Ye Po Feng Qiao Bian
I'm Liu jinu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty
Liu Yu, a professional household who has entered the family, originally wanted to have a soft meal in his youth. However, the times were turbulent and the people were destitute. In order to protect his hard won small family, he had no choice but to mention the three foot green front and return peace to the world.
Guai Dan De Biao Ge
The end of Song Dynasty
The Last Song Dynasty has not recovered Yanyun, and the Last Song Dynasty has been bullied by foreign enemies... When the Southern Song Dynasty is about to die, he must do those great deeds that the Last Song Dynasty has failed to achieve.
Si Meng Yu
The Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty
There is no weak man in the Han Dynasty, and civil and military affairs determine the world.
Bing Bing Dai Fu
I've all ascended the throne. Who should I contact
'Remember what I said just now!'
'sorry, I've only passed through for one minute. Why don't you say it again!'
'I'm dying. I can't get the antidote until I finish the task. Otherwise, I'll die. I'll go in two days...'
'Hello, who should I contact? Hang up after that!'
in a strange world, an unknown Dynasty, a lost memory, an unknown task, Mengxin undercover Chu Mu is a little confused
in order to find out the cause and effect, and to get the antidote to survive, Chu Mu decided to cheer up and go to the meeting. But the emperor died and did not open the door before he started
'Oh, God! I don't care. If I don't open the door, I'll turn it in and connect!'
Chu Mu didn't expect to find himself in a big conspiracy. He went into the palace and sat on the Dragon chair
looking at the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty kowtow to themselves, Chu Mu looked sad: 'I have already ascended the throne. How can I connect with them?'
Da Si Kong
Cheated Kangxi
The illegitimate son of longkodo, the commander of Jiumen, cheated Kangxi miserably at the most critical juncture of Jiulong's capture!
Wo Yao Zuo Huang Di
I want to be TAISUN
My grandfather is Zhu Yuanzhang, my father is the crown prince Zhu Biao, I am the legitimate son of the crown prince, and I am the heir in order of the Ming Dynasty
I want to avenge my father! If I'm here, the concubine won't be able to sit on the throne. Those who do harm to the princes and uncles have heard that there are four islands in Japan. Go to educate them... In this life, I will never be a coward, be imprisoned, or die suddenly
ZHU Yunxi uttered the strongest voice: I want to be too sun! I want to be emperor!
Feng Wei Yu
Cold door owl Dragon
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Jin Yu
Three Kingdoms: Liu Bei's account, nine to five
'Big brother, it's not good. Lu Bu has killed him again!'
'big brother, it's all right. Han Ming has made a move, and LV buma has disappeared!'
'brother, it's not good. Yuan Shao sent the literary clowns to attack us!'
'brother, it's all right. Han Ming is... Leading the army of literary clowns to dance the square dance!'
'no... no, it's time for you, and Han Ming is going to leave work!'
Liu Bei:
in the turbulent times of the late Han Dynasty, since there was a big man named Qin Yao, the painting style suddenly became wrong
Fantong Dianwei: I just want to cook with the boss every day
flying general Lv Bu: what's the meaning of killing? Isn't it fragrant for the elderly
prostitute gun Zhao Yun: carrying a long gun, he specially asks for someone to greet him three times
as for the three brothers Liu Guanzhang, please go and invite brother Han Ming to play mahjong
Yuan Shao cried: why do all the loyal civil and military officials under my charge leave me
Cao Cao is full of tears: young woman, it's all mine, mine, woo
Sun Jian stealthily touches it: today is the weekend of the Han Ming Dynasty. I can go out and have a wave
Qin Yao's name has become the most brilliant representative of the times.
Kong Ming: I am inferior to him in terms of military strategy
Lv Bu: I am inferior to him in terms of martial arts
Guan Yu: on loyalty and righteousness, I am inferior to him
Ma Jun: I am inferior to him in terms of invention
Cao Cao: on Jimei, I am inferior to him!
Feng Xiao Mu
At the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), he fought for the world
In the second year of Chongzhen. The Su River crosses the Ming Dynasty and becomes a tenant of grain shortage in Shaanxi. Inspire people to rise up, lose their deer, and the world will chase them
kill the gentry and lend the land. Issuing bonds and engaging in education. Develop industry and train strong troops. Overthrow the Ming Dynasty and exterminate the tartar prisoners.
Man Juan Shi Shu Wan Dian Hua
Steel tycoon in the late Ming Dynasty
It passed through the ancient city of Zunhua in Ji Town at the end of the Ming Dynasty and received an iron smelting workshop. Watch the protagonist rebuild the mountains and rivers with iron and fire.
Xiao Lan Er Ya
Marquis's farmer's wife
After crossing into the ancient wild kingdom of Dayu, she became a poor little peasant girl Leng Yingchun who fled from famine. She fled with the villagers. Her brother was captured as a strong man, and then she and her sister were caught in the bandit nest
after escaping with difficulty, he was knocked unconscious and entered the palace as the eldest lady of Leng family in pingshuikeng
due to serious illness, he was thrown on the road and was saved by the young Marquis Su Jingxian
I thought I could go to the place with abundant water and grass in the south of the Yangtze River with the young marquis< br/>
. Who knows the little Marquis stole away
it's really hard to find a way out. I went to a small wild mountain village to cultivate land and grow high-yield and high-quality rice
the emperor was so happy that he gave the princess her name and gave her the task of strengthening the country
OK, the princess has gone to work
will the young Marquis come with me
follow, and shine in agronomy together. [unfold] [stow]
Qing Shan Tie Shan
British civil servants
The World War II has come to an end throughout the world, but the decline of the British Empire has just begun. The United States and the Soviet Union are looking forward to the glorious years in the future and know that the decline of the aristocracy is no longer their own obstacle
'I don't agree with them, but it's not all bad to dismantle British India first.'
Bu Yi Yang De Xiao Yan
I open a pawn shop in Datang
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Yang Shi Liang Jia Zi
I am the great song dynasty
At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the court was sick and weak. The whole country is plagued by such maladies as redundant officials and soldiers, and the emphasis on literature and the neglect of military
however, Zhao Huan felt that all kinds of old diseases in the imperial court of the Song Dynasty were scabies. There was only one serious ailment, that is, the emperor's knees were too soft
after crossing Zhao Huan, Emperor qinzong of the Song Dynasty, he was once again trapped in the Jin army camp. It was less than a month since he was abandoned
it seems that the fate of misery and humiliation has been doomed to be imposed on him, but Zhao Huan will never accept his fate and vows to wash away this doomed humiliation and win the half of heaven
I am a country, so the Song Dynasty added three parts of blood, two parts of bravery and one part of technology, and finally changed the whole world
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Zei Mei Shu Yan
Li Zhi, don't encourage me
'Does your majesty have to oppose this palace?' Empress Wu's Phoenix eyes contain evil spirits. Li Zhi stepped back in fear and swallowed the water: 'I dare not... No! Li Qing, where is Li Qing?' After three dynasties of meritorious service, Li qinzai rushed out, held down Li Zhi's retreating body, and said in a deep voice: 'Your Majesty, don't encourage me to fuck her!' As if Li Zhi had found a savior, he tugged at Li qinzai's sleeve and whispered: 'I don't encourage you, not at all. Li Qing, I authorize you to help me with her!'
Fan You Xiang
Prince of heaven
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Ji Leng
National leader: I have emperor simulator
The game of the Lord of the world is opened, and all people cross the world to become the king of a country
but after a few days, everyone quietly woke up to the situation they were facing
in the eyes of these forces, the monarch is nothing but a puppet
and this is not a drill. If you are careless, you will die in a different world
fortunately, Liang Qiu woke up to the emperor simulator
[get three emperors' fortunes and start to simulate now]
[on February 22, you will become the king of a country]
[on February 23, you will make great efforts to rule the country, and the Imperial Hall will shake the dragon's power!]
[on February 29, you were killed by an assassin sneaking into the Imperial Palace]
[after the simulation, you can keep the imperial spirit forever]

when the novice protection period ended seven days later, Liang Qiu looked at the chaotic court with a gentle sneer
'it's time for a change.'
Song Hun
At the end of the Song Dynasty
The people of Hu drove their horses south, and the imperial court kept destroying the Great Wall. The economy of the great song dynasty was about to collapse. An illegitimate abandoned son set up a workshop to prove himself. He fought against treacherous officials and fought against the Hu people
however, I didn't expect my father to treat him like this. Q group: 29173257
Zhang Jian Zhi Tian Ya
Chongzhen: I am the king of prosperity
Through the change of emperor Chongzhen, the last pride of Daming was torn. The death knell seemed to have rung
every inch of mountains and rivers is an inch of blood, and the mountains and rivers ravaged by Jianlu deeply hurt Daming. It seems that a prosperous country has really become an unreachable dream
the building is going to collapse and the country is going to be destroyed. Let me turn the tide Book friends: 938.87.683
Li Po Shan
Yipin cloth clothes
After the Beidi people broke through the customs, they died of starvation for thousands of miles. Their children were like cattle and sheep, and the dead were buried in the wild. In the world of war and chaos, I just want to live with the little maid wife who escaped.
Hui Bi Shuai Rong
Return to the early Tang Dynasty and become an immortal
This book is also known as Tang Gaodao
Kong Qing inexplicably returned to the Tang Dynasty and became a Taoist priest. Then he found that the world seemed to be wrong...
there was an assassin named Yin Niang. There is a part-time killer named kong'er. There is a Kunlun slave named Moli living in Chang'an city
there are gods and ghosts everywhere. It's really dangerous
Kong Qing looked at the merit value on his system panel and sighed helplessly. The system began to draw prizes. I must draw out the nine turn Xuangong
welcome to the legendary world of the Tang Dynasty!
Xing Ba Tian
Start with detective Li Yuanfang
Through Li Yuanfang, he changed his family background and became Li Jing's direct grandson. He was a noble scholar with both literary and military skills and lived a beautiful life
but how can you become a detective? There is a fat Dali Temple minister who especially likes to ask my advice... Di Renjie: Yuan Fang, what do you think
I: in the name of the Lord, there is only one truth, and the murderer is him! Di Renjie: Yuan Fang is really a god!
Tian Xiao Ni Ni
Dressed as the cannon fodder of Shoufu's family
After wearing the book, Wei Jiao became cannon fodder for three episodes
the husband who was paralyzed in bed by the original master is the black heart head Gu Yancheng, who will be so powerful in the future that even the male master will look up to
the four skinny and unsightly adopted sons who were abused by the original owner are all ferocious villains
in addition, both the husband and the adopted son are moved to kill her
Xianggong: Wei Jiao, if you want to run away without us, I will make you die
Dabao: Dad killed the bad woman. I'll sharpen my knife
er Bao: Dad, don't be afraid of being killed. I'll buy poison
Sanbao: don't stop anyone. Let me do the digging
Sibao: how about pushing the bad woman down the mountain to feed the wolf
looking at the ferocious family members, Wei Jiao could not help shivering
well, is it still time for me to wash the white?
Kang Zhan San Lang
Liangjian: develop independently and bring back an artillery regiment
The group performance Wang Cheng went through the parallel world of swords and became Wang Chengzhu, the artillery under Li Yunlong
after the first World War in cangyunling, in order to keep his position, Li Yunlong issued a military order to the general manager, and in three months, the new regiment developed into a reinforced regiment comparable to the 358 regiment of the Shanxi Suiyuan army
after three months, the whole regiment will gather
1st battalion commander: I have 50 more soldiers than before
second battalion commander: I have less than 10 soldiers, but there are two Italian guns
Wang Chengzhu looked at his own troops: Commander, although you only gave me a platoon, is it not too much for me to have 50 people in this platoon
in addition, in order to ensure the safety of artillery, I set up a security force of reinforced infantry battalion, an armored battalion, a cavalry battalion and a special brigade. Isn't it too much?
Shan Cun Lao Qu
Survival in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty
At the end of the Han Dynasty, it was not easy to survive. All parties fought for hegemony and abandoned the people. Class control is difficult to turn over. What can the ordinary people do?
Wu Shui Yu Gui
I am the king of the country
In the 14th year of orthodoxy, Zhu Qiyu woke up from a dream and opened his eyes
the transformation of the civil fort has taken place. The three generation elite Beijing camp has been completely destroyed
Zhuqi Town, the garbage of his brother and emperor, is closing the door of Datong mansion
ZHU Qiyu found himself not only defending the capital! Protect Daming! I also want to protect my wife and children
it's cruel to personally supervise the punishment. Is it the king of the nation
if you trust eunuchs to appoint internal ministers, are you the king of the country
is it the king of subjugation to engage in militarism and trust military men
well, I am the king of the country
this book is also known as 'Daming welcomes its loving father', 'my life', 'I will never surrender'
Yi Jiu
Divine doctor silly concubine: King can defy heaven's favor
She is the head of the hidden ancient martial arts family. She has excellent medicine and poison, and her acting skills are online
she is the foolish third lady of the prime minister's residence. Her father doesn't care, her mother died early, her sisters beat and scolded, and her evil slaves humiliated her
in a car accident, she became her and was married to the blind and lame disabled king
pretending to be crazy and foolish, she beat her own sister, tore up the imperial edict, angered her father, abused her own mother, punished Diaoyu, and slept a beautiful man
what? The beautiful man is actually the fiance of the disabled king, and he also wronged Ba and accused her of throwing it away when she finished
she holds her forehead, and beauty is wrong
this is a deal, and strong union. From then on, he regarded her as his life.
Xue Wo Zhong Hua
Your majesty
In 127, Genghis Khan left and the master came. Practice Kung Fu, cultivate the fields, open up science and technology, be proud of the heroes, sweep the four barbarians, fight if you want, and if you don't agree, you will be weak. In the Southern Song Dynasty, I am invincible
Zhu Xiang Shu Wu
Leopard Commando
Wan Lin, the son of a martial arts family who has lived in seclusion in the mountains for generations; King of beasts; Little leopard coincidentally participated in the special combat unit of the army, and formed a leopard commando team with them as the core. The hero is a man and an animal. He commands the mountain with unique martial arts and strange animal skills
Liang Zhou Qi Li
Senior officials of the Northern Song Dynasty
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