Wo Yao Zuo Huang Di
I want to be TAISUN
My grandfather is Zhu Yuanzhang, my father is the crown prince Zhu Biao, I am the legitimate son of the crown prince, and I am the heir in order of the Ming Dynasty
I want to avenge my father! If I'm here, the concubine won't be able to sit on the throne. Those who do harm to the princes and uncles have heard that there are four islands in Japan. Go to educate them... In this life, I will never be a coward, be imprisoned, or die suddenly
ZHU Yunxi uttered the strongest voice: I want to be too sun! I want to be emperor!
Yan Yu Mang Cang Cang
Guan Yu was killed at the beginning of the Three Kingdoms
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos, and the eighteen princes attacked Dong Zhuo. In front of the Sishui pass, a man who capsized on the Wujiang River killed Hua Xiong, the unparalleled general Pan Feng. At a loss, he was lucky to have the courage of a overlord
in the Marquis' camp, all the Marquis are worried because Hua Xiong is brave and no one can fight. It's Guan Yu, who is a horse Bowman. He squints his Danfeng eyes and asks for a fight. He directly makes a military order: 'a family is willing to kill Hua Xiong! If not, please behead me!'
Zei Mei Shu Yan
Li Zhi, don't encourage me
'Does your majesty have to oppose this palace?' Empress Wu's Phoenix eyes contain evil spirits. Li Zhi stepped back in fear and swallowed the water: 'I dare not... No! Li Qing, where is Li Qing?' After three dynasties of meritorious service, Li qinzai rushed out, held down Li Zhi's retreating body, and said in a deep voice: 'Your Majesty, don't encourage me to fuck her!' As if Li Zhi had found a savior, he tugged at Li qinzai's sleeve and whispered: 'I don't encourage you, not at all. Li Qing, I authorize you to help me with her!'
Wu Xian Xun Huan
I have become a great Ming
He was born again as the son of Zhu Yong, the Duke of Chengguo in the Ming Dynasty. He thought he could lie down and become the son of a noble family, but he turned out to be a poor servant. He had no chance to lie down
during the transformation of the civil castle in the 14th year of orthodoxy, Cheng Guogong was questioned and won the title of Lord, and almost all the Lords and relatives in the court were caught, indicating that there was no hope for the future
I can't hold it on my thigh. I can only rely on myself. A man is born in heaven and earth. How can he live under people for a long time? There are three elements in the world, and six songs in the world. Facing the iron hoof army approaching the city, the Ming Dynasty, in charge of the Ming Dynasty, turned the tide and helped the building to fall!
Yang Shi Liang Jia Zi
I am the great song dynasty
At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the court was sick and weak. The whole country is plagued by such maladies as redundant officials and soldiers, and the emphasis on literature and the neglect of military
however, Zhao Huan felt that all kinds of old diseases in the imperial court of the Song Dynasty were scabies. There was only one serious ailment, that is, the emperor's knees were too soft
after crossing Zhao Huan, Emperor qinzong of the Song Dynasty, he was once again trapped in the Jin army camp. It was less than a month since he was abandoned
it seems that the fate of misery and humiliation has been doomed to be imposed on him, but Zhao Huan will never accept his fate and vows to wash away this doomed humiliation and win the half of heaven
I am a country, so the Song Dynasty added three parts of blood, two parts of bravery and one part of technology, and finally changed the whole world
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Feng Wei Yu
Cold door owl Dragon
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Zui Jiu Bu
The little demon princess who controls the beast, the abstinence imperial uncle has broken the commandment
The most powerful special agent demon God, dressed as the weak young master of the strange heaven machine Pavilion
the flower addict is a waste. He was played by green tea to kneel and lick the dregs, and he lost his life
night Nanyin is angry. This dog licker is supposed to be whoever wants it. It's not my sister's fault
she picked up the script of the full level group favorite
Hot old lady, 'those who bully my daughter will die!'
domineering elder martial brothers, 'want to bully our younger martial sister? I'll crush your skull!'
I'm a cute animal pet. 'Dare to talk to our master? Go, brothers, kill him!'
she reached the peak with her whole spirit root. She controlled animals to make alchemy and cast utensils. Her talisman array was amazing for nine days
he is the most powerful king of the nine netherworld, the prince of slag and the uncle of the emperor, but he got married in a flash and became his cheap husband
it's said that abstinence is high and cold, and she doesn't touch the world. Why does Huang Shutian want to break her precepts
'it's been ten thousand years. It's time to hurt me.'
Zhou Fu
Three Kingdoms: Hanzhong ancestor
In the middle of Gao Taishi, Liu Chan, the empress of the Han Dynasty, was lucky to get Zhuge in danger. He helped the Han Dynasty and thrived the Han Dynasty
there is a saying: when ZHONGZU wields a whip, how majestic is the tiger! The northern expedition to Cao Wei, the southern expedition to Jiangdong, the western region of Xi'an, and the eastern expansion of the three Koreas
The Empress Liu Chan is a great man! Book friends: 740753945
Cao Ji Li
The destiny of heaven is only Han
In 206 BC, a dynasty was established. Han. It controls the life and death, and controls the life in the sea. This is the age when God pioneered the king, and this is the age when nobles worked for civilians
our story begins with Liu Ying, the 'mother protects the man'.
An Jing L
Look at my diary. Cao Cao dominates the Three Kingdoms
Lu Yan traveled to the Three Kingdoms and became a minor official under Cao Cao
as a transgressor, the system gave him a diary of the fate of heaven after awakening.
as long as he kept a diary every day,
Lu Yan could be rewarded. As long as he kept it long enough, he could even become an immortal
at the same time,
Cao Cao found a copy of the Tiandao diary, which will synchronize Lu Yan's daily diary
'the three British war against Lv Bu is about to begin.
if Liu Xuande is replaced by a white robed general under Gongsun Zan,
Lv Bu will be defeated!'
'boss Cao is going to Wancheng to sleep with his sister-in-law. It's a pity that Cao ang and Dian Wei are here.'
'red cliff, boss Cao, who has reached the heaven, is afraid to be burned back to the world.'
Cao Cao: 'if I get this diary of heaven's fate, I will be Cao mengde as a million elite soldiers;
If I get this diary of heaven's fate, I will be the sole master of the world!'
Xiao Bo Bu Ting
Emperor Chongzhen
Can the Ming Dynasty of Chongzhen's 15th year still be saved? Soul wear became the first news that Zhu you knew after the inspection. It was the defeat of Zhu Xian town. Wang Siming's heart was not only flustered but also flustered!
Ming Di Z
Da Han, Da Mao
Orthodox mode:
at the end of the 3rd century BC
the great and brief Qin Empire is coming to an end
another great and brilliant Han Empire seems to be brewing
when Lan Chi said goodbye, Qin LuoHeng, who had no intention of competing for the throne in the troubled times, unexpectedly got the opportunity to be an official in the Qin court
the ups and downs of officialdom have lasted for several years
looking back, the Qin Dynasty is still the same, and the color of the historical Han Dynasty is not seen
only by the Bank of the Japanese River, the bleating sound is still heard< br/>
entertainment mode:
in the second year, Peixian people lived together
I want to kill the white snake
you can't find it for a long time, and you'll suddenly see the light after ten steps
the land is flat and wide, and the houses are just like, with good fields and beautiful ponds. In the traffic of the fields, chickens and dogs meet. Among them, men and women dress as if they were strangers. The yellow hair is drooping and happy
when I saw Liu Bang, I was shocked and asked why I came here
answer it
I heard about this person in the village, so I'm here to inquire
I dare not forget my pure heart, and I want to kill the White Snake and the violent Qin Dynasty
people were sorry for his words, and asked why you didn't follow Qin Qi and soar up to 90000 Li
after a few words, the white snake suddenly rises with the sword. The Lingxiao sword breaks the red heart and leaves Da baa in the world
sacrifice for several days and bury them
write the words on the tomb: 'Han, Da baa!'
Cao Mei Tu
The poison doctor princess is always dying
She ran away from marriage and pretended to be an ugly woman. She rescued a beautiful man. The beautiful man didn't thank him. He beat her personally when he thought she was ugly. This hit made her unforgettable to him
by chance, she met him again. Hee, she'd better give him back this time. She'll repay him if he slaps her!
Si Dai Zhong Jian
Everyone asked me to be emperor
I'm not modest, you said I'm a common people, how can I be the emperor? what? You said that I was born out of phase and was the right person. Is that feudal superstition
ah, don't kneel down, or you will be killed for rebellion? Ah, officer, don't kill me. I'm forced but helpless. I'm not really rebellious
ah? Why do you kneel down and follow me to revolt when your officials quit? Gentlemen, please go ahead. We're just passing by
Oh, don't! Why are your knees so soft? You kneel when you see me and recognize me as the Lord!
Qian Jin Ding
My sword shining career
He accidentally came to the world of swords. At the beginning, Gao Hongming intended to survive the victory of the war of resistance against Japan
but facing the scarred rivers and mountains, and facing the 45 million compatriots groaning under the iron hooves of the Japanese invaders, Gao Hongming finally decided to go out of his way. It's a big deal to hang up and cross again... Fuck him.
Wai Da Bu Liu Yi
Start military industry with the sword
Lao Wai, a network writer, was trapped by a military industry system to 9527 positions. In the early days of the war of resistance against Japan, he became a guerrilla who was injured and was still being chased by the devil
when he finally survived through all the difficulties, he heard a familiar laugh. This is... Why is there Li Yunlong in this world?
Mo Dao Shi Jia
The perfect tyrant of the Ming Dynasty
Salhu was defeated miserably, the Liao army was afraid of the enemy like a tiger, and Liaodong was in danger. Zhu Youxiao, who came through, was determined to be the ruthless person who was determined to fight and rectify the administration of officials like emperor Taizu
more importantly, we should learn the style of becoming our ancestors, so that the Ming Dynasty can rebuild its prosperity. Drive to personally conquer and solve the grassland people that have not been conquered since the Qin and Han Dynasties
let Daming no longer suffer from northern Xinjiang!
Zei Da Dan
Dang song
He is the unity of force and wisdom. He is the legend of Southeast China. He freely switches among various identities. He is the last platoon of the Northern Song Dynasty. He represents freedom and romance. There is a bit of bullshit. Back in the Renzong period of the Northern Song Dynasty, Liang Chuan, a small civil servant, longed for a better life with a surplus of food and a hot Kang for his wife and children. However, the society forced him to reach the peak of his life!
Shan Cun Lao Qu
Survival in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty
At the end of the Han Dynasty, it was not easy to survive. All parties fought for hegemony and abandoned the people. Class control is difficult to turn over. What can the ordinary people do?
Shen Bai Wan
I really don't want to return to my country
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Lao Zhe
The key to the war of resistance against Japan
Lao Zhe's realistic style new book on the war of resistance against Japan
'we will definitely come back!' An officer said to thousands of officers and men. However, since they left the customs, the aggressors were powerful and the country was still in danger. How could the family be safe
the front goes all the way to the south, fighting numerous mountains in Guanshan, but losing countless mountains in Guanshan, up to the top of Cangshan Mountain and the Bank of Erhai Lake
looking back, how many officers and soldiers are buried in other places? After 14 years of Anti Japanese War, how many people can return to their hometown?
Bing Bing Dai Fu
I've all ascended the throne. Who should I contact
'Remember what I said just now!'
'sorry, I've only passed through for one minute. Why don't you say it again!'
'I'm dying. I can't get the antidote until I finish the task. Otherwise, I'll die. I'll go in two days...'
'Hello, who should I contact? Hang up after that!'
in a strange world, an unknown Dynasty, a lost memory, an unknown task, Mengxin undercover Chu Mu is a little confused
in order to find out the cause and effect, and to get the antidote to survive, Chu Mu decided to cheer up and go to the meeting. But the emperor died and did not open the door before he started
'Oh, God! I don't care. If I don't open the door, I'll turn it in and connect!'
Chu Mu didn't expect to find himself in a big conspiracy. He went into the palace and sat on the Dragon chair
looking at the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty kowtow to themselves, Chu Mu looked sad: 'I have already ascended the throne. How can I connect with them?'
Fu Zhong Qiu
The Three Kingdoms: I was surrounded by a yellow scarf
This is a story about growth. In February of the 7th year of Guanghe, Liu Xiang, a mediocre modern man, came to Youzhou at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Like fallen leaves and duckweed, he shivered in the cold wind in the north
a grain of sand of the times falls on an individual like a mountain. The dynasty that has made history is about to fall
the coming world of great struggle kindled his wild hope.
An Hua Jun
The kingdom of heaven and Han
When Qidan was shaken by the new female immortal, the monarchs and ministers of the Song Dynasty were overjoyed and sent troops to scramble for the land of Youyan
after a period of chaos, the Nuzhen iron horse took advantage of the situation to go south, and Kaifeng Prefecture fell. When the Jin army was crossing the Central Plains, the mountains and rivers were broken, and the people were besieged with charcoal, Wang Xiaoling came to the world through thousands of years
gather troops and horses between wanluo and create a magnificent new world. This new empire is called the kingdom of heaven and Han.
Tian Hai De Jing Ling
A poor family
Meng Qingyun has become a poor scholar in the countryside. He has no spare fields and no skills. He can only make a living by cooking, and then he bravely takes part in the Imperial Examination & midot& midot;& midot;& midot;& midot;& midot; Along the way, he opened up the land, brought benefits to Dayu, and created an unparalleled foundation!
Shou Chai Lu
Fu Qin: starting from the plan
By the end of the Qin Dynasty, Zhao Kun had become the 19th son of the Qin emperor
in order to survive in this age when the world is going to be full of power, the weak and helpless man makes full use of all means to plan for the future
it was not until one day that he had to recognize an adoptive father that he changed his plan and plotted a rebellion
Ying Zheng: 'do my son have any plans?'
Zhao Kun: 'no more.'
Hu Hai: 'my Qin Dynasty is dead. You said you had no plan?'
Zhao Kun: 'stop talking and hurry to the meditation position. My adoptive father is still waiting to be the emperor!'
Hu Hai: 'what adoptive father! That is our father! Father!'
Ling Yuan Chu Ge
The first carefree king of the Tang Dynasty
Rebirth of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, then the whole needs to be large, and the play needs to play with flowers, poems and songs? Can I show you some fresh guzheng
I'll give you some stimulation to kill Turks? Fighting Tubo? If you don't go, I'm going to hold a concert ~ let's see the happy life of Tang Sufan in the eyes of the world... PS: both official and unofficial history are mixed.
Yu Ying Er
Greedy little fierce concubine
Wen Wan'er felt that she was forced to be strong. She was a bitter child who wanted to eat and drink well. She passed through the time when she finally had a good time. Although she became the daughter of the general, it was even more difficult. She had to support her family, the army and even the country when she was young
it was not easy to get some delicious food in the ancient times when the materials were poor, but we had to face the direct mother of white lotus, four problematic brothers and sisters, a strange little brother, and a bunch of troublesome relatives Qi, don't be too exciting these days
and the reborn old emperor, don't always try to take advantage of my family. In addition, the little prince always sticks to me for what I do. No matter how good you look, you can't be a meal. If there is something delicious, you should not tell me earlier
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Ming Yue Zai Xin Zhong
Reborn the five sons of the Tang Dynasty
In the Kangxi Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty, there were nine sons seizing Di, while in the Zhenguan Dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, there were five sons seizing Di, namely, the eldest son Li Chengqian, the third son Li Ke, the fourth son Li Tai, the fifth son Li you, and the ninth son Li Zhi.
Yang Guang Xia Xie Zi
Daming fireworks
Zhu Yuanzhang: 'I will kill all those who take bribes and bend the law.' Han Du: 'Your Majesty, please calm down. It's better to recycle the waste and squeeze the residual value of them than kill them.' Zhu Yuanzhang: