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Chapter 116 Book of five ways of warfare

Chapter 116 book of five ways of warfare

Qin Qianqian was dumb.

Xuanyuan Qi patted Xiaobao on the back, calmed Xiaobao's mood, and said in a low voice: 'if anyone bullies you in the future, you will tell the emperor, and the emperor will stand up for you.'

Xiao Bao blinked. 'Can I...?'

'Of course.'

On one side, Chu Yue raised her hand to put down the book of five ways of warfare and rubbed her eyebrows.

Xiao Bao is not completely innocent. On the contrary, he is a very clever child.

But he cares too much about his mother, the only relative.

'Does the third lady also read the book of five ways of war?'

Xuanyuan Qi sat down with Xiaobao in his arms. When he saw the books on the table, he felt a moment of ecstasy, as if he had met an old friend in another land.

The rest of the people, especially Xuanyuan Yu, who came on foot, laughed and sneered: 'the third generation of Ye Fu is a famous straw bag. She is not good at literature and martial arts. What does she know about the art of war?'

Xuanyuan Chen was dressed in a fitting Chinese robe. He was tall and tall, with handsome eyes, like a sword star.

He glanced lightly at Chu Yue, but his mind was full of the miracle doctor who had amazed the ten mile long street.

Chu Yue smiled and said: 'among the books of the art of war of various schools, the book of the five ways of war is one of the most popular. Compared with the military deployment, the book of the five ways focuses more on one's own accomplishments.'

Xuanyuan Qi's eyes were slightly bright. 'The so-called five ways are Vientiane, heaven and earth, heaven and earth, and people. I recently read the five ways of war and found that humanity is too small and inferior to the other four ways. If I can understand the other four ways, I can suddenly understand the true meaning of martial arts and become a hero like the founder of martial arts.'

Xuan Yuan and Qi Su are silent in the day. Even among the nobles, they seldom talk.

Seeing ye Chuyue today, I felt as if I had opened a conversation box. I was overly enthusiastic and seemed to be a chatterbox.

If it wasn't inappropriate, almost everyone would have doubted that he would pull Chu Yue to drink and talk about the affairs of the country and the world, and would not stop talking for three days and nights.

Shen Qingfeng came over with two pots of liquor, and found that Chu Yue had a chat with the prince after a while.

The prince

He's a hard nut to crack.

Xuanyuan Qilian is not valued by the current emperor. It is said that Xuanyuan Chen's crown prince is not wanted by Xuanyuan Qilian

Shen Qingfeng's eyes fell on the girl and she was slightly stunned.

Xuanyuan Qi is a martial enthusiast who is familiar with the art of war and is keen on wine. When she entered the seventh emperor's residence, a Yue took out the book of five ways of war and asked him to prepare the strongest wine in the palace.

At this point, Shen Qingfeng had to doubt that a Yue was ready and everything was ready. She was waiting to invite you into the urn

Shen Qingfeng comes to the pavilion and puts down the liquor.

Chu Yue took the wine pot, poured the wine into the cup and handed it to Xuanyuan Qi.

It is Xuanyuan Qi's favorite best daughter red!

Even adult men dare to take a sip of this kind of liquor.

Xuanyuan Qi drank a cup and felt comfortable all over, as if he had opened the two channels of Ren and Du.

Looking at Chu Yue again, Xuanyuan Qi was so shocked that his eyes would fall to the ground.

The girl even carried the wine pot directly, raised her head, lifted her veil slightly, and drank a pot of the best daughter red in an instant.

'It tastes good.' Chu Yue said softly.

This wine is too strong.

However, no matter how strong the wine was, it could not be diluted with the power of Shennong.

After dilution, the best daughter red is just a glass of boiled water.

Xuanyuan Qi exclaimed: 'miss a Yue, women are not inferior to men. If you look at the city, you are afraid that you will be the first one.'

Chu Yue chuckles and turns to the book of five ways of war——

'Prince, just now you said that the five Taoists are the lowest. I can't agree with you, but I think that the five Taoists are the highest!'

'Man is the top of the martial arts and the beginning of all nations. He can control the universe, set everything, and step under heaven and earth.'

'There are thousands of people in the world. The starting point of the human race is the lowest. The martial arts are not as good as the natural advantages of other races.'

'However, only people can reach the top of the martial arts. Therefore, the book of five ways of warfare does not divide the eight wastes and Six Harmonies into five ways, but combines five into one and regenerates endlessly!'

'Therefore, the five ways can be regarded as infinite ways! Martial arts are infinite bodies! People are no poor people!'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [The peerless treasure will turn the world upside down] online and go to the source website for reading.