Mo Cha Hong Dou
Tuan Chong's baby milk bag, I'm the most arrogant baby in the whole dynasty
[group pet + Koi + space + Vest + food + animal and plant communication ability]
the poor old Fu family finally gave birth to a little girl
then, good things happened one after another
pheasants and hares are sent to the door by themselves, and ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum are picked up by hand
the brothers have also made great efforts. They are the generals of the country, the chief aides of the government, the Royal rich merchants, and the first chefs...
the brothers who can dominate the country have made difficulties, and they dare not stop someone who brazenly comes to steal their hearts
someone smiled proudly and put the jade seal in Fu Chu's hand: 'dear, this is the bride price.'
Fu Chu: 'want to marry me? Line up first.'
Liu Yuan Xiao Tong Zi
A hundred years of human ghost
A young man and a female ghost of the Republic of China met for a hundred years in their previous lives, and shared the same experiences and tribulations. In order to save all the people in the world, in addition to the demons, the three demon concubines came to the world. Later, they met the eminent monk and entered the underworld. Yan Jun in the ten halls discussed brothers and saved the underworld and the world. Finally, the three wives of the Republic of China, accompanied by themselves, experienced some things together, and accepted the python fairy, the ghost general, and Zhan Shura, the young man
Liu Ran Ran
The demon girl from heaven has boundless power
On the way to find his mother, he accidentally became the first demon hunter and became a group favorite. I'm not talented. I just want to be a female Xia who can calm the four directions
I will fight evil demons all my life and protect mountains and rivers all my life. We should have a clear conscience when we are alive. With a whole body of talents, accompanied by loyal and strong friends, we can smooth the injustice of the world and return peace.
Ye Chen Xiao Chu Ran
Ye Chen and Xiao Chu ran
Ye Chen is a visiting son-in-law whom everyone looks down upon, but no one knows his real identity. He is the eldest young master of the top family. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel down in front of him and call him 'Lord' in fear!
Liu Nian An Jing Ru Xi
After I was pregnant with Koi twins, I became rich from farming
[farming, pregnancy and vomiting, koi, twins, dregs abuse, becoming rich]
modern waistcoat tycoons dressed as poor peasant women were caught on the spot, including pregnancy and vomiting. It was the beginning of hell
scum man quits his marriage at the door, and the evil woman accuses her of stealing a man
hum, the scum man is ugly and wants to be a demon. When kapok goes up, he will be beaten by a chicken and eggs. If he is separated, the next one will be better
the family was poor, and three small milk groups were hungry, shouting after her
don't panic. She is a koi with an excellent physique and specializes in treating all kinds of poverty
the second brother who has never caught prey in the mountain can't hold it in his back basket
the unlucky eldest brother can easily pick up Ganoderma lucidum when he picks up mushrooms...
the three little boys only fish in the river, and the many fish jump into the net...
with the days getting better, kapok's belly is getting bigger day by day
she can't hide it. She's worried that she doesn't eat meat
one day, a ferocious big man pinched her waist with red eyes and blocked her in the corner. His voice was hoarse. 'Please look at me, father, I can.'
Zhang Gong Da Jian
Star turning expert
Introduction: the 21st century experimental body wakes up in the kitchen waste of the enemy. Yu Jing exerts the spirit of being shameless and strives to survive in the future star age
after accidentally differentiating into sentinels, as a minority female sentinels, because the virtual companion animals are weak chickens, they are sent to the front of the battlefield as cannon fodder
Yu Jing keeps in mind the iron rule & mdash& mdash; If cannon fodder wants to live, it must become stronger!
Po Guo Mei You Gai
After rebirth, she married the unmarried and sterile double standard prince
King Ning's mansion, which had stood for a hundred years in the Yan Dynasty, was destroyed in smoke. Ning Zhuo, a precious girl with thousands of beauties, fell into the dust and ended up with her legs broken and her eyes gouged out
it was only when I was dying that I saw that I was not marrying a good man, but a wolf in sheep's clothing! I'm reborn. Rather burn my hands and tear the white lotus feet and kick the slag man, but I accidentally caught a curse and came back
before marriage - ning Zhuo raised his eyebrows and said: 'I heard you... Can't you?'? A certain master: just because he doesn't marry doesn't mean he can't
after marriage - the princess in the eyes of the public: force explodes the table, and a word does not fit the head of a dog. The princess in the eyes of Prince Xue Changyao: she is delicate and weak and easy to push over
the prince in the eyes of the people: he is not close to women, and he is a wise gentleman who can write and fight. The prince in the eyes of Princess Ning Zhuo: bah
the color makes the dog dizzy! Ning Zhuo: stand up and she will never kill him if anyone tells you! Xue Changyao: daughter in law, I heard you were going to murder your husband?
Bai Sui Shan Bing Hong Cha
I'm not a 3D player
Kobe Bryant: 'sun is one of the best defenders I have ever seen. Under his defense, it is difficult for me to maintain efficiency. I have to admit that he is my Terminator!'
James: 'sun is the perfect teammate in my heart. To be honest, I want to play brother basketball with him.'
curry: 'everyone underestimates sun's talent and thinks that he is just a role player, but I don't think so. His progress rate is incredible, and he is lucky to be a teammate rather than an opponent!'
Don Nelson: 'no coach in the world will refuse a top 3D player like sun. He is a perfect Championship puzzle!'
Sun Yi frowned after watching the comments made by a group of stars and famous coaches on him. He said helplessly, 'do they misunderstand my strength? I'm really not a 3D player!'
this is a hot blooded basketball story from 2009!
Yuan Fei Bu Ke
I heard I was a grave robber
Solemnly declare: this story takes place in parallel time and space, and all the details are fabricated by the author. If there are similarities, bah, there are no similarities
police: come on, look at it. Does this photo look familiar
protagonist: is this an underground cave? Haven't seen it. Is it an animal's hole
policeman: look at this again. Do you know me
protagonist: is this a spider? Sorry, I don't know anything about biology. I really can't see what kind of animal it is
police: I can't see what you are stumbling about? Mei Qian, you are a grave robber who has committed the most heinous crime. Why don't you honestly explain your crime
Mei Qian never dreamed that his own copy and original tomb robbing novels would be touched by ancient tombs in parallel time and space. The key is to wear. He simply can't explain where he was a few years ago. How can this dead end be broken?
Xiao Xiao You Si Zhi Mao
After picking up shayou who ran away from home, he began to regenerate Tokyo
Only when we become stronger can we shut everyone's mouth
[only when you become better can you leave no regrets in your life.]
the youth was born again in Tokyo. My high school life began with finding a JK
this book is also known as 'signing in starts with cohabitation', 'I play games in Tokyo' and 'perfect life from private toyosaki'
care about the people you want to care about and protect the people you want to protect
starting today
'system, I'm not a human!' - By Yosuke Kato
(this book is full of love and daily life, with many female owners and sweet essays.)
Di Li Za Cao
The journey from small volleyball
Rixiangyang, Yingshan Feixiong, NiuDao ruoli, Mutu guangtaro... This is a volleyball youth's same culture.
Sang Xin Li
Quick wear: please pay attention to the owners. I'm going to kill you
[quick wear + cute pet + ease + cure + 1v1]
other people wear what they want to wear, but only she, Xu Qiao, is not a person every time
it was the first time that she dressed as a little rabbit. Fortunately, it was a world of cultivating immortals. She also had a chance to become a human, so she embarked on the journey of becoming a human. By chance, she walked with a big gray wolf
as a result, she was with a big grey wolf
a rabbit and a big grey wolf are together
Xu Qiao: this configuration is quite outrageous
this is the second time I dressed as a white hedgehog. But who would have thought that I was spotted by a natural enemy and taken away just a few days after I came here
as a result, who can tell her why the owl always feeds her mouth to mouth
you can't take care of cubs like this
Xu Qiao: so I am with the natural enemies again
for the third time, I was dressed as a precious spirit grass, and there was a spirit animal who was particularly coveting the spirit grass.
Xu Qiao: OK, I can guess the ending, so I don't need to go on
the fourth time.
the fifth time
every time, Xu Qiao can be targeted by natural enemies. First, she is fed to paralyze her mind, and finally, she is divided into her stomach and dried
Xu Qiao:
that's ridiculous.
Wo Jia You Ge Ju Zi Yuan
At the beginning, my sister introduced me to be a broker
Han Yu, don't enter if you don't like it. Mingyuan: don't rob me. I'm just a small broker.
Qing Che Gao Yuan
All free people
I'll pass the ball that the forward can't pass, the ball that the midfield can't pass, the person that the winger can't pass, and the person that the defender can't defend
to be honest, the reason why I wear size 9 is because I have turned 6.
Qi Qi Jia D Mao Mao
Disaster artist
'People always think I'm a good person because of my good-looking skin. Oh.' His existence is a disaster for all.
Mei Ren Ai De Xiao Shou
A new generation of heroes in Hong Kong
'I, yaoyang, are people's demons. If there are no bad things in your heart, I can't help you.' With one hand covering the sky, I can't see the four sides of the opposite side being sent. My eyes are also covered. The more I reach the peak, the faster I change and become like a crazy person. I must win the sky with one hand
if there are any similarities, it is purely intentional to touch porcelain!
Yi Bi Xin Suan
Snake swallowing
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Lun Xian De Shu Sheng
The strongest son-in-law
The talented heir of the first family was poisoned by others and unexpectedly became a spurned son-in-law. After his recovery, the world trembled because of him
his name is Wu Baisui, a man who aspires to live a long life! Author: Q: 27590470
Su Xing Ge
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Chao Ye Lang
Town and village people
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Yun Miao Xian
Two or three things with monsters
Fortune telling adventure point Feng Shui, thriller detectives and ghosts, the most traditional Chinese culture, the most mysterious and supernatural legend!
Luo Shan Shan
Entertainment super daddy
'Dad, I want to eat!' When she woke up, Liu Zixia, who came to the parallel world, had a daughter who could not be kissed any more. In order to feed her daughter, let her live in a big house, and let her mother come back... What can Liu Zixia do? He is also very helpless! Fortunately, Liu Zixia brings a world of entertainment information. Does this pressure seem to exist? In the face of those cultural and entertainment tycoons, Liu Zixia said: 'don't get me wrong. I'm not targeting you. I mean, everyone here is rubbish!'
Man Tou Da Da Wang
Psychic broker
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Tang Shui Bo Luo
The winter moon is windy and the green lights are shaking. Xia Zhaoyi looks at the stars and drops coins. All six sides are yin. 'Master, I'm very fierce.' 'Where are you going?' 'The government of Dingguo can't be without a queen. I'd like to go north alone and go to prison for my brother.'
Di Jian Yi
Jingtian sword emperor
[2017 Xuanhuan essay] entries
Yue Shang Gu Cheng
Entertainment begins with fairy sword
At the end of 203, Cao Jun, who has won the memory of later generations, participated in the ancient costume classic Xianxia drama, Xianjian Qixia Zhuan, and began a brilliant performing life
He Ji Jing Jing Ya
The big guy in the underworld has become black
There are flowers in the underworld, whose name is the other shore
the demon is red like blood, beautiful and flamboyant
flowers bloom on the other side of the river. Only flowers can be seen, but no leaves can be seen
flowers bloom for a thousand years, flowers fall for a thousand years, and flowers and leaves never meet
he once whispered: 'ah Zhu, I'd like to shed the immortal bones for you for a thousand years and bloom for you one day.'
She once promised with tears: 'I'm willing to fall into the abyss forever, and you will never worry.'
the fragrance of flowers is magical and can evoke the memories of life
he once had gentle eyebrows and eyes: 'ah Zhu, I remember my previous life. You broke your oath.'
she was full of despair: 'it was you who took me first and made me struggle in hell.'
love is not cause and effect, but fate is doomed to life and death. [unfold] [stow]
Yi Wang Zhi Zhi
The king of online games fights again
In the past, the king is now a savage. Three years ago, there were many people left behind, but they could not bury their own light and heat. Inside and outside the game, they are waiting for him to return to glory and find his own game path. In the past, he was a young master, but now he is a village man. He has been away for three years and has buried many things. However, he can not get rid of his own fate and life. He is waiting for him to stand up again and break through the myriad shackles that bind him. This is the story of a retired professional player playing as an old bird in the game. But at the moment of fate, can he master his own choice inside and outside the game, and then reshape his own life? 'Choice determines destiny, and destiny weaves the future.'
Guan Shui Xiao Shi Di
The heavens begin with the divine staff
I got the Buddha's palm in kung fu... I got the six winged Centipede's inner pill in Nu Qing Xiang Xi... I got rid of the mundane world in Uncle Jiu's world... I traveled all the way to heaven just to seek eternal life!
Tu Dou Di Gua Pai
I was approached by cat ear mother
Because a box of yogurt provoked a cat's ear mother to cry and ask for debt, what should I do? Waiting online, very urgent
this book is also known as 'what kind of experience is a girlfriend a cat's ear mother' and 'my cat's ear mother is very cute in a word'. This is a story about a cat wanting to be a person, and it is also a story about a person not being a person at the beginning
everyday love is a joy.