Xiao Long Tu Mu
Zhao Defang: the road to becoming a king
Under the shadow of the candle, the loving father passed away, the mother and the empress were put under house arrest, the Uncle Wang was demoted and put under house arrest, and the brother committed suicide. How did Zhao Defang and di Fei walk through the bloody rain under the eyes of the imperial tiger? How can physical pain be more difficult to heal than inner sorrow? This book will take
Jiang Shan Yu Mei Ren
Chief National Officer
The young crosstalk actors accidentally crossed into the feudal era. They began to talk about storytelling and sing small songs, packaged stars for entertainment, and the beauty smiled at the willow bank. The wolf smoke wind lifted the east of the river. what? Do you compete with your brother for poetry, intelligence, money, and women? Ha, the world
Li Ren Wang Zuo An
Lie drunk in the country
This is the best age, and this is also the worst age. Some people live on the Bank of the Qinhuai River, where they are drunk with Sheng songs and drunk with peace. They sing the flowers across the river. Some people live in the battlefield where the prisoners beat the Customs at night and the wind and snow are full of bows and swords
Shui Leng Jiu Jia
Little Warlock of the Three Kingdoms
Wang Baoyu, a local warlock, traveled to the Three Kingdoms. He only thought about how to return to the modern world. He didn't want to change history just because his little butterfly flapped its wings. He looked at the thatched cottage three times, borrowed an arrow from a straw boat, and burned the red cliff. He only saw the Three Kingdoms performance without learning anything
Qie Ting Cang Hai
Nanyang overlord
From a tiny place to a vast country! From knives and spears to warships and fighters! Special soldier Lin Fei, return to the Sino Japanese war! The tiger sits in Nanyang and the Dragon stretches across the world! Reader group has been established: 423214695, welcome to come! (Canghai wechat public
Yue Guan
Son of night
He is hereditary but not a prince; He comes from a noble family, but he is not a noble one. As a jailer in the six gates, he wanted to pass on the iron rice bowl handed down by his ancestors, but he didn't want to be fooled out by a divine staff
Wu Wei Jiu
Bright thief
In the 11th year of Chongzhen, the Manchu Dynasty (1616 - 1911) knocked down the customs, and the bandits revived. The Han family's mountains and rivers were about to collapse. A horse thief was born in the sky. He was peaceful in all directions, enlightened the people, prospered industry and commerce, expanded overseas, saved China from crisis, and rose the Chinese nation. We can't change history, but I
Wan Er Wr
Cannon fodder strategy
After the accidental death, Lily got a chance to survive. In order to maintain the status quo, she had to complete the task through various storylines. New book: Chang Di Hsieh's plot is the fortunes of the Fu family. Lord Fu's plan is the future of power
Shang Shan Da Lao Hu E
Small officials in the Tang Dynasty
Wu Zetian first became a treasure. Thousands of years ago, in Luoyang City, the bright red peonies were in full bloom, and the sunrise rose, scattering countless mornings. Under the bustle, what is covered up is another bloody slaughter. Qin Shaoyou came, and then he smiled: 'give it to me
Mei Wei Luo Song Tang
Daming gold owner
In the age of Longwan, with the prohibition of money, the opening of international trade, and a whip, capitalism once again sprouted, and the Ming Dynasty moved towards the peak of the imperial dynasty* The new book 'big country medicine' was published, the book number is 103467253, please support
Mu Yun Feng
New Daming Empire
Please don't be confused by the classification and the initial age. The 318 year of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty is 1945. With the spacecraft of alien advanced civilization and a large number of robot soldiers, we passed through the last moment of the Anti Japanese War, the new Daming empire
Xin Yue
Great writers of the Republic of China
He crossed to the Republic of China and became a great writer. The collision of Chinese and Western cultures, the clash of traditional and new ideas, the struggle between Shanghai school and Beijing school, and the intoxication of money. This is the best time and the worst time
Quan Ge
Bad son-in-law of the Tang Dynasty
Brother Quan's new book 'invincible killer loves flowers' has been uploaded. Welcome to join us. This is a story of a bad son-in-law in the Tang Dynasty. When people opened historical books and books thousands of years later, they were surprised to read such a record from the book of Tang
Long Shao Ye
Black God special team
Long Zhan, a senior three student, was killed by a meteorite falling from the sky the day before the college entrance examination. He died of suffocation, but was unexpectedly reborn to a young man in a small mountain village during the Anti Japanese war. He doesn't know anything, but he has a passion for serving the country. He is brave and fearless and fights with the traitors
Can Chuan De Lao Shu
Invincible lucky ring
Wear a ring and walk around the world. Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. It's treacherous and wretched. Kill your enemies with blood and revenge! When you have nothing to do in your spare time, you can flirt with beautiful women and step on a few sites by the way. I will also be the boss of the underworld! No matter who you are, no matter who you are