Li Wen has brought a billion innovations to the world
just group fight, you have no help, eat my crossbow back stab
the world is colorful, but all colors are composed of three primary colors. Is it reasonable for me to combine the three elements to create 100 million magic points
Magic spells are useless? Have you heard that the heart is glass slag and the body is sword bone
pseudo DND world view, players and aborigines cut leeks in both directions~
Di Jing Ka Fei
Csgo's E-sports Manager
When Meng de holds the trophy of the best eSports manager. The reporter asked, 'what can you rely on today?' Looking at s1mple, zywo and Niko in the team, Meng de said helplessly: 'it all depends on my excellent teaching.'
Nian Gao Pei Ma Tuan
Brush friendly days at Hogwarts
Chocolate Frog picture # 102 gold
Glen? Ollivander
the greatest prophet and wand master in contemporary times, and the first-class medal winner of the Merlin order
Ollivander's widely recognized achievements include:
in 197, he defeated Voldemort, the most dangerous black wizard in history
innovation of wand technology
promote international magic culture exchange
Mr. Ollivander is fond of Quidditch and collecting Chocolate Frog pictures
'book friend group: 9307018'
Ruo Ting Feng Sheng
Mystery: the external God is myself
Go through the world of the Lord of mystery and become the spirit behind the fool Klein. Lin Ruo, a senior piercer, refused in his heart. Fortunately, he still has the extraordinary ability [Truth and fallacy] from the previous world
[Truth and fallacy], rules are different abilities, [truth] can guide destiny, and [fallacy] distorts reality
relying on the truth fallacy, Lin Ruo first tore up the script of 08, and then stepped into the torrent of the times in order to fight against the coming end
he worked hard, relying on the advantages of different abilities and foresight, and finally raised his fighting capacity to a level where he could rest easy
then Lin ruo's memory of the original seal was restored
at this time, Lin Ruo found out that he was also an external God who had just been promoted, and was pure
Lin Ruo:...
is it still time for him to run
PS: the protagonist is the chaos good camp. It is an external God of the ksuru system upgraded from human beings. Originally, it does not belong to the mysterious world, but belongs to the real outsiders.
Er Liang .
Reincarnation Paradise: Vest everywhere
A law breaker: 'I have always wondered why that guy is so rich because he doesn't dig holes or develop sidelines.' Undead sister: 'hiss, I really want to rob him, but what can I do if I can't fight!' Caster: 'who dares to sell the secret of our arcane eternal star! How did it get out? There are spies!' Lin Jiu looked at the newly born trumpet and asked thoughtfully, 'paradise, do you think that this undercover is arranged for the death paradise or the watch paradise?' [Shusheng world] book friends: 17937638
Dan Bai Dan Qing
The original God's glass Moon worshippers
'In other words, who stipulates that people in Liyue have to work hard to earn Mora? Isn't it happy to lie flat?'
GU Sanqiu said that he had a big house in feiyunpo just after he passed through, and there was an official establishment. His life has been very complete
this book is also known as 'the real king of salted fish', 'the real king of Europe lies and wins', 'the fierce man who ignores the jade and snow', 'the things about seven stars trying to pull me crazy to work overtime'
non hard core players, welcome to add the details of the character story in the comment area. Those big guys who seek to kill the BOS with one knife should bear more
in addition, the African emperor is a real hammer. I hope you can add some characters' voices and story details
I wish all travelers not to smoke crookedly, keep the golden light, strengthen not crookedly, and get soft hands (manual dog head to protect your life)
key words: proto God, Tivat
Yi Zhi Xiao Meng Xin A
Never be a good person and start to cultivate
The vast land is full of war smoke
Jianghu disputes are endless
in the Central Plains, the Tang Dynasty has just come to an end. Liang Qijin, Wu Chu and Shu have fought endlessly
in the Qin Dynasty, the first emperor was ambitious and wanted to sweep the world and the Central Plains
in the Ming Dynasty, Zhengde was close to each other, determined to drive and fight for hegemony in the north
in the Han Dynasty, people were full of military virtues, and they were ready to mobilize troops to control the world
Liu Ziji unexpectedly came to this complex era and obtained a system mutated from a placement game
as long as you add a little, it will become stronger
therefore, Liu Ziji began his 'hard' cultivation life.
Shan Guang Ha Shi Qi
Full time occupation: ouhuang
Reporter: what do you think of your vice captain Tang Yin
Ye Xiu: he told us with facts that his heart is dirty even if he doesn't play tactics. And desperate luck
Su Mucheng: best teammate, fighter in wingman, and enviable luck
Wei Chen: I would like to call him the strongest if he is not offline. And he definitely had an affair with the goddess of luck< br/>
Tang Yin: I'm just a professional player by luck
erha's new work: full-time experts and friends
erha's book friends: 104670463 welcome to play!
Mu You Cai O
This game is not ordinary
In the year 2020 of the earth calendar, a game called 'world of sentient beings' appeared out of thin air
this is a masterpiece of immortal Xia. The picture is exquisite. The day after tomorrow, the birth, the foundation building, the pill making, and the Yuan Ying are all familiar
it's just that this game is so difficult. Can you upgrade it in ten days
many players have lost, which is too difficult
until that day, when Xiao Zhi found that he could play this game smoothly without network signal, he suddenly realized that it was not a simple game
this may be an opportunity to change his life
what? For the first player to become a martial artist, what the system rewards is the hidden attribute 'root bone' that can improve his cultivation qualification
What about the first player to become a congenital warrior? Are rewards also 'root bone'
one step ahead, one step ahead
The Legend of Xiao Zhi begins
the disaster of the world has begun
'I'm Xiao Zhi. If you don't want to see our world destroyed, you can fight with me!'
Xue Xuan Sha
Protect our assistance
When the veteran of the game who has been famous for ten years is singled out and killed by Chu Ci, the whole game is silent
veteran: wait, I have to see who you are! Chu Ci: protect our assistance!
Dong Huang Kang Ba Zi
I'm a small stone
Xiaoshi, the son of Shi Hao, is endowed with unparalleled talent and has created the fruit position of Xianwang
(1039585306 welcome to the water group)
the world sighs for saving his father from sacrificing himself in the final World War I
Emperor Huang Tian: 'if there is no reincarnation in the world, then I will create a reincarnation existence myself.'
time has passed, and I don't know how many eras have passed since the emperor of the wasteland made a decision
with the vicissitudes of time and space, the former homeland has evolved into a blue planet
however, one day, the wheel of fate turned slightly, and the small stone returned to the world again
did the emperor of heaven create the true reincarnation
or is this person just a similar flower
looking at the Jiulong coffin above the sky, Shi Nian has a premonition that he will open a new world by climbing on it
Di Guo Hei Tie Zhan Shi
National Game: hang up from the end of the zombie
In the parallel world, Fang Heng passes through a unlucky ghost who has just committed suicide
huh? what? All humans in this world are forced to join the game
surprise! If you don't play the game, you'll be wiped out
good guy, is this unlucky guy who committed suicide a former professional player
he has the highest level s talent skill - Zombie separation
S-level talent has been upgraded! Can my zombie body hang up
[while you are offline, your zombie group has completed the wood chopping axe * 720; you have gained basic experience value: 1921]
[while you are offline, your zombie group fells 27821 trees; you gain wood * 128973, and you gain skill - Basic felling experience value: 2171921]
while players are still struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse, Fang Heng's zombies have begun to empty the whole forest
Fang Heng: this game is interesting.
Yi Shang Qiu Zhe
The Witch of the comprehensive network: from Azeroth to the book of mountains and seas
'Let's have a small bottle of devil essence first...'
Yi Xia took a small bottle of coke from her stall and poured it into the crucible in front of her
behind the screen of the fixed mobile phone, such as 'unimaginable road' and 'far away'
Yi Xia added a plant called 'blood of grom'
of course, some people say that the bullet screen is called 'Chunya' which is used more frequently in China
as the plants fall in, the liquid in the crucible seems to add special effects
from the original black liquid with unknown bubbles, it gradually renders a frightening dark green...
'it's pigment. He added pigment!'
'seems more appetizing than balsam pear juice?'
'what is the price of Guldan?'
the barrage starts to move wildly, but Yi Xia is already grumbling
he lay comfortably on his reclining chair and looked at the passers-by outside
the sun is bright and the air is filled with a sweet smell
is it milk tea
or big white legs
Yi Xia squinted, and the sun above her head was like a big cake full of temptation
this can't be eaten...
Yi Xia subconsciously licked his lips. It seems that there is still residue of a certain star...
this is a wizard's story
Qu Qu Xian Miao
Human beings are in God's deception, and the flesh is infinite
Through the world where God and mystery coexist, Anle just wants to live. She unexpectedly awakens the body's ability to deduce evolution, but finds that the process of deduction... Is not right
[select the deduction part: brain]
[on the first day, the activity of brain cells increases, and your mind becomes more agile. You can see ten lines at a glance and never forget them.]
[the body deduces that it goes against the sky, which is not allowed by heaven and earth.]
[unlock the entry: abandoned by heaven]
[the next day, the brain is infected by unknown infection, and part of the nerve is necrotic. You lose your sense of smell and hearing, but you have a unique understanding of the ancient books and understand a new skill from it.]
[unlocking entry: the Tao is self-made]
[on the third day, the nerves after infection change, and you can see the invisible existence in the past. On your bed, there is a woman in a red dress, and you pretend not to see her...]
[unlocking entry: greed in red]
[on the fourth day, you are crazy!]
deduce the arm to obtain [dragon elephant strength]
deduce the heart and obtain [overspeed self-healing]
deduce eyeballs and get [power surge]...
join the glorious evolution!
Ge Bi Xiao Ming
Endless engulfment of fighting
Through Xiao Ding, the eldest son of the Cheng Xiao family, he got the endless devouring system, created the wind, fire and thunder spiral fighting skills, and the fighting spirit transformed the horse flying fighting skills. He became the little martial brother of yunyun, became the big guest of the snake people, created the strongest mercenary group, led the people to rise, and became the king of heaven
'younger brother, your skill is too weak. Let's have the eldest brother wash the tendons and cut the marrow for xun'er!' Then Xiao Ding kicked Xiao Yan
'little brother, this brute force King Ziyan is too violent. You can't hold her fist. Let brother come!'
let Xiao Yan take care of Nalan Yanran, and Xiao Ding goes to Ziyan who is eating the crystal core of Warcraft
'little brother, Medusa is too dangerous. Get back.' Xiao Ding waved to Xiao Yan and stopped Medusa, who came to look for her father
'brother, I think I can.' Xiao Yan, who wanted to be in the limelight, said helplessly
'no, you can't.'
Xiao Ding's righteous words, swallowing the devil pot and flying out, made the world suddenly dark!
Shen Huang Zheng Du
The world of gods began to rise from the Zerg
In the world of gods, people are gods, develop believers, gather faith, and lift the kingdom of God into the starry sky
young Xu Luo came to this world and opened the Zerg domination system
Ding! Extract the sawtooth gene, and the springworm + sawtooth will become a mantis
Ding! Extract the snail gene, and the beetle + snail becomes the beetle
face hugging worm + angel + dragon + ancient god's power becomes Leviathan
extract the genes of all creatures, and the Zerg army swept the world
(book friend group 68275028,)
you don't need to worry about eunuchs because you can explode more on the shelf
Wang Xiao Wu
The day of the duel at Hogwarts
Reborn into the magical world of Harry Potter, you can take a duel to get a panel of each other's abilities at random
duel with Malfoy to obtain noble etiquette
duel with Harry to get the snake voice
duel with the troll to gain the power of the troll
fight Quirrell to get Voldemort's unique magic
fight with all kinds of witches and magical animals to gain magical and powerful abilities
beat the little wizard, rebuild the Savior, and collect the wool of the mysterious man
in this far more dangerous and powerful magic world than I remember, Sean fought all the way to the top of the wizard
PS1: IQ is online, slightly dark to
PS2: the world magic limit has been increased
PS3: golden finger only serves the plot
La Jiao Chao Guo Mi
Werewolf kill: please start your performance
[this is a true werewolf killing novel]
[the challenge of logic and reasoning, the feast of lies and camouflage]
[high-quality game, textbook style speech]
when he woke up, Gu Feng went through a world that only belongs to werewolf killing
here, only the great God of logic can survive
the battle between light and darkness, the battle between justice and evil
the battle of wolves is imminent
complex situations, strange routines and various boards
charging, barb, cushion flying... Werewolves do everything
whether a good person can break through the fog and break everything
please close your eyes after dark
it's dawn
next, please start your performance
[non werewolf killing players should be careful to enter. Several werewolf killing novels have been completed, and the quality is guaranteed]
Fei Tian Da Ju Mao
The admiral in Marvel world
Ding ~
[justice Navy system (helping every Navy soldier with justice)]
[host: Cao GUI's rank: second class soldier of the navy]
Cao GUI: 'that's a good point! It's a system. But would you like to explain why this is not marinfando but Manhattan, New York?'
System: '...
Cao GUI:' system? '
System: '...
Cao GUI:' system, please say something! '
Qi Ji Xing Mkiii
Immortal soul of steel
Red comet: 'AMRO ray, bullying new recruits is nothing. If you have the ability, come out and face me!'
Lin Youde shook his head and said, 'you are looking for AMRO Lei, who drives the Kodak. What's the relationship with Li Bao, who drives the Kodak?'
the cabin door opens slowly, and the green light shines in the dark
Lin Youde: 'Aslan Sala, free steel bullet, attack!'
the propeller starts to roar. The red Unicorn giant with white tail flame cuts through the black universe...
Keywords: machine warfare, Gunda, super robot war, steel soul
Si Mai Lu Xing Ren
Taliga, the eternal guardian of Altman
This is a parallel universe with another story of telica Altman, a brand-new world. Here, telica and kalmyra join hands to fight against each other, defeating waves of evil forces that covet the eternal core power and becoming the eternal guardian of the whole universe
originally I thought it was just a step-by-step journey, but I didn't expect that I was carrying the hatred from 30 million years ago. How should I face the sword Wu as a triega
the dark giant, the Abu soleut, the evil god, and the cosmonaut all try to touch the power of the eternal core. How can telica protect the eternal core, the earth, the people he loves, and the smiles of everyone
the single hostess, Carmela, is not a brainless smillu. You can also find a big bone in the soup. Hang the bar of Kumi. If you feel that you are right, come in and have a look
(PS: because it is a parallel universe, if there are some differences in settings, I will be the main one.)
Bei Chuan Nan Hai
Card maker's Guide
Under the gaze of the void, no one in the world ignites the fire. Lin Xiao wakes up from the chaos and carries the card master's Guide to witness the world: the Dragon creates the world in the day, the gods sleep in the dusk, and the human beings fight in the night
towering tower, oligopoly, mechanical airship, virtual world, light wheel motorcycle, card embodiment... The fire never dies, and the sun always rises. This is a legend about
'card master'. [I have finished a novel by Wan Jun.]
Xi Gua Chi Bu Pang
Survival in Tokyo from yuzaoqian
Zhen Haoren traversed the parallel world of Tokyo and became an ordinary high school student, but unexpectedly inherited the Demon power and blood of Nine Tailed yuzao, one of the three demon kings of the island
as long as you wake up your blood step by step, you can become a powerful demon. But he did not have the slightest joy and excitement, only deep fear and worry
'daily news, the spirits removal team of the Taishi Bureau recently broke into the mountains and wiped out the descendants of the children who claimed to be the wine swallowing children of the great demon king.
this is the 20th large-scale demon removal operation this year, and more and more hidden demons have been eliminated...'
the news broadcast on TV made Haoren's hands and feet cold and his neck stiff
this is an age when people are strong and demons are weak. Demons can only hide in the dark and tremble
Haoren only wants to be an ordinary person. However, he has the blood of a fox demon, so he is always targeted by a group of strange demon exterminators
in order to protect himself, he had to persuade them with his own hands
however, after persuasion...
the female eliminator of the Taishi Bureau: the Nine Tailed Fox in silver chaos? Whoa, I'm going to be brainwashed into some kind of container
witch mechanism genius Witch: Damn fox, even if you charm me with enchantment and control my body, my spirit will not yield
British Puritan female Knight: goo, kill me! I don't want to be turned into a doll without self-awareness
this book is also known as male fox demon without enchantment, I really didn't brainwash you, the daily life of victims' paranoia, and I'm not in Versailles