Ta Lang Xun Zhou
Sequence player
To [player]: This is the mystery of life and the journey of all things. You will be stronger, become superheroes, and even touch the power of the gods
but failure is death. Because you have embarked on the evolution game of the highest sequence
'isn't this trying to embarrass Darwin?' Li Changhe looked at the [player] coming from afar and murmured: 'I also embarrassed Newton by the way.' Book friends: 913949459
Bei Cheng You Ni
Shura natural doctor
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Mo Si Ke Qian Gong Guo Sha
Exploitation Hollywood, 1980
Hollywood has summed up many formulas... What movies will succeed
however, there are always box office blockbusters that meet the formula.
Ronald Lee has traveled to Hollywood in the 1980s.
can he discover the secret of film success
because he can dream of movie clips he saw in his previous life...
he is good at making high box office movies and winning awards for actors.
he has brought many friends, enemies and confidants to Ronald...
he helps Cameron to invest
changed the script for Akira Kurosawa
filling Tom Cruise's teeth
take Demi Moore to debut
George Lucas,
Francis Coppola,
Martin Scorsese,
rushed to announce that he was Ronald Lee's teacher
Spielberg went to the magic city to make movies,
asked Ronald Lee to introduce the Chinese food turtle Ling cream by name
one of the Hollywood actresses' favorite directors
young people in Japan regarded his MV as a popular guide
women who were raped, I'll see his movie the first day I'm rescued
Da Si Bu Zuo Tian Gou
From today on, do whatever you want
Let's take a look at the transformation of an ordinary person after he became a deity. He has no powers, no cultivation of immortals, and no system
Yi Xi Chu Jian
Reborn investment era
Back in 13 years, we started from the stock market to build a financial empire. Those who have already decayed may be able to reproduce their extraordinary splendor in the future; Those who are favored now may be eclipsed in the future
this is the age of investment and also my age!
Long Shui Yuan
The city's heavenly eye evil god
A young man who was born as a security guard occasionally got the eye of heaven and gained perspective. Since then, he has learned ancient martial arts, played with antiques, established a company, mastered global finance, established one myth after another, and won one beauty after another. He is Li Qiang, a legend of China and a giant of Xianmen
'it is said that when you are staring at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you, but I don't think so.'
'I think when I look at the abyss, the abyss will only crawl at my feet.'
'the abyss is like this, so is fate!' Li Qiang smiled.
Yi Lü Qing Feng Ban Ni Chang Jiu
Urban Shenhao: sign in every day to support the wife of the anchor
This book is also known as the great statesman from the gods
simplified version: start from Shenhao to brush money, invest in projects, acquire companies, research anti-cancer drugs, carry out mathematical theory research, practice machine tool manufacturing technology and virtual reality technology, and benefit all mankind
detailed version: through the parallel world of poetry shortage, Lin Yu, who got married at the beginning, got the winner system of life and activated the sign in and rebate functions
'Ding, you stay in the live broadcast room of the anchor Jianxian for one minute, sign in successfully, and get all Li Bai's skills and skin!'
'Ding, you stay in the school for one minute, sign in successfully, and get a learning gift package. You can read and understand shorthand and shorthand!'
'Ding, you stay in the cemetery for one minute, sign in successfully, and get the blood of the unicorn!'
'Ding, you stay in the diga Altman video for one minute, sign in successfully, and get the divine light stick. It contains nano level biotechnology and can be transformed into the real leather case of diga Altman!'
'Ding, you stay in Marvel movies for one minute, sign in successfully, and get the first generation of mecha manufacturing technology!'
several years later, Lin Yu, who has changed from a God to a great statesman, led mankind into the age of interstellar navigation. Lin Yu said: our goal is the sea of stars
(cross stream, different gods and noble texts are involved in all aspects, and you may have everything you want.)
Tang Ju Yi
Rebirth Siheyuan started in the 1980s
Through the world of siheyuan in 1983
the spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground, and the shackles are gradually gone
it's time to let go
first set a small goal to become the first household with 100000 yuan in the hospital
bought the first recorder in the hospital
bought the first color TV, the first refrigerator, the first washing machine, and the first car in the hospital...
many firsts
wait, what's wrong with these people? They look at me strangely
Qiao Sanli, Qiao Simi, Huaihua, Xiaodang, Qinghong, Xu Jingping, you Fengxia, Yu Yuan, Hao Shuwen, Xiao Suizi, Lu Xiaowei...
I, Cao Zhiqiang, a descendant of the Cao family, have a long family history and integrity. I always like to help others. Please don't think too much and don't misunderstand
well, this is just a redemption story of promising young people who have passed through the 1980s. They are devoted to entrepreneurship, live actively and grow up happily and healthily with everyone
let sadness stop
let growth stop worrying
more understanding and less hostility
return good for good and return a tooth for a tooth
you young women who are about to fall into the tragic world
please don't be sad and discouraged
be sure to remember
the haze is doomed to leave
happiness is bound to come
this is because
a good life begins with knowing me!
Nuan Yang Yi Xiao
The wild age of rebirth
The business genius was killed in a car accident, but was accidentally reborn in a small human object at the bottom. Time goes back 20 years, and suddenly there is a lovely daughter. Should I cry or laugh
is it unsafe for a wife to be so beautiful? This is an era full of gold. There are many opportunities like the stars, and many gold miners like the crucian carp crossing the river
Lin Haowen decided to completely release his wild nature and become a gold sucking monster. Lin Haowen: 'Hello, business leaders. I'm here to teach you how to be a man.'
Nan Ke Yi Liang
Reborn Millennium player
The Chinese music world has been retrogressed for 20 years. Music fans: lying in the groove, and this is a good thing
the Chinese film industry has regressed for 20 years. Movie fans: sleeping in the troughs is a good thing
Lu Fei has retrogressed for 20 years. At the age of 17, he: lying in the trough, and this is a good thing
in the past, he took 'playing' as a serious thing and played conscientiously
it's true that you don't work properly, but you don't have to learn anything
'I have a plan, a great plan.'
from 2020 back to 20 years, countless ideas have been made to achieve the Millennium brilliant ah Fei
but what he missed most was the summer when thieves were hot:
one day, he carried more than a dozen steel bars in his pocket, set up popsicles, rode a bicycle, went to the arcade Internet cafe, smoked and drank alcohol, boiled with brine, and could not burn his head
PS: the film emperor starts from signing in, which is an old book with 80 high-quality novels. The quality is guaranteed!
Tao Hua Hai Zi
What a disturbing game
[acquired treasure] it's just a small magic stick. Be light. Pick up the wolf tooth stick and abuse the beauty. Lin Feng can only vent his dissatisfaction in the game... This newly developed online game has made Lin Feng's life turn upside down
Zhong Kai Ba
Rebirth begins before the world cup
When he woke up, the 30-year-old wage earner who had achieved nothing returned to the age of 18. At this moment, the world cup has just begun, the 4G era has just begun, and the stock market is about to take off... I don't want to be a pig on the tuyere in my life. I just want to ride on the pig, even if I hold a thigh.
Gong Zi Qi Zhu
The doctor is very steady
You are an orphan whose parents died of illness
you are a doctor with no power, no power, 20 + salary
you are a small surgeon with no way out
you have no way out, so you must practice medicine steadily
The Awakening system, the humanoid CT machine, and the ability of doctors and patients to become stronger are not wave capital
welcome to this doctor is very stable.
let's take you through the road of the gradual rise of young doctors after the 90's.
Ming Bai
My 27 year old female president
Someone asked, 'what is the meaning of life?' I said: the meaning of life is that we don't need to find its
'meaning'. We live in this strange world, like the sea of stars and stars, and the meaning lies in the process of slow light emission
others asked, 'what about love?' Love... May extinguish your 'Star'
, but there will always be someone to light up your world. My name is Zhou Dongli. I will tell you what life is and what love is with my story.
Ling Feng Ao Shi Ben Zun
Tian Yi Long's son-in-law
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Bi Wu Chun Qiu
Return to 198
Jiang Yang was born again unexpectedly in 198. Everything around him seemed familiar and strange. Looking at the elder sister Jiang Qing's hard work in supporting this broken family, Jiang Yang finally decided to open a new era
an era belongs to him.
Hu Jiao Zai Mie
That night, Cheng zhe indulged in the tenderness of Tang Yanchuan. Little did she realize that the success she thought was only a result of his taking advantage of the situation
he never gave her a promise, but he wanted to possess her. [after nightfall and before dawn, have fun as soon as possible]
Bin Fen Yu Hai
This brother can get along well. He really dares to go to work
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Jiang Nan Jin
Evil spirits come out of the mountain
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Feng Hua Xue Le
At this moment, I am the guardian God of China
On the Christmas Eve of December 24, 0260, a large number of sea animals appeared in the old copper mountain of the United States, and none of the people in the city survived
on April 23, 0261, level 6 sea animals appeared in the northern bear country, and the whole country was occupied
on January 1, 0262, the first day of the new year, there were 10 level sea animals in China, code named 'Taotie', and China fell< br/>
in January 0260, the Chinese god of war Chen Feng was reborn 11 months before the outbreak of sea animals
he won the trust of the high-level, and will build a great wall of steel on the nearly 20000 km coastline of China
the foreign media are shocked by the Oriental miracle
'please open the door of the country and let us in!'
'we want to breathe the air without blood smell in the East!'
Da Bu Si De Xiao Xiao
Rebirth starts with idle fish
He was born again unexpectedly. In his whole life, Lin Zheng did not fight or rob. He just wanted to be a beautiful man quietly. Unexpectedly, he won everything
in this life, I'm not for money. I just want to talk to others a little louder!
Xue Bi Jia Tang
Miracle doctor and small farmer
Li Erdan, a village boy, accidentally got the inheritance of immortal! result! The pure girl wants him, the country beautiful woman owns him, and the goddess of Gao Leng forces him. Who can tell Li Erdan how to get rid of these female donors?
Ning Meng Zui
The peak life of xiaoxianyi
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Shui Jiao Hui Bian Bai
Reborn, I want to surf
Back in the past, Yao yuan only wants to surf with all his heart!
Mo Chun Hua
After her rebirth, she was no longer a movie queen
To live a new life, white deer only wants to do three things: revenge, father recognition, and making small money. Revenge! Don't throw it away. Wrap it in the egg surface and fry it until golden. The children next door are crying
my father has admitted that I am a god level movie star. I can't spoil her! Shuai uncle who also gives several ox x coins to spoil her
small money... White Deer: if you accidentally get the richest man in the world, can you count it?
Jian Lou Bu Jian Qian
Antique Gold pupil treasure
Shen Yu, the little boss of the antique city, was made by an acquaintance, but it was a blessing in disguise that he had Jianbao Jintong. Since then, Yongxuan blue and white, Wanli colorful, guyuexuan porcelain, calligraphy of Wang Xizhi, the sage of calligraphy, and the authentic work of Wu Daozi, the sage of painting
all in your pocket.
Gu Lang Zhi Ge
I'm the best president
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Qing Tong Lao Wu
This crossing is a little early
A modern man with a warehouse of grain came to the age of food and clothing shortage. Is he the richest man?
Cheng Nian Sui Yue
My seven sisters are unique in the world
Living in the mysterious old ways of the wild forest, he has cultivated six beautiful disciples who can shake China. Today, another youngest male apprentice, Chu Feng, came out of the mountain smoothly
Chu Feng: 'I'm the most garbage disciple cultivated by laopudeng. I don't have any skills. I just want to live a soft life.' Master: 'what, he said he was the weakest? Didn't I tell you that he had mastered all the skills of their elder martial sisters?' Elder martial sister: 'my younger martial brother has been invincible in the world since he came out of the mountain. It's just that he is stupid and doesn't know it.' The five gods of War: 'this boy is a monster, a full monster. I suspect he has a more horrible identity. I dare not say it, for fear of being killed.'
Sao Mu Shang Fen
I became black in the comprehensive film and television
Through the Comprehensive world of film and television, such as xiaohuanxi and having children at home, he just graduated from junior high school, but in an accident, he discovered that his body had blackened. The key that triggered the blackening of his body turned out to be the beautiful neighbor song Qian and the plot of Qiao yingzi in xiaohuanxi
according to the legend of the Jianghu, blackening is ten times stronger and whitewashing is a lifetime weaker. The protagonist Lin Sen's journey of blackening begins here.