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Chapter 77 Is there something wrong?

Is there anything wrong with Chapter 7?

the soldiers on the shooting range came to ye Ruoxue's side, booing the cold and asking for warmth.

'Miss, the hemostatic pill you gave me before is particularly useful.'

'those disabled soldiers who have been comforted by you, ask me to say hello to you.'

'young lady, you should quickly live in Zhenbei Hou mansion and become the master of the blood eagle.'

'over the years, has that ye Chuyue cared about the Zhenbei army? As long as we are the eldest lady, we won't recognize her as a weak straw bag.'


ye Ruoxue, like a proud princess, smiled lightly, nodded and greeted the soldiers everywhere.

when Shen Qingfeng saw this scene, his eyes were as cold as ice.


with a wolf roar, the stone broke and rose from the ground like a startling sky, straight into the nine clouds, just like a thundering bell, stimulating the eardrums of every soldier.

immediately, the mansion shooting range was silent.

Dao's eyes turned to the trail of sheep's intestines.

there -

a ghost crying blood wolf with a full body and red mane came one by one.

with every step, the world seems to vibrate!

on its back, lying a girl in a red skirt, with 3000 ink hair, casually tied with a red rope lazily, with a piece of dog tail grass in her mouth.

with her hands around the back of her head, she was as lazy as a fox, her eyebrows were romantic, and her beautiful eyes were covered with a thin veil.

cross your legs and put your soft boots on the fox.

the little fox is dark and gnashing his teeth.

his generation of emperors is so powerful that they have fallen to the point of putting their feet on this smelly woman?

the sudden scene stunned the soldiers surrounding ye Ruoxue.

Su Linglong greets Chu Yue with a smile on her face. Like a loving mother, she stretches out her hand to help Chu Yue, 'ah Yue, you came just in time.'

Chu Yue spit out the Dogtail grass in her mouth and just threw it on Su Linglong's face covered with powder.

'ye Chuyue, you --'

Su Linglong wiped the grass off her face and raised her hand to hit Chu Yue.

Chu Yue put her hands around her chest and looked at her jokingly.

Su Linglong knew later and thought that the soldiers' eyes were still on her, so he put down his raised hand.

'a Yue, you are the Zhenbei Marquis, the daughter of the Ye family, and the Shenwu Zhenbei princess. You should know some etiquette.'

the meaning of his words secretly scolded Chu Yue for being rude.

sure enough, the eyes of Chen Yun and the soldiers were full of deep contempt and ridicule.

'although aunt Su came from a dusty background, she is self-improvement and courteous. Naturally, she can't compare with aunt su.'

the girl with bright eyes, lying on the blood wolf ridge, smiled.

after a few words, Su Linglong was blocked speechless and immediately felt humiliated.

ye Chuyue's words, needle sees blood.

when the soldiers heard this, their eyes were somewhat different.

they are all single-minded men, and they are always biased against dusty places.

'a Yue.'

Shen Qingfeng was gentle and extended his hand to her.

Chu Yue was about to raise her hand and put it on, but she felt a murderous spirit.

the little fox is bored and full of killing intention!

it seems that when he recovers his strength, he will not only kill Xue Cheng, but also Shen Qingfeng!

Chu Yue was dazed for a moment. Her small hand fell on Shen Qingfeng's shoulder, and she jumped down across the cloth.

Shen Qingfeng looked at the empty palm and felt a little lost in his heart.

ah Yue, are you still blaming him?

suddenly -

Shen Qingfeng looked at the little fox on the back of the blood wolf, like a cynical second ancestor, snorted a few times, and looked at him provocatively.

Shen Qingfeng: '.'

is there anything wrong with the fox raised by a Yue?

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [The peerless treasure will turn the world upside down] online and go to the source website for reading.