Nan Feng Zhi Yi
After the divorce, my wife and I reached the peak of her life
After three years of marriage, Fu Chenxi's white moonlight returned to China, and Shu Yang also received a divorce agreement from the man who had loved him for three years
at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Fu Chenxi confessed to Bai Yueyue: in three years, I have never touched her. I only love you, Shu Yang, and I'm completely dead. It's only after three years of love that I feed my dog, turn back to my old business, and make money to reach the peak of my life that people know that the abandoned Fu Tairen is beautiful and rich. It's late at night after three months of high-quality real women, Fu Chen Xihong gave her a phone call with her eyes on: 'Yang, I regret...' the phone only came from a woman with a tired murmur: 'Rong Yu, who...' a man holding a beautiful woman back smiled and hung up the phone and kissed the people in his arms: 'no one is engaged in pyramid schemes.'
Lian Yun Xun Er
After a private marriage with the devil
He is an abandoned God who has been expelled from the divine world. Although he retains his memory and cultivation, he will not live to be 24 years old; She is a princess of the divine world who is favored by the divine king. She accidentally wandered into the world and lost all her accomplishments. She became a concubine of the general's residence
because of his encounter in the prison of the divine world two thousand years ago, he never forgot her. In this life, he will protect her no matter what.
'girl, even if my life span is only 24 years, even if I have disappeared from this world, I will still love you.' [unfold] [Close]
Fan Xian Xiao Xian Xian
Basketball scientist
'It's not the strong who wins, but the strong who wins'
'many people are arranged by fate, but I am arranged by fate'
'Kexue changes basketball'
'the team only needs one head, that is me.'
'it has long been doomed that I can only pick flowers from thorns. But the important thing is to be persistent in victory and faith.' - All the above remarks come from basketball scientists with 6 billion comets
Hei Shan Kuang Ren
Emperor of the Heavenly Sword
In the novel world of swallowing the starry sky, perfect world, covering the sky, Panlong and so on, swallowing the starry sky is in progress
the sabre is a bully in the army. If the sky stops me, I will open the sky. If the earth stops me, I will open up the earth
let's look at the modern young man Li Mu, who walks across the sky with his sword and cuts off the gods and demons.
Chi Yi Kou Bu Ding
The richest man starts from the blind box
'Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the largest leather factory, Jiangnan leather factory has closed down! The bastard boss Huang He...' Huang He touched his head and said to himself helplessly
'although I am the chairman of Jiangnan leather factory, I also owe 350 million yuan, and I still have five aunts, but I never thought of running away!' This is a story about how Jiangnan leather factory broke its cocoon and helped boss Huang become the richest man in the world.
Qing Tao Ban Jiu
The farmer's widow has room to find a treasure on the way to escape from famine
The big guy in the other world died unexpectedly, and he almost got fired when he woke up
didn't it hit the muzzle of the gun
I'll clean you up if you don't beat me up
What, is this the way to escape
and a cheap son
How do you live with your family
don't panic, space is in hand, I have it
what happened to the short-lived husband
it's said that she has no feelings, but her eyes are stuck to her. What's the matter
er, if you have something to say, don't touch the manual foot
cheap husband is a martial arts student and young and strong. He Jiuniang has a sore back and decides to run away with her baby
just out of the city gate, I found that the man who should have gone to the imperial court was riding a tall horse outside the city. His face was like a crown of jade, and his eyebrows were curved: 'how can you go on a journey without serving your husband?'
Qi Qi Jia D Mao Mao
Disaster artist
'People always think I'm a good person because of my good-looking skin. Oh.' His existence is a disaster for all.
Wo Jia You Ge Ju Zi Yuan
At the beginning, my sister introduced me to be a broker
Han Yu, don't enter if you don't like it. Mingyuan: don't rob me. I'm just a small broker.
Di Jian Yi
Jingtian sword emperor
[2017 Xuanhuan essay] entries
Huang Ye Bei Ge
The summit of the great times
age= Int (input ('please enter the age after you restart your life):
ifage & # 61; 18: Print ('the first year of rebirth.')< br/>
elifage= 19: Print ('family split.')< br/>
elifage= 20: Please give your dignity back to college students< br/>
elifage= 21: Print ('dazzling purple star.')< br/>
elifage= 2: Print ('feelings of home and country.')< br/>
elifage= 23: Print ('the era of the rise of great powers.')< br/>
elifage= 24: Print ('we should be self-improvement.')
else: Print ('struggle, struggle, struggle.')
PS: my book friend said that my introduction was not good, like xiaobaiwen. Then revise it. It should not be white now?
Xiang Su Ji Kuai
Genius, miracle doctors and mixed cities
'Isn't it one-on-one to marry a man? How can we have three marriages at a time!' Yang Tian, who had been laid out by his master, went down the mountain with three marriage certificates for his beloved steamed bread, and began a carefree urban life. His medical skills are amazing, and the flesh and bones of the living dead are white. His force is terrifying, and he kills people invisibly. Hang and hit Gao Fu Shuai, feet
Yi Jiang Qiu Yue
NBA: a three-point experience card at the beginning
Wang Yi, who has been wandering in the NBA for two years, suddenly got a super three-point experience card on the last day of his 10 day short contract with the Lakers, thus starting the legendary journey of a generation of superstars
curry: his three points are unique in history. Owen: his dribble is more coquettish than mine. James: his big hat reminds me of me when I was young
Leonard: to be honest, I can't stop him. What he is most arrogant about is that all the arrogance he has boasted about has been realized.
Zhi Yun Xiao Tian Dao 1
A Qiu Ba of Beifu in the Eastern Jin Dynasty
The wheel of history rolled over the Magnificent Three Kingdoms era, and the Central Plains ushered in a peace that has not been seen in a century. People thought that the golden age was coming, but no one thought that what was waiting for was a millennium nightmare that the Han people would never face. Yongjia is in chaos, the five tigers are in chaos, the Central Plains is full of tigers and wolves, and the barbarians are leading the beasts to eat people! The Han people in the north were slaughtered ceaselessly, and the sons and daughters of China wailed in the pool of blood. Unwilling to be slaves, the Han people moved south to rebuild the Eastern Jin Dynasty in Jiangdong. Since Zu Ti, the Han family troops have left the south of the Yangtze River six times and attacked the Central Plains nine times in the past century. Unfortunately, they have failed in their efforts. How many people with lofty ideals can only look at the two capitals and sigh. The mountains are lofty and green. Where can they not bury their loyal bones? Fortunately, the Han nationality did not die, and there was Liu jinu. He would use his warm blood to shout out the strongest voice of this era: Han and Hu are not independent, and Wang Ye is not biased! Welcome with this book to the golden age of iron and steel. Author: book friend group 219263410
Xia Chong Hua Xue
The beginning of the heavens: my son Ye Fan has the posture of an Immortal Emperor
My name is Ye Chen. I'm from the imperial capital. I have four out of 50 this year. In fact, I have another identity, that is, the piercer
on this day, ye Chen, who was drinking afternoon tea, had a strange mechanical sound in his mind
'Kanlong's death direction, shaking dragon's death direction, leaving dragon's death direction, exchanging dragon's death direction, creating magic cube, nine palaces and eight trigrams.'
'it has been detected that the host's son Ye Fan is a man of destiny and is bound by cause and effect.'
it turns out that ye Chen is also a systematic passer-by, but why are you late for the system
the world is mainly composed of 'covering the sky', 'perfect world', 'holy ruins' and 'mang Huang Ji'. Among them, there are copies of the world, such as 'the only respect of Jiandao', 'Zhuxian', 'the legend of mortals cultivating immortals', 'Cangyuan map', 'divine tomb', 'the respect of one life', 'eternal life', 'star changes' and 'devouring the starry sky'
group number: [606037106]. I have finished the novels 'the soul of the perfect world' and 'the land master of the West journey'
group number: 606037106.
Hua Qi Chi Chi
Dressed as a farmer's little treasure, it hangs on the road to escape from famine
Take the farmer's yard to dress up as a group pet. On the way to escape the famine, it's open! When he was just born, he prepared food for himself and took the whole family to the future
Fu niu'er said proudly that it was really hard for her. Fortunately, milk's tobacco bag is hard enough, and my parents love me. My brothers love me immensely
the whole family will work together to build a well-off society, and the day will be red and prosperous!
Hei Lian Shao
Unscientific love
[online waiting, very urgent!]
after staying in a super luxury hotel with the sister goddess who has an ambiguous relationship with her, she wears [flash high-heeled shoes + silky cheongsam revealing S-shaped proud curve] and then a multiple-choice question is startled:
A. directly throw down. Completion bonus: strength value + 10
B. take pictures for her to create a high-level feeling. Completion reward: good feeling value + 10
c.dis she didn't pose enough and danced shyly. Completion reward: straight male value + 1< br/>
D. Ignore it directly. I came to the hotel to have a good rest. I'm not interested in my sister. Completion reward: self control + 10
of course, choose C. It's more emotional to dance a shy dance and appreciate the charming figure of the goddess
in short, this love talk is unscientific
this book is also known as 'this student sister is too provocative!' Super provocative love life with the goddess
persona: high cold and sultry clip sound goddess x domineering bad ruffian anti type male
I was rated as a very good start. I'm a master at describing beauty details. I'm sincere and flirtatious. Welcome to watch.
Yi Neng Zhuan Jia
Emperor Wu
Gao Ge Chui Zi
Xianwu shenhuang
The road is misty, those who follow it die, and those who compete are born. The hammer recommended by a mortal, Xiandao Zhengfeng, has completed the book 'steel storm of the war of resistance against Japan' and the farming text
Gao Ge Chui Zi
Become an immortal
The road is misty, those who follow it die, and those who compete are born. A mortal, fighting with the immortal
Gu Feng Ji
The end of the world in the land of cherry blossoms
In the parallel world, one of the stories of Shan and Dai. Evil spirit crisis, hope only in the parallel world.
Mo Yu De Ji Xia Xing
For the sake of silly Chai Mei, she was forced to become a gold producer
SANA: Ni sauce, Sha Xia wants to eat chocolate
Takezaki Changxia: I'll buy it
SANA: Ni sauce, Sha Xia wants this baby
Takezaki Changxia: I'll buy it
SANA: Nisa, why did you leave Shaxia
sakazaki Changxia: me
Ni sauce
Ni sauce
Ni sauce< br/>

SANA: Ni sauce, Sha Xia wants to be a trainee in Korea. Will you support Sha Xia
Takezaki Changxia didn't expect that his always obedient and lovely sister would be cheated to become a trainee in Korea one day
in order not to hurt his sister, he had to go to Korea together
what? The company that lied to my sister was JYP
OK, I'll go to JYP as a producer
I mainly write the story of the nine rabbits. Starting from the trainee, I will add a small amount of other love beans that I personally like
it doesn't involve the plutocrats. It's good to look at youth love stories.
Long Zhi Gong
Crossing the cartoon world
After the passer-by eats in the dragon ball, his martial arts are great, and then he makes a big fuss in other secondary worlds. The leading role of the beautiful woman in the tail is to abduct the naive loli. I will go through to the end!
Shuang Zi Gu Lang
Transformers spark restart
Cybertron was destroyed in the civil war, and the real sacred kindling was also lost in the war. Our race has gone to the end. Some of our people choose to fight with other life worlds and die in the war. Some of our people choose to become the cosmic wave people to find clues to the real sacred kindling, and we choose to stop the function and sleep for a long time to wait for the call of the fire to restart or die when the energy is exhausted in the long sleep. We believe that the fire
Zi Yue Yu Shi Yun
Female partners refuse to be cannon fodder
Jiang Chan, a junior high school student of little transparency, has a bad hand in her life. His parents were unknown. He grew up in an orphanage and reluctantly graduated from junior high school with the help of the orphanage. The orphanage is difficult to operate and can not afford her high school tuition. Jiang Chan is facing the fate of dropping out of school after graduation. When Jiang Chan was in despair, a light ball fell from the sky and hit her head. As long as Jiang Chan signs a contract with it and completes the task in a small world, Jiang Chan can learn the corresponding skills to change herself. Since then, Jiang Chan has embarked on the journey of conquering the sea of stars
Si Pi Er Bi Ge
I am not a god of stocks
Li Dong has been reborn. As a ten year old trader, he is familiar with every wave of major markets and varieties in the world in the past decade
it is enough to realize wealth and freedom if we can seize one of them. And Li Dong plans not to let go. All in my hands.
Xiao Xiao Yu
The descendants of tiexian are in the city
Xiaoyu occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, and Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name
Long Men Ke
The godfather of green legend
Through 209, he became Frank's disciple and klopp's junior brother. Tong Yi only wanted to be an ordinary coach
however, I don't want to take a small team to the top of the world and achieve a rich family. And he also completed the transformation from an assistant coach to a legendary coach
a godfather of Green & mdash& mdash; Born here!
Ye Yu Wen Ling 0
The supreme realm of breaking through the sky
You often say that revenge is my mission, but you don't know that protecting you is the fateful hierarchy of my life: fighting the emperor, fighting the immortals, fighting the gods, and the immortality of the emperor. About update: vote for my new book, the demon world is vertical and horizontal, a monthly ticket, and fight two shifts! Reward accumulated 10 yuan! One shift! Do what you say~
Jing Jing Xiao Mo Xian
Collect doomsday
As an NPC of the game doomsday company, [patient zero] accidentally gained self-awareness. She tried to disrupt the player's game progress to prevent customs clearance, and the whole game was deleted. In order to repair the game and return to the home in automatic archiving state, she will take [repair system] to shuttle among those who have [doomsday yuan]
Ye Wu Sheng
No. 81, huangquan Road
When the city is shrouded in darkness, those hidden in the darkness begin to move. A cat faced old lady eating raw meat and a fitness lady with fish scales on her back
wild foxes accosting people on the roadside, and the small supermarket in the cemetery. I have experienced all this
the beginning of everything starts with seeing a car accident with my own eyes