Su Yu Mei You Yu
Unlimited game: I love Koi by drawing cards
The interstellar circle has entered the era of National Games. The beginning is the werewolf killing. The scene is bloody and violent, very exciting
the only bad thing is that if you lose your life in the game, you will really have a hiccup. Everyone is careful and cautious when playing the game, but Ann Sui is the only one who shrinks in the corner, pinches the pet's neck and shakes it hard. Her face is ferocious
anzui: you should try again
dogzi: no problem, please
then the dog, who was too happy to take off, stumbled on his left foot and hit his head on the burr on the floor. The number of deaths is increased by one.
Ann Sui: don't die. Please let me play a game.
dog: I'm afraid it's a little difficult
is this her SR? Koi's life suffered Waterloo
key: CP! I have CP! I have CP!
Wang Zhe Jian Ming
Post-1990 Heavenly Master
The world only knows the book of Lu Ban, but does not know the art of creation in the book of Gongshu, which is handed down in one continuous line. A generation of heavenly masters stepped into the world and stirred up the wind and cloud!
Xian Zhi Yao Yao
Live broadcast room of the end of the world: milk balls are favored by the whole universe
[the end of the world + group pet three and a half years old + live broadcast + childhood sweetheart + boss]
when the end of the blood moon comes, zombies are rampant in the city, but there is a three-and-a-half-year-old baby group who embarks on the journey of finding relatives
relying on the live broadcast room of the plane, we started to brave the end of the world alone
I've grown up all the way to upgrade and fight monsters, and I've been spoiled by all the big guys
Star boss: 'I'll cover this little milk ball.'
Magic boss: 'those who dare to hurt the Tuanzi are the enemies of the magic plane.'
abyss boss: 'no one can covet my honey bean.'
Xiuxian boss: 'who said that little honey bean belongs to your family? It belongs to my family. If you don't agree to fight!'
seeing that the big guys almost got into a fight, a cold-faced Shura directly held the topic hero in his arms, 'dear, tell yourself who it is!'
faced with the question of death, a person's face was dumb and cute, 'ABBA ABBA!'
Why Sen Mo
Start from the space station
[blasting graves and picking up junk], [mining as Lord], [star sea robbing wonders]
I give you a space capsule. Can you live in the space cemetery
it's hard for others to say, but Lu Feng can
because he has many bufs:
agents, psychics, all of the [wonder building system], [creation space] pioneers, dreamers and visionaries
people all say that wonders harm the country
Lu Feng couldn't see the suffering of the world, so he encouraged himself to collect all the wonders of the world and integrate them into his own creation space to return the world to a bright future
'these wonders are too heavy. Let me bear their sins for you!'
(the face has been built for hundreds of years. Hello!)

ice sculpture, star gate, space station...
elevator, temple, foundry...
divine castle, star ring, Dyson ball...
originally, Lu Feng really intended to knock it himself, but later he found that he could not knock it fast enough to win it ~
moreover, he had to find time to save his people and resist the invasion of Zerg
Hei Se Yao Ling
Earth Star crossing, I started to evolve from the full-level national skill
The earth has traversed
Wang Ben, who has reached the national level, has welcomed new opportunities
Earth Star Warrior, wild star monster, alien...
a new era, a new journey
I'll come
I see, I conquer< br/>
You Zha Fu Ru
I'm seriously playing the game of survival
While gargling in the early morning, Bai Xi was inexplicably dragged into a survival game with a survival rate of only 10%
in a strange and dangerous world, Bai Xi is like a fish in water
small theater 1
passerby A: isn't Bai Xi an assistant? How come ye Xiao, who claimed to be the first in fighting power, was pushed to the second place by her
passerby B: ye Xiao came down from the first place and never went up. This Bai Xi is too awesome! How did a space Department assist her
Bai Xi: (shakes her eyebrows and smiles) what's wrong with the assistant? Assistance can also kill people. Assistance can also be very awesome. I'm still a little expert at drawing cards. With my smart mind and sharp intuition, I can save the day. Do I have to be the first to have a problem
Ye Xiao: (flattering smile) no problem! Daughter in law, help me draw two cards
small theater II
teammate A: No, the wall is too thick. You need to use explosives
teammate B: then you have to go to the police station. It's full of monsters
Bai Xi: what explosive do you want? (she draws a circle on the wall, and a light curtain appears, and Bai Xi directly collapses)
people: sleeping trough! Sister Xi, how can you use this skill
PC: Bai Xi x Ye Xiao
female owner: the strongest assistant, a small expert in drawing cards [after all, with the protection of ancestors]
male owner: the ability value is full, and the luck is negative [in the previous life, I may have bumped into the broom star]
Nan Gong Han Lin
Arrest criminals in three circles
Is this world the real world? Unexpectedly, there have been some ghosts and monsters and unknown beings around!
Bu Leng De Tian Tang
Record of gods and demons in the last ages
What is the end of the world? Zombies? Monster? Zerg? no Only when all the things that people fear, worship and even fantasize about become reality, will it be the real end of mankind! It is a feast of gods, Buddhas and demons, and also the greatest catastrophe in human history! Zombies, aliens, chastes, monsters, goblins, ghosts, gods, demons, fairies and Buddhas, all of these will come to the world! This is the real end, this is the end... The age of the gods and demons! - This is the fourth book that is not cold. Three novels with a total of 150W characters have been completed. There is no eunuch, and the character is guaranteed. The new book is in urgent need of support! Rules of adding Watch: add a chapter when rewards are full 10, add a chapter when flowers are full 10, and the chapter of adding watch will explode after it is put on the shelf!
Xing Sheng
You don't follow the routine business card printing at all, do you
'Why is fireball green?'
'well... Because I put poison gas in it.'
'what about the ice pick technique? How can you fall to the ground after being hit? Is it poisonous?'
'no, it's just a powerful anesthetic.'
'what about the magic girl apprentice you summoned? Why does she still know Taekwondo?'
'it's so normal that girls have to learn some skills to defend themselves...
' so you don't follow the routine business card printing at all, do you? '
Feng Gong Zi
Live grave robbing: the anchor is really too cruel
Hello, this is the tomb robbing live room. The anchor of positive energy will show you around the ancient tombs online
look, there is a female ghost in the tomb. I'll catch it and show you my talent
old irons, there is a thousand year old corpse in the coffin. As long as the gift is in place, I will drink the corpse
Hello, officer, the owner of the tomb brought me to his house to get things. Why do you say I am a tomb robber
corpse King: 'why did this boy come to my tomb again? He pulled out my gold teeth. Why did he come here?'
fierce Ghost: 'did anyone call the police and arrest him? It's OK to rob the tomb. How can you beat the ghost after taking something?'
enchantress: 'I'm so beautiful that he won't let go of my tomb. Is there any royal law? Is there any law?'
Chen Sanye: Hey, which ghost is in front of me? Yes, I'm calling you. Come here
Where is your tomb? Is there anything good in the tomb
don't say? Can you stand such a big fist like a sandbag?
Bu Hui Fei De Sao Zhou
Plug in player of Marvel
On the way to the computer city to repair the hard disk, I was cut into coke by a dry thunder. Unexpectedly, Shi Xiaolei did not die, but crossed the river of time and space and came to the marvel movie universe
what surprised him even more was that when he drifted with the waves in the long river of time and space, the hard disk that had been damaged had also evolved and became his companion artifact
thanks to this plug-in, Shi Xiaolei has become a star in the marvel movie universe, and this world has turned into another fork because of his arrival.
Wen Rou Quan Shui Shi
Nightmare attack
I woke up from my sleep and a strange door appeared in my home Behind every door is a strange world
in the nightmare world, Jiangcheng added the news from the strong man to the fat man, and the fat man almost cried out after hearing it.
'if you die here, the whole family will stand on their heads and bleed and die?'
'how come you're not afraid?' The fat man's eyes widened. Jiang Cheng turned his head and said in a very formal tone, 'because I am an orphan.'
Shui Bu Xing
Wake up from nightmare
Extraordinary power means paying the price! The silence after crossing awakens the mind reading skill, but the price is Speak out what you read
this is the story of a group of street writers, each of whom has lived his own life.
Lin Zi Li De Qie Zi
National animalization: evolution from willow
'Three months later, the Reiki will recover, and the whole people will be turned into animals and plants!'
'at the same time, the ancient wild animals of the blue star aborigines will come out of the earth's crust, the poles will reverse, and mankind will be in danger!'
rebirth returns to the era of Reiki recovery. Before March, Bai Liang mutated into a willow in advance
by making miracles, he was honored by Zhongzhou as the 'building wood of heaven'
while feeding Bailiang crazily, the country starts a series of preparation plans according to Bailiang's guidance, which shocked the world every day
'Zhongzhou has started to move its capital!'
'Zhongzhou builds a new Tiandu around Jiangnan City!'
'Zhongzhou has recovered all the troops stationed abroad, and tens of thousands of troops have established a top secret protection zone around Jiangnan City!'
'there is a 10000 meter high-altitude barrier over Jiangnan City! Satellites can not detect it!'
'what is hidden in Zhongzhou Jiangnan?'
three months later, the era of Reiki recovery comes
human beings in the world are in deep trouble and the weak eat the strong
at this time, Bai Liang rose up in the park of Jiangnan City, whipping and splitting wild animals on eight sides, resisting the beast king of the four sides in the name of Liu God, and even challenging the beast king
this time, he will protect the people of Zhongzhou
under the protection of the willow God, while people in other countries are still hiding from wild animals, Zhongzhou people are constantly giving birth to a god!
Chen Hao Hui
Dawn glow
Xingye Empire has always wanted to control Yuanxing. What kind of conspiracy is shrouded in the open and covert struggles between the northern and southern territories, and the intersection of interests among the military, consortia and the government
it seems that a pair of big hands are controlling the collision between the reinforcers of antibody mutation, the mutants of virus infection, the subspecies from the toxic fog area and the drivers of exoskeleton armor
Lin Zihan wants to solve the mystery of his own life, but he doesn't know how to lead him When it comes to the interests of many forces, Lin Zihan sees the dark side of the world and the big hands that control everything. Will Lin Zihan compromise
or choose to break the balance. People around Lin Zihan, such as Xu Qiaoyi of Longcheng, Wang Qin of Dihao, Yan Bing of the Security Bureau, Lin Yafeng who fled, Su Yu, the bar owner, Xu Mo, the killer, and the one who secretly loves Lin Zihan... What kind of road will they choose, and what kind of involvement will they suffer because of Lin Zihan [unfold] [Close]
Yi Tiao Xiao Cai Ji
Eschatological infinite evolution
In the fifth year of the outbreak of the disaster, the war of doom broke out, the abyss demons invaded, the world was silent, and civilization was extinct
Chen Yu returns to the beginning of the end of the world. His parents are in a coma The last five years, countless painful experiences, endless regrets
Chen Yu wants to change all this! Whether it is the doomsday disaster, the strong civilization, or the evil abyss of terror & mdash& mdash; Kill me!
Yi Hu Long Jing Cha
Dress fast, Wanjie charterer
His career is stagnant and his love is boring. He Xiaoman returns to his hometown and inherits a strange old house. In addition to his aging grandmother, the old house also carries a heirloom's treasure kitchen knife, a strange invisible man and a token like house deed... The alarm rings and the plug-in appears
he Xiaoman, are you ready?
Chen Hao
Eschatological super farm
When the end of the day came, all the plants and water resources on the earth were exhausted and decayed
the world is in panic, and order and humanity are broken
food and survival have once again become the most concerned topic in the new century
rice noodles have become a luxury, which can only be enjoyed by the rich. The price of vegetables and vegetables has soared ten thousand times, and there is no market for them
however, at this time, someone picked up a mobile phone and accidentally opened it. The video inside the mobile phone shocked the world
Sweet vegetables roll into the hot pot, emitting attractive green
the roasted golden leg of mutton emits oil and is stained with sesame like cumin
the delicious fish soup is as white as milk and sprinkled with green onions
at the dinner table, a little girl carved with pink and jade bit off half a strawberry and begged: 'brother, I really can't eat any more!'!
Bi An Shang Xia
My scripts can influence reality
Passerby A: 'what kind of garbage script?' passerby B: 'why do you open a theme museum here?'-# Let you say I, hum, I will write my own script and accept the fear of being dominated by me
... All the scripts I wrote will come true, and all the baozi I participated in will be personally present. My scripts have affected the reality... A script maniac who struggles to find his brother, who will repay his brother, has opened a script Rhapsody
Jin Zhuang Da Mo Wang
Zombie City
Introduction writer Edition:
the virus is rampant and zombies are rampant. In order to survive, we must stay away from zombies, but in order to survive, we must take the initiative to fight with zombies
this survival game starts with life, and the end point is from the moment of being bitten
let's see how Chen Fei, the little man, rises one step and becomes the master of the last world
Introduction to the protagonist:
Chen Fei: Hello! I am the protagonist! Please allow me to roast that the protagonist systems in other people's homes are all about the rebirth of the protagonist or the blessing in disguise, and my system is specially given by me
I never realized that I was the kind of person who could not spare himself
in this setting, I have an MP to greet the author
book friends: 621014745
Chi Bie De Mao
My courtyard shelter
After his rebirth, Xu Dong only wanted to take his family: to live in a courtyard house, and not to live in the end!
Du Zi Xian Yin
Tomb keeper in the forbidden area
Thank you for your invitation
people are in the restricted area and just got off the plane
my answer to the question 'how many survival rates are there when entering the restricted area' asked by the questioner is 100%
many people say that the world is full of forbidden areas, occupied by strange and monsters. Some even say that my cemetery is also a forbidden area... I despise it
based on the principle of 'practice leads to true knowledge', I have been to and from the forbidden areas of the population for many times, and have never encountered any abnormalities
everything is normal. The forbidden zone and monsters do not exist. Naturally, there is no so-called danger. Therefore, the survival rate of the forbidden zone is 100%
just think about it. If I can still answer the main question now, it is the best answer, isn't it
sorry, all the above answers are invalid
I can tell you clearly that forbidden areas and monsters are real. However, for me, the survival rate of entering the restricted area is still 100%
the reason is not complicated
because I...
is the most terrible taboo in the world.
Biao Luo Han
My beloved at dusk
People are afraid of ghosts when walking at night, especially evil spirits. Ghosts are afraid of people when they walk at night, especially good people at dusk. Villain, evil ghost, which is more terrible?
Lu Li
Horror game: I am a haunted house NPC
By chance, Lin Ze, a freshman, became a ghost NPC in a haunted house and unexpectedly found that the haunted house he worked in was a real killing game
Ming is a cruel and bloody haunted house, but he plays a strange painting style Lin Ze: a truly dedicated and professional NPC should not only scare people, but also ghosts
ghosts in the haunted house: don't come here -
Xiao Ji
Born to be human, you can't jump out of the setting of this life boundary. What is inexplicable is that this life world is basically a circular nesting, endless and endless... Everything is just a game of 'complicated and endless' from different media perspectives... This is a story of individuals trying to escape from the dream of 'the confrontation between the Taoist world and the academic world, justice and evil' designed for human society, and fight against fate, and take this opportunity to reflect on the human world system model, A multi-dimensional theoretical experiment was carried out
the story starts from the graduation thesis of a certain university: the male leader Xin Wu chose the topic of his thesis, but one night he fell asleep and went to a different world completely consistent with his theory, and met the female leader Muyi
after the interruption of the night, he tried to recover his dream and look for it again. The 'reality slice' obtained by each combination had different Adventures: he inadvertently became the originator of the 'Tao' of
, and received two disciples, Yangguan and Dugu: he met the female master again. It turned out that Muyi was the master of the 'art world' and his disciples Jiao Jie and Yao Tao. Xin Wu also brought the two disciples into the different world. The male and female masters fell in love. The disciples were not idle, and started a four sided love: Rebellion and chaos. Until their new masters: twin brothers
'Taiyi' and
'dari' respectively claimed and accepted disciples in the capacity of
'the Lord of the positive world' and
'the Lord of the evil world'. After changing masters, it was even more lively. Before returning to the real world, the male leader discussed with Muyi how to settle the world disputes and never separate from his lover, and tried to jump out of the
'life boundary',
'time' manager did not appear, and the new cycle began again... When he woke up, Xin Wu was in a trance. He deleted the original title and wrote down - Fu Kong Ji.
Xun Xiang Ru Feng
The villains also have spring 2
serious introduction:
: 0326, remember to reorganize your forces as soon as you return to the shelter. In case of being attacked by big players, there is no place to die
: why target me
: because you destroyed the shelter nine times. He is universally acknowledged as the greatest villain. No one
: therefore, I want to create a civilization first
: No, to be exact, you have to give birth to a race first
: am I alone
: who else
a brief introduction: as a higher civilization capable of parthenogenetic reproduction, it is enough for me to have a male master
Introduction to adults: welcome to the world of incense like the wind
the soul alchemist of online games, the supreme mercenary, the hero and the invincible Supreme Lord, the legend of the magic card, the magic gun and the dragon, the blood man, the Fantian, the villain also has spring, and Liu Bei's daily life, featured and comprehensive, 4K ultra-high definition, anti blue light eye protection, and ultra long release
[virtual online game], [interstellar civilization], [sword and Magic], [epic fantasy], [game alien world], [alien land], [time travel], [Qin and Han Three Kingdoms], limited commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the practice, especially open< br/>
Ma Yi Chi Luo Bo
Technology overlord starts with children
(in the early stage, it was mainly the father, and in the later stage, it was mainly the technology)
'candy, who do you look like?'
candy: 'looks like your pot.'
candy looks at the surrounding laughing crowd with a confused face: am I wrong
'candy, where's your brother?'
candy: 'your pot is in the toilet.'
'big pot, your jiojio stinks ~
Mei Tian Qiao Jian Pan
I kidnapped the timeline
When he woke up, Feng Qi found that the world had undergone earth shaking changes. His eyes were covered with bones and his life was withered
[Note: there is a database 300 meters ahead, where you can view historical information. It records the fate and outcome of your premature death in detail. Go and see it quickly.]
[listen to me, don't go west, you may die!]
[seeing the black stone tablet, you decide to go and explore it carefully]
'I don't want to!' Facing the guidance in his mind, Feng Qi protested
[no, you want!]
under the guidance of the voice in his mind, Feng Qi shuttles between the reality and the future, gradually understands the truth of the world and begins to explore ways to change the world
just because I have seen the darkness, I yearn for the light infinitely.
Wo Hui Xiu Kong Tiao
My healing game
Comrade police, if I say this is a leisure healing game, do you believe it?
Wei Jie
Fengqi Longcheng
Sixty years after the global disaster, the small freezing period ended, and the governments of major living areas began to collect the land in the anarchic areas to be planned on a large scale, reorganize resources, and fully enter the recovery stage. These 20 years are also known as
'golden 20 years'. This is a bright era in which new regions are rising one after another, political platforms are set up, capital plays, ambitious people are everywhere, heroes are strong, and villains are rooted together
a young man rises up in the troubled times with a great deal of strategy. He hides a tiger in his chest and measures the world.