Tian Yu Fei Shuang
The Lord of all things who devour the stars
Lin Yan went through the 'swallow the stars' and became a soldier to defend against the invasion of animal tide
fortunately, the awakening system panel:
[learn the skill inheritance from the Battle Sword and get 'sword skill · kill everything']

[reward the main task and open the 'spiritual master' in the second skill tree]
[promote to the God of war level and reward the Superman cells]
[trigger the system update and send the gift package: intelligent life 'after the wind']
suddenly look back
Lin Yan has become the supreme being of the universe from the original military warrior. The long river of fate is his creation, and the will of the primitive universe is his servant
he is the Lord of all things and the king of all gods
(following the military line, the plot does not copy the book, only involves the original story line, and does not seize the opportunity of the main character)
Nü Shu Shi Zhi You
Science and technology: breaking monopoly and global hegemony
Daxia monopolizes high-end quantum chips, which is not conducive to scientific and technological innovation! - The New York Times: controlled nuclear fusion, neon worship
- Asahi Shimbun Gu Qing: These are all high-end technologies, and we need to pay more. By the way, neon is still good for developing tourism. Energy should be imported from Daxia.
An Chen Mi San
Alien remnant Hunter
For some unknown reason, the process of solar decay has suddenly accelerated... In order to survive, human beings have to abandon their homes that have lived for millions of years
the survivors in the 'Ark' drifted in the universe for nine hundred years, and finally found such a foothold - 'alpha star'
but on this planet, there are relics left by the previous civilization everywhere
the alpha civilization left innumerable resources and technologies in the ruins. In order to obtain these things, a new career with high risks and high rewards, such as 'heritage Hunter', was born...
in a plane crash, Kelan accidentally entered the hinterland of a high-level ruins, but accidentally obtained the inheritance from an alien civilization
but what he didn't expect was that this was not a golden finger at all, but a 'Curse' that would kill him
Ke LAN: 'I'm a hunter just to make a living. Why do you call me a disaster? You're just slandering!'
book friend group 67413621 (the old group exploded, this is the new group)
Jing Da Ren
The fourth scourge of Star Wars
Take over a homestead Mothership and cross into the world of Star Wars? Tang Xiao: 'the world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.' Wait, there are 'original sin of the sun empire', 'halo', 'Eve', 'StarCraft' and 'stars' in the Mothership database< br/>
? What's more, Jim Renault, sergeant and archbishop atanis are still sleeping in the freezer
Tang Xiao: 'hum! They will bow down at my feet!' The fourth natural disaster... Ah no, long live the fourth empire!
Ba Ri Chan Ming
Meiman's opening: a soul cutting blade
It is our duty to recast the glory of death
it's a soul chopping knife at the beginning, and the territory depends on yourself
Mephisto, the Lord of hell
if you play with people, you'll have to watch me in the mirror
dead knight
just let me try the power of residual fire Taidao
iron man stark
come on, I just need a technology development director< br/>
Lord, who inherits the spirit king's will, has passed through the world of Meiman and decided to become the biggest behind the scenes
when Lord ruled the three organizations of the Invisible Empire, the virtual night palace and the Wuling court, and looked at the whole universe, he could not help but sigh: in fact, at the beginning, I just wanted to live
PS: This article contains elements: SCP, marvel, DC, ksuru, and fairy tales, which are integrated into the beauty of the world. Don't spray if you don't like it.
Kun Lun Yao Dao
Unparalleled master
The nine stars pass through the sun, and good and evil are reversed. The battle between the Yin priest and the Youdu is imminent, the corpse clan rises, the heaven demons want to invade, the heaven demons surround, and the big demons come
the demons and Buddhas, the immortal sect, the immortal alliance, are ready to move. A hundred ghosts walk every day, demons lurk in the world, children are difficult to deal with, drive corpses away, five immortals in the northeast, and evil roads run rampant Li qiufan, the descendant of the pantheon of Kunlun ruins, went down the mountain to kill the demons and demons with the sword of the Heavenly Master. He was very dangerous and guarded the world.
Tai Yin Dan Sha Tian Ce
Zhutian: clock in from Siheyuan
After watching TV, I even went to the courtyard and became a sad man? Jiang Chen said that he refused
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven. Along with Jiang Chen, there is also a punch in system. As long as you punch in anywhere, you can get random rewards from the system
with the help of the system, Jiang Chen and the widow of green tea bitch fought each other's wits and bravery, laughing at all kinds of intrigues and struggles in the courtyard named 'bird'
then, Jiang Chen found that his system can not only clock in, but also
Shui Bu Xing
Wake up from nightmare
Extraordinary power means paying the price! The silence after crossing awakens the mind reading skill, but the price is Speak out what you read
this is the story of a group of street writers, each of whom has lived his own life.
Mu Hua
Miss Mu catches demons instead of acting as demons
'Mu Mengzi! Don't be a demon!' A tall man stretched out his hand to press the woman with a funny smile in front of him
'Tut, I'm not a demon!'
Chen Ci Lan Diao
Every day, we are closer to our reality
When Feng Yi's business was in trouble, his aunt's personal housekeeper came to him with a huge legacy
Feng Yi: 'there are so many peers. Why did she leave it to me?'
housekeeper: 'you are the most pleasing.'
Feng Yi touched his awl face and said, 'she has good eyes!'
however, after inheriting the inheritance, the whole person is not right
variation cannot be called refinement.
Tang Chao Fei Li
Today, the hostess, did she learn to be useless
Yunsi is the first flower on the other side of hell in the world
also known as Manzhu shahua
he is good at ghost fire and can call all ghosts. He is especially good at magic
after encountering the rumored gentle childe Jiuge, she fell into his gentle beauty and could not extricate herself
Yun Si: 'nine songs and nine songs, can I pursue you?'
the young master smiles gently and shakes his head politely
the next second, Yunsi successfully took his hand
Yunsi began to push her feet: 'nine songs, nine songs, can I hold you?'
the childe gently refused again
the next second, Yunsi successfully carried her up
'nine songs, nine songs, I want to kiss you.'
the young master touched her forehead and said, 'girl, please respect yourself.'
the enchanting flower goblin blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tiptoe
easily succeed
the goblin who did bad things was punished to copy the precepts once
the goblin continued to persevere,
the young man looked down at the hands of the two people, and was gentle and good tempered. 'The girl's family should respect herself.'
'I don't!' The goblin stuck to him for half an inch
she always thought he had a gentle temper
until one day, she saw a woman confessing to him
the woman came forward to get close to her,
the young man suddenly turned cold and kicked her away. There was no more gentleness, 'go away.'
the woman ran away crying
the little goblin who sticks to the gentle childe every day:
why would you be so fierce
How could you be rude
blatant goblins vs outwardly refusing, secretly but infinitely gentle spoiled childe. [love at first sight + two-way secret love]
Kuai Chuan Kuang Mo
Fast wearing golden finger probationer
[no CP quick wear] Ding Yun, who is extremely short of the source to save the mother universe that has entered the exhaustion period, finally succumbed to the ability of money, and resolutely chose the high-paid part-time job of the golden finger probationary who is said to be the pit father. He embarked on a new course of trying out the new golden finger, writing trial reports and bug reports after the trial.
Lou Xian De Zhi Ma Hu
Weird regulator
There are 17 black-and-white portraits in the mysterious Hotel, ten rooms full of ghosts, and three or two living people struggling in the supernatural place
complete the fantastic life path, lead the world's strange people to stay, and bring back multiple personalities... Ji Li is different from the previous managers of this strange hotel
he is never a normal person.
Shu San Xian Tu
Madam Yin Si
According to the records of emperor Fengdu, people died and suffered in the ten halls, and then they were taken to the place of the duling lady. They were filled with a five flavor muddy soup that was like wine but not wine. They could forget the past, and it was also called jinghun soup
eighteen years ago, she was the flower of a university and looked at the young vendors outside the Colonel's gate
on the day of engagement, the peddler showed a bad face, and the brother of the contract killed her in the back mountain of Yu village
he robbed her of her fortune, married and gave birth to a daughter of a rich family, and became a top-level rich man, sitting in tens of millions of luxury houses< br/>
. But she was oppressed by the underworld and suffered from hell
in order to avenge her blood, she was reborn and became the soul crossing lady, holding a spoon in one hand and a sword in the other. After 18 years, she was reborn. Unexpectedly, the son of the villain pestered her
the playground is ferocious, the corpse mountain, the hidden immortal Cave... After she and he experienced various strange events, the young man said he fell in love with her at first sight. Just at this moment, the villain also came to his door and said he regretted... [unfold] [Close]
Ren Yi Cheng Qiu
Great fusion of heaven and earth
I'm Zhuoqun, and I'm the director (temporary worker) of the Development Office of the earth Zhuxia plane. Mission: open a new era for Zhuxia with my system
as for why I want to join the country, of course I am patriotic. Zhuoqun: fart, if I hadn't been found out when I first crossed the world, how could I have counseled
bah, this is not advice. This is great wisdom. I use the interests of the country to seek my own happiness. I am not crying, but tears of joy. Book friends 104573786
Qing Qing Yi
Weird Bureau
After being chased and killed by Sun Wukong at the beginning, Zhou Zhenghao, a novel writer who eats and waits for death, went through a weird world. Everything is weird. Hanging people upside down, weird nuns, dead circulation stairs, human centipedes, beautiful hands... This world has Steampunk, mechanical prosthetic limbs, pulse guns, wrist brains, and so on & mdash& mdash; Weird Bureau of investigation.
Xun He
Infinite doomsday escape
At the end of the world, LAN Xiaye died in the collapsed world, and then she was reborn. Just as she was preparing to hoard materials, she was selected by the legendary Lord God space
is it to participate in a terrible doomsday and gradually become strong on the edge of death, or to refuse and develop indecently
it seems that she has no choice... Looking at the gray 'no' button, LAN Xiaye is lost in thought
copy 1:
there is a legend in the main god space. When you meet the girl named LAN Xiaye, don't be confused by her appearance. Run away immediately
blue summer leaves:? I'm just a weak woman
people: fart
copy 2:
as we all know, blue summer leaves are very fat! The number of props is numerous, and the number one in the score table. Greedy people organized a siege and suppression to try to kill LAN Xiaye with the crowd tactics and inherit her massive props and points
after countless deaths and injuries, the remaining people look at the weak blue Xia ye and launch a crazy attack
LAN Xiaye is angry, and she opens her subconscious. The subconscious smiles gently, and everyone dies
this is impossible! Before dying, all people's eyes are showing their desire to split. How can anyone be so subconscious
unlimited flow of loyal fans, cutting meat and eating it. With certain gram elements. Special world outlook: everyone has a subconscious, and the power of the subconscious will be much stronger than the power of oneself.
Detective: from the port complex
Zhao Damao travels to Hong Kong to do the story of the police solving cases in the comprehensive TV series. There are criminal investigation files and forensic records, and the back is prepared to write forensic pioneer
Yi Yan Wei Ding
Reiki revived. I started to cultivate immortals from farming
When others pass through Xiuzhen, they hang their golden fingers to the end; Jiang Tang passed through Xiuzhen, and was hit by reality to become self closed
after three years of honest farming, Jiang Tang suddenly found that he had a space for spiritual fields. The spiritual fields actually planted rare spiritual herbs, martial arts secrets, and even ancient treasures
so Jiang Tang has his own golden finger. After many years, Jiang Tang feisheng, who inadvertently planted himself into an all-round master, cried and said -
'crossing the sincerity does not deceive me, and the golden finger comes from itself.'
Qing Kong Han Xi
From the stop of time, we can see the sky
When Hao Shuai found that he had the ability to shuttle through the sky What? Does anyone want this treasure
nobody wants me to take what? Is this treasure yours? However, I feel that this thing is destined for me. Remember, after I die, I must throw my body into the sea, because only in this way can I continue to wave.
Yi Tiao Xiao Cai Ji
Eschatological infinite evolution
In the fifth year of the outbreak of the disaster, the war of doom broke out, the abyss demons invaded, the world was silent, and civilization was extinct
Chen Yu returns to the beginning of the end of the world. His parents are in a coma The last five years, countless painful experiences, endless regrets
Chen Yu wants to change all this! Whether it is the doomsday disaster, the strong civilization, or the evil abyss of terror & mdash& mdash; Kill me!
Xiang Fei De Chong
Interstellar: the rise of Yanhuang
A small soldier stationed on an alien planet, occasionally with an intelligent program that can evolve, enters the universe, gradually contacts high-level civilization, builds high-end weapons and warships, fights bloody battles in the sea of stars, and spreads the divine power of the Yanhuang nation
this book is pure science fiction, with an estimated four million words. There is no dog blood plot, no face beating formula, and only rising fighting wisdom and iron blood courage.
Jiu Bei Zhong De Pang Zi
Attribute point philanthropist
'In front of you is my Lord, the great philanthropist, the walking compassion, the Redeemer of the God of War (female), the monster hunter, the ruler of the dark land, the guardian of the cross plane civilization, the surface representative of the flying noodle God cult, Wang Qixia.' Turning the world upside down, the great philanthropist who sends positive energy everywhere has become a great devil
then let the great devil, with the glory of the noodle monster, sow the seeds of materialism under the eyes of God
... The early stage is the doomsday survival in the modern background, which has nothing to do with the introduction of a dime.
Bu Ken Bo Luo Pi
Level development plan
All of a sudden, we can cross all kinds of familiar worlds. To grow and develop in these high-risk worlds, we need to follow the following principles: 1. If we want to make money, we should not be afraid of death. If we are afraid of death, we can only eat the leftovers of others
2: don't always try to save the world. Being a virgin in other places will bring bad luck. 3: Don't let go of good things, or you may lose a good opportunity
4: don't wantonly overflow your feelings. If you can't take away your sister, you can only bring back sadness
Yong Cheng Meng Ba
Guardian's star storm
I come from the earth and am a guardian. I ask Ye Yun to pick up a piece of debris. I set out from the earth cemetery to the sea of stars. My ancestors are waiting for me in the central battlefield of the universe. The first universe also has my enemies! Gather my friends, no race, no planet, no world can stop our progress! We have dreams and are fearless. We are the terminator of the whole universe and the pioneer of this universe. Faith is immortal, and the war is endless!
Xiao Mian Q
After the last rebirth, the host died again
System: 'the host, acting with the protagonists, can use the aura of the protagonist to make it possible for you to complete the salvation mission.' Host: 'fart, I listened to you in the previous life, and everyone died together.' System: 'the host is a female mate.' Host: 'then why don't you bind the male or female owner, but bind me as a female partner?'
'the host level is too low and there is no permission to view...'
Sui San Piao Feng
Stepping on the star
Vast universe, endless race! Great fighting skills, ten battles in the sky! Ancient only surname, top 100 battle list! In my name, step on the starry sky! One day in 20 years, when human beings first landed on Shanghai Wangxing, they saw a sword and a standing corpse! There are more than three million words in the finished old book 'the supreme throne of the end of the world', which has never been broken
Jian Kang Guo Wang
The fourth Lingshi financial crisis
'Any currency endorsed in kind, no matter the gold standard or the spirit stone standard, has the fatal defect that the money supply cannot be adjusted independently. It is bound to trigger a financial crisis because of the mismatch between the supply and demand of money. The credit currency is not once and for all. The problem is not the currency itself, but the distribution problem in the Xiuzhen society.' - From the Autobiography of Chang Yang Lu, the fifth Lingshi Reserve Bank in Kyushu Xiuzhen, the eve of the fourth Lingshi financial crisis
Bai Ma Hei Ma
The law of doomsday survival
The alien continent engulfed by the deep sea hides the code of ancient mythology. The endless whisper contains the cruelty of natural selection
who can explore the difficulties in the heavy fog, and who can become the master in the continuous tests? And I just wanted to live
Jin Pu Xi
Ghost Valley Science Fiction
Ghost Valley people, non ghost Valley people. It is really a synonym for Silicon Valley people and people engaged in science and technology. In the history of mankind, whether mankind has made science and technology or science and technology has made mankind, let us slowly understand.