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Chapter 330 Dead bodies rotting in the dark

Chapter 330 The dead body rotting in the dark

The Emperor Shenwu gasps: 'You are the disciple selected by the three elders?'

Zhang Zongran and Si Yaolie were also stunned.

There are rumors about the Three Elders' taking over, and it is speculated that young talents in various countries.

But no one thought that this person would be Ye Chuyue, who was driven away by God Xuan!

Chu Yue put away the invitation letter and suddenly stood up with a serious face.

Emperor Shenwu's heart jumped to his throat, and everyone else looked at her solemnly.

Emperor Shenwu asked, 'Ah Yue, what happened?'

Chu Yue felt her belly, 'I'm hungry, go to eat.'

Chu Yue did not stop, walked out quickly, and soon disappeared.

Leave a crowd of messy people in the wind.

Emperor Shenwu gave a dry cough and said with a smile, 'Young man, you have a good appetite. When I was young, I would eat three bowls at a time.'

Xiao Tianyou said with a smile, 'It's a blessing to eat. Ah Yue is a lucky girl, but this girl is really a surprise. Even the invitation letter of the three elders can be presented.'

Zhang Zongran suddenly asked, 'Can we go back to Chang'an in the old part of Zhenbei?'

The imperial study was quiet for a long time.



'Mother, you are back.' Xiao Bao shouts in a milky voice.

Chu Yue touched Xiaobao's skull and sat down to pick up the dishes.

The little fox went back to Chu Yue's arms, nestled softly, and asked casually, 'What did you do?'

Chu Yue replied with divine sense, 'I have seen my mother.'

'Well, it's a good thing.'


The little fox suddenly raised his head.

What did he miss?

The important moment to see your mother-in-law?! He missed it!

The little fox immediately blew his hair, bit his teeth, stared, and was vicious.


Dhammapala Bai chewed the meat pie and looked at the little fox suspiciously.

Your highness's mood is really like a sea needle in March. You can't figure it out.

'Miss Ye, this is the delicious food that the emperor ordered the imperial chef to make.'

Grandpa Liu came with food and ordered people to put it on the table.

Grandpa Liu laughed like Maitreya.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa Liu felt uncomfortable. It took a long time to find the source.

He looked at the little fox in Chu Yue's arms and was full of curiosity. Was it his illusion?

Why do you think the fox is staring at him...

It's like a blood feud.

Grandpa Liu shivered and left the place of right and wrong.

Miss Ye's little fox has become refined.

Chu Yue also found that the little fox seemed to be sick, depressed, listless and listless.

'Mothers, drink soup.'

Xiao Bao filled a bowl of soup, put it in front of Chu Yue, and then gave Chu Yue some vegetables. 'This meat is good to eat. Your mother has been tired for a day. You should eat more, and her mother is too thin, so you need to make up for it.'

Watching this scene, Dhammapala Bai suddenly felt like a dream.

Are these two people's positions reversed?

How can I feel that Xiaobao is the elder?

'Aunt Hua, you also eat.' Xiao Bao sandwiched a piece of meat for the young flower crow.

'Baby, your Aunt Hua doesn't eat meat.' The white Dhammapala reminded him.

As we all know, the flower crows never eat meat from birth.

Xiao Bao said 'Oh', lowered his head like he did something wrong, 'Aunt Hua, baby doesn't know.'

At this moment, the flower crow moved the jade chopsticks, and the disgust in her eyes was fleeting, but she still put a piece of meat in her mouth.

Suddenly, two eyes shine.



'Aunt Hua, is it delicious?' Xiao Bao asked expectantly.

The white Dhammapala touched his chin and frowned, as if doubting life.

Is this still the flower crow he knows?

'Well, not bad.' The flower crow returns.

Xiao Bao narrowed his eyes, smiled and danced happily.

'Hua Hua, Xiao Bao likes you very much.' Chu Yue ate and drank enough, rolled the fox, saw the warm and harmonious scene, and said in a gentle voice.


The flower young crow stared at the Chu moon in amazement.

Immediately, a shameful blush spread from cheeks to ears.

Chu Yue was confused.


At this time.

Shenxuan College.

The Five Elders, dressed in grey robes and holding a letter, walked into the dark palace.

The woman in the room is sitting on the chair, with her back facing him. She is wearing a black phoenix robe, and the pearl light is slightly shaking.

'Priests, Qingwu and the wife of Chang'an Ye Family sent a message that Ye Chuyue led the army and won the first place in the imperial banquet competition. Not only that, she was also the ninth Ziyun martial arts, and was recognized by the seven crown rune master, Flower Young Crow. All the white Dharma protectors of the Holy Land wanted to take her as their disciple.'

'It is worthy of being that woman's child.'

The woman's voice was full of charm: 'However, it's time to stop. Pass on me to worship the commander and send five warriors to Chang'an to kill Ye Chuyue.'

Mu Qinghuang.

Ye Chuyue.

They will be dead corpses rotting in the dark.

The five elders were stunned: 'Do you want to send five such strong experts against a Ye Chuyue?'

'Grass cutting requires grubbing.'

'Never underestimate the enemy.'

'But how could she die?'

'Just... cut off her head and hang it on the gate of Chang'an City to offer sacrifices to Shenwu.'

The woman smiled softly: 'Qing Huang, for your daughter's sake, I let her live on for five years, but she is really not obedient and tasteless, so I have to let her go to accompany you.'

The five elders are sweating cold and creepy.

Every time he contacts the priest, he always feels terrible from the bottom of his heart.

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