Ren Yi Cheng Qiu
Great fusion of heaven and earth
I'm Zhuoqun, and I'm the director (temporary worker) of the Development Office of the earth Zhuxia plane. Mission: open a new era for Zhuxia with my system
as for why I want to join the country, of course I am patriotic. Zhuoqun: fart, if I hadn't been found out when I first crossed the world, how could I have counseled
bah, this is not advice. This is great wisdom. I use the interests of the country to seek my own happiness. I am not crying, but tears of joy. Book friends 104573786
Mei Tian Qiao Jian Pan
I kidnapped the timeline
When he woke up, Feng Qi found that the world had undergone earth shaking changes. His eyes were covered with bones and his life was withered
[Note: there is a database 300 meters ahead, where you can view historical information. It records the fate and outcome of your premature death in detail. Go and see it quickly.]
[listen to me, don't go west, you may die!]
[seeing the black stone tablet, you decide to go and explore it carefully]
'I don't want to!' Facing the guidance in his mind, Feng Qi protested
[no, you want!]
under the guidance of the voice in his mind, Feng Qi shuttles between the reality and the future, gradually understands the truth of the world and begins to explore ways to change the world
just because I have seen the darkness, I yearn for the light infinitely.
Tai Yin Dan Sha Tian Ce
Zhutian: clock in from Siheyuan
After watching TV, I even went to the courtyard and became a sad man? Jiang Chen said that he refused
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven. Along with Jiang Chen, there is also a punch in system. As long as you punch in anywhere, you can get random rewards from the system
with the help of the system, Jiang Chen and the widow of green tea bitch fought each other's wits and bravery, laughing at all kinds of intrigues and struggles in the courtyard named 'bird'
then, Jiang Chen found that his system can not only clock in, but also
Chen Hao Hui
Dawn glow
Xingye Empire has always wanted to control Yuanxing. What kind of conspiracy is shrouded in the open and covert struggles between the northern and southern territories, and the intersection of interests among the military, consortia and the government
it seems that a pair of big hands are controlling the collision between the reinforcers of antibody mutation, the mutants of virus infection, the subspecies from the toxic fog area and the drivers of exoskeleton armor
Lin Zihan wants to solve the mystery of his own life, but he doesn't know how to lead him When it comes to the interests of many forces, Lin Zihan sees the dark side of the world and the big hands that control everything. Will Lin Zihan compromise
or choose to break the balance. People around Lin Zihan, such as Xu Qiaoyi of Longcheng, Wang Qin of Dihao, Yan Bing of the Security Bureau, Lin Yafeng who fled, Su Yu, the bar owner, Xu Mo, the killer, and the one who secretly loves Lin Zihan... What kind of road will they choose, and what kind of involvement will they suffer because of Lin Zihan [unfold] [Close]
Niu Jia Yi Lang
The rise of space science and technology
The ill fated high school student Liu Yuan has inherited the top civilization in the universe, thus changing his own destiny. He also uses many powerful technologies in the inheritance to lead the Chinese nation to rise in the universe.
Yue Xia De Huo Lin He
Warhammer: in the name of ashes
A story about war hammer. The story of an old soldier. A story about working for the emperor in order to go home
a new author arrogantly tries to tell the story of human nature and beast.
Qin Bu Rang
The mother star stole the form from us
The home star is blown up,
but it is not completely blown up.
a giant existence like a God walks out of the center of the earth,
waves to scatter the fragmented eggshell like plate debris,
walks to the sea of stars
Earth: i'mfre
a well-known fourth disaster: we haven't got on yet!
Xiang Fei De Chong
Interstellar: the rise of Yanhuang
A small soldier stationed on an alien planet, occasionally with an intelligent program that can evolve, enters the universe, gradually contacts high-level civilization, builds high-end weapons and warships, fights bloody battles in the sea of stars, and spreads the divine power of the Yanhuang nation
this book is pure science fiction, with an estimated four million words. There is no dog blood plot, no face beating formula, and only rising fighting wisdom and iron blood courage.
Xian Chong Mao
Wandering Dragon
William traversed the fairy tale world, practised martial arts hard, made achievements, and finally defeated the dragon. He could marry the princess, get a promotion and pay rise, become the king, and reach the peak of his life. Who knows that he has become a dragon
next, it's only William's turn to be killed by the brave. I want to kill the brave! The princess is mine, the gold coin is mine, the throne is mine, it's all mine, it's all mine!
Shi Shui Nian Hua Liu Nian
The road from Africa to Europe
'Where am I?' '... on the way to self-help.' In order to get out of the coma, Lingxiao had to start the road of becoming Europe. PS: no CP, no writing guidance, no personal attack.
Lou Xian De Zhi Ma Hu
Weird regulator
There are 17 black-and-white portraits in the mysterious Hotel, ten rooms full of ghosts, and three or two living people struggling in the supernatural place
complete the fantastic life path, lead the world's strange people to stay, and bring back multiple personalities... Ji Li is different from the previous managers of this strange hotel
he is never a normal person.
Yi Yan Wei Ding
Reiki revived. I started to cultivate immortals from farming
When others pass through Xiuzhen, they hang their golden fingers to the end; Jiang Tang passed through Xiuzhen, and was hit by reality to become self closed
after three years of honest farming, Jiang Tang suddenly found that he had a space for spiritual fields. The spiritual fields actually planted rare spiritual herbs, martial arts secrets, and even ancient treasures
so Jiang Tang has his own golden finger. After many years, Jiang Tang feisheng, who inadvertently planted himself into an all-round master, cried and said -
'crossing the sincerity does not deceive me, and the golden finger comes from itself.'
Hei Se Huo Zhong
No. 4 hospital
Dai Lin became a surgeon in a weird hospital
here, the treatment is not disease, but various horrible and mysterious curses
'do you think you may have fallen into evil spirits? Go to a soul ultrasound or CT first.'
'if you haven't been cursed, write a prescription and use the cursed thing in the morning and evening to repel the evil spirits that haunt you.'
'if you are cursed or possessed by evil spirits, you need to have an operation. The doctor will remove the curse from you.'
'However, surgeons are the most dangerous. Every year, some surgeons die on the operating table and are killed by curses.'
Dai Lin has obtained a magic spell, a pair of devil eyes. His left eye can detect induction and attack, and his right eye can imprison seals and even swallow and absorb. The stronger the curse absorbed, the more powerful his medical skills will be
no one knows what the most mysterious director of this hospital is
Wo Niu Zhen Ren
Earth people are really fierce
Fifty years ago, when the dragon city passed through, the iron and blood Army stood alone, holding high the banner of the earth civilization, and facing the terrible tide of thousands of ethnic groups in different lands
fifty years later, Meng Chao was reborn and found that he could become stronger by making contributions
'Didi, you just helped old milk cross the road, which promoted social harmony and contributed + 1.'
'Di, you showed the fighting spirit of the Dragon City athletes in the hand to hand fight with the monster queen, with a contribution value of + 10.'
'guided by you, the God of martial arts understands the strongest combat skills, and the overall combat effectiveness of dragon city soars, with a contribution value of + 10.'
'under your persuasion and education, the night witch woke up and cried to promise that she would never be mischievous again. Her contribution value is + 250.'
'you have conquered people with virtue and transformed countless alien gods and demons. They are willing to fight for the earth's civilization. Your civilization will soon surpass the gods and contribute + 9.'
Meng Chao swore that he just wanted to make a small contribution to the society. He didn't expect to make people on earth... So fierce
the old book 'forty thousand years of truth' with ten million words, and the old book 'aura' with three million words. It's fast and has a good character. Welcome to the pit!
Man Man De Wen Xin
I started a business with aliens
The aliens were severely hurt and had no choice but to temporarily stay in the hero's body. In exchange, they could only agree to start a business together. Wang Xuan's life like a car started. As long as it was high-tech, Wang Xuan had to make money with short videos, mobile phone software, and fast car chargers. If there was a chaebol in the way, he would directly buy it. For a while, all the big men of all walks of life refused, and no one wanted to provoke this demon king!
Qing Kong Han Xi
From the stop of time, we can see the sky
When Hao Shuai found that he had the ability to shuttle through the sky What? Does anyone want this treasure
nobody wants me to take what? Is this treasure yours? However, I feel that this thing is destined for me. Remember, after I die, I must throw my body into the sea, because only in this way can I continue to wave.
Da Zui Xia
Shuttle to get rich from 1985
He GUI could freely travel between the real world and the parallel world in 1985.
Jiu Bei Zhong De Pang Zi
Attribute point philanthropist
'In front of you is my Lord, the great philanthropist, the walking compassion, the Redeemer of the God of War (female), the monster hunter, the ruler of the dark land, the guardian of the cross plane civilization, the surface representative of the flying noodle God cult, Wang Qixia.' Turning the world upside down, the great philanthropist who sends positive energy everywhere has become a great devil
then let the great devil, with the glory of the noodle monster, sow the seeds of materialism under the eyes of God
... The early stage is the doomsday survival in the modern background, which has nothing to do with the introduction of a dime.
Tian Ya Yue Zhao Jin
I came here after I became emperor
Isn't it, isn't it? I've proved to be the emperor, and the plug-in of the piercer has arrived?
Yong Cheng Meng Ba
Guardian's star storm
I come from the earth and am a guardian. I ask Ye Yun to pick up a piece of debris. I set out from the earth cemetery to the sea of stars. My ancestors are waiting for me in the central battlefield of the universe. The first universe also has my enemies! Gather my friends, no race, no planet, no world can stop our progress! We have dreams and are fearless. We are the terminator of the whole universe and the pioneer of this universe. Faith is immortal, and the war is endless!
Bu Ken Bo Luo Pi
Level development plan
All of a sudden, we can cross all kinds of familiar worlds. To grow and develop in these high-risk worlds, we need to follow the following principles: 1. If we want to make money, we should not be afraid of death. If we are afraid of death, we can only eat the leftovers of others
2: don't always try to save the world. Being a virgin in other places will bring bad luck. 3: Don't let go of good things, or you may lose a good opportunity
4: don't wantonly overflow your feelings. If you can't take away your sister, you can only bring back sadness
Meng Meng De Xiao Xiong Ya
The creation of the world by the whole people: the beginning created chaos
Ye Xuan has traveled to a world where everyone can create a divine Kingdom and become a creator God
in this world, everyone can create his own world and develop the world to feed himself
magic? Fairyland? God's space? Or mysterious? Kesulu? Too weak, my world is chaotic
elemental creatures? An immortal? Reincarnation? Doudi? Black goat? It's too delicious. I've created a magic road
Genesis Pangu: 'alien invasion, giant leader? It can't withstand a single blow, and it will be destroyed with an axe! '
Xianzu Hongjun:' the world of cultivating immortals? The leader of the immortal way? Oh, you dare to force me in front of Xianzu! '
Mo Zu Luo: 'kesulu? The head of the demon God? Oh, you know what is mo Zu?!'
human ancestors are Suiren: 'the emperor of the human race? Carrying the common people? Respectable! Worthy of our descendants!'
after many years, chaos has become the strongest world in the world
on the chaos, ye Xuan stands with his hands in his hands. He is arbitrary and looks down on all creatures.
Zhai Teng Mao
Star boss, she's beautiful and sassy
After many years of struggle in the end of the world, zombie has developed a lot of skills and survival skills. Zombie's hands are like chopping melons and vegetables. She died
when I opened my eyes again, I came to the age of the big star. It was... Very sudden
the boundless universe is vast. There are hundreds of star regions, thousands of galaxies and tens of thousands of planets
as a black Hukou that appears out of thin air in the main galaxy of the B-level star domain of the star Federation, Charlotte has always pursued the principle of low-key
however, there are always people who want to destroy her low-key life, so... I'm very annoyed
the first day of meeting Charlotte: the little girl is very beautiful
the nth day of knowing Charlotte: sleeping trough, where is this big guy
the boss is beautiful and fierce. She knows that there are thousands of interstellar species and different customs and cultures, so... Don't beep if you can move your hand
eating guide: the big girl is the main hard core mecha, which is hard and rusty ~
PS: the 140W word finished novel 'the chaos of ghosts and demons' is guaranteed, and you are welcome to collect it
Tian Ping Zuo Xi Hong Shi
My deck is from the East
Cards collide in different realms, and the card master is respected
goblin expansion package; Blood family expansion package; Dragon expansion pack.
and Lucheng who came here has a unique Oriental Myth card expansion pack< br/>
X: 'the epic card [anubis golden retriever] has been released. What do you want to do if you don't kneel down and admit defeat?'
Lu Cheng: 'I want to tell you a story.'
X: 'ha, I'm brave! I like to hear the dead say myths. I'll set up a stage for you to open the fourth level duel field [the lost golden city]! Is this stage big enough? Please start your performance!'
Lu Cheng (shaking his head): 'it's small. The pattern is small.'
'I order that the level 10 duel domain [Tianting] be returned, the level 10 duel domain [Youdu] be expanded, and the level 10 duel domain [Shenzhou] come!'
'the strengthening of the fighting field begins! I summon the mythical wonders cards [huangquan], [yaochi], [Kunlun Mountain]!'
'three domains linkage, fight domain synthesis! Super level duel domain. [Three Kingdoms and Kyushu]!'
'Alas, wait a minute. Brother, I haven't started storytelling yet. How can you carry the golden city and run away!'
Ba Jia Hou Zi
Bless the beautiful stars
The stars are bright. Among the 400 billion star systems, six million civilizations wave war hammers and rush into the deep space at the same time
the time is too opportune, which makes people suspect that the Milky way is just a chessboard arranged by demons in the void. Therefore, no matter how far the big ideal will appear small
maybe I just want to satisfy my bad habits.
Wu Zhong Lü Ren
Strange talk game of rules
[rules based strange talk game bar] Post Bar Rules:
[zero, please read and remember the rules of this bar, do not violate the rules, otherwise, this bar will not bear any responsibility for the consequences.]
Chen an, who accidentally violated the rules, fell into a weird and scary game
in this world called 'rules based strange talk game', following the rules is the only way to survive
he walked with difficulty and fought against the strange
until he saw the real side of the world
twenty two original sin paths, such as the mysterious wind, distortion and madness, sin and redemption, break through the fog of history and embark on an endless journey.
Xun He
Infinite doomsday escape
At the end of the world, LAN Xiaye died in the collapsed world, and then she was reborn. Just as she was preparing to hoard materials, she was selected by the legendary Lord God space
is it to participate in a terrible doomsday and gradually become strong on the edge of death, or to refuse and develop indecently
it seems that she has no choice... Looking at the gray 'no' button, LAN Xiaye is lost in thought
copy 1:
there is a legend in the main god space. When you meet the girl named LAN Xiaye, don't be confused by her appearance. Run away immediately
blue summer leaves:? I'm just a weak woman
people: fart
copy 2:
as we all know, blue summer leaves are very fat! The number of props is numerous, and the number one in the score table. Greedy people organized a siege and suppression to try to kill LAN Xiaye with the crowd tactics and inherit her massive props and points
after countless deaths and injuries, the remaining people look at the weak blue Xia ye and launch a crazy attack
LAN Xiaye is angry, and she opens her subconscious. The subconscious smiles gently, and everyone dies
this is impossible! Before dying, all people's eyes are showing their desire to split. How can anyone be so subconscious
unlimited flow of loyal fans, cutting meat and eating it. With certain gram elements. Special world outlook: everyone has a subconscious, and the power of the subconscious will be much stronger than the power of oneself.
Jian Kang Guo Wang
The fourth Lingshi financial crisis
'Any currency endorsed in kind, no matter the gold standard or the spirit stone standard, has the fatal defect that the money supply cannot be adjusted independently. It is bound to trigger a financial crisis because of the mismatch between the supply and demand of money. The credit currency is not once and for all. The problem is not the currency itself, but the distribution problem in the Xiuzhen society.' - From the Autobiography of Chang Yang Lu, the fifth Lingshi Reserve Bank in Kyushu Xiuzhen, the eve of the fourth Lingshi financial crisis
Ji Mo Yu Zhou
I played a big knife in front of aliens
'That year, I went to outer space, with a wedding suit and magical skills...' Chu Di said in an interview
'and then?'
'then, the aliens who met me were all bad.'
the commander-in-chief of the captured alien fleet said in an interview with the earth reporter: 'I really didn't expect that we, with tens of thousands of years of technology, would be defeated by cold weapons...'
reporter: 'do you want to say something to your fellow civilizations?'
the alien commander pondered for a long time and said with tears: 'if one day, an earthman plays a big knife in front of you, run quickly! That young man named Chu Di doesn't speak of martial arts!'
Qing Shi Ren Yao
Infinite celestial spirit
What is the cause of mankind's struggle on the brink of extinction? Where is the way out? Are different life groups friends in the starry sky
or an independent interest body? Does trade and cooperation exist in different life forms?