Ba Wan
I'm not a gold saint
You became a tomb keeper in the holy land
in the face of the upcoming Jihad, you just want to take care of the cemetery and be a king in peace
but the main plot overturns, and you have to burn the small universe and break into the zodiac by yourself...
goddess Athena: you promised me that you would marry me after the holy war, and I'll show you the blissful land
Poseidon, the God of the sea: in the future, I will make you my brother and let Zeus go
Hades: I have never seen such a brazen person as you
you shrug your shoulders: gentlemen, I just want to be a tomb keeper quietly. Please don't disturb me to guard the tomb. How far you go!
Tian Zhi Yuan
Modify supernatural
In the future, I unexpectedly let me enter a virtual game called 'the alien world', and then save three worlds by playing the game against the creation level evil gods
please! Is this what an ordinary person can do
the game can make money, and the power gained in the game can also be brought to reality
the most important thing is...
in the future, I even brought me three golden fingers
regarding this, Sui Yu said: 'I'll take this epic main task!'
You Ying Ye Shen 2
League: suona at the beginning, sent off sister Zhou
Also known as 'the beginning is a song, and sister Zhou's stupid sister is self closed'
Lin Feng passed through S7 and became a small anchor
unexpectedly, bad luck came: I was unexpectedly interacted with big anchor sister Zhou and Lian Mai, and was also asked to perform
Lin Feng wanted to refuse, but unexpectedly...
the black powder selection system came
[option 1: reject sister Zhou and reward her black powder value of 10]
[option 2: take out the suona and play a song 'Yi' for her to reward her lol extreme hand speed]
therefore, sister Zhou's dumb sister and countless netizens who heard the news were shut down
in line with the principle that the more black powder, the more rewards, Lin Feng has played a variety of tricks:
improper people have abused the major players of Korean clothing
in the competition, bright expressions dance and crazy interaction
furiously spray all kinds of small flow fresh meat vomit...
Lin Feng tries to turn all the fans of the other party into his own black powder
just a short time later, Lin Feng, standing on the S7 champion podium, looked at the black powder value of - 9 in the system and was lost in thought
What about the black powder
Sweet text

the core of the book: make everyone feel good and happy.

single female owner, guess who is dumb? Rita? Sister Zhou? Enjing? Dumb sister
PS: don't try to teach the author to write a book. Don't listen to me! (except those who reward golden sprouts ~)
Ji Mo Zhu Zi
Douro: Invincible from capturing the goddess
Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo and met Gu Yuena. After millions of years of hard work, he finally became a beast God. He was transformed into a man in heaven. He cast the first God body of Douluo and awakened the twin God level martial spirits against heaven
save bidong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the slag man. Master wants to take me as an apprentice? Sorry, you really don't deserve it
show Tang San with one hand, explode the white tiger with one fist, and kill Tang Hao with three swords... Several years later, Luo Yu swept the Douluo, and the king came to the Wulin hall. He stepped on the abyss, and his sword fingers were boundless
in the vast divine world, who can win a battle
Xian Yu Fei Xing Jia
A murmuring poem
Come to the new world where the steam industry is booming, inherit the three-story apartment in the capital square of the Kingdom, take other people's cats, listen to the whispers in your ears, and witness this mysterious and strange era
the epic of the sixth era is about to begin. Behind the curtain, the selected will step into the legend. Old gods, relics, steam, witches, detectives, ancient mysteries, era glow
'do you want to play Rhodes?' Years engrave time, silver moon shines shadow. I write legends for you, and you whisper poems for me
(there are also five million words of old books, which are constantly updated two shifts a day. At 6:50 a.m. and 5:50 p.m., the reputation of salted fish products is guaranteed.
Bao Chao Chao Tian Jiao
People are good at holding their thighs
He crossed the Douluo continent and became Ning Rong's brother. He was four years old
Wuhun seven treasures glazed pagoda has no system. What should I do
Ning Xiaotian said that he could only maintain his life by holding his thighs< br/>
Ning Fengzhi: I'm your father and I'm rich
dust heart and bone banyan: we are super Douluo
hulena: I'm the saint of Wulin temple
Qianren snow: I am the angel God in the future
Dugu Yan: I have fairy grass
bidong: I'm your mother-in-law
Ning Xiaotian: long live the Wulin hall< br/>
Yu Xiaogang: who on earth is punishing me
Dai mubai: my fiancee is gone! You still need to be beaten
Tang San: is Xiaowu missing? Where is the fairy grass? What about the Blue Silver King? What about the good chance< br/>
PS: don't follow Tang San, don't worship the master, and don't be invincible. There are many original stories. I want to see the careful entry of the main character and Shrek seven
PS: cooperate with Wulin hall to unify the mainland
book friends: 854045954
Wu Si Si Wu Wu
Different Japanese Warring States
what? This is the Japanese War of the goddess? LAN Yan's evil water natural watch and his licking dog's courtiers drove on the road. Book group: 464978742
Po Sui De Wan Ge
A watchman under one man
I, Ye Yan, the watchman
Ni Lu 2077
This brave man is even more a human scorn
The brave man who worked hard and diligently for the gods for 25 years saved the world, and then he was reborn
at the moment of rebirth, the brave man fully realized
justice? modest? pity? good? Glory? The heart of virtue of the brave
shit, I quit
why fight alone if you can fight in groups? Why don't you poison me if you can? How dare you not accept the just attack? Kowtowing to the elemental elves can give me strength. I kowtow to the element elves. It makes me sick. I kicked his robe open. He dare not say a word
it's also part of the story to collect money as a brave person. Don't play if you're unhappy.
book friends: 8673176 knocking brick: eluma
Nian Tou Bu Tong Da
Dragon clan: restart life
The dragon people share the same humanity
Everything starts from the summer vacation before sophomore year
Lu Mingfei, who has regained his supremacy, has used power as a bargaining chip to exchange for the opportunity to restart his life. He has become a happy matchmaker in this life and led his friends to embark on a happy and correct path
this book is also known as Lu Mingfei, the new generation S-class matchmaker
it strives to restore the flavor of the dragon people, and you will see a completely transformed Lu Mingfei.
Yi Kai
I am the master of Fu
when he woke up, he found that he had crossed the Tianxuan continent. He thought that his talent was ordinary and he could only become an ordinary person. Then his hope appeared
congratulations to the host for awakening the martial system
Yes, because of the existence of the system, he has embarked on a brilliant road
and Lin Dong are sworn brothers to kill demons together
I was just an ordinary person in my own identity, but I was wrong. I was the reincarnation of Fu Zu!
Ye Yin Xiao
Rax's method of threading rod
The staff of the void, also known as the Dharma wearing staff, is of dark descent, twisted flesh and blood material, and the core of the staff of the force of the void. It is a necessary good product for home and travel in the place of amulets
a piercer does not necessarily have a system - because a piercer can also become someone else's system. [reward task: little yellow hair must die]: 'do you see that little yellow hair named ezerel? Go on, Lach. Beat this thief. I'll teach you to transfer to the big element envoy!'
'your name is ezerel? Lach's one click supernatural rune is equipped!' Keywords: League of heroes, Lach, battle of two cities, land of runes, shurima, demacia
Yi Shang Qiu Zhe
The Witch of the comprehensive network: from Azeroth to the book of mountains and seas
'Let's have a small bottle of devil essence first...'
Yi Xia took a small bottle of coke from her stall and poured it into the crucible in front of her
behind the screen of the fixed mobile phone, such as 'unimaginable road' and 'far away'
Yi Xia added a plant called 'blood of grom'
of course, some people say that the bullet screen is called 'Chunya' which is used more frequently in China
as the plants fall in, the liquid in the crucible seems to add special effects
from the original black liquid with unknown bubbles, it gradually renders a frightening dark green...
'it's pigment. He added pigment!'
'seems more appetizing than balsam pear juice?'
'what is the price of Guldan?'
the barrage starts to move wildly, but Yi Xia is already grumbling
he lay comfortably on his reclining chair and looked at the passers-by outside
the sun is bright and the air is filled with a sweet smell
is it milk tea
or big white legs
Yi Xia squinted, and the sun above her head was like a big cake full of temptation
this can't be eaten...
Yi Xia subconsciously licked his lips. It seems that there is still residue of a certain star...
this is a wizard's story
Xiang Chi Da Yu De Mao
Allad's perverse Savior
Also known as [teach Celia to cheat money], [ardent citizen of Hutton Mar], [I have seen through you, second sister!], Do you think it's OK to follow history
[save face for the villains!]
the ambitious second apostle, known as the second sister, Hurd, in order to rebuild Tara, he transferred the apostles and wanted to destroy them with the help of the adventurer [tool man]
the Dragon riot, the dark Jihad, the fire of Glen, and everything behind them, all hide the shadow of the crying eye Hurd, a huge conspiracy that slowly rotates in the name of 'destiny'...
the night forest that has passed through has obtained the 'seal of heaven' written by the great magician [Mar] who opened up the Arad continent, I have an idea to make trouble in my heart...
send rotus back to the water planet
help Luke locate hebolun
vaccinate dirigig
Load Antun with a giant nuclear reactor
drag hillock out to sunbathe
retrieve the bird's eggs for prey
help Forrest Gump find his wife
transform the demon world
help Ezra catch the traitors
let Kelly go!The! (guess...)
the list of key assassins [clente, little iron pillar, red tail Jonathan]
hint: please put coins (refer to collection and recommended tickets) on the train.
PS: the official eats books seriously, and this book will not and cannot be completely according to the official
ALAD is still the same, the young girl is waiting silently, and the brave man like the wind has wandered everywhere.
Shi Zhi Ji
Pok é mon: trainers start with bounty hunters
A high-level student has crossed into the world of infinite possibilities of the elves for unknown reasons
this world only exists in animation
unfortunately, as the main character, he still cannot escape the orphan law of the main character's law
fortunately, he has a chip with him, which is not useful but better than not
plus his own efforts, luck and knowledge, 'A trainer who is lucky to be alive in this world is not a good trainer.'
'numbers don't cheat you, so the more money you spend, the stronger your Pok é mon will be.'
'there are no elves you can't cultivate. If you can't, you haven't spent enough.'
'there are still people who think that it is not expensive to cultivate an elf, right?'
the protagonist is either making money or on the way to making money
(the introduction is weak, and if you have any problems after reading the text, go to the book circle and roast about it.)
Tan Suan Yu Lei
Road survival, I have a prompt system
When he woke up with a hangover, Zhang Tuohai found that the world had entered a game called 'road survival'
a person, a car, looking for supplies on the road with no end in sight and struggling to survive
here, there are many dangers, and many people died because of looking for supplies
Zhang Tuohai found himself awakened to the prompt system
[there are resources in the material box on the left. Don't move the one on the right. There are crocodiles in it.]
[turn right ahead and the road will collapse on the left.]
[when parking, there is a level 4 material box hanging on the treetop at the roadside, which contains the transformation map of RV.]
when everyone is still struggling to survive, Zhang Tuohai can drive a RV to eat hot pot.
Tian Xu Ji Guang
Secret: I served as a foreign aid to the aurora club for those years
The Lord of mystery is my fellow man. The undercover life of an alien god on earth. The author releases himself. See Chapter 1 for details.
Xian Zhou
The body picker in Conan Lane
'False Moriarty's distillery career', 'how to properly rub the halo of death'
Jiang Xia took a sip of fake cigarette and spit out the smoke ring sadly:
'I just want to rub some cases and collect corpses, but I didn't expect to rub myself into a 'criminal planner' in the eyes of the villains.'
'what? Why didn't the protagonist catch me?'
'... Maybe it's because in their eyes, I am a contemporary high school student Sherlock Holmes.'
interview with the protagonist:
Q1: what is your secret to becoming the 'ace shark' of the black suit organization
Jiang Xia: 'take Conan to the target's home for a walk.'< br/>
Q2: Why are there always dead people around you
Jiang Xia raised his trumpet: 'reclaim scrapped talents at a high price, five insurances and one gold, including food and shelter.'
interview with detectives in the world of Kexue:
Q1: how to view Jiang Xia
Detectives: 'I don't have any shortcomings except that I'm too quick to solve cases.'< br/>
Q2: as a detective of high school students, why don't you join Jiang Xia to fight against the black clothes organization
detectives (waving hands hurriedly): 'no, I can't tell him that the darkness of the world is too heavy for him.'
[starting point Chinese website, famous detective Conan is the same person] there is a case in Jintian
Yi Chan Zhi Xia
My wife, something's wrong
I woke up
LUO Qingzhou became a concubine of the Luo family in the Chengguo Prefecture of the Dayan empire
in order to help the second son of the Luo family repent of his marriage, Luo Qingzhou was forced to marry a foolish bride who was said to be unable to speak and laugh
it wasn't until he had finished worshipping heaven and earth and the night of wedding flowers and candles that he suddenly realized:
'my wife is not right!'
not only is there something wrong with your mother, but also the two little maidens and other people in the Qin family
the big maid is sweet, charming and provocative, and her voice is like a lark
the little maid is as cold as ice and snow, and her throat is sealed when she draws the sword
my sister-in-law is talented and is as delicate as Lin Daiyu
my little cousin is arrogant and arrogant, and the whip is fatal
my father-in-law's face is solemn and dirty
my mother-in-law is as beautiful as a flower, and she likes to roll her eyes
the second brother is dedicated to practicing martial arts and says he wants to honor his family
as for Luo Qingzhou, he just wants to be a little son-in-law, and then stealthily touch him. He is invincible in the world
Shang Ke Shui Jiao Hhh
From the power of space to the heavens
'How could it be!' Tang San was shocked to see Lu Yuan intact, and subconsciously said what he thought
'nothing is impossible.' Lu Yuan stood still. If a space capable person cannot dodge the most basic physical attack in situ, he might as well dig a hole and bury himself.
Shi Pai Ke
Master of metaphysics of dnf
In an accident, Tong Zhen went back to the middle of DNF 60
and also obtained the strongest metaphysical system
we can become stronger by relying on metaphysics
how difficult is it to strengthen the equipment of increase? Look at my Xuanxue life changing
abyss does not ship? Look at my Xuanxue life changing
is it difficult to get out of the transparent sky? Look at my Xuanxue life changing
is PK losing? Look at my Xuanxue life changing
sword soul: 'I thought the 15th National War was invincible, but brother Tong directly made an eighteen Tara, which was numb!'
Xubao: 'brother Tong, please help me brush an ancient sword. You can do whatever you want!'
the beauty of sword dance smiles: 'why does MIS appear every time I have a PK with brother Tong as long as I'm ready to start a series of moves?'
gun soul Bingzi: 'I spent 30000 on a set of transparent sky, but brother Tong only spent 400?'
Tuan You Yuan
Fortunately, it can be put into the world
We can only live by picking up garbage. Three days later is the time to clean up the garbage. If there is no money, we can clean it together
Gan! I've picked up garbage. Where's the money
but it's OK
[host: Li Yu]
[number of avatars: 1 (in release)]
[transformers world: survival time of avatars – 7 days]
[route selection: approaching the protagonist]
[day 1: as a black man, you were successfully arrested in NY city.]
[the second day: the life of detention is always boring...]
[the third day: the soap on the ground is full of temptations, but you successfully keep your integrity]
[get the White Title - Guardian of integrity, do you want to extract it?]
[the fourth day: you don't talk like a smuggler, so a horse boy took a fancy to you and made friends with you.]
[the fifth day: you talked to him and said that you were a subordinate of brother Chen and came to develop sales.]
[obtain common talent - act randomly, do you want to extract it?]
[the sixth day: Ma Zai believed what you said and told the boss behind you. The boss was angry and thought that brother Chen dared to rob his business, so he bailed you out.]
[the seventh day: the boss saw you and tortured you half to death. You finally revealed that you lied and there was no brother Chen at all. The boss became angry and sealed you and the horse in the cement together.]
[survival bonus - seven days, novice bonus, get magnetic energy ion sniper gun]
What's the matter? Isn't it transformers? What about Megatron? Optimus Prime? Died without even seeing him?
Na Xi Li Ya
Survived the fourth disaster
The civil engineer was reborn in the magic land, and tragically became a wood earth water Warlock. When he was still wondering where the blood of the earth bear came from, the son of heaven next door summoned the player
looking at the life of others, hill just wants to hide.
Ming Jian Shou Tian
Legend of Aote fighting
The giant of light stands on the earth, facing the countless darkness that destroyed the world, straightens up his chest, saves the world, and becomes the Savior of the world. Not every time can he succeed
the light of destruction chose the last person to destroy the world and sent him to a new world. However, this does not mean that the darkness will end in the infinite universe
the legend praised by the universe
the miracle sung by the universe
the light of the universe
the king respected by the universe
this is the endless road that the man who has lost his home has taken.
Chong Meng
Start with the mechanical hunter
The NPC of the dog day came to catch people along the network line again! It was not easy for Gao Gong to get to the end of the game. Looking around, he found that the players were canceling their numbers, and the machine crashed. It would burn Gao Xiang if they could go offline
'immortal slaves',' bio batteries', 'renewable tin cans' and' unlimited hands' are the end of most players
in this life, Gao Gong vowed to take the lead... To make players into tin cans.
Xi Ji Jian Bing
Long live the invincible call of heroes
Magic is power. In the fantastic universe where all races compete for supremacy, the story of a High Elf Mage from weak to strong, until he traverses the world
key words: mage, magic, summon, hero, arms, adventure, Lord, war (this book draws lessons from DND, medieval Warhammer, Warcraft, hero invincible, etc.)
Jia Lan 2020
Isn't it so difficult to open a hospital in another world
The story of an emergency department doctor who died suddenly after working overtime
the sails of the Great Voyage have been hoisted
the steam engine has not yet started to roar
the glory of the glorious Lord shines on the mainland. On the island across the sea, the churches of the gods and the magicians support the throne together
dwarves walk freely in the cities of the kingdom. The legends of werewolves, vampires, elves, and dragons have never faded
Wu Zhou, a doctor in the emergency department who died suddenly after working overtime, passed through the body of Gretel, a young city guard, in such an era
teammate: not good! The captain is seriously injured and his intestines are leaking out
Gretel: help me up, I can still sew
Gretel: close the abdomen
teammate:... What
Gretel:... To treat a slight injury, yes, press it on the place where I sew it and let it grow... No, press the layer I sewed first, and then treat the muscle layer...
Gretel: remove the suture
teammate:... What
Gretel: No, the treatment is too fast. The suture is long in the wound
when modern medicine meets magic and magic, what kind of brilliant sparks will be stirred up in this alien world
Gretel: learn magic, learn divinity, open up territory, and fight with the Church of the Lord of light... Believe it or not, in fact, I really want to open a hospital
I have finished this old book with one million words, and the new book is guaranteed to have two chapters every day. It is released at 12:00 and 8:00 p.m.
group number: 649136249
Mo Shou Yu Gui
Integration of extraordinary lineage
When MoBa's character template entered the [foreign] world of morpg, Mo Cheng felt that there was something wrong with the painting style of this world
'think of the king of dragon descent with four wings and three heads. When the four wings vibrate in and out of Qingming, they are torn by me.'
'rolling up the demon king who devoured the light in the eternal night, the sharp blade killed the life, and the power created the spirit, which was also blasted by me with the supreme holy light.'
'now, you say you want to deal with me?'
the roaring dragon shakes the mountains and the earth wails. The holy light shines, expels darkness and purifies the world
shadows, darkness, and villains tremble before Mocheng
'then, face me!'
'face it, justice!'
Mu Zi Qi
A wonderful adventure started by the pirates
Name: Jon Josta
doubles - 'door (DOR)'
ability: control all related things of the 'door' concept within a radius of 100 meters, and can also open the invisible door at any position, Entering the 'inner world'
[destructive power: e]
[speed: C]
[range: b]
[endurance: e]
[precision: a]
[growth: a]

in a word, this is Jon, who passed through the youngest son of the second Joe (Josef josta), and chengtaro, who went to Egypt to kill DIO, but accidentally let his own double evolve.And, The story of having the ability to open the 'door of the world.'< br/>
PS. The protagonist is a scum in the world and acts without scruples
(mainly in the game and animation world, the open world: one piece of sea, JOJO's wonderful adventure, one punch Superman, ghost killing blade.)
Tags: comprehensive man, game, semi invincible flow, shuangwen, double Messenger, JOJO
Yan Huo Jiu Song
Conan: I'm not snake spirit disease
Through the world of Detective Conan, Chi Feichi was sent to the hospital
doctor: 'what day is tomorrow?'
chi is not late: 'Wednesday.'
doctor: 'well, tomorrow is Friday.'
the pool is not late: '...
August 21
doctor: 'what month and day is tomorrow?'
chi is not late: 'August 2.'
doctor: 'well, tomorrow is January 1st.'
chi Feichi: '...
when everyone thinks that the time of chaos is correct, and one of them cannot correctly identify and integrate into it, that person is a different kind, that is, a patient
once you enter the hospital, it is like a sea, and it is impossible to recover in this life
chi Feichi took a deep breath: 'old! Son! No! Dry!'