Tui Ta Tian Wang
Datang: God level bear child
Li Chengfeng, a scientific research genius in the 21st century, crossed the Tang Dynasty and turned into Li Shimin's six-year-old son
in the God-given bear child system, Li Chengfeng pulled Li Shimin's beard and angrily resented Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui at the beginning, but they could do nothing about it
Li Chengfeng used his talent and scientific knowledge to solve natural disasters by diverting water from the south to the north. The hybrid rice he developed can yield 20 jin per mu
exterminated Turks and subdued Koguryo. At the age of six, Li Chengfeng was granted the title of God King of the Tang Dynasty. It can be said that there is no bosom friend in the future. Who in the world does not know you?
Ran Hao
How many things happened in the Late Jin Dynasty
I have already finished the old books 'tilting the Song Dynasty' and 'power tilting the north and the South', with guaranteed reputation and stable updating. I will never be a eunuch
abridged version:
'elder martial brother, help me!' 'Madam, help me!' 'Brother in law, help me!'
serious version:
in the Late Jin Dynasty, the flames of war were everywhere. Du Yingxue, the common son of Du family in Du Ling, went down the mountain. It was the northern expedition of Huanwen. The world situation was turbulent and turbulent. How many things happened at the end of the Jin Dynasty? Was an Neng laughing
spoiler version:
that year, Du Ying patted Xie Xuan on the shoulder: 'see your uncle across the street, go!'
Tian Zi
No. 1 scholar in Royal dress
In the 10th year of Zhengde, Huguang Anlu. Zhu Hao, who has passed through the children of the royal guards family, has entered the king Xing's mansion and saved Zhu Hourong three times. He is also the benefactor, best friend, classmate and teacher of the future Jiajing emperor. He is surrounded by Jieyuan, Huiyuan and No. 1 scholar. He is also supported by Lu Bing, the commander of the royal guards, and a group of young people. He asks who can stand higher and more stable than me in this bright world
... The son of heaven, who has created the legend of rebirth, the speed of light leader, the cross-border ghost doctor, iron bone, and the top scholar of the cold family, calls on old friends to return to support!
Geng Su
The general is fierce
In the 5th year of Tianxuan in Dayue, the king of the imperial history was demoted to tangzhou for the crime of disrespect. He passed through Tongbai mountain and was chased and killed by an assassin sent by the political enemy's Secret envoy Cai Ling
the brave and foolish young Xu Huai unexpectedly awakened a strange memory in the sea of his brain. He was involved in this treacherous assassination case at the end of the Dayue Dynasty
Jia Rui
Ming dynasty sea disaster
The magnificent military story of the coast of the Ming Dynasty
Zhou Fu
Three Kingdoms: Hanzhong ancestor
In the middle of Gao Taishi, Liu Chan, the empress of the Han Dynasty, was lucky to get Zhuge in danger. He helped the Han Dynasty and thrived the Han Dynasty
there is a saying: when ZHONGZU wields a whip, how majestic is the tiger! The northern expedition to Cao Wei, the southern expedition to Jiangdong, the western region of Xi'an, and the eastern expansion of the three Koreas
The Empress Liu Chan is a great man! Book friends: 740753945
Yue Xia Guo Zi Jiu
Mixed in the Imperial Palace, fake eunuch
At first, Li Yi, dressed as a little eunuch, didn't really want to wear a green hat for the emperor. But later, looking at the noble and graceful queen, Li Yi's mind changed. He wanted to give people maternity leave
'you sit on the mountain, and I'll take care of the beauty for you.' Li Yi had a good discussion with the emperor, but the emperor couldn't sit on that chair
there are wolves in the front, tigers in the back, and a bunch of treacherous ministers. Seeing that the country is not the country and the family is not home, Li Yi wields a butcher's knife
Hei De Ma Yi
Daqin: I'm a saint by reading. The beginning calls for Snow Dragon riding!
Unexpectedly, he passed through the Qin Dynasty and became the eighth Prince Ying ziye. He awakened the divine reading system and became stronger as long as he read! As long as you read, you can get unlimited rewards. As long as you read, you can become a saint
for this reason, Ying Zi studied all day long and worked hard to avoid disaster
one day
the first emperor was in great danger and wanted to travel east to seek long life
the Mohist school is ready to move
the remaining evils of the six countries are ready to revolt
Zhao Gao intended to tamper with the imperial edict
Ying ziye knew that he could not hide any more at this time! If you hide the Daqin again, you will be killed by Hu Hai
'I've been playing the pig and eating the tiger for more than ten years. Today, I don't hide it!'
'today, I'm a saint by reading! One sword cuts the sky!'
'order, 3000 Snow Dragon cavalry!'
< br/>
Jiang Zuo Chen
In the Tang Dynasty, the moon was bright, and in the Song Dynasty, the pass was closed
In the Tang Dynasty, the bright moon shone on my heart. In the Northern Song Dynasty, the iron clothes of Xiongguan were cold! In the Southern Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), there are poems and songs, with Su Chen's brilliant talent
in the Northern Song Dynasty, the frontier pass is a place of golden goblets and iron horses. Su Chen's words are powerful and powerful. This was the end of the Five Dynasties and the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was an era of great opportunities and great achievements
let's see how Su Chen walked out of his wonderful life during the Tang and Song Dynasties!
Ao Gu Tie Xin
Sir, I have to pay more
Filled with righteous indignation, Jia Liu shook his arms and shouted: 'my old man has shed blood and tears for the Qing Dynasty. How can you say that my Jia family is the second minister?' For the sake of his family's reputation, Jia Liu worked hard and sold his family property to buy officials everywhere, ready to rehabilitate the old man. Unexpectedly, the Qing Dynasty died< br/>
. He has already finished the excellent works such as the big Liu Kou, the Si Li Jian, the Han Er is not a slave, the great Ming wolf riding, and the evil slave.
Bi Hai Si Yun
The great Sui Dynasty was dominated by ups and downs
Yang Ji, who was born in the Sui Dynasty, was the king of sui'an Prefecture. In only half a year, he boiled Yang Shuang, the father of the burning Turkic holy mountain, into the king of Wei. He changed himself and became the king of Wei
when Yang Guang, king of the Jin Dynasty, had no intention of competing for reserve, Yang Ji became Yang Guang's little brother; With my mother's encouragement, I fought and became the top dandy king
however, when he reached adulthood, he found that Gao Yu, who was destined to be cool, wanted to be his father-in-law
at first, Yang Ji only wanted to get rid of Gao Yu and live a happy life with Yang Guang's thigh, but it was not as simple as expected
the rhythm is a little slow. Please be patient
there is another book, the third generation of the great Sui Dynasty, which can be read by friends who are short of books.
Yi Pian Xue Gao
Lv Bu's life reversal from a sparrow
According to records, at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there were two wars in Yanzhou, both of which ended in Cao Cao's victory. In the first battle of Yanzhou, millions of yellow scarves were subdued
in the second battle of Yanzhou, Lv Bu, marquis Wen, withdrew from Yanzhou. But in the last battle between Cao Cao and Lv Bu
a sparrow flies out of the woods. Will history change because of a sparrow?
Wu Shui Yu Gui
I am the king of the country
In the 14th year of orthodoxy, Zhu Qiyu woke up from a dream and opened his eyes
the transformation of the civil fort has taken place. The three generation elite Beijing camp has been completely destroyed
Zhuqi Town, the garbage of his brother and emperor, is closing the door of Datong mansion
ZHU Qiyu found himself not only defending the capital! Protect Daming! I also want to protect my wife and children
it's cruel to personally supervise the punishment. Is it the king of the nation
if you trust eunuchs to appoint internal ministers, are you the king of the country
is it the king of subjugation to engage in militarism and trust military men
well, I am the king of the country
this book is also known as 'Daming welcomes its loving father', 'my life', 'I will never surrender'
He Cheng Feng Yue
There were 200000 troops in front of me, but I did not cherish them. It was not until I lost it that I regretted it
If God gives me another chance, I will... My name is Zuo Menggeng. My father is Zuo Liangyu
to live again, I pledge to turn the wheel of history to the left!
Yi Mo Qing Yan
Lianzhi brocade
Fresh clothes, red horses, smiling dimples & mdash& mdash; In the desert of Southern Xinjiang, a beautiful and unparalleled flower blooms. In the bloody battle in the Jianghu, this beautiful flower has been hammered into a horse sect leader who has no righteousness
she wears a red dress, and she comes and goes! She is both a general and a young girl. Although she is determined to kill, she is chivalrous and tender
she promised herself to the caravan as two brothers Insert a knife and die for your bosom friend. But when it comes to feelings, she is calmer and more self-contained than anyone else
his mother's sacrifice to death brought him a stable life for 18 years. He forbear to lie dormant beside his enemies, only to take back everything that belongs to him in the best way of the enemy one day
he is able to write and write in the world, and he is able to mount a horse to settle the world. With the wisdom of Zhuge, the benevolence of Xuande, the talent of Gongjin, the heroes of ancient and modern times are only kings
their acquaintance and love are 'fate' and 'robbery' & mdash& mdash; It is precisely because they all shoulder the mission that they cherish each other and secretly develop feelings. However, the 'body of the horse Gang' and the 'heart of the court' prevent them from getting too close
when the wind blows, they go hand in hand and lay a beautiful landscape. When the wind blows, where should they go? [unfold] [stow]
Ping Qie An
Fengtu spring history
Zheng Ji, the princess of Changding, is in a high position. She is in charge of the ten leading houses. She rides thousands of horses and enters the police in transit.
when she sees Du Fengju, the young son of the Taifu, she is very happy and asks with a smile: 'Hey, would you like to be the best husband in this hall?'
Du Fengju could hardly see anyone more beautiful than himself. For a moment, he was obsessed and nodded proudly: Well, when will he ask for an order to marry him
at the beginning, he thought that both of them only wanted each other's looks.
he never thought that she would be reborn and go through all the blood, Only then can he hold him in his arms
and he himself will bow down for her alone: May your highness live a thousand years without worry
in the previous life, Zheng Jimeng was unjustly imprisoned and became a prisoner from emperor Tai Jiao.
Du Fengju risked his life to save her and gave her all his skills.
finally, he took his body as a shield to block the killing arrow for her.
to live a life again, Zheng Ji felt that he must be treated as a gift in the world to be worthy of his deep feelings.
the Royal Highness Princess, who is the most powerful and powerful, has a soft body Many Taifu children in Majia [unfold] [Close]
Xie Jian Yuan Xing
Commander, please stay
The commander is the head of an army. He has a high position and a powerful position. No strong man can do it
at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt, the uprising in the six towns was in full swing, and numerous well-known governors emerged
among them, governor Er Zhu Rong Er Zhu, who has more merits than Cao Cao and has more disasters than Dong Zhuo, Governor Chen Qingzhi, who swept the Northern Wei Dynasty with 8000 white robes, governor Gao Huan, who made a fortune with a face and a mouth and ate soft food, governor he Ba Yue He Ba, who is well-equipped with both literature and martial arts, and Governor Yu Wen Taiyu, who is low-key and honest
all are heroes
but among these commanding governors, there is also a very different kind of people
there is an unknown Governor Liu. Although he is more handsome than Gao Huan, more powerful than Chen Qingzhi, Bill Zhu Rong is better tempered, more cautious than he Bayue, and more low-key and generous than Yu Wentai
however, it is reputed as the 'crow commander' by people and is despised by various forces because of the fact that whoever dies, falls with whom, and praises who is unlucky
'have you heard that ER zhurong is a world-class talent. Cao Cao has reappeared and is holding a strong army. He is about to ascend the throne and become the emperor.
How about you and I follow Er zhurong to learn from the dragon?'
on the street of Luoyang, Liu Yi kept his promise and bewitched Linqing County Baron Chen Yuankang.
Qu Ge Bi Ming Za Zhe Me Nan
She was forced to knock CP
As a vicious female companion who has killed herself and stubbornly refused to realize her mistakes, Jiang Nianjiao finds herself reborn. However, with her rebirth, there is also a Tuanzi who claims to knock the CP system
as a result, Jiang Nianjiao, who is violent and overweight, was forced to go on the road of breaking CP
she works hard to promote the love process between men and women every day
the man's mother prevents the man and woman from being together. She advises
the male owner's pursuer bullies the female owner and helps her
villains like women Lord her
it's just that the villain's eyes are getting more and more wrong recently
What about CP
Why do you want to go into business. [unfold] [stow]
Yan Yu Mang Cang Cang
Guan Yu was killed at the beginning of the Three Kingdoms
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos, and the eighteen princes attacked Dong Zhuo. In front of the Sishui pass, a man who capsized on the Wujiang River killed Hua Xiong, the unparalleled general Pan Feng. At a loss, he was lucky to have the courage of a overlord
in the Marquis' camp, all the Marquis are worried because Hua Xiong is brave and no one can fight. It's Guan Yu, who is a horse Bowman. He squints his Danfeng eyes and asks for a fight. He directly makes a military order: 'a family is willing to kill Hua Xiong! If not, please behead me!'
Wan Nan Niu Er
Da Qian's son-in-law
Qin Mo, a single dog in the history department, passed through Daqian and became the son of a fool in the state of Qin
I wanted to fight a chicken and walk a dog, but everyone forced him
Duke of Qin: son, please marry the princess
emperor Daqian: good son-in-law, you are my lucky star. You should be the son-in-law of Daqian, and you should be the son-in-law of Daqian
Prince: my good brother-in-law, without your support, my brother-in-law's throne is unstable
officials: Qin Hanzi, we fought with you
Alien: Qin Hanzi is our greatest enemy
Princess: Qin Hanzi, if you don't want me, I will fight with you!
Ling Ling Hou
Daming: I help my wife to be the Empress
A young girl suddenly appeared in the old house of Hao Guangming's family. Unexpectedly, it was Princess Zhu Yi of kunxing! What surprised Hao Guangming even more was that the girl could go back and forth between the Ming Dynasty and modern times, but she could not get out of his old house
then, a story about the cultivation of a female emperor began·
Xiao Yan Mai
The spring and Autumn period of forging heaven's secrets is meaningless
This is the story of a swordsman. In China, Chinese people are fond of swords, and they are proud of being equipped with swords. It is not too much to be obsessed with swords. It is precisely this kind of fashion that makes the swordsmith highly respected by people, from ordinary people to princes and nobles. When they meet the swordsmith, they will try their best to recruit them, either for the guests or for the private court. In return, the swordsmith will forge powerful weapons and provide military equipment for the victims, saying that he can wear self-defense or guard the house gate when he is small, and that he can rob the land and open up the territory and destroy the country and the city when he is large. This is sword casting! In the 130 kingdoms of the spring and Autumn period, how can the nine tripods sing mournful songs. Three hundred years in the spring and Autumn period, 36 kings were killed. The spring and Autumn period is not only an era, but also a life. It is the baby of Chinese civilization.
Ren Dao Zhong Nian Zhi Lao Hu
Han Hai Tang Er GUI
Yiwu in the west, Lingwu in the East, more than 4000 li of land, millions of households, and mountains and rivers in the six counties
GUI Yijun, in the northwest at the end of the Tang Dynasty, is an unforgettable history. Zhang Yichao is a hero who should not be buried by the yellow sand of history
however, the time has come to the second year of Changxing in the Tang Dynasty after five generations. The Tang Dynasty is gone, and Zhang Yichao has also died for decades. How do the descendants of Northwest Guzhong live in the danger of surrounded by wolves
can a soul from later generations use the identity of Zhang Yichao's great grandson to raise a banner of righteousness in the northwest and turn the tide?
Xi Fang Zhi Zhu
Lost spy
Don't lie to me. I can smell the spy on you. - Meng Shaoyuan. A micro expression expert, when he came to Nanjing in 1936 and became a military statistics agent, he was sure that he could change many things.
Xiao Yu De Ming Yun
Opening ceremony, American tycoon
Is it good to cross South America? Zhu Xianhai's answer is very cool. After all, in the 19th century, South America was still a place where groups of people fought for hegemony, where there were old people everywhere, and the Pampas prairie was still a virgin land... The arrival of a Chinese worker ship made Zhu Xianhai go on a road he had never imagined
'the tycoons of Asia and America, your Chinese master is here...'
Zhu Tou Qi
My espionage years
'Flame', 'spark', 'Chenzhou', 'Bluebird', 'amber', 'Cheng Wufang', by the way, 'Kentaro Miyazaki', and -
when Cheng Qianfan opens his eyes every day, the first reaction in his mind is: what is my identity today (which vest should I wear)
this book is also known as' my vest of ACE agents is innumerable '
the red 'fire' hidden in the enemy, the agile and meritorious red team member 'Chenzhou', the beloved General of military statistics Dai Chunfeng, Qingniao, etc
however, he knows that he is Cheng Qianfan, a firm Red soldier
'in the dark, you firmly watch the sun in your heart; in the long night, you silently give birth to the dawn; in the tiger's den, you endure humiliation and stand by; in the fight, you rise quietly and kill the enemy invisibly; your name is unknown, and your achievements are immortal...'
his story began in the early spring of 1936...
Penguin Group Number: 78697817
Xi Zao De Tu Zi
Da Jin found a god of war
The king and the horse share the world. Who says that the king's family can't have the world? In the summer of 383 A.D., on the eve of the Feishui war, the graduate student of the history department went through the body of Wang MI in Langya and found a god of war... Liu Yu: the fortune teller said that I was born emperor
Wang Mi: No, you don't. It's all illusions!
Chen Rui Cong
Ji hanzhangwu
The main road is long and long, and the difficult road is narrow and fast
there is no inferiority in trimming the wings, and the toes are far away
Shu Wuling's cloud feather, striding for a thousand miles
who can drive you out of the dust
in troubled times, Chen Chong, who mourned the people, begged for life and died, was reborn as a child of Chen family in Yingchuan at the end of the Han Dynasty. Looking at the devastation of Kyushu, he was determined to change the world
in the past decades with Liu Bei, he experienced disappointment, betrayal and even break, but he still unswervingly walked this road
the whole place is filled with grief and blood. It is nothing but a thought to save the people.
Cun Bu Yi
The first villain of the Tang Dynasty
Tell your majesty that the sixth prince made a big fuss about the princess's wedding, and beat his Highness the prince and his son-in-law seriously! I still refuse to admit my mistake
Li Shimin: 'rebel son, if you don't admit your mistake, I will expel you from the royal family! Demote you to a commoner!'
Li Yun: 'what a bullshit prince! I don't care!'
half a year later
Li Shimin: did Li yunken admit his mistake
Your Majesty, the sixth Prince refuses to admit his mistake and is now living better than you. His monthly income in Liulichang is one million yuan. It is comparable to Changan's tax revenue for half a year
Li Shimin is frightened: This...
Your Majesty, the group company of the sixth Prince has provided tens of millions of jobs and enabled tens of millions of families to achieve a well-off life. Monthly income of millions! Wealth is invincible
Li Shimin is in a hurry: call my son back to the palace. I'll apologize to him
it's late! The sixth Prince and his ocean fleet have set out for Japan, saying that they will capture the Japanese emperor alive
Li Shimin is confused: no! Get him back! no I personally asked him to come back!
Zi Lan You You
Since I was a special soldier, one click recycling
Take out brother Qin yuan gets a one click recycling system. The items put in can provide relevant attributes and abilities for himself
put in the marksmanship to get the best marksmanship and be superb! Put in kittens and get super sensitivity! Look at the slow motion of human left hand and right hand! Put in the owl and get super night vision! Night looks like day! No one can escape! Add cactus to get super drought resistance! Add water bear insects to get super vitality
put spiders in and get spider danger sensing! Put in the platypus and get the bioelectrical induction ability
until one day, Chu Yuan put a unicorn fairy in his backpack...
this is awesome
Qin yuan gained 850 times his own weight
from then on, he started his life against the sky and became the Super B king who scared the whole world!