Bao Ge
The first dandy in the Empire
At the end of the Daqian period, the industrial revolution was just over, and the world was in chaos. Gao Shaoyi, the first dandy of the Empire, the nephew of the current emperor, and the third Marquis of the Empire, suddenly woke up to the memory of the earth. He thought that he could have a beautiful wife and concubine and continue to be a dandy. But now the Daqian empire is drifting in the wind and rain, and there are strong enemies outside and a confused ruler inside. It is a problem to protect his life. Gao Shaoyi has no choice but to embark on the road of self-improvement and sell his ancestral property to open the weapons exchange system
Doo, congratulations to the host for successfully exchanging 98K 2000 pieces
Doo, congratulations to the host for successfully exchanging 20 15 mm heavy guns
relying on the weapon exchange system and his intelligence, Gao Shaoyi eradicated treacherous officials at home and fought everywhere
tens of thousands of tanks and armored vehicles on the plain are galloping like ten thousand horses
the three fleets headed by hundreds of aircraft carriers in the sea signed hundreds of unequal treaties for the Empire
with a wave of Gao Shaoyi's big hand, the three armed forces leveled all those who dared to resist the Chinese dynasty!
Zui Ting Chun Feng
Take Nokia through the world
Take Nokia to travel through the world of wonders
type: through the space of women's strong cultivation
Author: listening to the spring breeze
this is a world of martial arts, and everyone in the world is willing to sacrifice themselves. Let's see the prosperity of modern agents carrying Nokia mobile phones through the world
she is the weak daughter of the largest e-commerce group in China. She is an elite agent in the special police field. She is the only descendant of the hermit medical sect. She is the most ordinary waiter in Haoyu country
save me, and earn some batteries
what? How can I buy land without paying
waiter, anyway, you have no father and no mother. Come with me and eat and live
I have your deed of betrayal. If you don't want to be my princess, where do you want to go
Gee! Can you still cultivate immortals? The world is so big that I want to see it.
Nie Pan Niao
Secret agent legend Chongming
As an ordinary professional manager, he accidentally went to the Republic of China and became a special agent of military statistics. Without a golden finger, he relied on his previous life's information, relied on his own knowledge and continued to learn and grow. He contributed his strength to the country and the nation in the changing era and created a wonderful secret agent legend
Lao Hu Chi Wu Song
The strongest County lieutenant in history
During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, numerous literati and bureaucrats were extravagant. They fought for wealth, wore fashionable clothes, and liked to do some extraordinary things. And Ye Hong, the later generation, wanted to kill them, a famous and fashionable official
chaos is coming. Ye Hong, as Wei of Anyi County in the District, defends the city. Since then, Wang Tu has dominated the industry and unified the country.
Hui Shuo Hua De Hu Zi
Abnormal three countries
In the three months since he came to this world, Chu Nan has been seeking this kind of elixir. He wants to get one at any cost, even if he has lost all his wealth
having talent and ability is a way for the bottom to break the class. However, even if he scattered all his wealth, he could not achieve his wish. Who would have thought that when Chu Nan had accepted his destiny, he would get one from LV Lingqi
this is a big favor! But the problem is, if we follow the historical trend, Lu Bu, who is now the Lord of Xuzhou, is not far from the end. Although the world has extraordinary power, the history that Chu Nan learned here is not different from his own known history. It seems that everyone is extraordinary and everyone is not extraordinary... Looking at the porcelain bottle in his hand, Chu Nan hesitated for a long time, but finally failed to resist the temptation and opened the porcelain bottle, Pour out a red medicine bowl the size of longan, bite your teeth, open your mouth and swallow it
Tian Zi
No. 1 scholar in Royal dress
In the 10th year of Zhengde, Huguang Anlu. Zhu Hao, who has passed through the children of the royal guards family, has entered the king Xing's mansion and saved Zhu Hourong three times. He is also the benefactor, best friend, classmate and teacher of the future Jiajing emperor. He is surrounded by Jieyuan, Huiyuan and No. 1 scholar. He is also supported by Lu Bing, the commander of the royal guards, and a group of young people. He asks who can stand higher and more stable than me in this bright world
... The son of heaven, who has created the legend of rebirth, the speed of light leader, the cross-border ghost doctor, iron bone, and the top scholar of the cold family, calls on old friends to return to support!
Cun Bu Yi
The first villain of the Tang Dynasty
Tell your majesty that the sixth prince made a big fuss about the princess's wedding, and beat his Highness the prince and his son-in-law seriously! I still refuse to admit my mistake
Li Shimin: 'rebel son, if you don't admit your mistake, I will expel you from the royal family! Demote you to a commoner!'
Li Yun: 'what a bullshit prince! I don't care!'
half a year later
Li Shimin: did Li yunken admit his mistake
Your Majesty, the sixth Prince refuses to admit his mistake and is now living better than you. His monthly income in Liulichang is one million yuan. It is comparable to Changan's tax revenue for half a year
Li Shimin is frightened: This...
Your Majesty, the group company of the sixth Prince has provided tens of millions of jobs and enabled tens of millions of families to achieve a well-off life. Monthly income of millions! Wealth is invincible
Li Shimin is in a hurry: call my son back to the palace. I'll apologize to him
it's late! The sixth Prince and his ocean fleet have set out for Japan, saying that they will capture the Japanese emperor alive
Li Shimin is confused: no! Get him back! no I personally asked him to come back!
Bi Hai Si Yun
The great Sui Dynasty was dominated by ups and downs
Yang Ji, who was born in the Sui Dynasty, was the king of sui'an Prefecture. In only half a year, he boiled Yang Shuang, the father of the burning Turkic holy mountain, into the king of Wei. He changed himself and became the king of Wei
when Yang Guang, king of the Jin Dynasty, had no intention of competing for reserve, Yang Ji became Yang Guang's little brother; With my mother's encouragement, I fought and became the top dandy king
however, when he reached adulthood, he found that Gao Yu, who was destined to be cool, wanted to be his father-in-law
at first, Yang Ji only wanted to get rid of Gao Yu and live a happy life with Yang Guang's thigh, but it was not as simple as expected
the rhythm is a little slow. Please be patient
there is another book, the third generation of the great Sui Dynasty, which can be read by friends who are short of books.
Zhi Bai
Whole army formation
There is really a dragon in this world, also known as the son of heaven, who is in charge of the power in the world. All dragons have scales... Hey
I collected them all.
Dong Nan Qin Zi
In the beginning, I became a great master
A modern Jiuliu society animal has passed through the ancient times and attached itself to an ordinary low-level officer. In the world of great competition, dragons and snakes rise together. He pushes all kinds of enemies all the way. All the major forces in the court and the Jianghu are just idle. Do the princes and princes have the kind of peace
he is Ye Huan, known as ye Wudi in the Jianghu and the supreme in the Jianghu Wulin.
Hua Qing Huang
The palace is secluded, and it is difficult to appreciate its beauty
She is the daughter of a forgotten concubine who was born in the family of Ximen, the first powerful person in Dacheng state. Who once thought that her family would be broken once, but she was pushed to the forefront of the storm and became the life-saving straw for the family to survive... She had no choice but to step into the court to become the mother of the country, but she only wanted to hide in the
'cold palace' and continue to be forgotten. However, there were many troubles in the court. She had to guard against hidden arrows and hide from open robbery
the worst thing is that the bath fire is heavy The powerful emperor who came back from birth also made trouble for her. He calculated on her for a while, and then bullied her. In the end, he still wanted to hurt her. She was too tired to fight. She had to let herself
'die' in childbirth to escape from the court. However, when she came back many years later, she found that the court had already imprisoned her soul, because her heart belonged to the merciless Emperor
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Qing Le
Datang first aristocratic family
Crossing, crossing to Laocheng's house
my father is a famous bully in the early Tang Dynasty. He is a brother of the old Cheng family. He has six children in the battle. I asked you if you were afraid
what else can Cheng family Sanwa be afraid of after eating bear heart leopard gall and drinking wolf heart dog lung soup
'father, mother, I'll bring you a beggar's chicken to eat.'
'Oh... Where do these lotus leaves come from
'I picked it in the lotus garden with brother Cheng.'
'... Sure enough, Cheng! Lao! San!'
'Dad, mom, what's wrong with you? You look so scary.'
'Zhao Kun, tell old man Cheng that if that boy dares to approach the lotus garden again, I will break his leg.'
'father, mother, I've brought you delicious food again.'
Li Shimin, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, is a little dark
the virtuous and virtuous empress of the eldest grandson also has blue veins on her clean forehead
'Mom and Dad, I want you to bring delicious bamboo tube rice today.'
'isn't this my favorite square bamboo?'
'brother Cheng's cooking is delicious. Dad and mom, please taste it...
' Oh... Brother Cheng, good... Mmm, delicious! No! Wrong! '
'Dad, why do you like to bite your teeth when you talk?'
'yes, ha... It must be Xiao Xiaozi. Wait a minute. My father has something to do...
' go and tell that bastard Cheng Sanlang that I can't kill him if he dare to touch any plants or trees in the palace again. '
Yu Shi Liu
Rise from the vanguard
In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the court was intoxicated with poetry and wine. Yang anxiuan passed through the troubled times and became the descendants of the Yang family. His family was in decline, surrounded by strong enemies, and the road was full of thorns
struggling to move forward in the bloody storm, the golden horse is waving its whip to the north to revitalize the family. Holding the soldiers in hand, I sit in the north and look south
the mountains and rivers are still the same, and the Han Dynasty is strong. (Q group: 82541271)
He Bu Yan Qing
Daming: from the end of Hongwu
In the 22nd year of Hongwu, he became a member of the Yan King's guard army in Beiping city. At the beginning, he had four younger sisters and two younger brothers
he is a layman. He goes with the tide and only wants to earn a title to support his family
then live a life of carrying cages, walking birds, drinking tea and listening to music
however, there are always some responsibilities to be undertaken
it has gone through four dynasties
once a young man, he eventually became the first town of the Ming Dynasty
Weiyi Sifang, Yongzhen Daming.
Wu Yan Bu Xin
Top ten countries
At the end of the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms, Chai Rong first ascended the great treasure, and Zhao Kuangyin first emerged. Luo Youdu, a small official who was forced to commit suicide, became an old-fashioned passer-by. He kicked the God of chariots on the sorghum River to start, smiled proudly at the Ten Kingdoms, explored the four sides, and reappeared the style of the Han and Tang Dynasties.
Hui Bi Shuai Rong
Return to the early Tang Dynasty and become an immortal
This book is also known as Tang Gaodao
Kong Qing inexplicably returned to the Tang Dynasty and became a Taoist priest. Then he found that the world seemed to be wrong...
there was an assassin named Yin Niang. There is a part-time killer named kong'er. There is a Kunlun slave named Moli living in Chang'an city
there are gods and ghosts everywhere. It's really dangerous
Kong Qing looked at the merit value on his system panel and sighed helplessly. The system began to draw prizes. I must draw out the nine turn Xuangong
welcome to the legendary world of the Tang Dynasty!
Xi Huan Ken Pai Gu
Second enlistment of special forces
[no system, Wanding boutique fellow soldiers] Jiang Shui, who came across the river, found that this was the world of special forces, and the original owner had already retired from active service. Jiang Shui, who still met the conditions for enlistment, chose to join the army twice and began another military career... PS: special forces 123, DAS, King's army, soldier assault, fire blue blade, red sea operation, war wolf... There are 1.7 million words in the old book 'starting a second military career in soldier assault', If you are interested, you can go to see it. The pen name is the first sword shadow, which is also mine.
Guan Hai Ting Tao
Xiao Li's flying Dagger
History will always remember those Chinese soldiers who died heroically in the Jinling massacre
although Li Han passed through this bloody era innocently, he fought in the heart of the enemy without hesitation and sent out information continuously
even though danger lurks everywhere, he is as cool as a wind and as wild as a wolf. He has always been a headache for the enemy spy agencies and a fear for the Japanese army.
Gu Du Mai Ke
Floating life in the late Tang Dynasty
Since Qianfu, the world has been in chaos. It extends to Guannei in the west, Qingqi in the East, Jianghuai in the south, Weihua in the north, rotten fish and birds scattered, the human population cut off, and the hazel covered the wild
as described by the people of the time: 'birds and trees in the tomb of a deserted village, wild flowers and hedges in empty houses. Children gnaw at grass roots and lean against mulberry leaves.' It is undoubtedly a crime against the people to allow such a chaotic, bloody and dark era to continue.
Yi Wan Zhi Xiong Mao
The 48th year of Qianlong
Group wear? Don't tease me. Zhao Xin just found a group of migrant workers. Anti Qing? That's necessary
are the rulers of such a big empire so retarded? Want to know what the Qing Empire was like at the end of the 18th century
this book presents a very real picture of all living beings in East Asia. Q group of this book: 65694231
welcome to discuss and make suggestions.
Man Juan Shi Shu Wan Dian Hua
Steel tycoon in the late Ming Dynasty
It passed through the ancient city of Zunhua in Ji Town at the end of the Ming Dynasty and received an iron smelting workshop. Watch the protagonist rebuild the mountains and rivers with iron and fire.
Yi Jiu
Divine doctor silly concubine: King can defy heaven's favor
She is the head of the hidden ancient martial arts family. She has excellent medicine and poison, and her acting skills are online
she is the foolish third lady of the prime minister's residence. Her father doesn't care, her mother died early, her sisters beat and scolded, and her evil slaves humiliated her
in a car accident, she became her and was married to the blind and lame disabled king
pretending to be crazy and foolish, she beat her own sister, tore up the imperial edict, angered her father, abused her own mother, punished Diaoyu, and slept a beautiful man
what? The beautiful man is actually the fiance of the disabled king, and he also wronged Ba and accused her of throwing it away when she finished
she holds her forehead, and beauty is wrong
this is a deal, and strong union. From then on, he regarded her as his life.
Jiu Xiao Luo Xue
The call of chaos and war
How many outstanding people have been in China since ancient times? Kill the gods for nothing! Military God Li Jing! Overlord Xiang Yu! The heavenly king ran min
Li Yuanba, king of Zhao in the West! Born God of war Li cunxiao! Let's see the heroes of China fighting against the heroes of the world!
Jiu Xiao Luo Xue
Chaotic War: Call of Three Kingdoms for hegemony
What about Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong, Yue Fei vs. Zhang Fei, Xiang Yu and Li Yuanba? Let's see Yuwen Chengdu + Jiang song + Luo Shixin
what? You're not enough. OK, Xing Tian, Li cunxiao, it's your turn. You have Han Xin, the soldier immortal, and I have Bai Qi, the God of killing, and Li Jing, the army God
the emperor of Qin and the emperor of Han and Wu, the emperor of Tang and the emperor of song, gathered together to decide the supreme overlord.
Fen Nu De Qiao Zhi
Investment by the whole people: Zhu Yuanzhang was invested at the beginning!
Ye Xiao has passed through
this is a world where everyone has an investment system
but only Ye Xiao knows the history
who invested in the late Yuan Dynasty
invest in Zhu Chongba
all the way
who invested in the late Sui Dynasty
invest in Li Er
all the way
other people lose their money, and ye Xiao earns a lot
Ye Xiao deserves to be the king of investment!
Lang Zi Bian Cheng
The Duke is ferocious
I'd rather see the king of hell than provoke Shen Ao
is he an inventor
is he a genius poet
is He Xun GUI? Is he a schemer
but he is a madman who can't be provoked. From the prince to the prince, to the vassal, to the foreign countries, everyone knows that there is a person in the Daqian Dynasty who can't be provoked In
there is no match for the Duke of China to fight Beidi, step on Nanyue, fight against Japan with sword, and attack the barbarians with sword
the appearance of Shen Ao has made the Daqian Dynasty colorful. What changes will his appearance bring to the sea
the ferocity of the Duke of China will lead you into a different history
shuangwen is a face writing, and I hope you will be satisfied and happy when you are a prodigal. [unfold] [stow]
Bai Ke Ai Jiao Xue Yao
The imperial concubine is a fox, not confused
They are fox fairies, good sisters born by a mother, and the most beloved Princess of the demon world fox king
sudden changes have changed their fate forever. One has become a fairy in the sky and the other has taken refuge in the world
farewell on earth, and they have become strangers who do not know each other. What's more, they like the same person & mdash& mdash; Once the God of wealth, Li Tang is now the son of the fallen Emperor Li Longji
face the demon world The evil forces led by the king Yumian fox, who shoulder the mission of revenge, have experienced the tests of emotions and fate, fought side by side, overcome difficulties and dangers and intrigues, finally defeated evil, turned the world around, restored the demon world and the Tang Dynasty, saved the common people from water and fire, and helped Li Longji create the unprecedented prosperity of the Tang Dynasty
in the whirling wheel of fate, they have experienced emotional entanglements of joy, anger, sorrow, joy, separation and separation. They are faced with an inner choice of family and love. In the end, who can stand at the end and become the ultimate imperial concubine in the Tang Dynasty
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Ping Xing Kong Jian Lai Ke
Longwan flourishing age
It's a story that goes through the Ming Dynasty! The Ming Dynasty was not only ruled by Hongwu, Yongle and Renxuan, but also by famous officials and scholars in the middle and late Ming Dynasty Wei Guangde, a modern scholar, unexpectedly came to the Ming Dynasty and rebelled
forget it. Although the Ming Empire has become corrupt, the foundation of its rule is still there, so we can only muddle along
I was born in a military family, but I didn't have an official position. In order to live a happy life, I had to take the imperial examination
come to read more of my works on the website of readwen!
Dong Feng Bi Da
Daqin: my eldest son's identity has been discovered
In 21 BC, the Qin Dynasty ruled the country
modern youth Qin Xuan crossed to Xianyang and became Ying Zheng's eldest son
get the sign in system at the beginning
Ding, sign in and draw divine medical skills
Ding, is it true to sign in and draw? He is unparalleled in courage
destroy the Xiongnu and the Donghu
since then, Daqin has become a war maniac
emperor Shi: I'm your father!
Wu Yu 2
Three Kingdoms: military division, stop it. We have unified Rome
When Zhao Feng went through the 18th route princes to discuss Dong, it happened that it was just a few days before he killed Hua Xiong. At the same time, the system was activated and the strongest choice was to go online:
'task selection 1: recognize the thief as the father and become Lv Bu's brother. Task reward: get the inheritance of Zhao Gao and Gao Qiu.'
'task option 2: become Sun Jian's adopted son and be killed by Sun Quan. Task reward: Chen bite Jin and Xue Rengui inherit.'
'task choice 3: to become Cao Cao's military adviser, to have deep Cao Cao's trust, and task reward: Liu Bowen and Han Xin inherit.'
facing the three choices, Zhao Feng decided to become Cao Cao's military adviser.
Ding, congratulations on the host's successful selection. Now start to give rewards
Cao Cao looked at Zhao Feng, who was thinking of a plan, and was lost in thought:
'when was my son so promising?'
Liu Bei: what's the use of ah Dou
Sun Jian: my son is useless!