Ma Long Cang Hai
The strongest bear child of Datang
Be abolished, demoted, die miserably
Li Chengqian said that he didn't want to eat this three combo meal
in the 21st century, the man of science and technology crossed the Tang Dynasty and became the eldest son of Taizong, Li Chengqian
I was only eight years old at the beginning. I can't be a prince, let alone an emperor
angrily brush Li Shimin's emotional value, set off fireworks to help Li Chongyi chase Miss Li, and organize a group to catch hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake
the most comfortable thing is that there are seven beautiful sisters who are spoiled by the moon and don't pick up the stars
What are you afraid of? Be decisive!
Bai Cha Shi Qing Huan
Doctor's hand covers the sky: the evil king extends his life with his wife
The chief researcher of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine put his soul on the ugly third lady of the same name in the Duke's mansion in northern Hebei Province to see how the female owner could take revenge, develop the medical industry and commerce with modern thinking, cover the sky with the hands of the doctor, and fight against the bloody and cruel 'evil god' male owner for wisdom and courage, and love and kill each other
the female leader uses a false identity to detoxify the male leader. She thinks she is good at concealing the truth, but she doesn't know that the male leader has already made a plan to lure his wife step by step... The female leader is cold, the male leader is black, and the male and female leaders are both online and strong
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Yue Xia Guo Zi Jiu
Mixed in the Imperial Palace, fake eunuch
At first, Li Yi, dressed as a little eunuch, didn't really want to wear a green hat for the emperor. But later, looking at the noble and graceful queen, Li Yi's mind changed. He wanted to give people maternity leave
'you sit on the mountain, and I'll take care of the beauty for you.' Li Yi had a good discussion with the emperor, but the emperor couldn't sit on that chair
there are wolves in the front, tigers in the back, and a bunch of treacherous ministers. Seeing that the country is not the country and the family is not home, Li Yi wields a butcher's knife
Xiao Xiao Yi Pi Fu
My mother is the best in the world
Liu Fu: 'zhier, go and read.' Liu Mingzhi: 'I am the eldest son of the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River. I can't spend all my money in my life. Are you kidding me? If I don't go, I won't even go.' Liu Fu: 'housekeeper, get me a Xunzi stick.' Liu Mingzhi: 'wait a minute, steward, bring the horse.' Qi Yun: 'husband, if a man has no ambition to take advantage of the wind, he will be born with a body of eight feet. Go to the top scholar.' Liu Mingzhi: 'I? My lovely wife is in my arms. I have a happy life. I went to the capital city thousands of miles away to test for the top scholar. I am crazy.' Qi Yun: 'my husband, I have learned a new skill recently. The green silk wraps around my fingers. I can wait on you in the evening.' Liu Mingzhi: 'madam, don't you mean to be the No. 1 in the exam? I'll go tomorrow. If you spare me, I won't be able to straighten up.' New emperor: 'Liu Aiqing, the North has already decided. Should the 300000 troops of the new army be transferred to the military department?' Liu Mingzhi: 'I, Liu Mingzhi, who was ordered by the late emperor to guard the 27 prefectures and 152 prefectures of the frontier, wish to serve your majesty for generations.' Emperor: '; Liu Mingzhi:'; I want to be a good assistant who will live forever, but you insist on forcing me to seek a country. '
Fei Tian Lan Che
Daming Shizu
Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, hundreds of millions of people, how can they be trampled on by slaves? The blood of the Han people has not yet cooled down. How can the ground be covered with smell
in the 16th year of Chongzhen, sun chuanting, the pillar stone of the Ming Dynasty, was about to wither. Li Zicheng was entrenched in Xiangyang, and JianNu was rampant and wanted to enter the Central Plains... As a poor clan, Zhu Yixi roared: how can JianNu trample on the great rivers and mountains?
Chong Zhi
Regent Daming
He rose to the top, he was deeply loved by the holy family, he was the focus of the world, and he was a very high official. He was reviled by the world and hated by the clean people. He was the biggest backer of all corrupt officials in the Manchu Dynasty. Among the people, half of the people think he is in the world
Man Ke 1
Jing'an Hou
It is for the sake of peace and tranquility to calm the world and the people
in Ganquan Academy of Jiangdu Prefecture, student Chen Qing was beaten and killed
Shen Yi, a classmate, was wronged and sentenced to death. He was beaten to death by the Yamen in the county yamen
in the cold prison, young Shen Yi died of injustice, and another strange soul woke up in his body
the two souls merge into one, and become a brand-new Shen Yi
in the county government prison, the brand-new Shen Yi opens his eyes. Before he can start to look at this era, he has to face great troubles
a murder case almost nailed on the board.
Mo Fei Yu
Princess, you've been dug up again
She is the direct daughter of the prime minister's office. She is a famous ugly waste woman. However, she fell in love with Li Wang at the first sight and did not hesitate to force her to marry him
however, she was humiliated to death by the divorcee on the night of her grand wedding. Then she opened her eyes to see the soul of a doctor of modern medicine and poison. Those who bullied her would return it a hundred times
She abused scum in a high profile, made money in a low profile, and amassed all the wealth in the world. In order to get rid of leaving the king to marry the prince and become a concubine, she did not want to provoke a big tail wolf
he is a sick and charming son. He is gentle and gentle. He is dark and cold-blooded. He has been poisoned for a long time. Yunting helped him detoxify and gave him a new life. He swore that she would not marry him in this life
after marriage, she rubbed his sore waist and kicked him out of bed: 'how dare you climb my bed after receiving love letters from other women?'
he quickly explained: 'madam, I'm wrong. Whoever dares to dig your corner, I will definitely break her dog legs.'
she raised her eyebrows and looked over: it's all your fault.
Ao Shi Dian Feng
There are so many proud red mansions
The old book detective in the red chamber has been finished. How can the slaves who have passed through Chengrong mansion aim high? Lai Shun decided to set a small goal first, such as getting rid of citizenship, and then consider whether to choose a hairpin or a Dai, whether to start with concubinage, or whether to call the Dragon directly< br/>
Qiao Zi Xuan
Prince Yipin
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Shang Tang Dou Miao
Concubines are invincible
In the third year of Kaiping in the Liang Dynasty, a soul from the earth came to the Dingguo government and attached himself to Pei Yue, the abused concubine. From then on, he opened his invincible road in this strange world.
Twenty seven years
The world is in an era of the transition between the old and the new, and the collision of politics, economy, ideology and culture is becoming more and more fierce
moster vilak, a photographer from the slum of zwald, will stir up everything and divide the world in the turbulence of rapid industrial development and crazy expansion of ambition
[overhead world, with certain reference but not absolute, please do not compare reality] [reader group number: 89741074]
Ai Zuo Meng De Wu Zei
Daming: lend the system to Emperor Hongwu at the beginning
If Zhu Yuanzhang had a portal that could cross all planes
back at the end of the Ming Dynasty, he will see the 276 year history of the Ming Dynasty and his wonderful descendants
there is also emperor Chongzhen who is crying to borrow silver from his ministers
back in the late Qing Dynasty, he will see the broken mountains and rivers, the arrogance of foreigners, and the weak land of China
facing the newly rising Mongolia again, he will fight against the invincible and invincible Mongolian cavalry
ZHU Biao would like to know what kind of choice this legendary emperor Hongwu would make in the face of these
My name is Zhu Biao
I went through the first year of Hongwu for nothing else, just to hang it for old Zhu.
Qing Shan Tie Shan
British civil servants
The World War II has come to an end throughout the world, but the decline of the British Empire has just begun. The United States and the Soviet Union are looking forward to the glorious years in the future and know that the decline of the aristocracy is no longer their own obstacle
'I don't agree with them, but it's not all bad to dismantle British India first.'
Lin Yue Nan Xi
The Red Mansions are leaning against the sky
When thousands of red people cry, they are all sad. White bones like mountains forget their surnames, nothing but childe and red makeup. In order to avoid the fate of being implicated by the Jia family, the souls of the young people of later generations had no choice but to step into the camp. However, when they looked around, they found that the family and the country were in danger of chaos. In order not to make the land of China sink and the land smell fishy, they had no choice but to carry a three foot sword, sweep away the officials, swing the bandits, pacify the tartar prisoners, and pull the heaven
all this started with cutting off Hu Qin Keqing
Zhu Lang Cai Jin
Rise of the humble family
This is the story of a graduate student majoring in ancient Chinese who has been repeatedly ravaged on the road to employment. He returned to the middle of the Ming Dynasty and entered the body of a young child in a mountain village. The wooden father and the shrewd mother are the best relatives of Yishui, and the farmyard is not a few. Fortunately, we
Zhi Tian Ge
Military science and technology
Military science and technology is an important standard to measure the strength of a country's national defense. Powerful weapons and equipment can cut thousands of troops, kill thousands of miles away, and redefine war. Powerful weapons and equipment can defend the territory, resist foreign enemies, protect the peace of the country and the people, and ensure our prosperity and peace. I am willing to forge a sword for the rejuvenation of this great country, and I am willing to forge the Great Wall for the peace of this country. With my sharp sword, I will cut through thorns and overcome all obstacles. Guarding our great wall, we will be able to defeat the enemy and win many victories. Let's see how a young man creates an era of military industry hegemony 2.0.
Jiu Yue Liang Cheng
After I retired the general, I became the favorite of the powerful officials
Ye nishang loved him for many years, but he hated him for many years
what I finally got was a letter of divorce: I've never loved you, and I'll go with my dowry
Ye nishang's heart is like death. With a stroke of her pen, I will kill you
Fu yunhuai, who returned from the great victory, found that his little wife had left him
and she wrote the divorce letter
he sneered: Madam, don't you know that women don't count their letters of divorce? Come back I should have come to my arms
however, my wife is too excellent. She is not only not a rumored Yaksha, but also a world-famous talent, which has attracted countless men
thus, the daily life of the prince became chasing his wife, fighting his rival, chasing his wife... [unfold] [Close]
Guai Dan De Biao Ge
The end of Song Dynasty
The Last Song Dynasty has not recovered Yanyun, and the Last Song Dynasty has been bullied by foreign enemies... When the Southern Song Dynasty is about to die, he must do those great deeds that the Last Song Dynasty has failed to achieve.
Mao Jue Shi
True records of rebellion in the imperial era
Shen Mo, the small boss of the start-up company, passed through the fishy smell of the Hui Dynasty, and the Tartars were rampant. In 1679, when the Han family declined, he became a 'remnant evil' of the former Ming Dynasty
at that time, it was the 18th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty
Wu Sangui, who rebelled again, failed to revolt and died in Hengzhou five months later
Zheng Jing was an incompetent generation. He was defeated and finally retreated to Ryukyu
the rule of the Tartars is becoming stronger and stronger. All the horses in Kyushu are dumb, and the clothes of the Chinese nation are becoming more and more degraded
Shen Mo, who doesn't want to be a servant, looks around at a loss, but doesn't know where to go
fortunately, God played a trick on him, but he opened a door to light and freedom
'Congratulations, you have activated the Empire age system. Please establish your empire age as soon as possible!'
You You Fu Ping
Abandon marriage to the princess and cultivate Immortals
Yan Qingzheng chose a husband for herself at the age of six. When she grew up, she wanted to repent. Who knows that the other party won't give her a chance
Xuan Wang just accompanied the prince and nephew to make an apology. Unexpectedly, he went to send the bride price! Eight years later, they met again. No matter what the difference between them, their hearts were unconsciously getting closer and closer. But the huge gap and obstacles still exist... Is it immortal
. Where? How would you choose! [unfold] [stow]
Wu Ming Zhi De Shu Fu
Brocade medicine becomes a Phoenix
The miraculous doctor Jiang Tong was slaughtered all over the family and died. When she opened her eyes again, she became Shen Tianshu, the eldest daughter of the Shen family who had been humiliated
fight your stepmother, punish your sister, and feed her. She holds the Shen family in her hand. She changed her identity, displayed her medical skills, and skillfully planned to play with her former enemies
SHEN Tianshu has been a man for two generations. He has repaid his grievances with justice and his virtues with kindness. He has wronged one person... Someone: Mom Son, my heart hurts again. Please help me rub it. It's all your poison
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Xie De Xin
In 1213 ad, the state of Jin became weaker and weaker, while the Southern Song Dynasty was still in decline; Xixia, Dali, Korea and Japan are not worth mentioning
the unprecedented power has risen on the plateau and will irrigate the Eurasian continent with the blood of hundreds of millions of people. At present, a young man holds a bow and knife, trying to hold the throat of fate.
Qi Zhi Tiao Zao
Starting from the hundred household officials
That year, a streamer of light fell from the sky to the southeast. In that year, Emperor Xiaozong was sitting in front of his couch
in that year, the world turned upside down and the thunder was everywhere. That year, his son inherited his father's business and was only a small official
* there are two old books with more than 10 million words, the movie world bandit and the strongest man in the heavens. The old author is updated and stable, and his reputation is guaranteed. You can't wait to read them.
Yang Wang
Humble official
Qi Yu, a poor scholar, had no capital in business and no way to get rich. He had to rely on the imperial examination to find a way out
go all the way and strive to be the one who laughs last. It was not until one day, when the country had more internal worries and foreign invasion came, that the emperor tried to use this humble official.
Ha Ma Tun Di
Xiliang military king of the Three Kingdoms
I am king in the Three Kingdoms.
Da Si Kong
Cheated Kangxi
The illegitimate son of longkodo, the commander of Jiumen, cheated Kangxi miserably at the most critical juncture of Jiulong's capture!
Wo Xi Huan De Zhu Tou
Emperor Ming, Emperor TAISUN
He was the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Father is the first prince in history! What else to worry about?! Are you worried about pig's teammates, Wu Xun, or fourth uncle Jingnan< br/>
! Don't worry, I'm the great grandson of the emperor!
Juan Wu
A butcher's heart
Pei Jinting is the most dissolute dandy in Kyoto. When he was young, he was free and unrestrained and ruthless
I don't know how many girls in Beijing have dreamed. Since Gu Qingyuan was forcibly robbed back to the house, everyone was waiting for Gu Qingyuan to be thrown out of the house like a pair of shoes
no one knows how long Pei Jinting waited for that day. In the days and nights before the wedding, he had thought about her many times
[thorns are everywhere in the world] [don't be afraid. I am here.]
Sui Qing Feng Qu
Daming primary school student
Before reading changed the class, the leeks in Daming were not qualified to call themselves students, so they had to be primary school students first
in Nanjing, on the Bank of the Qinhuai River, humble young people stand at the crossroads of history. Poor life begins with Meeting rich women.