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Chapter 126 Storm (subscription required)

When Wei Zhongxian came to Chengtian gate, many ministers had already arrived!

However, this time they did not come to greet Wei Zhongxian as usual. Only a few officials who were completely entangled with Wei Zhongxian came to greet Wei Zhongxian with a slightly sad face!

Unfortunately, although they were unwilling, Wei Zhongxian actually looked down on them. He turned a blind eye to all their greetings. This behavior also made these officials very embarrassed!

Seeing this situation, those who looked at it from afar could not help laughing. What a dog biting a dog!

Wei Zhongxian glanced over there. Those people couldn't help but keep quiet. Zheng Chongjian couldn't help shaking his head as he watched this scene. He couldn't help sighing in his heart: Although he is a sick tiger, the tiger's power still exists!

These officials are also ashamed of such behavior in their hearts. They are ashamed and angry: they want you to look good in a moment, and they are still so rampant!

The scene becomes very quiet!!

With the gradual arrival of various officials, this slightly awkward atmosphere gradually disappeared and became lively again!

With the ringing of the bell, everyone filed in!

In the Imperial Palace, Zhu Youjian cleaned up very early. He sat there and looked at himself in the glass mirror. He thought that he had accomplished many things in the years since he became king. He was still very satisfied with these things!

Today will be an extremely important day.

After today, the palace must become airtight! It's not like a leaky sieve now! He was very dissatisfied with this. He didn't understand that the former Emperor didn't even know the confidentiality of information?

After today, he will do some big things by eradicating Wei Zhongxian's prestige. It's not a small fight like this!

Thinking of this, Zhu Youjian's face could not help smiling!

It's almost time. Zhu Yujian pushes open the door and takes Cao Huachun, Wang Chengen and Wang tiqian, who are already waiting in front of the hall, to the Huangji hall with firm steps.

Zhu Youjian sits on the Dragon chair and winks at Wang Chengen.

'Open direction!!'

'Long live the emperor! Long live the emperor!'

'All of you, Aiqing, have a good time!'

'Today's topic is mainly one thing. Two days ago, Qian Jiazheng of Jiaxing County presented a memorial.' Speaking of this, your Highness's ministers have different thoughts. Wei Zhongxian thought: that's right!

'You Aiqing should have seen it in the residence newspaper. I was shocked after reading it. However, I really can't believe it. I don't believe that this kind of thing is true. Wei Zhongxian is the humerus of the country. Therefore, this temporary meeting was held and Wei Zhongxian was also called.

In order to prevent anyone from not seeing this memorial, Cao Huachun, please read it again to all Aiqing. '

Zhu Youjian's tone of voice was very flat, and I could not understand what he thought. Hearing what the emperor said about Wei Zhongxian, I do not know how the heart that had been dead has come out again!

For Cao Huachun, who once followed the eunuch Wang An, such a big scene is also rare. His face was very solemn. He hurried forward to pick up the memorial and began to read:

'Minister Jiaxing Gongsheng Qian Jiazheng starts to play the Holy Grail:



I risk my life to offer it to you! '

Even the ministers who have read the original text in the residence newspaper still feel frightened at this time! Wei Zhongxian is holding his hands tightly!

'These are the contents of the memorial. Please tell me what you think!'

The voice fell, and the hall was very quiet! I don't really want to take the lead!

Zhou Yingqiu, who was standing there at this time, was extremely excited. As expected, he put the right pressure on the treasure. When he saw that no one was talking, he directly stood up:

'Zhou Yingqiu, the Minister of the Ministry of officials, started to tell the emperor. I have been in the court for several years, and I still know something about these years.

The minister believed that the ten major crimes of Wei Zhongxian described by Qian Jiazheng, a Gongsheng of Jiaxing, were basically true. In particular, they stole the credit of rebuilding the three main halls at the end of the sixth apocalypse, and Cui Chengxiu, Wei Liangqing and other close subordinates of Wei Zhongxian were promoted to the rank one after another.

I think this should be dealt with severely! In particular, Cui Chengxiu, who left the company, should not be spared and should be held accountable!

Please judge the emperor! '

With that, he returned directly to the original queue!

And his words also caused a great impact on the people present. Is it really necessary to deal with Wei Zhongxian and his death? How dare Zhou Yingqiu be so bold this time!

Zhu Youjian is very satisfied with Zhou Yingqiu's behavior. This kind of person who can observe his words and deeds, has the ability and does not adhere to great principles is the talent that Zhu Youjian needs!

The scene was quiet again. Obviously, they were still laughing at his words!

'Xu Guangqi, the Minister of the Ministry of work, told the emperor that since taking office, I have made a detailed calculation of the telephone charges for the reconstruction of the three halls and found that 81000 taels of silver were missing from the silver allocated by the imperial court. Cui Chengxiu was the official in charge at that time. Although he would soon return to his hometown, I think it should be investigated!

Your majesty, please observe! '

As soon as he had finished speaking, another person said: 'Zheng Chongjian, the imperial historian of the left capital of the imperial court of the imperial court, has started to tell the emperor!' This is the successor of Cui Chengxiu, who has been promoted to Zuo Du Yu Shi!

'I think Qian Jiazheng's performance is correct, and Wei Zhongxian should be severely punished.

In the award after the great victory of Ning Jin, Wei Zhongxian and his party shamelessly stole the credit for the great victory of Ning Jin. Cui Chengxiu even added the crown prince Taibao, and they all rewarded him. Even Wei Zhongxian is now a duke, especially those of his nephews who are several years old can get the Marquis!

This is a great injustice. If it goes on like this, the country will be different from the country. I think we should strictly investigate this matter to the end!

Your majesty, please judge me! '

Today, the words of these big men are so sharp that many low-level officials who have been unable to bear it have come forward one after another to say that Wei Zhongxian should be dealt with severely!

The eunuchs, such as Tian Ji, the Minister of the Ministry of rites, and Yu Jingchen, the Minister of the Ministry of justice, did not say a word when they saw this scene. They were afraid and afraid.

Wei Zhongxian stood there without saying a word, watching the performances of some people, and watching Xiang Tianji and others. Seeing that they pretended not to see themselves, he could not help feeling sad. These people had come to this stage by themselves at the beginning. Is this how they repay themselves?

It's better to rely on yourself than anyone else! Is it true that political talent is not high?

'Does anyone else have anything to say?' Zhu Youjian is still serious!

Sun Chengzong directly stepped out and said: 'emperor, I think Wei Zhongxian is full of evil, and the people in the government and the public are extremely angry!

And the ten crimes minister thought that they were worthy of the name, without any exaggeration. I heard in the people that this person was called nine thousand years old! The crime is unforgivable, and officials everywhere have built ancestral halls for it!

Can he do such behavior? What does he really want to do? '

As soon as he said this, everyone turned pale. It was Wei Zhongxian's life! Hearing this, Wei Zhongxian's face changed greatly. There was no longer the dull expression he had maintained since entering the temple!

Zhu Yujian's face showed no sign of anger. Some people felt cold when they saw the emperor.

He looked at the other ministers!

'I think we should be severely punished!' This is Shi Fenglai and Zhang ruitu's attitude! As one of the people who proposed to build the ancestral hall for Wei Zhongxian, Shi Fenglai was extremely sad at this time!

'I think Wei Zhongxian's crime is extremely heinous and he has harmed many loyal and good people. We must severely punish him. The scholars hate Wei Zhongxian very much!' This is Li GuoPu

'I think that there are basically no problems with Wei Zhongxian's ten major crimes. It can be seen that Wei Zhongxian is an extremely evil person. He should be dealt with severely! He should not be spared!' Huang Liji finally spoke!

Seeing that all cabinet ministers indicated that they would be severely punished, Zhu Youjian nodded.

Zhu Youjian looked at the British Duke Zhang Weixian again. When Zhang Weixian saw the emperor's eyes, he could not help but twitch. How could the emperor still think of himself.

He hurried forward and said, 'my minister, the British Lord Zhang Weixian, also thinks that Wei Zhongxian is full of evil and deserves heavy responsibility!'

'Hula!' When Zhang Weixian came out to say this, a large number of distinguished people behind him came out to express their support for the British government!

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