Sheng Dan Dao Cao Ren
Man Tang Hong
I saw Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), still holding a lute in the Taiji palace. I saw Li Shimin, the king of kings, being scolded like a turtle grandson in the Liangyi hall. I saw Li Jiancheng, the hidden prince, jump in a hurry to compete for the throne. I saw Li Xiuning, the princess of Pingyang, who is not a man. I saw Luo Shixin, who is the champion of the three armies. I saw Qin Shubao's skill surpassing all the others. I saw Yuchi Gong's 100% empty handed seizing the horses... I saw all the trendsetters of the Tang Dynasty, They also saw me and had to listen to me
who am I? Then you have to read, but you can read hard. After reading, remember to collect, vote, comment... And reward (hey).
Yang Yang Xi Song
Change the light against the sky
If the way of heaven has no eyes, it goes against the sky; The people were in dire straits, so this dynasty was changed. A modern man passed through Liaodong in the sixth year of the apocalypse, which was the time when the construction of captives was rampant and the killing was bloody
the road is long and dangerous, and the blood is boiling and surging. Unwilling to be a slave, he can only face difficulties and forge ahead bravely to create a bloody road and realize the bright future in his dream
Chongzhen, Huang Taiji, Mao Wenlong, yuan Chonghuan, sun chuanting, Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong, Lu Xiangsheng... Who will be the most dazzling star in the long history of emperors, famous generals and celebrities
or is it a stepping stone for him to climb to the top with his higher shoulders?
Mu Chen Yuan Zhi
Datang convenience store
Tang Ping, the owner of the convenience store who only wanted to lie flat in life, woke up in the Tang Dynasty with people and shops
it's just that the Heavenly Kingdom with splendid civilization is still there, but the Tang Dynasty is not quite the same
internal and external troubles and strong enemies surround us. Now Tang Ping only wants to go home! Xuanzang: Little benefactor, where is your good wine
how many times did you talk about the journey to the west last time? Li Bai: Master, why do you have to recite so many books today? When can you play games
Li Shimin: This is my nephew. Please hold back if you have any questions! [unfold] [stow]
Feng Xiao Mu
At the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), he fought for the world
In the second year of Chongzhen. The Su River crosses the Ming Dynasty and becomes a tenant of grain shortage in Shaanxi. Inspire people to rise up, lose their deer, and the world will chase them
kill the gentry and lend the land. Issuing bonds and engaging in education. Develop industry and train strong troops. Overthrow the Ming Dynasty and exterminate the tartar prisoners.
Nu Jiang Shan
Fierce soldiers in the late Ming Dynasty
In the seventh year of Tianqi, there was a great disaster, and the people were in dire straits
Mongolia attacked the border, the later Jin Dynasty rose, the roving bandits fled everywhere, and the Ming Dynasty was shaken
in this year, a soul came through and became a fierce guard of Xuanfu dark village
he started from the end of the world, fought bloody battles in the north, promoted trade, built a strong army, attacked Mongolian ministries, fought bloody battles in the Jin Dynasty, and conquered the roving bandits
iron Han bear, Han blind man, blood butcher, cruel fox, living hell.
a fight, a nickname
finally become a generation of heroes!
Yi Ye Ting Yu
Cultivate Zhenguan
Li Shimin: 'I want to build Luoyang palace!' Zhang xuansu: 'sage! Fang Cheng, Qin people scattered; Zhang Hua, Chu people left; Qian Yang finished his work, Sui people disintegrated. Please be careful!' Li Tai: 'I want to build the Vientiane temple!' Fang Xuanling: 'Your Highness the king of Wei, as long as the money is not allocated from the imperial court and the people do not account for the burden of corvee, please feel free.' Li Shimin: '...' note: the war in this article adopts the shensan system, and the combat strength is about the level of the period when the first meteorite fell.
Qiao Mu Xi You Si
Ji Tang
Life is too impetuous, come and be quiet! Come and see Ji song's life after he came to the Tang Dynasty!
Kang Zhan San Lang
Liangjian: develop independently and bring back an artillery regiment
The group performance Wang Cheng went through the parallel world of swords and became Wang Chengzhu, the artillery under Li Yunlong
after the first World War in cangyunling, in order to keep his position, Li Yunlong issued a military order to the general manager, and in three months, the new regiment developed into a reinforced regiment comparable to the 358 regiment of the Shanxi Suiyuan army
after three months, the whole regiment will gather
1st battalion commander: I have 50 more soldiers than before
second battalion commander: I have less than 10 soldiers, but there are two Italian guns
Wang Chengzhu looked at his own troops: Commander, although you only gave me a platoon, is it not too much for me to have 50 people in this platoon
in addition, in order to ensure the safety of artillery, I set up a security force of reinforced infantry battalion, an armored battalion, a cavalry battalion and a special brigade. Isn't it too much?
Su Bu Xing
A generation of Villains
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Xing Ba Tian
Start with detective Li Yuanfang
Through Li Yuanfang, he changed his family background and became Li Jing's direct grandson. He was a noble scholar with both literary and military skills and lived a beautiful life
but how can you become a detective? There is a fat Dali Temple minister who especially likes to ask my advice... Di Renjie: Yuan Fang, what do you think
I: in the name of the Lord, there is only one truth, and the murderer is him! Di Renjie: Yuan Fang is really a god!
Zhu Tou Qi
My espionage years
'Flame', 'spark', 'Chenzhou', 'Bluebird', 'amber', 'Cheng Wufang', by the way, 'Kentaro Miyazaki', and -
when Cheng Qianfan opens his eyes every day, the first reaction in his mind is: what is my identity today (which vest should I wear)
this book is also known as' my vest of ACE agents is innumerable '
the red 'fire' hidden in the enemy, the agile and meritorious red team member 'Chenzhou', the beloved General of military statistics Dai Chunfeng, Qingniao, etc
however, he knows that he is Cheng Qianfan, a firm Red soldier
'in the dark, you firmly watch the sun in your heart; in the long night, you silently give birth to the dawn; in the tiger's den, you endure humiliation and stand by; in the fight, you rise quietly and kill the enemy invisibly; your name is unknown, and your achievements are immortal...'
his story began in the early spring of 1936...
Penguin Group Number: 78697817
San Yan
Soft rice king of the Sui Dynasty
Li Rui,
encountered betrayal at the peak of his life. After his miserable life ended, he crossed to the parallel world of blue star on the earth, developed his extreme spiritual power, and became the cultural and entertainment godfather of the whole blue star
Li Rui in the high light moment was once again betrayed and took the initiative to cross. This time, Li Rui was already the husband of the female emperor of the Sui empire before he started to struggle
I've been a bachelor for two years. I thought that if I had a daughter-in-law of a female emperor in this life, I would not have to struggle and be direct Lie flat on the salted fish and eat soft food all your life, but:
'what's the situation? Internal and external problems will not last for a few years. How can we do that?'
'what do you mean? You want to kill the empress? How can you do that?'
'what, you want to rebel? Seek the great Sui Empire? How can you do that?'
the Sui empire is gone. Is my husband, the female emperor of the Sui Dynasty, gone? How can that work
there are always people who don't let me realize my ultimate dream: lie flat on the salted fish and don't want to make progress
in the process of constantly protecting his wife, Li Rui realized his ultimate dream of salted fish life. [unfold] [stow]
Xiao Lan Er Ya
Marquis's farmer's wife
After crossing into the ancient wild kingdom of Dayu, she became a poor little peasant girl Leng Yingchun who fled from famine. She fled with the villagers. Her brother was captured as a strong man, and then she and her sister were caught in the bandit nest
after escaping with difficulty, he was knocked unconscious and entered the palace as the eldest lady of Leng family in pingshuikeng
due to serious illness, he was thrown on the road and was saved by the young Marquis Su Jingxian
I thought I could go to the place with abundant water and grass in the south of the Yangtze River with the young marquis< br/>
. Who knows the little Marquis stole away
it's really hard to find a way out. I went to a small wild mountain village to cultivate land and grow high-yield and high-quality rice
the emperor was so happy that he gave the princess her name and gave her the task of strengthening the country
OK, the princess has gone to work
will the young Marquis come with me
follow, and shine in agronomy together. [unfold] [stow]
Nian Yu Tou
Reborn South Africa as a policeman
Is it good to be a policeman in South Africa? Rock's answer is very cool. After all, South Africa was still a British Cape Colony in the early 20th century. Q group 519679829, welcome brothers to chat -
Xing Fu Lai Qiao Men
Prime Minister of the humble family
Zhao Kuangyin, Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, once said: 'the prime minister must use a scholar.' To put it simply, this is the story of the humble scholar from official to prime minister
PS: I have finished three novels with millions of words, and my character is guaranteed. Penguin Group: 164548046
Qing Chun De Ju Mao
Honglou Shoufu
I've seen this sister before
No, you haven't
what will I do in my life
Daiyu was raised as an official in the imperial examination,
cultivating one's moral integrity and ruling the country and the world
that's it!
Yu Ge Piao Miao
The deer race began in the Warring States period
Yang Qian, who has just paid off his mortgage, went through the parallel Warring States period
'the Huns are here!' 'Help ~' Yang Qian cried
Yang Qian, who was demoted to the border by the king for his reckless behavior, attaches great importance to agriculture and opens pits to smelt steel in wasteland The feudal land is richer than the capital of the country
'Your Majesty, the young master is full of wings, and I'm afraid that he will turn against you...'
King Xia Wen: 'what's the fear of a waste? If you can destroy the Xiongnu, you can give him the throne!'
'Your Majesty, it's hard to pull. The young master has destroyed the Xiongnu.'
'king, it's not easy to pull. You have unified the Central Plains.'
'Your Majesty, it's not easy to pull, sir. Please go to Hawaii for vacation.'
King Xia Wen:... [unfold] [stow]
Ping Qie An
Fengtu spring history
Zheng Ji, the princess of Changding, is in a high position. She is in charge of the ten leading houses. She rides thousands of horses and enters the police in transit.
when she sees Du Fengju, the young son of the Taifu, she is very happy and asks with a smile: 'Hey, would you like to be the best husband in this hall?'
Du Fengju could hardly see anyone more beautiful than himself. For a moment, he was obsessed and nodded proudly: Well, when will he ask for an order to marry him
at the beginning, he thought that both of them only wanted each other's looks.
he never thought that she would be reborn and go through all the blood, Only then can he hold him in his arms
and he himself will bow down for her alone: May your highness live a thousand years without worry
in the previous life, Zheng Jimeng was unjustly imprisoned and became a prisoner from emperor Tai Jiao.
Du Fengju risked his life to save her and gave her all his skills.
finally, he took his body as a shield to block the killing arrow for her.
to live a life again, Zheng Ji felt that he must be treated as a gift in the world to be worthy of his deep feelings.
the Royal Highness Princess, who is the most powerful and powerful, has a soft body Many Taifu children in Majia [unfold] [Close]
Yue Qi Lin
Why did the emperor brother rebel?
In the 8th year of Jingtai, Fengtian temple. Zhu Qiyu stands on the Danbi. Behind him is a ten-year-old baby. His majesty Dan is an expressionless civil and military official
sighed and looked up at his panicked brother. He finally asked the words buried in his heart
'Your Majesty, why did you revolt?'
Song Hun
At the end of the Song Dynasty
The people of Hu drove their horses south, and the imperial court kept destroying the Great Wall. The economy of the great song dynasty was about to collapse. An illegitimate abandoned son set up a workshop to prove himself. He fought against treacherous officials and fought against the Hu people
however, I didn't expect my father to treat him like this. Q group: 29173257
Xia Mi Bu Hui You
Flower wind terrace
She was originally a talented girl of a family, but she died early. By chance, her soul was attached to her twin sister, but this led to the disaster of annihilation; At the time of chaos, wars and wars, she was reborn and returned, but the mountains and rivers were broken, and the people were destitute... Let's see how she stepped on the edge of the sword and ruled the world in this chaotic chess game!
Xian Wai Zhi Yin
Hegemony over the Three Kingdoms begins with leaving Jiangdong
Modern youth passed through the late Eastern Han Dynasty and became Sun Shao, the son of sun CE. At this time, Cao Cao supported millions of troops and held the emperor to command the princes. No one in the world could compete with him; Sun Quan inherited his father's and brother's foundation, and possessed Jiangdong. The country was dangerous and the people were attached. The foundation was solid; Liu Bei stationed troops in Xinye. Although there was only a small area, his elite soldiers and strong generals were even more popular in the world
the general situation in the world has become a reality. See how Sun Shao fought in Jingnan and swept the world!
Xing Zou De Da Yang Tui
My head of the Chinese Expeditionary Force
Liao Mingyu, the elite of the southwest special forces of China, accidentally crossed into Chanda, that is, my head of the regiment. In the world of my regiment, long Wen, Meng fanyao, fan long, not spicy, Yao Ma, bean cake, veterinarian, a translator officer, funeral star, Krupp... A fresh character appeared in front of him. Is it to continue the tragic fate of their cannon fodder regiment, or to awaken the blood and make a different great achievement
the answer depends on Liao Mingyu's decision.
'I'm your regiment leader! I want to follow me alive and I'll take you home! Cannon fodder regiment? Bullshit cannon fodder regiment! My regiment must be an iron and blood regiment that dares to fight and fight. I will make you an unparalleled sword and a steel army that goes forward bravely!'
Zhang Jian Zhi Tian Ya
Chongzhen: I am the king of prosperity
Through the change of emperor Chongzhen, the last pride of Daming was torn. The death knell seemed to have rung
every inch of mountains and rivers is an inch of blood, and the mountains and rivers ravaged by Jianlu deeply hurt Daming. It seems that a prosperous country has really become an unreachable dream
the building is going to collapse and the country is going to be destroyed. Let me turn the tide Book friends: 938.87.683
Chuan Han Fu De Su Su
Qingleng bodyguard stuck to me
Hostess: Shen ansu, wearing a man's clothes, said to the man, 'as compensation, you will withdraw.'& mdash;& mdash; The man smiled lightly: 'I was in a hurry to sell myself. Why did Miss Shen think she was worth so much money? & rd.quo; & mdash; & mdash; later, the woman cried & mdash; & mdash; the man who was at a loss put his arms around the person in his arms, kissed softly and shouted 'Su'. & mdash; & mdash; later, the man who did not say love said 'I love you' to Su again and again. [unfold] [Close]
Yao Huo Tian Xia
The Great Han of the Three Kingdoms rises again
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty collapsed. Liu Xian unexpectedly went through the turbulent times and began a legendary life. Take advantage of the knowledge of this era, collect famous generals, play beauty, and mix with the wind and water
at the same time, we have trained an iron and blood elite that is proud of the world. The surname Liu is the king, and the waves wash the sand. After all the dust settled, a completely different Han Empire reappeared in the east of the earth.
Zhang Tong Ming
clear-eyed and malicious
In this world, there are aristocratic families, separatist regimes, and hostile foreigners! Ye Mingsheng, a military attache who has passed through the forbidden army of Chengdu Dazhou, has not yet had time to enjoy the benefits of power. He has to wipe his ass for the original owner who was forced to participate in the party struggle and committed suicide for fear of guilt... Although he only wanted to be rich and noble in his life at the beginning, he can only trust people with false snakes under the torrent of the times, and live in the midst of death
(the count of the wizard who has finished the old book with two million words, whose character is guaranteed, welcome to taste it!)
Han Tang Feng Yue 1
Rise from 800
Tang Dao, a special soldier, unexpectedly returned to the night before the battle of the Sihang warehouse in the 1937 Songhu battle. Once 800 soldiers fought to the end for the last dignity of Chinese soldiers. What will happen this time because of the addition of Tang Dao
after death, I would like to be a ghost on the battlefield, and I would not be a native before I live! This is the soldier's answer. The great scenery is picturesque, but the place is full of smoke. The soldiers have fought a hundred battles, shed blue blood, and shed tears. The road is full of heroes' graves!
Yuan Zi Yu
It is said that the royal family of the state of Chen has a treasure map of flying phoenix. Those who get it will win the world, which is coveted by all countries. Su Yuzhe, the exotic prince, lurked in the temple and had a childhood sweetheart with Princess Chen guoyunhuang
when we meet again three years later, Princess yunhuang watches Su yuche kill her father and mother, and overthrow Chen's country overnight... The princess of subjugation is burdened with national hatred and family hatred, and her life-long adventures are endless
she has great powers. She has repeatedly solved strange cases, found treasure, led millions of elite soldiers to seek revenge, but found that Su Yuzhe is the one who loves her most
Bu Yi Yang De Xiao Yan
I sell barbecue in Datang
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