Jiang You Jia Yan
The rebirth of Hong Kong
The gold scale is not a thing in the pool. It is a dragon that changes in the wind and the wind. As soon as Lin huaile woke up, he came to Hong Kong Island, where the weather was changing
let's see how he made a step by step to become the prefix emperor of Hong Kong Island.
Ru Shui Yi
Firepower is king
In most trades, some people are not fed by God, some people are rewarded by God, and some people are chased by God
in the field of private force, God forces Gao Guang to eat
he was kidnapped at the beginning. In order to survive, Gao Guang was forced to become a member of a private force contractor
until one day, in the field of private force, he made the highlight moment a professional term
he is committed to providing war related peripheral services, including but not limited to force, arms, intelligence and technical support
as the conscience of the industry, quality is guaranteed
highlight, you are trustworthy.
Ru Guo Ke Yi __
I am the son-in-law of fox fairy
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Shui Jiao Hui Bian Bai
Reborn, I want to surf
Back in the past, Yao yuan only wants to surf with all his heart!
Xiang Yang De Xin
Let you take charge of the specialty class. How can you become a student bully?
In two months, three class teachers were removed
facing the special class of 'learning dregs', which is called 'teacher's Shura field and learning dregs amusement park' - Class 17 of senior high school
even if the teaching director gives a very high salary, a group of old teachers are still like Mount Tai, and no one is willing to take orders
just at this time, Chen Chu, as a trainee teacher, activated the strongest teaching system
so he volunteered to become the new head teacher of class 7, and built the world's strongest specialty class from scratch
Sports Specialty Student: 'I am the first in the country in the Olympic mathematics competition.'
painting specialty student: 'I am the first in the country in the scientific research competition.'
students who are good at dancing: 'my knowledge competition is the first in the country.'
the college entrance examination is coming, and the leaders are all confused
'I asked you to take charge of the special class. How can you escort all the students to Qingbei?'
Jin Chan Lao Zu
The rebirth of the past began with the courtyard
Du Fei was reborn. In this difficult era of material shortage, he opened his wonderful life
Gu Mu Zhou
What about financial freedom
Excuse me, will you get lost when you suddenly become rich
'not at all! That is, buying a house, buying a car, living a life of poetry and distance.' That's all
'yes, that's all!' Xu Wen said sincerely.
Ba Wang Xing
Qianlong miracle doctor
Five years ago, Jiang Yi, known as the king of hell, suddenly lost his voice. No one knows that Jiang Yi is married
after wandering for half a life, Jiang Yi, who thought that he had finally met a shelter from the wind, lived in seclusion in Xiaojiang city. He secretly supported the poor ye family and the white moonlight ye Yanran in his heart, making ye Yanran light in age, successful in business and living in the top place
I thought that the quiet days would continue. Unexpectedly, a divorce agreement from the Ye family mercilessly abandoned Jiang Yi
just after Jiang Yi signed the divorce agreement, the phone he had not heard in five years rang. And the world was shaken by the ringing of this phone.
Bi Wu Chun Qiu
Return to 198
Jiang Yang was born again unexpectedly in 198. Everything around him seemed familiar and strange. Looking at the elder sister Jiang Qing's hard work in supporting this broken family, Jiang Yang finally decided to open a new era
an era belongs to him.
Yi Ren Wei Hua
Lord Huo, madam has gone to set up a stall on the overpass again
In a previous life, Qin and Ruan were trapped in a family struggle and were framed to death. They died in peace
when she came back from her rebirth, she held the pregnancy slip in her hand and held her waist to the door of Huo family, a famous family in the capital
the third master Huo, the first grandson of the Huo family, is said to be resolute, cool and noble, moody and mean
the third master is going to get a wife, who is the illegitimate daughter of the Qin family
as soon as the news came out, the whole capital was blown open
no one believes that an illegitimate daughter can be a stable housewife of the Huo family, and everyone is waiting for them to divorce
Qin Ruan set up a stall under the overpass by virtue of his rebirth ability, causing major forces in the capital to reshuffle their cards
the fourth generation of the Huo family's golden grandson even climbed out of Qin Ruan's belly
her real identity was gradually revealed, and no one looked down upon her for a while
year after year, Qin Ruan and Huo San ye not only did not divorce, but also distributed dog food daily
everyone started to throw bowls, and they were fed up with this bowl of dog food
small theater:
Qin Ruan: 'brother, you've hit the peach blossom. I'm afraid there will be a bloody disaster recently.'
the famous movie star sniffed and turned away
that night, the movie star was in a mess and begged Qin Ruan: 'Miss Qin, save me!'
Qin Ruan: 'boss, I'm afraid you'll die soon because you're black.'
the business tycoon was so angry that she almost overturned her stall
but two days later, the boss knelt down in front of Qin Ruan and begged the master for help
since then, the newly rich in the industry have come to the famous families, and Qin and Ruan have been honored as guests
this book is also known as the man level big man's rebirth, super a, Third master Huo is jealous again today
Qian Nian Jing Shou
Sail 192
Zhang Qihang, who never thought that his rebirth would fall on him, never thought that the first thing he did when he was reborn was that he was forced to help his unit carry the blame... Let's just carry the blame. Although other people are afraid to avoid this pot, it seems to Zhang Qihang that he took this opportunity to make up for his regrets in those years. What makes Zhang Qihang wonder is why he did it, Has the company become the largest engine supplier in China
Zhang Qihang scratched his head and wondered why the situation was like this? This is not what I want.
Dan Wang Zhang
Fairy king father
He is the head of the last king's mansion. He is the old monster of Kunlun immortal cultivation. He is also the father of cute babies. Let's see how the generation of invincible fairy King's father is refined.
Bi Ang
Seal messenger
Qu ran, a history student of a college whose parents died, was unexpectedly reborn on a dead baby. I thought it was extremely peaceful, but I didn't expect that the hardships and hardships had just begun. I grew up in a beggars' Gang, cultivated myself in the Mohist general school, preached in the ghost Valley, and captured the magic soldiers in the Japanese island. I came from hell, but I pursue the eternal way of heaven!
Xiang Huang Qi
Guochao (1980)
The combination of 'country' and
'tide', the collision of tradition and modernity, and the cultural heritage of the past and the wisdom of the present reflect each other
if the soul of a modern speculator who has cheated countless people suddenly goes back 40 years. What kind of amazing miracle will he create
what kind of life path will you take? All this began in 1980, under the Qianmen building in the capital
from the poor situation of an orphan named Ning Weimin
Er Bao Tian Shi
The villains are invincible
Maifan's grandpa is missing
who is this good man against
Mai Fan, who is looking for clues, found a diary
inexplicably triggered a series of villain missions
it turns out that he is the successor of the big villains in the world
ha, it's sad
he messed up all the villains' missions!
Ming Yue Guan Shan
Qin Hao, consort Su Rong
Qin Hao has crossed! I don't know how lucky I have been for several years, but I have become the king of a country! But before he could recover from his joy, he learned a cruel truth. The original master is an out and out ruler. He has always been controlled by the prime minister. Even the harem beauties must submit to the majesty of the prime minister's daughter.
Wo Yao Chi Rou
After the divorce, his wife became the richest man, Su Nan and Fu YeChuan
Su Nan, the youngest richest woman in the world, showed up at the airport in a low-key manner and was immediately blocked by reporters. Reporter: 'Mr. Su, why did your three-year marriage with Mr. Fu end?' The richest woman smiled: 'because I have to go home and inherit hundreds of millions of family products to be the richest man.' reporter: 'is it true that you have an affair with more than a dozen small fresh meat in a month?' Before the richest woman spoke, a cold voice came from a distance. 'It's fake.' Fu YeChuan came out of the crowd. 'My family also has hundreds of millions of property. Why don't you ask Mr. Su to inherit my property?'
Wu Miao Wang Zhi Nu
I can call history, meow
Chen Xing recently played a cat game called 'cat glory', which is a historical drawing card to cultivate cats. But to Chen Xing's surprise, all the cats he drew were real
Yuanzhang Miao: 'I'm Zhu Yuanzhang, emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Miao ~'
Liu bangmiao: 'Xinzi, hurry up and call 100000 cats, and join me to flush Xiang Yu Miao!'
Qingzhao meow: 'bold and unrestrained sect? Our gentle sect is your bold and unrestrained sect. Meow ~!'
looking at this big cat, Chen Xing could not help sighing
until the golden light flashed, a panda who claimed to be 'Liu xiumiao' appeared in the living room...
'if I wipe, is a panda a cat?'
the holy flame is shining and shining. All my disciples, meow
as a cat man and excrement shovel official, Chen Xing just wants to be an ordinary person quietly
this is a story about the excrement shovel and the cat saving the world in the era of Reiki recovery.
Yu Xue Zi Bing Chen
Rebuild 205
Wei qingfan, an elderly single dog, returned to high school after being urged to marry for the nth time, and got a chance to rebuild his foundation
set a small goal and earn 100 million first; Then, you can't be an older single dog, can you?
Xiao Bai Cai
Man 30
I was a multimillionaire, but I was in bankruptcy. My wife of six years gave me a big green hat
at the bottom of my life, I accidentally met the president of a beautiful woman. In order to restore my innocence, I want to revive my former glory. I not only want to kill my enemies, but also let those who despise me kneel down and call me dad
whether human nature is good or evil has been debated endlessly for thousands of years. And my story will start from the human nature
Li He
Gourmet master
This restaurant is located in a snack street in Chengdu. It is inconspicuous among many shops on the street. However, once you walk in, you will find that the price of this restaurant is at least 10 times that of the outside
the mysterious signature dishes of this store are limited in supply and need to be reserved in advance. They can't be eaten with money
those who have tasted this mysterious dish will have endless memories. It is said that these dishes have long been lost, and only after the shopkeeper restores them can they be reappeared
it is said that many nobles, celebrities and celebrities are queuing up to make an appointment, but the boss's appointment standard is said to be very strange, and I don't know what conditions can make an appointment
'what? Authentic Sichuan cuisine is mainly non spicy? Are you subverting my impression of Sichuan cuisine?'
a guest who had a hard time making an appointment revealed this information after tasting it.
the non spicy Sichuan food is too high-end to be able to afford the rhythm
Ye Gong Hao Long A
My 195 small farm
Chen Ling returned to 195 with a piece of immortal family fortune. In the face of numerous opportunities to become rich and become masters, Chen Ling didn't want to work hard... The blessed land is in hand. Isn't it fragrant to farm and hunt
what? You mean entrepreneurship? Sorry, I've already won! Warm tips: the first three chapters are slightly abusive, mainly to pave the way, the fifth chapter is better, and the latter focuses on farming and daily life!
Xiao Dao Shang Shan
The craziest God of war
This generation of God of war, ye Liang! Five years ago, he was falsely accused of killing his father and was displaced, but he was rescued by Chu rou. They fell in love
five years later, when he returned from the battlefield, he learned that his wife and daughter had been humiliated. Ye Liang: my woman, my daughter, nobody can mess with me
it is unique in the world to protect the family, drive away foreign enemies, and set foot in the Jianghu!
You Meng Zhi Ren
What if you open the wrong plug-in
You can get a 'killer's cultivation system' through it. Li Er couldn't help but compare two middle fingers to the sky.
Xun Fei
Tiger man
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He Jiao Xia
The strongest little Shennong
Lin Tian went to the mountain to collect medicine for his mother. He picked up a magic bead and got a carry on space. At first, his wish was very simple, nothing more than farming to make money so that his family could live a good life and choose a beautiful girl to be his daughter-in-law
however, the development of things was more and more unexpected to him, and mysteries came one after another
Kai Shui Yi Dian Bai
The beginning is a mysterious island
Golden finger, which has been late for more than 20 years, is finally online. This is a world with practitioners
a mysterious island and a magical small tree make the dream of rebirth in the parallel world to marry Bai Fumi and walk to the peak of life no longer just an illusory bubble
'what? You say that the awakening power of a practitioner is a gift from heaven to a practitioner?'
'wait a moment. When I eat the power fruit in my hand, I will wake up and talk to you again.'
Yi Zhi Xia Yu De Ye
Rebirth, I want to be a rich second generation
Lu Yang was reborn and returned to 203
in his last life, he was a good second generation
when dad was young, he sold b-phones and mobile phones. As a result, he just stocked up and mobile phones became popular
in order to repay the debt, my father sold his family's ancestral land of 20 mu. As a result, it was built into an economic development zone. Their land is still CBD
after a long time, Dad joined the stock market again in 208, and the guy made a huge leap
it took Lu Yang seven years to pay off his father's debts
this time, he decided to help his father make the right choice at the key node
then become a rich second generation
smoking, drinking, falling in love, how to play
Er Zi Cong Zhou
Rebirth: rise with the wind
Reborn 91, restart life.
Qian Luo Lü
Rebirth of 80 medical world and all-round academic hegemony
Xie Jingyan was reborn in the early 1980s. He also got a system of supplementary gifts. From then on, he began a new life
it doesn't matter if you are in poor health. There is Peiyuan liquid
I can't remember. It doesn't matter. I have brain strengthening pills
learning slag is not there, learning dominates
if you are not careful, you become a god level goddess who can only look up to
Lei Yi has experienced countless worlds, and finally became a man level leader. He retired with infinite wealth
I just came back to see that my daughter-in-law had waited all her life after she disappeared
I'm so moved
No, no, you can't lose such a good daughter-in-law
make a deal and let yourself return to the original world
play a trick and send a system to your daughter-in-law to make up for the regret that your daughter-in-law could not be a student bully in her previous life
I was just careless and turned my daughter-in-law into an all-round talent.