Wu Si Si Wu Wu
Different Japanese Warring States
what? This is the Japanese War of the goddess? LAN Yan's evil water natural watch and his licking dog's courtiers drove on the road. Book group: 464978742
Wang Rui
Death: please call my name
'Is he really a senior? He is gentle and strong. I really want to be like him.' Young Sentao said with some longing
'that guy, I haven't seen his serious face, nor his angry face. He's even more elusive than the Beijing band leader.' A San Jing touched his chin and thought carefully
'Damn, next time, at least let him use the original understanding... No road race, no interview!' A bald man lying in the sifan team house was incompetent and furious
[more and more interesting, isn't it, Zhenjun.] Under the light reflected by the glasses, a smile appears
group number: 897437282 welcome to our company.
San Xiao
Altman was picked up by middleman Hui
'Do you like Altman?'
GAO Yechun picks his teeth with a card: 'I don't like Altman, who likes Altman?'
'then tell me what the card is in your hand?'
GAO Yechun glanced at it
'well, there is no powerful utoraman sikali.'
'then you say you don't like Altman!'
'please, this is utoraman, or the weak and helpless hicali.'
we mainly focus on the world of demonic transformation and Degas. There are multiple universes. Don't correct the time line problem in detail. We mainly focus on books
the protagonist pursues strength, and does not become Altman at the beginning. If you don't like it, don't enter
the old books of auven, Auman's starting from the broken corner monster, and aught's monster is crazy
Xiao Ji Zhuo Xiao Mi
Tokyo video game tycoon
Electronic games are one of the important ways of people's entertainment in the new era
however, the Japanese zhuyouxing, who has traversed the parallel world, finds that the game industry in this world is extremely depressed and seems never to have arisen
therefore, zhuyouxing decided to bring the ninth art to the world
'Mom, Super Mario 3 is on sale! This is the Christmas gift I want most!'
'my Zelda is addicted to picking up branches and has no intention to save the princess'
'it is link who saved the princess!'
'ah? Really? All right, Zelda'
'I'm willing to sacrifice my soul, just to protect the fire girl!'
'compared with racing cars, extreme racing is YDS!'
'Tifa is my eternal goddess!'
games never sleep. This is a story that only focuses on the development of the game entertainment industry
(this story is a parallel universe and does not imply any relevant characters. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental.)
Ji Mo Zhu Zi
Douro: Invincible from capturing the goddess
Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo and met Gu Yuena. After millions of years of hard work, he finally became a beast God. He was transformed into a man in heaven. He cast the first God body of Douluo and awakened the twin God level martial spirits against heaven
save bidong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the slag man. Master wants to take me as an apprentice? Sorry, you really don't deserve it
show Tang San with one hand, explode the white tiger with one fist, and kill Tang Hao with three swords... Several years later, Luo Yu swept the Douluo, and the king came to the Wulin hall. He stepped on the abyss, and his sword fingers were boundless
in the vast divine world, who can win a battle
Zhe Hen Ke Xue A
What is a hexagon playing wild
{League of heroes E-sports article}
group warfare, gank, vision, operation, consciousness, hero pool... All filled
GU Xing explains with his career what is called hexagon fighting wild
the 18-year-old Gu Xing unexpectedly discovered his unique talent. Originally, he only wanted to make some living expenses in his spare time in summer to relieve the economic pressure of his family, but he accidentally plunged into the LPL in 2016
there are sweeping EDG, the emerging RNG, and the reorganization of version 2.0 of we in the League...
there are strong enemies outside the league. Lck, which has won the championship for three consecutive years, is like a rainbow. It is still continuing its rule. The European and American divisions are ready to try to turn around, and LPL is still walking in the boundless darkness
but they all came
from the moment Gu Xing embarks on his career path, his goal is only the champion
from the ignorant newcomer to the team leader, and then to the symbol of the division and even the League of heroes, he has stepped up to the peak!
Shi Feng Si Wang
Angel Binghua of the seminary
Some book friends can't find the communication group, so they post the group number [71720613] here. Those who are interested can come in and play with a female angel for ten thousand years. The early period may be a little long. The angel is the strongest fighting God and one of the four kings
he has the title of 'weapon maker' and 'God of war'. I've always been single and my writing is average. I can only guarantee that I don't have any reading difficulties
the following is the approximate length of this book. In addition, the new book is for your support. Tiangong Order Chapter - the four kings era chapter - body war chapter - supernatural academy chapter (anti emptiness God building project chapter) - just order chapter (demons and angels) - just order collapse chapter (Modern line) - the emptiness God chapter (I imagined it) - (I'm writing about it)
Rong Yan Huo Shan
Lord of misty world
The world is covered by fog. Within the fog, the space is chaotic. In that fog, countless treasures called strange things were born, with an incomparable magical ability
in the fog, countless spaces are fused together. In the misty world, zombies, demons and ghosts are rampant
in the misty world, science and technology, magic, fighting spirit, magic, martial arts and other powers are displayed through strange things
Di Feng from the earth suddenly came to the misty world and became a Lord. See how di Feng led his territory to develop and become the strongest Lord in the misty world.
Fei Xiang Gu La Duo
The sand storm field of elves
This book is small, with 6 permissions to modify features, and the protagonist comes with sand control. The sandstorm is flying all over the sky, and the terrible monster roars. The king of leave (Hercules, eight pack abs) hides in the sandstorm and gives you a punch. You are afraid. The introduction is weak. Please see the text. I want to write a different sandstorm
this book is realistic and dark. Don't click it if you don't like it. Established group: 141848061, welcome to join the group to urge the change.
Fu She
Players in Marvel
After waking up, he came to marvel and became a demon God between existence and nonexistence. In order to disturb the reality dimension, the virtual demon God summoned players from the unknown dimension
in New York City, the 'black hand Walloon' staged another shocking robbery. This time, the target was the Playboy of stark industry
hell's kitchen has opened a new 'xingpingding food house'. At the same time, the 'dark cooking world' tries to control the world with its taste
king has welcomed new enemies and new Italian families are expanding! The [witch Kikyo] who lives in the street meets the fearless people in the kitchen of hell. While exploring the case of missing shadows, what sparks can they make!
Dong Huang Kang Ba Zi
I'm a small stone
Xiaoshi, the son of Shi Hao, is endowed with unparalleled talent and has created the fruit position of Xianwang
(1039585306 welcome to the water group)
the world sighs for saving his father from sacrificing himself in the final World War I
Emperor Huang Tian: 'if there is no reincarnation in the world, then I will create a reincarnation existence myself.'
time has passed, and I don't know how many eras have passed since the emperor of the wasteland made a decision
with the vicissitudes of time and space, the former homeland has evolved into a blue planet
however, one day, the wheel of fate turned slightly, and the small stone returned to the world again
did the emperor of heaven create the true reincarnation
or is this person just a similar flower
looking at the Jiulong coffin above the sky, Shi Nian has a premonition that he will open a new world by climbing on it
Ming Tian Xiang Shui Jiao
I set off a night trip of ghosts in the forbearance circle
Under the hazy moon, the five shadows retreat, the tail beast creeps, and the holy land is closed. After the mist, a scarlet demon pupil slowly opened, and the monstrous demon force wantonly pushed
in front of the demons, Yu Zhibo gently swept through the collapsed forbearance allied forces and quietly announced: 'this is my night walk of ghosts.' (PS: Fire shadow, yin and Yang division, Ping'an Jing, night travel of ghosts)
Chao Ren A Z
Unlimited projection Hall: the opening broadcast of aochuang Ruishi
At the party celebrating the extermination of a base of Hydra, the people of Fu Lian are playing happily together
the next second, an infinite projection hall came and began to play what if.
after watching infinite altron, Thor did not hesitate to blow up altron's model with a hammer
play rocky rocky: old people, children and even women recognize what an alligator is
play 'Fu Lian 4' US team: Tony, if things really get to that point again, let me snap my fingers. You have little pepper and your daughter
play 'three bodies' Tony: dark forest, two-way foil, light grain. Is the universe so horrible
it is not only the multiple universe, the DC Universe, the X-Men universe, and the aut universe
play Batman of Superman and steel: there is such a horrible existence on the earth! It's time to prepare an anti Superman armor and kryptonite package
play the legend of super Galaxy: it seems that there is no problem. You can continue to drink tea and fish
play 'X-Men · Apocalypse' Professor X: my hair
welcome to the infinite projection hall. Here, you can not only observe the universe with observers, but also get surprises from other universes.
Hong Shao Rou Gai Fan Jun
I'm devouring the stars and picking up content
My name is Luo Yuan. Now I'm engulfing the world of stars. I'm not picking up content every day. I'm gentle and easy-going. Please don't provoke me. Otherwise, I can only send your family to God in order. I don't want to. It's just that your life will make me feel insecure
Yi Shang Qiu Zhe
The Witch of the comprehensive network: from Azeroth to the book of mountains and seas
'Let's have a small bottle of devil essence first...'
Yi Xia took a small bottle of coke from her stall and poured it into the crucible in front of her
behind the screen of the fixed mobile phone, such as 'unimaginable road' and 'far away'
Yi Xia added a plant called 'blood of grom'
of course, some people say that the bullet screen is called 'Chunya' which is used more frequently in China
as the plants fall in, the liquid in the crucible seems to add special effects
from the original black liquid with unknown bubbles, it gradually renders a frightening dark green...
'it's pigment. He added pigment!'
'seems more appetizing than balsam pear juice?'
'what is the price of Guldan?'
the barrage starts to move wildly, but Yi Xia is already grumbling
he lay comfortably on his reclining chair and looked at the passers-by outside
the sun is bright and the air is filled with a sweet smell
is it milk tea
or big white legs
Yi Xia squinted, and the sun above her head was like a big cake full of temptation
this can't be eaten...
Yi Xia subconsciously licked his lips. It seems that there is still residue of a certain star...
this is a wizard's story
Xian Yu Bu Zai
The dawn of Lordaeron
On the day of your birth,
the whole forest of Lordaeron is calling your name:
when the young prince is no longer blinded by hatred,
when the king of Lordaeron breaks the boundary between life and death,
when the future of Azeroth is no longer in the fog,
the original path of degeneration is gone,
I am the king of Lordaeron, the co owner of life and death, It's the dawn of Azeroth!
Qi Ji Xing Mkiii
Immortal soul of steel
Red comet: 'AMRO ray, bullying new recruits is nothing. If you have the ability, come out and face me!'
Lin Youde shook his head and said, 'you are looking for AMRO Lei, who drives the Kodak. What's the relationship with Li Bao, who drives the Kodak?'
the cabin door opens slowly, and the green light shines in the dark
Lin Youde: 'Aslan Sala, free steel bullet, attack!'
the propeller starts to roar. The red Unicorn giant with white tail flame cuts through the black universe...
Keywords: machine warfare, Gunda, super robot war, steel soul
Tao Chuan
Naimuban loop
This is the female host of Muban 46. Why is it a loopback? Come on, come and see. You'll understand after reading it
for the love of power generation, the author lives by comments. Let's give tickets and rewards to other Sakamoto people first (*?)? *.?: *?
Yu Zhou Wu Di Shui Ge
I have no money to go to college, so I have to kill dragons
In short, the years are long, but it is worth waiting. Lin Nian waited for 16 years, waiting for the call of the Kassel gate, and waiting for the absurd, passionate and indulgent youth.
Chang Bai Shan Shang Zhang Bai Ke
Don't even want to run out of the novice village
The world has become the playground of the heaven world, and all living creatures are digitized, waiting for the players of the heaven world to come to kill and torture countless times
Yi Zheng, who incarnated as the first abandoned strange rabbit in the novice village, chose to take a group of rabbits to start running, sit ups, push ups, rowing and swimming on the green grassland... One year later, when the player came, he saw not a group of small monsters, but a horrible devil muscle rabbit
the rabbit king sitting at a high place waved carrots and spoke harshly: 'starting today, no one wants to go out of the novice village!'
Xian Zhou
The body picker in Conan Lane
'False Moriarty's distillery career', 'how to properly rub the halo of death'
Jiang Xia took a sip of fake cigarette and spit out the smoke ring sadly:
'I just want to rub some cases and collect corpses, but I didn't expect to rub myself into a 'criminal planner' in the eyes of the villains.'
'what? Why didn't the protagonist catch me?'
'... Maybe it's because in their eyes, I am a contemporary high school student Sherlock Holmes.'
interview with the protagonist:
Q1: what is your secret to becoming the 'ace shark' of the black suit organization
Jiang Xia: 'take Conan to the target's home for a walk.'< br/>
Q2: Why are there always dead people around you
Jiang Xia raised his trumpet: 'reclaim scrapped talents at a high price, five insurances and one gold, including food and shelter.'
interview with detectives in the world of Kexue:
Q1: how to view Jiang Xia
Detectives: 'I don't have any shortcomings except that I'm too quick to solve cases.'< br/>
Q2: as a detective of high school students, why don't you join Jiang Xia to fight against the black clothes organization
detectives (waving hands hurriedly): 'no, I can't tell him that the darkness of the world is too heavy for him.'
[starting point Chinese website, famous detective Conan is the same person] there is a case in Jintian
Shu Huang Bei Po Xie Shu
Imperial beast patrol envoy
Lin Su has the ability to go to another world in the blue star, which is not long after the age of the beast
there, the era of controlling animals has long come, and countless ancestors have created a far more brilliant civilization of controlling animals than the blue star
Lin Su, a trainee animal control envoy who suffered from having no money to buy an initial pet animal, said:
your evolutionary route is very good. Now it is mine
your teaching skills are very good. Now it's mine
in return...
Lin Su looked at the beast envoys in another world who were overwhelmed by the strong martial arts
'then revive the glory of the Royal beast!'
Xian Yu Fei Xing Jia
A murmuring poem
Come to the new world where the steam industry is booming, inherit the three-story apartment in the capital square of the Kingdom, take other people's cats, listen to the whispers in your ears, and witness this mysterious and strange era
the epic of the sixth era is about to begin. Behind the curtain, the selected will step into the legend. Old gods, relics, steam, witches, detectives, ancient mysteries, era glow
'do you want to play Rhodes?' Years engrave time, silver moon shines shadow. I write legends for you, and you whisper poems for me
(there are also five million words of old books, which are constantly updated two shifts a day. At 6:50 a.m. and 5:50 p.m., the reputation of salted fish products is guaranteed.
Chen Xing Ll
This game is too real
Informal introduction:
this game is too real
Why do you lose your teammates' clothes when you hit them
what? You ask me if this game is serious
of course it's serious
moving bricks, running errands, picking up garbage, delivering express... The company can let you experience the hardship of 96 at most, and here you can experience the super double 07
is there a more real game than this
OK, no more nonsense. The great manager called me to move bricks
the adult said that as long as we donate our liver, he will be able to change a new set of power armor next month, and then he will take us to open a new map and pick up more garbage in the vast waste land
serious introduction:
Chu Guang, who traversed the wasteland world, unlocked the refuge system and was able to summon a creature named 'player' from the world before he traversed
from that day on, the whole waste soil was not serious.
Dai Dai De Huo Qiu
Global game: opening 10 billion psionic coins
Alien civilization invasion, global psionic recovery, a game used to fight against alien civilization was born...
what? Can only use psionic coins for all transactions in the game
you can't quickly improve your strength without burning a lot of money
Su Yu stood beside the world's largest psychic spring and smiled
I have 10 billion psionic coins! Are you afraid
PS: I have finished this old book with 1.6 million words, and my reputation is guaranteed.
Bi Feng Bi Luo
Online game: I am a professional player
Time and space era, a newly popular game, does not need manual operation and any electronic equipment. It has been loved and loved by billions of players around the world since its birth. Time and space era, through the time and space of thought, all human beings enter the game with thoughts. You will be the next leader
there are many occupations, mysterious changing skills, terrible creatures and huge cities here, just like the second world and the second earth. What are you waiting for here You're taking a risk
he is just an ordinary player, but at the same time, he is a player with all professions in the whole server
he is the big BOS and big bug in the time and space era mobile game, which makes countless players desperate
player 1: 'I report, he hangs up!'
player 2: 'I report why he can have 1000 ability points. It is absolutely open!'
player 3: 'Temo, who can tell me why this whole profession can be used?'
player 4: 'this guy is a monster! He is definitely not human, not human!'
Chen Tian: 'ah! I'm just playing games!'
however, as Chen Tian played games for more and more time, he found that his body had changed. [unfold] [stow]
Di Jing Ka Fei
Csgo's E-sports Manager
When Meng de holds the trophy of the best eSports manager. The reporter asked, 'what can you rely on today?' Looking at s1mple, zywo and Niko in the team, Meng de said helplessly: 'it all depends on my excellent teaching.'
Fang Mu Ren De Chen Yu
This Sea Lord is a little strong
It is also known as 'my subordinates are not running to Ba, they are running to Ba', also known as 'my sirens are so lovely', and also known as 'I am the man who wants to be the thief king of Shanghai'
people swarmed into the holographic virtual Lord game Lord of glory, but found that they could not be offline
all players become lords and fight for survival and honor
Ji Chen found that he had loaded the science and technology tree of the arms, which could strengthen the skills of the arms and even upgrade the level
Dragon blood fish man, tidal Naga, dead squid, pure blood sea elves, deep sea goblins, Canglong knight, death god Leviathan, North sea monster and other powerful arms came one after another
from then on, a Sea Lord who made all lords and aborigines feel frightened was born
in the boundless ocean, an ocean island has become a bright pearl in the ocean
players: this Sea Lord is a bit strong!
Xiang Chi Da Yu De Mao
Allad's perverse Savior
Also known as [teach Celia to cheat money], [ardent citizen of Hutton Mar], [I have seen through you, second sister!], Do you think it's OK to follow history
[save face for the villains!]
the ambitious second apostle, known as the second sister, Hurd, in order to rebuild Tara, he transferred the apostles and wanted to destroy them with the help of the adventurer [tool man]
the Dragon riot, the dark Jihad, the fire of Glen, and everything behind them, all hide the shadow of the crying eye Hurd, a huge conspiracy that slowly rotates in the name of 'destiny'...
the night forest that has passed through has obtained the 'seal of heaven' written by the great magician [Mar] who opened up the Arad continent, I have an idea to make trouble in my heart...
send rotus back to the water planet
help Luke locate hebolun
vaccinate dirigig
Load Antun with a giant nuclear reactor
drag hillock out to sunbathe
retrieve the bird's eggs for prey
help Forrest Gump find his wife
transform the demon world
help Ezra catch the traitors
let Kelly go!The! (guess...)
the list of key assassins [clente, little iron pillar, red tail Jonathan]
hint: please put coins (refer to collection and recommended tickets) on the train.
PS: the official eats books seriously, and this book will not and cannot be completely according to the official
ALAD is still the same, the young girl is waiting silently, and the brave man like the wind has wandered everywhere.
Xi Hu Long Teng
Villain BOS: starting from the invincibility of the East
Crossing to the eastern invincible, he also awakened a villain big BOS system. In my memory, there are immortals in this world
OK! After I have practiced the sunflower... The real ultimate villain BOS is: as long as you dare to come to this world, the world will change color for you, all things will bow down for you, and all creatures will fight for you!