Gui Shu Yao Ji
I have a special forces system
[military supremacy - Alien war] entries] through the world of 'I am a special soldier' and assisted by the special soldier system, he is a worthy movie star, special soldier and pilot
make-up permeates, relying on performance. It has achieved perfection in every branch of the army and is worthy of being the king of the army.
Si Dai Zhong Jian
Everyone asked me to be emperor
I'm not modest, you said I'm a common people, how can I be the emperor? what? You said that I was born out of phase and was the right person. Is that feudal superstition
ah, don't kneel down, or you will be killed for rebellion? Ah, officer, don't kill me. I'm forced but helpless. I'm not really rebellious
ah? Why do you kneel down and follow me to revolt when your officials quit? Gentlemen, please go ahead. We're just passing by
Oh, don't! Why are your knees so soft? You kneel when you see me and recognize me as the Lord!
Jiu Xiao Luo Xue
Chaotic War: Call of Three Kingdoms for hegemony
What about Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong, Yue Fei vs. Zhang Fei, Xiang Yu and Li Yuanba? Let's see Yuwen Chengdu + Jiang song + Luo Shixin
what? You're not enough. OK, Xing Tian, Li cunxiao, it's your turn. You have Han Xin, the soldier immortal, and I have Bai Qi, the God of killing, and Li Jing, the army God
the emperor of Qin and the emperor of Han and Wu, the emperor of Tang and the emperor of song, gathered together to decide the supreme overlord.
Twenty seven years
The world is in an era of the transition between the old and the new, and the collision of politics, economy, ideology and culture is becoming more and more fierce
moster vilak, a photographer from the slum of zwald, will stir up everything and divide the world in the turbulence of rapid industrial development and crazy expansion of ambition
[overhead world, with certain reference but not absolute, please do not compare reality] [reader group number: 89741074]
Qi Zhi Tiao Zao
Starting from the hundred household officials
That year, a streamer of light fell from the sky to the southeast. In that year, Emperor Xiaozong was sitting in front of his couch
in that year, the world turned upside down and the thunder was everywhere. That year, his son inherited his father's business and was only a small official
* there are two old books with more than 10 million words, the movie world bandit and the strongest man in the heavens. The old author is updated and stable, and his reputation is guaranteed. You can't wait to read them.
Bi Hai Si Yun
The great Sui Dynasty was dominated by ups and downs
Yang Ji, who was born in the Sui Dynasty, was the king of sui'an Prefecture. In only half a year, he boiled Yang Shuang, the father of the burning Turkic holy mountain, into the king of Wei. He changed himself and became the king of Wei
when Yang Guang, king of the Jin Dynasty, had no intention of competing for reserve, Yang Ji became Yang Guang's little brother; With my mother's encouragement, I fought and became the top dandy king
however, when he reached adulthood, he found that Gao Yu, who was destined to be cool, wanted to be his father-in-law
at first, Yang Ji only wanted to get rid of Gao Yu and live a happy life with Yang Guang's thigh, but it was not as simple as expected
the rhythm is a little slow. Please be patient
there is another book, the third generation of the great Sui Dynasty, which can be read by friends who are short of books.
Shang Tang Dou Miao
Concubines are invincible
In the third year of Kaiping in the Liang Dynasty, a soul from the earth came to the Dingguo government and attached himself to Pei Yue, the abused concubine. From then on, he opened his invincible road in this strange world.
Yang Wang
Humble official
Qi Yu, a poor scholar, had no capital in business and no way to get rich. He had to rely on the imperial examination to find a way out
go all the way and strive to be the one who laughs last. It was not until one day, when the country had more internal worries and foreign invasion came, that the emperor tried to use this humble official.
Wo Niu Fei Niu
In the 11th year of Chongzhen period,
natural disasters occurred frequently in the Ming Empire,
the people were separated from each other
in the same year,
'eight kings' Zhang Xianzhong,
'Cao Cao' Luo Rucai and other giant bandits were pacified
the situation is very good. The Ming Dynasty has ushered in a new turn, and ZTE is hopeful
however, in September of that year, the Qing army invaded the capital city of the Ming Dynasty.
Chongzhen ordered governor Lu Xiangsheng to fight against the Tartars
Where will the Ming Dynasty go?
Xie Jian Yuan Xing
Commander, please stay
The commander is the head of an army. He has a high position and a powerful position. No strong man can do it
at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt, the uprising in the six towns was in full swing, and numerous well-known governors emerged
among them, governor Er Zhu Rong Er Zhu, who has more merits than Cao Cao and has more disasters than Dong Zhuo, Governor Chen Qingzhi, who swept the Northern Wei Dynasty with 8000 white robes, governor Gao Huan, who made a fortune with a face and a mouth and ate soft food, governor he Ba Yue He Ba, who is well-equipped with both literature and martial arts, and Governor Yu Wen Taiyu, who is low-key and honest
all are heroes
but among these commanding governors, there is also a very different kind of people
there is an unknown Governor Liu. Although he is more handsome than Gao Huan, more powerful than Chen Qingzhi, Bill Zhu Rong is better tempered, more cautious than he Bayue, and more low-key and generous than Yu Wentai
however, it is reputed as the 'crow commander' by people and is despised by various forces because of the fact that whoever dies, falls with whom, and praises who is unlucky
'have you heard that ER zhurong is a world-class talent. Cao Cao has reappeared and is holding a strong army. He is about to ascend the throne and become the emperor.
How about you and I follow Er zhurong to learn from the dragon?'
on the street of Luoyang, Liu Yi kept his promise and bewitched Linqing County Baron Chen Yuankang.
Man Juan Shi Shu Wan Dian Hua
Steel tycoon in the late Ming Dynasty
It passed through the ancient city of Zunhua in Ji Town at the end of the Ming Dynasty and received an iron smelting workshop. Watch the protagonist rebuild the mountains and rivers with iron and fire.
Chong Zhi
Regent Daming
He rose to the top, he was deeply loved by the holy family, he was the focus of the world, and he was a very high official. He was reviled by the world and hated by the clean people. He was the biggest backer of all corrupt officials in the Manchu Dynasty. Among the people, half of the people think he is in the world
Li Po Shan
Yipin cloth clothes
After the Beidi people broke through the customs, they died of starvation for thousands of miles. Their children were like cattle and sheep, and the dead were buried in the wild. In the world of war and chaos, I just want to live with the little maid wife who escaped.
Qing Bo Fan Ren
Rise from 190
190, the beginning of the 20th century, industrial revolution, westernization movement, hundred day reform, righteousness and farce... Under domestic and foreign troubles, a huge ancient oriental country was in the midst of ups and downs, and its fate was ill fated
in this year, a young man from the south of the Yangtze River with a strange origin plunged into the whirlpool of the troubled world with modern knowledge and skills.
Na Mo Chou Dan
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
Clear away the clouds, let the hidden political struggle have nowhere to hide, and uncover the story behind the story. Restore the true history of Five Dynasties and ten countries for you.
Ren Dao Zhong Nian Zhi Lao Hu
Han Hai Tang Er GUI
Yiwu in the west, Lingwu in the East, more than 4000 li of land, millions of households, and mountains and rivers in the six counties
GUI Yijun, in the northwest at the end of the Tang Dynasty, is an unforgettable history. Zhang Yichao is a hero who should not be buried by the yellow sand of history
however, the time has come to the second year of Changxing in the Tang Dynasty after five generations. The Tang Dynasty is gone, and Zhang Yichao has also died for decades. How do the descendants of Northwest Guzhong live in the danger of surrounded by wolves
can a soul from later generations use the identity of Zhang Yichao's great grandson to raise a banner of righteousness in the northwest and turn the tide?
Xiao Yu De Ming Yun
Opening ceremony, American tycoon
Is it good to cross South America? Zhu Xianhai's answer is very cool. After all, in the 19th century, South America was still a place where groups of people fought for hegemony, where there were old people everywhere, and the Pampas prairie was still a virgin land... The arrival of a Chinese worker ship made Zhu Xianhai go on a road he had never imagined
'the tycoons of Asia and America, your Chinese master is here...'
Zhou Fu
Three Kingdoms: Hanzhong ancestor
In the middle of Gao Taishi, Liu Chan, the empress of the Han Dynasty, was lucky to get Zhuge in danger. He helped the Han Dynasty and thrived the Han Dynasty
there is a saying: when ZHONGZU wields a whip, how majestic is the tiger! The northern expedition to Cao Wei, the southern expedition to Jiangdong, the western region of Xi'an, and the eastern expansion of the three Koreas
The Empress Liu Chan is a great man! Book friends: 740753945
Ran Hao
How many things happened in the Late Jin Dynasty
I have already finished the old books 'tilting the Song Dynasty' and 'power tilting the north and the South', with guaranteed reputation and stable updating. I will never be a eunuch
abridged version:
'elder martial brother, help me!' 'Madam, help me!' 'Brother in law, help me!'
serious version:
in the Late Jin Dynasty, the flames of war were everywhere. Du Yingxue, the common son of Du family in Du Ling, went down the mountain. It was the northern expedition of Huanwen. The world situation was turbulent and turbulent. How many things happened at the end of the Jin Dynasty? Was an Neng laughing
spoiler version:
that year, Du Ying patted Xie Xuan on the shoulder: 'see your uncle across the street, go!'
Tian Zi
No. 1 scholar in Royal dress
In the 10th year of Zhengde, Huguang Anlu. Zhu Hao, who has passed through the children of the royal guards family, has entered the king Xing's mansion and saved Zhu Hourong three times. He is also the benefactor, best friend, classmate and teacher of the future Jiajing emperor. He is surrounded by Jieyuan, Huiyuan and No. 1 scholar. He is also supported by Lu Bing, the commander of the royal guards, and a group of young people. He asks who can stand higher and more stable than me in this bright world
... The son of heaven, who has created the legend of rebirth, the speed of light leader, the cross-border ghost doctor, iron bone, and the top scholar of the cold family, calls on old friends to return to support!
Qian Jin Ding
My sword shining career
He accidentally came to the world of swords. At the beginning, Gao Hongming intended to survive the victory of the war of resistance against Japan
but facing the scarred rivers and mountains, and facing the 45 million compatriots groaning under the iron hooves of the Japanese invaders, Gao Hongming finally decided to go out of his way. It's a big deal to hang up and cross again... Fuck him.
Zhu Tou Qi
My espionage years
'Flame', 'spark', 'Chenzhou', 'Bluebird', 'amber', 'Cheng Wufang', by the way, 'Kentaro Miyazaki', and -
when Cheng Qianfan opens his eyes every day, the first reaction in his mind is: what is my identity today (which vest should I wear)
this book is also known as' my vest of ACE agents is innumerable '
the red 'fire' hidden in the enemy, the agile and meritorious red team member 'Chenzhou', the beloved General of military statistics Dai Chunfeng, Qingniao, etc
however, he knows that he is Cheng Qianfan, a firm Red soldier
'in the dark, you firmly watch the sun in your heart; in the long night, you silently give birth to the dawn; in the tiger's den, you endure humiliation and stand by; in the fight, you rise quietly and kill the enemy invisibly; your name is unknown, and your achievements are immortal...'
his story began in the early spring of 1936...
Penguin Group Number: 78697817
Gao Yue
create feudal lords
'What you can't get on the battlefield, don't expect to get at the negotiating table.' The battle of Fuping in the fourth year of Jianyan was a strategic decisive battle between the song and Jin Dynasties for Shaanxi and even the northwest. The song army was defeated miserably, and the strategic focus of the Song Dynasty was shifted to defending Sichuan
after several years of Song Jin peace talks, the western region was finally bounded by the dashangguan and Qinling Mountains, and Shaanxi and the Northwest were all lost, all of which were caused by this
when a soul from later generations wakes up in the battle of Fuping. Everything is different.
Sha Mo
Sun and moon
If you want to wear its crown, you must bear its weight. If it is difficult to bear its weight, you must determine its crown. On the day when the youth in the border city looked up, they were full of emperors and generals whose crowns were not correct, so they raised their swords and began the journey of hunting crowns
this is a story of taking kings as prey!
Jia Rui
Ming dynasty sea disaster
The magnificent military story of the coast of the Ming Dynasty
Mo Ran Qing Hui
Xiaoyao small Constable
Xu Qing, who had just taken the postgraduate entrance examination, accidentally crossed over a constable who was killed by a falling stone. On the first day of work, I met a handsome Constable with tall stature and Daimei Xingtong
when Xu Qing heard that the female Constable wanted him to work under the female constable, Xu Qing refused
until Xu Qing saw that the female Constable broke a stone lamp post... The female Constable said: 'I don't like to force others. If you don't want to follow me, just say it
'Xu Qing looked at the stone lamp post beside him and swallowed a mouthful of water:' I am willing to be a humble servant. This is my humble servant's decision to obey my heart! There is no reluctance! '
Yi Mo Qing Yan
Lianzhi brocade
Fresh clothes, red horses, smiling dimples & mdash& mdash; In the desert of Southern Xinjiang, a beautiful and unparalleled flower blooms. In the bloody battle in the Jianghu, this beautiful flower has been hammered into a horse sect leader who has no righteousness
she wears a red dress, and she comes and goes! She is both a general and a young girl. Although she is determined to kill, she is chivalrous and tender
she promised herself to the caravan as two brothers Insert a knife and die for your bosom friend. But when it comes to feelings, she is calmer and more self-contained than anyone else
his mother's sacrifice to death brought him a stable life for 18 years. He forbear to lie dormant beside his enemies, only to take back everything that belongs to him in the best way of the enemy one day
he is able to write and write in the world, and he is able to mount a horse to settle the world. With the wisdom of Zhuge, the benevolence of Xuande, the talent of Gongjin, the heroes of ancient and modern times are only kings
their acquaintance and love are 'fate' and 'robbery' & mdash& mdash; It is precisely because they all shoulder the mission that they cherish each other and secretly develop feelings. However, the 'body of the horse Gang' and the 'heart of the court' prevent them from getting too close
when the wind blows, they go hand in hand and lay a beautiful landscape. When the wind blows, where should they go? [unfold] [stow]
Si Meng Yu
The Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty
There is no weak man in the Han Dynasty, and civil and military affairs determine the world.
He Cheng Feng Yue
There were 200000 troops in front of me, but I did not cherish them. It was not until I lost it that I regretted it
If God gives me another chance, I will... My name is Zuo Menggeng. My father is Zuo Liangyu
to live again, I pledge to turn the wheel of history to the left!
Geng Su
The general is fierce
In the 5th year of Tianxuan in Dayue, the king of the imperial history was demoted to tangzhou for the crime of disrespect. He passed through Tongbai mountain and was chased and killed by an assassin sent by the political enemy's Secret envoy Cai Ling
the brave and foolish young Xu Huai unexpectedly awakened a strange memory in the sea of his brain. He was involved in this treacherous assassination case at the end of the Dayue Dynasty