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Chapter 158 Girl, wait a minute——

Chapter 158 girl, wait a minute --


Duke Liu choked all over his face and coughed several times before weakly saying, 'miss three, please hurry up. The lotus tea is not good to drink when it is cold.'

'I see.'

Chu Yue looks back and says, 'Mr. Song, thank you today.'

'it's an honor for song to serve Miss Ye San.' Song Su smiled.

the two are like friends of a gentleman, but they have a tacit understanding that others cannot understand.

Chu Yue nods, and immediately embraces the little fox, takes Xiaobao, sits on the back of the little wolf, and goes to Ye Fu.

Xuanyuan Chen looked at her back!

'miss a Yue is really a divine person.' Xuanyuan Qi sighed.

'is a pervert.' Xuanyuan Yu pursed his lips.

on the other hand, ye Ruoxue and others are pale and have unprecedented panic.

a storm in Chang'an has ended.

the name of Ye Chuyue resounds through the streets.


Duke Liu led the royal honor guard and returned to the imperial study.

Emperor Shenwu took a sip of lotus fragrant tea and asked, 'is the girl here?'

'tell the emperor that Miss Ye San has gone back to the government to deal with affairs first, and may come later.' Father Liu was terrified and wiped his sweat.

this accompaniment to the king was like a tiger, which scared him to death.

'eh?' The emperor of Shenwu frowned and asked, 'what's the matter?'

grandpa Liu was so painful that his five senses were all crowded together. He said with a trembling voice: 'miss three's spirit beast will soon die. She went back to the house to hold the funeral ceremony for the spirit beast'

grandpa Liu smiled a few times, but it was more ugly than crying.

he quietly observed the look of emperor Shenwu, for fear that he would lose his head if he was not careful.

hearing this, Emperor Shenwu gave a slight pause when he held the tea cup in his hand. He was stunned for a long time before he smiled and said, 'well, it's not urgent.'

he is the Supreme Master of the nineties. He is so powerful that he can't compete with a dead fox for time.

he is magnanimous and will not get angry.

just at the corner of his mouth, he could not help twitching a few times.

father Liu quietly wiped his sweat and breathed a sigh of relief.

my life was saved.


North Houfu town.

tingxue Xuan.

Chu Yue, holding a shovel, selects a geomantic treasure and digs a hole in the backyard.

'mother, can't Xiaohu really save her?' Xiao Bao choked, and her voice was crying.

Chu Yue looks at the little fox and feels a little dry.

she never slept well. She was a very light sleeper and was often awakened by nightmares.

but only when holding the little fox can she sleep comfortably until dawn.

she knew that the little fox could not be saved.

after all, she let go of the Xia family and killed only one Xia siqiong.

'the baby doesn't want Xiaohu to leave.' Xiao Bao hugged the little fox with tears in his eyes.

Chu Yue shovels out a big hole and puts out her hand: 'Xiaobao, give him to his mother and let him settle down in peace.'

Xiaobao doesn't give up anymore, but he gives xiaohuhu to Chu Yue.

'xiaohuhu, in the future, the baby will give you meat every year. You can feel at ease.' Xiao Bao sobbed.

Chu Yue looks at the little fox and sighs.


she can't keep the people and things she cares about.

even if I'm just a fox.

she can't stay either.

'girl, wait a minute --'

Chu Yue was about to bury the little fox when she saw the voice of the old man.

Chu Yue and Xiao Bao turn their heads together and see a figure falling from the sky.

the old man has frosty eyebrows and snowy hair and wears a gray robe.

when he saw that the little fox was about to be buried by Chu Yue, he wanted to die.

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