Jiu San Fei Fei
Tomb robbing: one sword opens the gate of heaven and furiously cleaves the bronze gate
Through the world of tomb robbing, he became the son of the Wu family's old demon in the Jianghu
is my mother still a mountain mover
Wu Erbao and Wu Laogou have been hiding for 20 years at the beginning. Originally, they wanted to eat together and wait for death. Later, they inherited the pleasure of 11 storehouses. However, Wu Yu, who has been systematically clocking in for 20 years, could not help but stand out after watching his mother curse her weakening body
'since I'm not welcome to enter the bronze gate, I'll use my three foot sword peak to cut all obstacles in the way!'
'the sword opens the heaven gate!'
(integration of multiple worlds starts with tomb robbing.)
(the introduction is short and weak. Please move to the text.)
Wen Huang De Lun Yi
Dagu broke his identity at the beginning
Also known as painting magic array in Altman world
Jinglong said that warriors are often lonely
look at the shining six-star coins in the hands of Angelica dahurica
Dagu said: I can't understand what you said
Fengyuan said: 'he is the most important comrade in arms.'
my dream says: 'he is a trustworthy partner.'
Fujiya said: 'I am the will of the sea.'
the future means: 'senior, Ali gadu.'
Angelica dahurica shrugged her shoulders. I just want to go home
Huang Ye Bei Ge
The summit of the great times
age= Int (input ('please enter the age after you restart your life):
ifage & # 61; 18: Print ('the first year of rebirth.')< br/>
elifage= 19: Print ('family split.')< br/>
elifage= 20: Please give your dignity back to college students< br/>
elifage= 21: Print ('dazzling purple star.')< br/>
elifage= 2: Print ('feelings of home and country.')< br/>
elifage= 23: Print ('the era of the rise of great powers.')< br/>
elifage= 24: Print ('we should be self-improvement.')
else: Print ('struggle, struggle, struggle.')
PS: my book friend said that my introduction was not good, like xiaobaiwen. Then revise it. It should not be white now?
Pin Seng Bu Hui Xiang Si
I really just want to be a role player
Northern Jiangsu. Su Feng's Su, Chen beixuan's north. This year is 19 years old, male, unmarried... Unexpectedly back in 204, holding the incompatible
'socializing flower' system, starting from NCA, embarking on real life Serious role players don't return
I swear to God in Subei, just like the title of the book: 'I really come to help you'. It can also be called 'I really don't want to be a superstar', 'you call it Pu Zhu', 'my teammate series'
Si Pi Er Bi Ge
I am not a god of stocks
Li Dong has been reborn. As a ten year old trader, he is familiar with every wave of major markets and varieties in the world in the past decade
it is enough to realize wealth and freedom if we can seize one of them. And Li Dong plans not to let go. All in my hands.
Bin Tie
Rebirth: Rise of Xiangjiang
Rickshaw, flower dew, four big detectives, Kowloon flower boat! The swaying cheongsam girl, and the dreamy Xiangjiang
rebirth of Xiangjiang - Shi Zhijian relies on a pile of King's fries and blossoms everywhere!
Wu Zhi De Mi Jiu
My basketball vision is different
The university is hopeless, walking the route of special sports students, muddled into the world of strong people
after many years, looking back at the flowers and sweat along the way, he still remembers the basketball hall that his father took him into.
Hua Qi Chi Chi
Dressed as a farmer's little treasure, it hangs on the road to escape from famine
Take the farmer's yard to dress up as a group pet. On the way to escape the famine, it's open! When he was just born, he prepared food for himself and took the whole family to the future
Fu niu'er said proudly that it was really hard for her. Fortunately, milk's tobacco bag is hard enough, and my parents love me. My brothers love me immensely
the whole family will work together to build a well-off society, and the day will be red and prosperous!
Mo Bai Sheng
Lord Wang affected my speed of drawing sword
She was killed by her favorite disciple. She didn't see his true face until she died
due to the power of master jade pendant, she crossed the world by mistake and met him unluckily & mdash& mdash;& mdash;
Shang hazy's face showed helplessness: 'elder brother, I said I was not her. Do you believe me?' She pointed to herself
LUO Wenyu was even more angry. He felt that She was insulting his IQ: 'stop talking! I'll kill you today!'< br/>
—& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;
Shang Yuyue: 'could you please back off?'
he took a step back unconsciously, and then felt something was wrong. Just as he was about to speak, she whispered in her ear, 'men will only affect my speed of drawing my sword.'
LUO Wenyu: ' [unfold] [stow]
Mo Cha Hong Dou
Tuan Chong's baby milk bag, I'm the most arrogant baby in the whole dynasty
[group pet + Koi + space + Vest + food + animal and plant communication ability]
the poor old Fu family finally gave birth to a little girl
then, good things happened one after another
pheasants and hares are sent to the door by themselves, and ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum are picked up by hand
the brothers have also made great efforts. They are the generals of the country, the chief aides of the government, the Royal rich merchants, and the first chefs...
the brothers who can dominate the country have made difficulties, and they dare not stop someone who brazenly comes to steal their hearts
someone smiled proudly and put the jade seal in Fu Chu's hand: 'dear, this is the bride price.'
Fu Chu: 'want to marry me? Line up first.'
Zui Zhong Jue Wang
Qingcheng sword emperor
There is a sword emperor in the East, whose name is Ye Qingcheng, a sword City, and a sword country. It is an ordinary story of truth building. I just want to write a long dream seriously. No matter whether anyone reads it or not, I will stick to it
San Cun Dao
Entertainment Dynasty
Xiaoqunyan accidentally obtained the future artifact super star making instrument. From then on, with the blessing of golden finger, he embarked on the road of the king of heaven.
Zou Diu De You Tiao
Baokemeng: this trainer is unscientific
Since the secret land fell on the road of the Qin Shi King's tour in 210 BC, such sub spaces have been constantly appearing in all parts of the world
countless baokemeng entered the blue star from those secret places. Liu Xiu commanded gulado to recover the Han Dynasty. In the 1680s, the discovery of cones started the first fairball revolution
in the mid-19th century, there were more kinds of fairball, and the second fairball revolution was entered. At this time, numerous trainers spontaneously organized and formed the earliest global Sex organization - Trainers Association
in 1914 and 1939, the Trainer Association died out in order to save mankind, and the baokemeng Federation was born at random
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Fan Xian Xiao Xian Xian
Basketball scientist
'It's not the strong who wins, but the strong who wins'
'many people are arranged by fate, but I am arranged by fate'
'Kexue changes basketball'
'the team only needs one head, that is me.'
'it has long been doomed that I can only pick flowers from thorns. But the important thing is to be persistent in victory and faith.' - All the above remarks come from basketball scientists with 6 billion comets
Pang Zi Ai Chi Dun Dou Jiao
Xiangsheng, your son
The Dragon suit of the previous life has passed through the parallel world, and from then on, it has relied on the golden finger to reach the peak of performance
for entertainment novels, this story is very common, but for crossing the crowd, it is a successful standard. It is very happy to be a big star for a lifetime
but he thought that all kinds of possibilities might be bumpy, or the golden finger might not work. You may have experienced intrigues, but you never thought that...
your welfare of crossing the golden fingers is not useful at all
my father in this life is biased against the entertainment industry, and he is not allowed to be a star
the father of this life is the gold owner and has the ability to prevent him from becoming a star
he tried all kinds of methods to no avail, but because his father loved to listen to crosstalk, he wanted to talk about crosstalk
he has been humiliated by the crowd. He can't even make a home, let alone reach the peak of his acting
when he was ready to talk about cross talk all his life
times have changed
his father couldn't think of it. Today's crosstalk actors can not only shoot films and variety shows, but also sing songs as idols
looking at his father's smothered smile, Han Shao smiled like a chicken thief
the era of crosstalk has begun!
Lao Ge Xing Zhou
Warrior Godfather
A seven year old Yong Mi returned to 206
in this year, flash was crowned king in Miami, and the storm of 'the son of the wind' swept the alliance. Black Mamba showed his sharpest fangs. The wolf king sank into the extreme cold of Minnesota, and the little emperor was waiting for the opportunity to ascend the throne
this year, the old era is slowly ending and the new era is rising
this year, the warriors are still the laughing stock of people
this year, Curie experienced the darkest summer in his life
Zhang Yu vowed that he would let the world see a golden dynasty
book friends: 105343067.
Long Men Ke
The godfather of green legend
Through 209, he became Frank's disciple and klopp's junior brother. Tong Yi only wanted to be an ordinary coach
however, I don't want to take a small team to the top of the world and achieve a rich family. And he also completed the transformation from an assistant coach to a legendary coach
a godfather of Green & mdash& mdash; Born here!
Xing Ji Da Hui Chen
Meiman level trading machine
As soon as he woke up, Josie crossed from the 21st century to Chicago in 1943, and became a poor boy living in the streets
World War II? It's too far away for the eve of being a minor
as an orphan, how he can survive in this age is the most important thing
fortunately, he has a facet trading system. In this era, being a time and space master, I think he can live well
however, a few months later, Josie, whose life has just improved, looks at the captain of the United States singing and dancing with a group of girls on the stage of the war fund-raising charity show in front of him and is silent
finished, Barbie Q
this is marvel!
Mo Ran Lü Zhe
I'm in love with the witch lady
The witch lady wants to go to Tokyo for school? She wants to elope with me if the family doesn't let her?! This is the story of Maekawa Yixing, as a childhood sweetheart, a servant and a guard, and a young lady in Tokyo to solve a series of strange phenomena while launching a daily love affair on campus
(PS: single female owner, guarantee no feces, and send sugar throughout the whole process, please feel free to watch) (book friends: 832396751)
Piao Ling Huan Ying
Fortune Empire crossing the Xiangjiang River
This year was 197, and Xiangjiang ignited the engine of high-speed development again. In this year, Tiaojing ridge was one of the poorest places in Xiangjiang
this year, a soul of the 21st century came here. This year, the development trajectory of Xiangjiang and even the world began to deviate
I was born poor, and my unwilling heart stirred up the situation. Half a century later, when I look back, I have established a huge wealth empire.
Hun Dun Wen Gong Tuan
Meiman's death knell
Through Meiman, he became a world-famous mercenary and killer. Things are different from people. Should he become a just hero? Or continue his dark career? 'Don't judge me by such shallow concepts as good and evil. I only do what I want to do.' The protagonist suddenly appeared behind the author of Hu's brief introduction to his works, and hit him out with a fist: 'it was originally very simple. I was the death bell ringing in everyone's ears!'
Wei Shi Wu
Template of villains in the heavens
'My round, draw cards'
'it's better to use this card when I play with you.' this is a story of shuttling through the sky and destroying everything. But Yue Si thinks that we should start by accumulating strength and overthrowing the exploiters.
Liao Liao Er Li
My wife is a top class diva
My childhood girlfriend made her debut, but I was disappointed in love
what is it
the female netizen I have known for ten years is the top star Xu Qingzhu,
and she is entering my world in a quiet way
according to the Internet, Xu Qingzhu's life can not be separated from the 'three men' behind her
'Wang Zhou': OK, I won't install it! In fact, I'm the only man behind Tian Tian Xu Qingzhu. As for the 'three men' spread on the Internet, one is my original self, and the other is my vest. That's all
please believe: This is a two-way sweet novel, which you don't want.
Zi Lu Hua Yu Ruo Xiang Si
Three lives of love
Dream at the beginning, a ring with you! The love that accompanies life has lasted for three generations. In the first two generations, both sides recalled their feelings at the last moment. What kind of disaster will they experience in this life?
San Lun Da Shu
Learn skills from the world of film and television
Wang Yue, who is willing to lie flat, accidentally obtained the Xianyu film and television system, and can travel through the film and television world. Only after learning the skills and being recognized can he return. See how he can play with the film and television world and completely change his destiny
in the first world, a little smile is very charming
in the second world, youth is brought about
in the third world, the Xiaoshe's
in the fourth world, time and you are all right
in the fifth world, the ode to joy (1, 2, 3)
in the sixth world, the beginning
in the seventh world, the youth school
in the eighth world, my! Physical education teacher
the ninth world, the same window together
the tenth world, Tianlong Babu
the eleventh world, the little thing of first love
the twelfth world, do you know whether it should be green, fat, red and thin
Wu Yu Ting Feng
Clear your thoughts
They said: 'ah Qing, will you accompany me to hell?'
'ah Qing, look at me, you can only have me in your body and mind.'
'ah Qing, I'm good. Listen to you. Don't leave me behind.'
'ah Qing, you see, this is my bride price for you. When I come back, we will get married.' 'ah Jie, you wait for me, and when I have finished revenge, I will come to find you.
' one person is in the soul, and it is impossible to help others
Shuo Yu Shan Gui Ting
Marvel world's Heroes
In the Infinite War, the superhero is put down like a chicken
a figure bursts out of the portal with golden light, holding up the fighter with gloves and jumping into the air
in the exclamation of all the heroes, he said to mieba:
'is it him? You are called mieba, aren't you?'
Hao wrist came to marvel world with the hero league system
you can not only give yourself heroic abilities, but also pass them on to others
then the painting style of Avenger alliance changed
Max Iron Man: join the glorious evolution
vet Hulk: Hulk says you're a big lady
eagle eye: cover the enemy's eyes
meiba: isn't it the avenger League? How did it become a League of heroes?
Zi Yue Yu Shi Yun
Female partners refuse to be cannon fodder
Jiang Chan, a junior high school student of little transparency, has a bad hand in her life. His parents were unknown. He grew up in an orphanage and reluctantly graduated from junior high school with the help of the orphanage. The orphanage is difficult to operate and can not afford her high school tuition. Jiang Chan is facing the fate of dropping out of school after graduation. When Jiang Chan was in despair, a light ball fell from the sky and hit her head. As long as Jiang Chan signs a contract with it and completes the task in a small world, Jiang Chan can learn the corresponding skills to change herself. Since then, Jiang Chan has embarked on the journey of conquering the sea of stars
Liu Yue Hao Xue
Rebirth age: cannon fodder elder sister and younger sister counter attack
Tian Shao wore it and became the eldest of the six golden flowers of Tian Dalin's family in the red flag society in that hard time
in the family, the father is dull and the mother is fierce, the second sister is irritable, the third sister is silent, the fourth sister is gluttonous, the fifth sister is gluttonous, and the sixth sister is a cabbage
preference for boys? I'm not afraid. This girl is better than my son. have nothing but the bare walls in one 's house? What's more, I'm not afraid to go to the factory to do business, and my life is prosperous
it's said that men chase women, and the mountains are separated; Women chase men, and separation yarn. Tian Shao wondered why she and Pei Yue were separated by mountains
forget it, the iceberg is too high and cold
Pei Yue stopped Tian Shao and said:; 'If you do, you have to be responsible. Go and get the certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau.'
Xiang Lin
Poison doctor Princess dominates the whole capital
The first lady of the Nanjia family, a wealthy merchant, was killed by her father and aunt in the mansion. The God of medicine came through in the 21st century
he is proud of himself and will not be wronged. He will revenge if he has any revenge. In order to make his soul and body fit together, he will avenge and vent his resentment for the original owner
after being the princess of war, I made an agreement with Feng Tianji to cooperate with each other. On the one hand, I treated the poison and wound of Feng Tianji and found the mastermind behind the scenes. On the other hand, I recovered the south family and found a way to go back.