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Chapter 169 Unique immortal root

Chapter 169 the unique immortal root

on the beginning of the white month, the breeze is gentle.

in late autumn, the dead leaves of Wutong trees turn yellow.

there is more smoke and fire in the snow Pavilion than in the past.

Shen Qingfeng stands outside the courtyard, silently listening to the laughter from the room --

'Mom, look, this is the new clothes that the emperor's father bought for the baby.'

'Grandpa Bai, uncle Cheng, do you think the baby's clothes look good?'

'it's good to have a father.'


Shen Qingfeng's eyes show a complex color. He turns around and his figure disappears in the light night.

after leaving tingxue Xuan, he issued an order: 'no one is allowed to approach tingxue Xuan without my permission.'

he will try his best to guard the peace of May.

can also be regarded as atonement for five years of indifference.

as long as his conscience helps him, ah Yue and I will not be so miserable.

not far away, Shen Qingfeng sighed sadly.


in the room, Xiaobao is surrounded by protector Bai and uncle Cheng, sharing the happiness of today.

yemohan walked into the room and looked at the girl sitting at the table.

is obviously not very old, but has a different old heavy.

the girl put a dagger in his palm, and night ink cold frowned, puzzled.

Chu Yue looked up and said, 'take my ribs.'

it's bad to owe people.

the cold eyes of the night ink tremble slightly, lightly grasp Chu Yue's cold white wrist, slightly pull it, and Chu Yue gets up.

he sits on the chair and holds the girl in his arms. Chu Yue naturally sits on his legs.

men's movements are as smooth as flowing clouds.

Chu Yue frowned.

there are so many chairs in the room that this man has to fight with her?

night Mohan took away the dagger in her hand, put her hands around the girl's waist, and put her chin against her shoulder socket. When she spoke, she sprayed hot air: 'what I gave you is worth it. You don't need to pay back.'

his girl is like steel.

if it is someone else, I am afraid that my eyes will turn red and I will cry.

his little daughter-in-law was kind and ruthless. She took out her dagger without saying a word.

one word: dig!

however -

the more I see it, the more I like it.

every frown, smile, joy, anger, sadness and anger are just his happiness.

Chu Yue leaned in his arms and greedily absorbed the cold fragrance.

her little hand suddenly put it on his chest, gently touched it and asked, 'does it hurt?'

'no pain.'

just after the voice falls, the night ink cold has stretched out his hand. In the palm with clear lines, half of the crystal clear jade lotus root stands still, emitting a light milky white smoke, which is dense in the sky.

'this is..'

Chu Yuewei narrowed her eyes and smelled a familiar taste.

'fairy root.'

night Mohan said: 'I promised you that I would help you rebuild the root of martial arts, but anyone who tastes the root of martial arts is not worthy of you.'

unique immortal root, extremely rare!

once in a blue moon!

exists like a rarity!!

Chu Yue's eyes flickered slightly and her fingertips trembled slightly.

it is said that the Holy Land emperor killed 3000 enemies of the holy land with the cursed ominous body from the forest of ghosts. All of them are experts at the top of the martial arts, and then become the Holy Land emperor, crossing the eight wastelands!

what he relied on was the fairy root that was created by chance.

it is said that those who have the root of immortality can become immortality by virtue of Tao, and have the body of immortality.

this is the end of martial arts pursued by hundreds of millions of martial artists.

he had the ticket to soar and become an immortal, but he gave it to her without hesitation.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [The peerless treasure will turn the world upside down] online and go to the source website for reading.